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I love my friends. I would have absolutly nothing 
without them. Kkrantz98 Khuberty5 Azzie98 They are my supporters in life. They are the ones who I can count on. (and some people who don't have witty's (losers...jkjk) ) I've had drama in my life just like everyone else and I just feel like it is getting worse but what can I do? People always think I'm strong and they think my life is perfect because I have a boyfriend. Yeah, right. My life is just the total opposite.But (like I said ^) what can I do? I'm just another teenage girl who is just another Witty writer <3  
Hi! My name is Lauren Elizabeth. I'm 14 years old and I live in a tiny town in Iowa. It's pretty boring here :/ I can ride my bike across town in 5 minutes if that tells you anything ;) i play volleyball, softball, basketball, and going to learn tennis. I play the piano and I'm learning the guitar. I love to dance and write but I don't like to show people :) Reading is my ultimate passion, you can just ask anyone I know :) I read almost 10 books a month. I know, it makes me sound like I have no life, but I do :)Thats all about me, nothing special but I'm still me - Lauren Elizabeth <3
  1. ldahl9468 ldahl9468
    posted a quote
    September 10, 2011 12:18pm UTC
    Sometimes we just need to forgive and forget.
    Just because we make a few bad decisions,
    doesn't make us bad people.
    /////////NOBODY is PERFECT\\\\\\\\\

  2. ldahl9468 ldahl9468
    posted a quote
    September 10, 2011 1:07am UTC
    If people don't like me
    for whatever i do, for being»»» me
    then thats too bad!
    I'm not going to
    change to be
    something I'm not, for
    other people to like me!♥

  3. ldahl9468 ldahl9468
    posted a quote
    September 10, 2011 12:27am UTC
    People care about people who care about themselves.
    But I just don't care about those people

  4. ldahl9468 ldahl9468
    posted a quote
    September 10, 2011 12:17am UTC
    • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○
    When life hands you lemons,
    make orange juice because
    life is complicated
    so make it different
    • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○ • ○
    <3 <3 <3

  5. ldahl9468 ldahl9468
    posted a quote
    September 10, 2011 12:13am UTC
    I gave up on guys
    because guys,
    gave up on me!
    </3 </3 </3


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