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summergirl369 · 8 years ago
I have faith in you. Life isn't all about achievement. Sometimes, what satisfies you most goes against the norm. Like how I secretly want to be a novelist, but told my parents I'm going into pharmacology. Believe me, you can do it. I thought about committing suicide for over two years, but I found a way out of the hole I dug. But you've got to trust your friends, your family. I didn't, and it made it harder to get out. I didn't want to tell them because I was afraid. Don't be like me; tell your friends, tell your family. Get support. There's so much to enjoy in life. Don't give up! I believe in you!

InOneMoment · 8 years ago
If it's what you love, it's worth it. If you're doing it all to get into college, it's not worth it. do what you love and love what you do. You sound sort of like me actually. crazy busy and high achievement; but if you hate it, then don't do it. I love all the crazy busy things I do (except maybe student council but it's literally 5 minutes a week because we do NOTHING) and so for me, it's worth it. is it worth it?

Living_Life_Freely · 8 years ago
its worth it !!! you can do it i'm supporting you!!!!! and look at all the good things in life that you could be missing out on!!! stay strong!!!!

doublesidedice · 8 years ago
It is all worth it. Push through and you will see

brokenphantom · 9 years ago
I dont know who he is either so no (:

Gumball · 9 years ago
I think you are.

dancejunkie13 · 9 years ago
Yeah. He's the ginger jesus, and one of the best music artists out there right now. I wouldn't listen to any of his songs if you aren't in the mood to potentially fall head over heels in love with someone's voice. Just a warning.

LauraStyles · 9 years ago
Yes why yes you are.

KangaDrew · 9 years ago
Uhh. YES! He's a legend.

Ashley1D · 9 years ago
I luv him... and I actually met him at a signing and saw him in concert 3 times lol

craziirose · 9 years ago
you speak my words. ♥

jamez37 · 9 years ago
I'm here for you and always will be just ask and i will do anything in my power to help


pichimartintovar · 9 years ago
If he ever does, I'm here. I know you barely know me, but I'll be there for you.

yayrey · 9 years ago
u didnt keep the copyright :( :( :(

ilovemartina · 9 years ago
especaily looking at him with someone else


peekabooismynamex · 9 years ago
First is first- you're DEFINATELY not alone, and don't ever think you're alone either. Second- Damn, my family is crazy. My PARENTS have almost made me cut + give suicide a go. Thank god there were my friends when I needed them, and they helped me out. So if you ever need someone to talk to, just send me a message [: But don't cut, because you're beautiful. Really. The most amazing you there ever is, and that there ever will be. I know what heart break feels like, it's so painful and horrible. My uncle passed away in 2008, and we were so close. I had this gut wrenching pain everyday after his death, so I know what it's like. As for those boys who are too blind to see how gorgeous you are.. well that's kind of their loss. Don't worry though, one day someone who special will come around and sweep you off your feet, time is the only barrier. Just hold on and be patient. I know someone special will come for you and for me [: but in the mean time- talk to me if you need! xox

PenguinsForever · 9 years ago
and just cause she joined this year, doesnt mean she hasn't been here longer. Ive been on witty longer than Ive had an account. This was SOMEONE ELSES opinion, something she REPOSTED so the original person logged onto witty and they miss the old witty. Shes just agreeing with what the original person had to say. So if you dont mind, gtfo. KThanks
<3 ya sissy(:

tiffany01 · 9 years ago
Who are you to tell her what kind of quotes she can and can't make?! If you don't like it, then don't read it! I don't see how she's "wanting attention" by voicing her opinion. There are plenty of other people who make things about how people need to dial it down about 1D, so go harp on them too! -I gauruntee you won't find all of them! And just becuase her quotes aren't inspiring to you, doesn't mean they aren't inspiring for someone else! Your up her talking about how this quote just puts other people's quotes down.. yeah? well your doing the same damn thing to hers!! So how bout you take your unneeded/unwanted comments somewhere else! -Thanks!
ps.) Love you Anna!

inceptionluva0316 · 9 years ago
Umm you just joined this year so you don't "know" the old witty. && maybe just cause the one direction quotes don't inspire you, doesn't mean they don't inspire someone else. I'm not trying to hate / be mean, but random quotes like this that just put eachother's quOtes down are NOT needed either. & you're obvi just wanting attention.. "I used to log in everyday to another 12 faves, now I have none." well there are a lot of people like that on witty so if you want faves, stop making quotes like this & make real 'inspiring' quotes. Thanks

ILoveStarWars · 9 years ago


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