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  1. livelovelaugh26 livelovelaugh26
    posted a quote
    December 14, 2008 3:02pm UTC
    Type your name with your nose!
    bridgtet- Bridgette, lol.
    vanessdsa- Vanessa :D ahhahahahhha!
    daqsey6- casey! waoh
    lilly- Lilly (: yay!
    daruibn- Darin
    racheol- Rachel almost!!!!!
    skye- Skye ;) woohoo.
    erica: Erica
    bella: Bella =D
    briana: yay (:
    kt- katieee (:
    beca- haha i was so close it's becca!
    marea- haha i did it!!
    t5q54qa-hahaha tara i suck! my nose is too fat!
    kayla-haha i did it!!
    becca-I DID IT! :]
    asfdrtioasnmasd-- haha.. its supposed to be adriana.. close enuff =D
    (the letters are in there somewhere...)
    gh49o545qjtyg-wow! ummm my names brittany..*puts hand on face with a confusening face
    qpo43e8w3-alexis wow that sucked!
    merideth yayyyyyyyyy i did it (:
    aooooooo3es-Alex hehe
    danielle- yay i did it ....im proud of my §elf...haha
    iq53 - omg its supposed to be kate
    wsyauna-baha supposed to be shauna :]
    katie- katie im the bestttt. (;
    kkkaaysi- kaysi ouch I hit my head on the table...
    keanas- keana opps ohh well i was close

  2. livelovelaugh26 livelovelaugh26
    posted a quote
    December 13, 2008 5:29pm UTC
    ( no cheating! you have to leave it the way you put it )
    add on to the list!:
    juaqcdobg - jacob
    bbriittssey01q12- britsey01 (my names brittany too so i put my account name!)
    jkastyie-Katie lol close lol
    gabvbvytty-gabbyy i havee reall good skill i was off just a littleee(:
    renee~Oh yea! i had my friend do it for me ^^^^^^ this person
    franki - Franki!! lol
    alexiks-alexis! hah darn!
    tg9ip;pl;9i2q1wujh -gillian
    aZnnie- annie OMG so close!
    ijuernmn yu- jenny! lol dang i stink at this(:
    talia-talia and i swear to god i did not cheat
    liasznas --- Liana!
    rose -- rose! ah! idk how i did that
    zx nsdtazsia- anastasia..? i trieeedd:
    c hristine~ Christine XD <333
    jker4asnnine ~ jeannine at least the end looks good
    gvlolria - Gloria. haha
    ericvas- erica. ha ha ha wow
    JJ - JJ oh what now lol(:
    Jennifer- jennifer. . . hey i didnt cheattt typing with ur elbows easyy!! 4 mehh ha
    keaana-Keana haha i was madd closee

  3. livelovelaugh26 livelovelaugh26
    posted a quote
    November 28, 2008 11:10am UTC
    Your BEST FRIEND comes to you crying and say HE broke up with HER the next time you see HIM and say its becuz your GAY ISNT IT..

  4. livelovelaugh26 livelovelaugh26
    posted a quote
    November 28, 2008 11:03am UTC
    When he "[[C A T C H E S]]" you staring at him jst [R E M E M B E R] he was [[♥ ♥ L O O K I N G B A K ♥ ♥]]


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