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  1. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    April 17, 2015 11:41pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    4/17/15 11:40 PM EDT
    Hey guys! Not too much to update on today. Everything was pretty quiet with the boys. One interesting piece of news, is that Louis is starting his own record label! It's going to be part of Sony (which is what the boys are under) but it's going to be lead by Louis! So proud of him for this!
    Also in other news, Zayn won an Asain Award today and mentioned the boys in his speech. Link to that will be below.
    Rumors: None
    Links: Zayn's speech: https://twitter.com/WW1DUpdates/status/589205369827786752

  2. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    April 18, 2015 10:22pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    4/18/15 10:30 PM EDT
    Hey guys! Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! Today Niall, Louis and Liam were working on writing again! And Harry as always is still in LA.
    Also, yesterday I forgot to mention a few of the details concerning Louis' new record label. It's called 78 Productions Limited. And he's looking to sign Jack Walton (an XF contestant this past season) and a new girl band which he's planning to hold auditions for!
    Rumors: None
    No new links today

  3. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    April 9, 2015 10:17pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    4/9/15 10:20 PM EDT
    Hey everyone! Hope your week is going well! Today was pretty much like yesterday. Niall has still been at the Masters and today he was in a suit! Louis is in Doncaster with friends and has been doing some training! Harry was seen in LA and met fans here and there. Liam wasn't seen.
    Rumors: None
    Links: Louis today with fans: https://twitter.com/WW1DUpdates/status/586296320928940032
    Louis again: https://twitter.com/1DLarryNews/status/586315498394095616
    Louis and his friend Stan: https://twitter.com/Official1D_PHIL/status/586336952892264450
    Niall with a fan at the Masters today: https://twitter.com/1DCentral_/status/586339586080645120
    Harry with a "not a fan" today: https://twitter.com/1DInfectionMNL/status/586350229298921472

  4. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    April 10, 2015 10:20pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    4/10/15 10:20 PM EDT
    Hey everyone! Unfortunately there isn't really anything interesting to talk about today. Harry was seen shopping in LA and he met a couple of fans. Liam was seen out in London. I believe Niall is still in Georgia. Louis wasn't seen.
    Rumors: The boys have left Modest! Status: FALSE Modest has taken the boys' picture off of their page and Modest's name is no longer on the boys' website. Apparently a rep of the boys has stated that they have not left Modest. I'm assuming that Modest is changing things around due to Zayn's departure. They no longer represent him so they have to change things around is all. The boys might even be having new terms and agreements with them. Though it doesn't look like they have left Modest.
    Links: Niall with some people (believe this was yesterday): https://twitter.com/CUMHORAN/status/586394017945882624
    Harry meeting fans today: https://twitter.com/1DCOLUpdates/status/586596772614660096

  5. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 28, 2015 10:45pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/28/15 10:45 PM EDT
    Hey everyone! Hope everyone's spirits are lifted! I'm definitely trying to stay totally positive now. Because I think we can be ready to move on. The boys had their first official show as a four piece today in Johannesburg! The show went amazing in front of almost 100K people! They managed to cover all of Zayn's solos wonderfully and truly looked happy to be up there! And thank you to all of the South African fans who made sure to support them while they were up there.
    Zayn on the other hand spend yet another day in the studio with dough boy.
    In other news, the boys were nominated for the Kids Choice Award and we won! We beat out Little Mix! And that' an accomplishment even with all we've been going through this week!
    Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys have another show in Johannesburg at the FNB Stadium again!
    No new rumors but I would just like to say how happy I am that everyone is continuing to support the 4/5. I don't mean to sound cruel at all but from what I heard from their concert, they really don't need Zayn to be successful. Of course we will all miss him and love him, but from what I'm seeing, he ditched us. And that wasn't very cool. But at the same time the others seem really happy. So even though all this bad stuff happened, and believe me, I wish 5/5 would've been there until the very end, I think this was overall a good thing to happen. Because it's almost reset everything and it's an opportunity to make something even better. We'll miss you Zayn but we're going to be okay.
    Links: The boys on stage tonight: https://twitter.com/stylesftzjm/status/581910603104567296
    Liam slaying Zayn's high note in You & I: https://twitter.com/iNiamsundae/status/581911318849925120
    Louis singing Zayn's solo in DFWYB: https://twitter.com/adorxblezaynie/status/581912299436273664
    Harry's little speech: https://twitter.com/styleswannabe/status/581917640353972224
    The NEW WMYB formation: https://twitter.com/LiamPayne_PUR/status/581993190808363009
    Zayn and greasy ham boy today: https://twitter.com/search?q=zayn%20today&src=typd

  6. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 26, 2015 10:33pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/26/15 10:20 PM EDT
    Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing okay and feeling a little bit better than yesterday. Just keep pushing on and keep your chin up! I honestly believe that the boys are nervous that we are going to leave them now. And we absolutely can NOT do that. Make sure we don't put them down or shoot negativity their way. Like Liam said, it's okay for us all to be sad right now but 1D is far from over.
    In other news, 4/5 are now in Johannesburg, South Africa. They have their next show there on Saturday. Zayn was actually seen at a studio in London today.
    Rumors: Zayn was at the studio because he's actually going solo. Status: FALSE Zayn isn't going solo now after just leaving because he wants out of the spotlight. He obviously has many friends in the music industry and was visiting them.
    Zayn will be returning to the band later in July. Status: UNCONFIRMED. Tons of people have been saying that Zayn signed a contract stating that he was welcome to rejoin the band any time he wants. That part I believe is true. But people are saying he'll be back on July 23rd. That I personally think is false. It's too suspicious considering it's their 5 year anniversary. Zayn may or may not ever come back. But between you and me, I personally think one day he will return. It may be a super long time from now but I think it will eventually happen.
    Also I want to say a couple things that are going to be changing now. 1. Updates are moving back to nights now that the boys are back further west. 2. I am going to start refering to the boys as 4/5. Not because I don't want to say their names, I just want to save space! And 3. I still intend to update on Zayn. Only if he's seen in public because I don't want to pry in his personal life.But if he isn't seen, I'm not going to mention it every time. Even though he technically isn't in 1D anymore, he will always be a member of this band and these updates are about 5/5 not just 4.
    Links: Zayn today: https://twitter.com/CaliTracking1D/status/581124740410155008
    The boys arriving at the airport today: https://twitter.com/cityburnstyles/status/581153945248096256
    Might be a bit hard to see, but Liam wrote a Twitlonger today about what's going on: https://twitter.com/1DAlert/status/581163954631741440

  7. beary0630 beary0630
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    March 19, 2015 12:13pm UTC
    One Direction Upate
    3/19/15 12:15 PM EDT
    Hey pals! Hope your weeks are going well! The boys were actually working on a photoshoot in Hong Kong today! I have no idea what it's for but it also looks like they'll be there tomorrow as well.
    I am also reposting this from earlier this morning. Since then Zayn has made the decision to take a break from the tour for the rest of the Asian leg. He's hopefully planning to return for the show in South Africa. He's been over stressed and needs a break. This does NOT mean he's quitting the band he just needs some time away. Maybe some people should think before they open their big moths next time
    Rumors: None
    No links today!

  8. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 22, 2015 10:08pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/22/15 10:00 PM EDT
    Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of update yesterday! Me and Katie have both been very busy! If you didn't know the boys have had shows in Manilla, Philippines for the past 2 nights! Zayn like we know is still trying to get some rest back home in the UK.
    For the next two days the boys have off. Their next show is on Wednesday in Jarkata, Indonesia. Then that wraps up the Asian leg of the OTRA tour!
    Rumors: Louis and Eleanor broke up. Status: TRUE Okay I hate to say this one because we all know that is has started up so much controversy. One of the boys' reps has confirmed this to People Magazine. People is one of the only ones that actually has true infoformation so that's why I'm confirming this. Of course people are going to assume this means that Larry is going to happen now or something like that. All I have to say is whether you believe Larry is real or not, it is Louis' life and we shouldn't be the ones to say what's going on in it. I don't want what happened to Zayn to happen to him too. Is Larry real and management is finally going to let it happen? Maybe. Is Louis just a guy who legit just broke up with his girlfriend? Maybe. The truth is we will probably never know and that's probably the way it should be. I personally don't believe that Larry is real. But I don't have any bad feelings against anyone who does. I just think we should all send Louis our love no matter what and not try to control the situation. What happened with Zayn really bothers me and I don't want it to happen again to someone else!
    Links: The boys on stage tonight: https://twitter.com/1DCOLUpdates/status/579762124584591360
    The boys on stage again: https://twitter.com/1DLittleSecret/status/579757538700300288
    Liam saving Zayn's spot in the WMYB "triangle". This is too precious: https://twitter.com/cityburnstyles/status/579486205668036609

  9. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 12, 2015 11:05am UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/12/15 11:15 AM EDT
    Hey guys! Today the boys have the day off! They have arrived and Thailand where their next show is on Saturday. Until then they will most likely being relaxing and sightseeing!
    Rumors: None
    Links: The boys arriving at the airport: https://twitter.com/1D_Updates_EU/status/575881333202812929

  10. beary0630 beary0630
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    March 8, 2015 10:09pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/8/15 10:10 PM EDT
    Hey guys! Hope everyone's doing well and I hope all of you Americans survived day light savings and losing an hour of sleep! The only one of the boys that was seen today was Louis. He's been in London. Everyone else is pretty much MIA.
    Rumors: None
    Links: Louis out in London today: https://twitter.com/1DScoop/status/574741256594669569

  11. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 9, 2015 10:05pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/9/15 10:00 PM EDT
    Hey guys! Still not too much to update on today because the boys are still on break but they should be heading to Singapore soon! Their next show is there on Wednesday! The only boys who were seen today were Liam and Zayn. Liam was at a Harry Potter tour with Sophia and Zayn was just seen out in London. The other 3 are likely in the UK somewhere.
    Rumors: None
    Links: Liam and Sophia at the Harry Potter tour: https://twitter.com/ciarabrady/status/574996118477631489
    Zayn today: https://twitter.com/WW1DUpdates/status/575054438764797952

  12. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 10, 2015 10:09pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/10/15 10:15 PM EDT
    Hey guys! Still not much to update on but luckily, the tour starts back up tomorrow! Harry was seen at the airport in Singapore today. Based of Liam's tweets he's on his way as well. Louis was seen flying back to London. All of them will definitely be in Singapore by tomorrow for their show!
    Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys have a show in Singapore at the Singapore National Stadium!
    Rumors: None
    Links: Blurry pic of Harry at the airport today: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B_x3oP7U8AAnuKo.jpg:large
    Louis flying back to London today: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B_wZTztU8AAjwqi.jpg:large
    Just wanted to give you all a heads up that updates will be in the morning again since the boys are back in Asia. They will stay that way through March 25th. Then it's nights until the next time they are over there!

  13. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 11, 2015 7:15pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/11/15 7:15 PM EDT
    Hey guys! Today the boys had a show in Singapore! Complete with Louis in glasses! Picture below!
    They have 2 days off before their show in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday!
    Rumors: None
    Links: Louis in his glasses: https://twitter.com/larrysbun/status/575737235431026688
    More shots of the boys tonight: https://twitter.com/WW1DUpdates/status/575751448203522048

  14. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    February 25, 2015 11:28am UTC
    One Direction Update
    2/25/15 11:30 AM EST
    Hey everyone! Today the boys had a another show in Osaka! They changed their set a bit and took out Happily and added Stockholm Syndrome! Links will be below!
    Tomorrow the boys have a day off before their show in Tokyo on Friday!
    Rumors: None
    Links: The boys on stage: https://twitter.com/Go1DenUpdates/status/570599821309972480
    More of the boys on stage: https://twitter.com/1D_Updates_EU/status/570607472341331968
    Videos of the boys singing Stockholm Syndrome: http://iiniall.tumblr.com/post/112048554282/1dlovesoned-stockholm-syndrome-osaka-japan

  15. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 2, 2015 1:25am UTC
    One Direction Update
    Hey everyone! Katie here!
    I'm sorry there hasn't been an update for the past 2 mornings, but don't
    worry, we're back now! :)
    Yesterday the boys had their 3rd show in Tokyo and in a few hours
    Japan-time, they will play their final show there! After that, the boys have
    some time off, but they'll then be on their way to other parts of Asia! They
    have time to go to LA or England, so some of them might, but they might
    just stay in Asia as well.
    Also, all of the boys went out clubbing the other night with Mark, their
    trainer and Harry's been seen out and about, most likely doing what he
    talked about in TIU, "exploring". :)
    Harry recently:http://40.media.tumblr.com/eefa100dd41baeac726650388038ab9b/tumblr_nkki6rJuHe1rnntmfo1_500.jpg
    Harry again:
    And again (can you tell I'm a Harry girl?): http://36.media.tumblr.com/9d184445412e88ffdfbe1351e04ab4a5/tumblr_nkirurHsg11rqv2jbo1_500.png
    (PS-I'm sorry this quote has such weird structuring.)

  16. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 3, 2015 12:38am UTC
    One Direction Update
    Hey guys! I'm back today! Thanks Katie for updating me when I was busy! Today the boys just had a day off. And like Katie said yesterday, they'll be on break for a week before they continue in more of Asia!
    Rumors: None
    No links today but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that not all of these updates have been in the morning like I wanted to. I just get so busy that I don't always have time until night. But I'll try my best to have them when I say I will. I'm keeping on with the mornings unttil after the Asian leg is over. Then it'll be back to evenings.

  17. beary0630 beary0630
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    March 3, 2015 11:01am UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/3/15 11:00 AM EST
    Hey guys! There's not too much to update on today as the boys are on their week break. Apparently, all but Harry are on their way back to London. Harry could be anywhere at the moment. I know Josh went home so it all makes sense!
    No rumors or links.
    If by tomorrow it turns out for sure that all/most of the boys are in London updates are going to be back at night during the break. It wouldn't make sense to do them in the morning because it wouldn't even be their full day. Sorry for all the flip flopping!

  18. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 4, 2015 10:15pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/4/15 10:20 PM EST
    Hey everyone! Hope all is well! All of the boys, including Harry are back in the UK! They landed there this morning! So until they get back to Asia, updates are going to be in the evening!
    Rumors: None
    Links: Harry, Liam and Niall in London today: https://twitter.com/STYLATORARMY/status/572838744904081408
    Zayn, Louis and Liam in London: https://twitter.com/1DAllUpdateess/status/572825632582848514

  19. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    March 5, 2015 10:17pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    3/5/15 10:20 PM EST
    Hey guys! Not too much to update on today. The boys are still enjoying their week off in the UK. Harry was the only one who was seen today. He's been in Manchester and Cheshire.
    Rumors: None
    Links: Harry with fans today: https://twitter.com/1Dinf3ction/status/573670235988865024
    Harry and Anne today: https://twitter.com/The1DHotSeat/status/573546630248591360

  20. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    February 23, 2015 10:07pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    2/23/15 10:10 PM EST
    Hey everyone! Hope all is well! Today was another day off for the boys! The only one who was seen was mainly Harry. He met some fans today! Other than that Louis and Zayn are officially in Osaka now!
    Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys have their first Asia show in Osaka at the Osaka Dome!
    Rumors: None
    Links: Harry with some fans today: https://twitter.com/thestylespics/status/569874876309352448
    Harry and some more fans: https://twitter.com/thestylespics/status/569833257308725248
    Okay, now's the time that I feel I need to address something. Every so often I get some quite rude comments on these updates. And yesterday was one of those days. I just want to say to any haters on here and to all of you wonderful people who read this, that NONE of what either I or Katie post, is EVER an invasion of any of the boys' privacy. We post nothing that isn't already common knowledge like pictures of the boys with fans or footage from shows. Other than that anything more personal is usually something that they posted themselves on Instagram or Twitter. So if they didn't want us to see it, they wouldn't post it. For anyone who has been reading this for awhile you know that this update is NOT one of those exposing blogs that tries to get into the top secret stuff or fake rumors. We're here to provide a simple overview of what is going on in the fandom and to dispel rumors NOT start them. So I just wanted to say thank you to all of the great people on here. Just when people post comments that are rude in any way, I feel the need to address it.


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