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Status: going to Disney World!

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Birthday: December 7

Location: My fridgeee

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About Me ♥
Hiya I've noticed you stumbled across my profile. My name's Emily and I'm blowing out my candles next month :) I'm gonna be 14!! I'm gonna need my cane because I'm becoming an old man ;) Anyways, I'm in eighth grade and some of my FAVORITE hobbies are playing music, singing, and dancing. I'll start with playing music. I play the violin, cello, and piano. MUSIC IS MY LIFE ♥ I absloutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady Gaga she has changed my life and i love her :) I also love Bieber and Nicki Minaj. Now I'll talk about dancing. :) I've been dancing for 10 years and I love it! I do tap and jazz :) I also am OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars and Dance Moms. I also have a crush on someone :) <33  Anyways, thank you for visiting my profile, and comment, I always reply (: and i follow back! ♥
  1. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    December 10, 2012 7:59pm UTC
    can you please just ask me out right now k thanks

  2. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    December 8, 2012 8:45pm UTC
    Wow I really like you.

    my quote/nmf

  3. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    December 1, 2012 2:49pm UTC
    Make my wishes come true.
    credit to- MariaOchoa2014

  4. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    December 1, 2012 11:20am UTC
    when you're looking through a calender and you go straight to your birthday month to see the picture for it.

  5. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    December 1, 2012 11:16am UTC
    I love you
    to the moon and back.

  6. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2012 11:49pm UTC
    that moment when
    someone gives you a compliment and it just makes your day.

  7. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2012 11:42pm UTC
    That awkward moment when you walk in on accident while someone's using the bathroom and you are all like....

  8. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 17, 2012 11:08pm UTC
    and when you smile, my heart goes

  9. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 14, 2012 10:35pm UTC
    when a guy has dimples <3

  10. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 11, 2012 9:52pm UTC
    *getting a haircut*
    me: Can you just cut off the split ends?
    hairdresser: Sure!
    *cuts 3 inches off*

  11. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 11, 2012 8:17pm UTC
    10 favorites
    • Favorite Color: Blue
    . • Favorite Food: Buffalo Chicken or shrimp!
    • Favorite Band: I don't listen to bands. Lol
    • Favorite Show: Pretty Little Liars or Dance Moms
    • Favorite Sport: DANCE
    • Favorite Season: winter!
    • Favorite Day of the Week: All days :)
    • Favorite Ice Cream Flavour: OMG cookie dough.
    • Favorite Time of Day : Afterrnnoooon
    9 currents
    • Current Mood: HYPER
    • Current Taste: Huh?
    • Current Clothes: Blue top, skinny jeans, grey boots.
    • Current computer: iMac
    • Current Finger/Toenail Color: Fingernails- Turquoise with rainbow sparkles on ring finger. Toenails- neon pink
    • Current day: sunday
    Current Surroundings: idk?
    • Current Annoyance(s): Idk.
    • Current Thought: PAPAYA <3
    8 Firsts
    • First Best Friend: Hailey!
    • First crush this school year: Alex.
    • First Screen Name: Greenie471
    • First Pet: Snowball, she was a teddybear hamster. :)
    • First Piercing: ear lobes y'all.
    • First Thing You Did Today: Breathed.
    • First School: DINKY DANKY
    7 Lasts
    • Last Food Consumption: Chickennn
    • Last Car Ride: 15 min ago
    • Last Text Message: like 30 sec ago lol
    • Last Movie Seen: Wreck It Ralph
    • Last Item Bought: Katy Perry Perfume!
    • Last Played CD: Lady Gaga <33333
    • Last Website: THIS ONE
    6 Have You Evers
    • Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: no
    • Have You Ever Broken the Law: totes
    • Have You Ever Been Arrested: totes
    • Have You Ever Been on TV: nahh
    •Have Ever Walked Into A Sliding Glass door: LOL YA
    4 Things
    • You're Wearing: Cloothesss
    • You Did Last Night: Idkk
    • What Can You Hear Right Now: Shots by LMFAO xD
    • You Can't Live Without: Food, food, and food.
    3 People You Can Tell Anything To
    Kieran, Annaliese, Nicole
    2 Choices
    • 1. black or white: white!
    • 2. hot or cold: ehhh. cold.
    1 Love
    • It says one but idc.
    My friends
    My crush
    My dog.

  12. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 8, 2012 9:37pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  13. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 7, 2012 5:57pm UTC
    our convos start out
    but then they end very wierdly.♥

  14. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 7, 2012 5:52pm UTC
    so in science, he was telling me that during an earthquake we once had, he was really scared and hid in his room. he said "isnt that what you do during earthquakes, you go to the highest level in the house?" and he was looking at me in the most cutest way asdfghjkl and i was like yes! sorry u guys dont care, lol but i still get those butterflies everytime i think of it. :)

  15. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 5, 2012 8:39pm UTC
    That Boy .. ♥
    What color is his hair:
    - dirty blonde
    -What style is it:
    - short
    What color eyes:
    - brown
    Cute smile:
    -NO. lol jkjk :)
    - Braces:
    - yer
    - yes :)
    - idk
    - maybe an inch or two taller than me idk.
    What grade is he in:
    - 8th like me
    How did you meet him:
    - Science i guess?
    How long have you known him:
    - idrk we went to the same elementary school
    Does he play any sports:
    - football
    Can he play the guitar:
    - no
    What about any other music instrument:
    - idk but i think he played trumpet in elementary school
    Do you guys ever text:
    - nah
    Describe something he would wear on a typical day:
    - t shirt and jeans?
    What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear:
    - idk?
    Where you're able to see his tattoo and abs:
    - doesn't have any
    Least favorite thing:
    - IDK
    Do your friends know that you like him:
    - yes :)
    Do you think your parents would like him if you were dating him:
    - sure idk
    Have you met his parents:
    - no
    What would you do if he saw your witty:

  16. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 5, 2012 1:42pm UTC
    [a]vailable: Yeppers
    [b]irthday: December 7 :D
    [c]rush: Nick :)
    [d]rink you last had: Juice box...yep I'm the coolest cat in town.
    [e]asiest person to talk to: Friends
    [f]avorite genre of music: Pop !
    [g]ummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy bears
    [h]ad your first kiss: HAHA VERY FUNNY
    [i]nstrument: Violin, cello, piano
    [j]uice: Apple :)
    [k]illed someone: Totes
    [l]ongest trip: Maine
    [m]ilkshake flavor: Strawberry!!!
    [n]umber of siblings: 1
    [o]ne wish: I wish to go to NYC, and go on a shopping spree with unlimited money
    [p]erson who holds the best memories with you: Friends
    [q]uiet or loud: LOUD Y'ALL
    [r]easons to smile: Because life is goooood :)
    [s]ong: TOO MANY! But my alltime faves are Just Dance, Speechless, or Telephone
    [t]ime you woke up: like 10:30
    [u]mbrella: under my umbrella ella ella...
    [v]egetable: mushrooms!!!!
    [w]arm at the moment: yeah?
    [x]-rays you've had: when i broke my elbow
    [y]our favorite animal: OOOH PUPPIES!
    [z]odiac sign: sagittarius Y'ALL

  17. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2012 9:51pm UTC
    The Basics:
    Name: Emily :)
    Height: 5'1
    Hair color: Bloondie
    eye color: Blue :)
    Love Life:
    Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope imma single pringle
    Do you like someone?: yeshhh
    Does anyone like you?: Lol idk
    Hugged anyone in the past week?: yess ahhaha
    Who is your best friend?: Annaliese, Kieran, Nicole, Caitlin
    Where did you meet them? School!
    Did you lose any friends this year?: yeah
    Gain any?: Yes!
    Meet a special friend? Yes. Turned out he was a douuuuuuucheeeee
    Did you hang out with any friends in the past week? Yes!
    New Years Eve
    Did you do anything at midnight? Watched the ball drop on tv with family friends :)
    Who did you spend it with? Family and family friends
    any resolutions? To stop biting my nails but that goal hasn't beeen accomplished yet...
    Valentines Day
    Did you have a Valentine? No
    Did you send out any cards/chocolates/etc?: nahhh
    Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend on this day?: No
    Did you go on vacation?: Yes
    Did you hang out on the beach with friends?: noooo
    How long was your summer break?: end of june to september something, i forgot lol
    Did you get a tan?: NO IM STLL PALE
    Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend during the summer?: YES.
    Did you go trick or treating?: Yes!
    If so, who did you go with?: Kierann
    Did you dress up?: Pink lady!
    Was it fun?: yess it was :)
    Who did you spend it with?: my family :) <3
    Did Santa come to your house?:OF COURSE YEAH Y'ALL
    Did you stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve? idk?
    Your Birthday
    Who did you spend it with?: friends
    What did you do?: sleepover :)
    What did you get?: i forgot.... lol
    Have You Ever: (Yes or No)
    Hugged someone: YES
    Electricuted yourself: yes im dead
    Climbed more than 60 feet: OMG NO IM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS
    Made a Youtube video: YES but its deleted
    Lied to a loved one: yes
    Had a pet: yees :)
    Ran a marathon: no
    Had a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes.
    5 Do’s
    1. Do you play any instruments?: Violin, cello, piano.
    2. Do you play any sports?: dance!
    3. Do you believe in 2012? NO
    4. Do you like animals? llamallamallamallamallama
    5. Do you honestly like Obama? sure?
    6. Romney? idc
    4 If’s
    1. If you get $1 Million for breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, would you? NO!
    2. If you were to get $50,000 for killing a rat, would you?: No.
    3. If you were to choose between your best friend and your brother/sister, who would you choose? Idk
    4. If you were to choose between coke/pepsi or sprite/7up, which would you choose? Coke
    3 How’s
    1. How old do you want to be when you get married?: idk in 20's
    2. How many siblings do you have?: I have a brother y'all
    3. How did your last Christmas go?pretty good. :)
    2 When’s
    1. When is your birthday?: December 7, y'all
    2. When was your last relationship? About a month ago.
    1 What
    1. What would you say if the guy/girl you like right now kissed you? Kiss him back :)

  18. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2012 9:22pm UTC
    1. Name: Emilayy
    2. Age: 13, turning 14 next month :D
    3. Height: 5'1
    4. Date of Birth: December 7, y'all
    5. Eye Color: Blue
    6. Religion: Christian
    7. Sexuality: Straight
    8. Hair Color: Blonde!!
    9. Eye Color: Blue y'all
    10. Weight: 108 lbs, but it doesn't matter.
    11. Skin Tone: PALEEEEEEEEEE
    12. Piercings/Tattoos: Lobes
    13. Jewelry: Wait wat
    14. Build: TINY. I have really bony arms, and stuff. And I'm on the shorter side.
    15. Funny or Serious? FUNNNAY
    16. Hard working or lazy? LAWL LAZY
    17. Flirty or reserved? In the middle y'all ;)
    18. What is the first thing people notice about your personality? Smiley :)
    19. Are you more caring or sympathetic? What does sympathetic mean? So I guess caring....lol.
    20. Are you sporty, artistic, bookworm or sciency? Artistic (in a music way not art lol i suck at drawing) and I love science. It's really interesting to me and my crush is in that class soooo......ya. :)
    Have You Ever
    21. Slapped someone in the face? I WISH THAT WOULD OF BEEN AWESOMMEEE
    22. Lost touch with a good friend? Yerp lol
    23. Kissed someone for a dare? TOTES. LOL jkjk never.
    24. Drank alcohol? Nooo
    25. Broke a bone? My elbow in Kindergarden because I fell off my couch
    26. Got chickenpox? Noo
    27. Ate a whole pizza to yourself? Nah
    28. Stepped on a bug? Yes, I'm all like DIE BUG DIE!
    29. Rode a horse? I don't think so....
    30. Been seen naked by someone not your doctor or family member? YA MY BOYFRAND lmao JKJKJKJKJK
    How Many
    31. TVs are in your house? 3 y'all
    32. People have you kissed? 4.
    33. Chairs are in the room you are in now? 4 y'all
    34. Best friends do you have? 4 y'all
    35. PCs or laptops are in your house? 1 computah, 1 laptop.
    This or That?
    36. Summer or Winter? SWINTER!loljkjk winter y'all
    37. Strawberry or Banana? Strawberry
    38. Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift? BOTH :D
    39. Eminem or Kanye West? Kanye
    40. Vegetables or Fruits? Fruits
    41. Books or Movies? Movies y'all i hate reading
    42. Hugs or Kisses? Hugs
    43. Rock or Pop? Pop
    Name The Last Person That...
    44. Hugged you? Kieran
    45. Kissed you? Mother
    46. Thanked you? MOTHER
    47. Flirted with you? IDK
    48. Insulted you? MY brotherr
    49. Made you laugh? Kieran xD
    50. Made you cry? A person...
    51. Ate? Buttahfingahs
    52. Drank? Coca Cola
    53. Talked to? Brother :)
    54. Word Spoke? IIIIIII WANNNT CANDY!
    55. Time cried? Now as I'm typing this
    56. Time laughed? idk? i laugh everyday y'alll
    57. Best friend? Hailey
    58. Crush? Billy LOL
    59. Boyfriend? Alex.
    60. Dog? The dog I still have now who I love with my whole heart, Remington <3
    61. Kiss? never kissed someone was about to though with old boyfriend.
    62. Took steps? 14 months old y'all
    63. Do you own any brand shirts? Nah
    64. What languages do you know? American, a little bit of French and Pig Latin
    65. Do you like to sing? LOVE to
    66. Are you competitive? Sometimes.
    67. What are you afraid of? Heights, death, and bugs.
    68. Who do you miss? My grandparents, who died a couple years ago
    69. Are you a virgin? Yes
    70. Do you like photography? It's cool :)

  19. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2012 1:21am UTC
    click to see this quote

  20. ladygagafan68 ladygagafan68
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2012 1:07am UTC
    1. Do you sleep in your bra? Yess lol
    2. Do you like noodles? Very much hahaha
    3. Do you enjoy drama? No
    4. Are you a girly girl? YES
    5. Small or large purses? Large, so it can fit more things
    7. Are you short? kind of. im 5'1
    8. Do you like somebody? :)
    9. Do you care if your socks are dirty? sure?
    10. Do you like Halloween? Yes!
    11. Are you double jointed? yess
    12. Where is the weirdest place you have slept? Idk the floor?
    13. Has anyone touched/smacked your butt in the past 24 hours? No..
    14. Is there any type of rumor going around about you? No. not that i know of :o
    15. Do you call anybody by their last name? Nah
    1. What color is the bra that you're wearing? Why do u want to know that..
    2. Do you prefer light or dark haired guys? In the middle :)
    3. Are you currently frustrated with a boy? Nope
    4. Do you have a best friend? Yes!
    5. Have you ever had your heart broken? yerp.
    6. Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery? No.
    7. Do you like your life? Love it
    8. Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on? No
    9. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys? Def Girls
    10. How long have you had a facebook? Dont have one
    11. Have you ever slapped a boy in the face? Nah
    12. What are your biggest fears? heights, bugs, death
    13. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? yep
    14. Have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind? YES
    15. Do you believe in the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater"? It depends.
    16. Have you ever had a good feeling about something? Yeah :)
    17. Do you ever wish you were famous? sometimes
    18. Are you currently missing someone? no
    19: who are you texting right now? annalieseee
    Cowboy or Gangster? NEITHER
    Face or Body? Face :)
    Sweet or Sexy? Sweet :)
    Contacts or Glasses? Glasses are cute on guys to me :)
    01. Eyeliner or Mascara? BOTH
    02. Pink or black? pink
    03. Pumps or flats? flats
    04. Skirts or pants? pants
    05. Socks or leggings? leggings
    06. Hoodies or jackets? hoodies :)
    07. Heels or sneakers? sneakers
    08. Straight or curly hair? straiiight
    09. White or black? white
    10. Smoothies or lattes? smoothies
    11. Diet or regular sodas? regular
    12. Water or daiquiris? water
    13. Pearls or diamonds? Diamonds
    14. Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen? idk?
    15. iPod or cell phone? Cell Phone definetely
    16. Friends or family? Friends
    17. Lip gloss or lip stick? Lip gloss
    18. Manicure or pedicures? manicure
    19. Tank tops or beaters? tank tops
    20. Big sunglasses or small? Big :D
    21. Sunglasses or purses? sunglasses
    IN A GUY ...
    Funny or Serious? Funny :)
    Romantic or Daredevil? i like both haha
    Dark Eyes or Light Eyes? doesn't matter lol
    Long Hair or Short Hair? short hair
    Curly Hair or Straight Hair? idc!
    Hockey Player or Football Player? the guy i like plays foot ball :)


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