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  1. lyssa143 lyssa143
    posted a quote
    May 2, 2011 7:46pm EDT
    See that girl over there? The one you texted all last night & the night before? She likes you, but your too busy flirting with a ton of other girls to realize. Remember when you called her cute? Yeah well she hasn't stopped thinking about it. Every night when you texted her goodnight, she stayed up an extra 15 minuets thinking about you, what it would be like if you guys dated. When you pass her in the hall she thinks about how cute you are for the rest of the day. When you text her; if its cute or not she'll smile about it. If you came up and hugged her in the hall, it would make her week see that girl over there? The one you stopped texting out of no where? See that girl over there that's dieing on the inside cause you led her on? Yep, that girl is me</3

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