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Status: yeah thats me but, don't hate me cause you aint me

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hey the names Kyla i have been bullied most my life, i had a rough childhood, there is so much i wish to tell you but can't tell you in so many ways so i guess i will just start using quotes even if they aren't mine ummm i have never had a boyfriend nor been kissed i have also never been called beautiful by anyone other then my family/ friends. umm i am 14 and i love to have fun, but i know there is a limit to the amount of fun you can. i guess thats all but hey chat me if you like coment on quotes and my wall and i guess thats all bye :)
  1. kylarose99 kylarose99
    posted a quote
    September 12, 2013 6:23pm UTC
    dear wittians,
    when you hate on people they feel it more than you think, they listen to you over 100 other people and you reading this may make you want to hate more or may make you stop and think because you don't know what thier life is like in there position and maybey you shouldn't hate because hate is something you hide behind and you shouldn't hide behind be yourself thats all i wanted to share with you so if your against hate comment and if we can get at least 1000 likes maybey we can prove to the haters that we are better then that or maybey the haters will see from our point of veiw. thanks :)

  2. kylarose99 kylarose99
    posted a quote
    September 5, 2013 4:09am UTC
    when you ask your friends how you look:
    friend - you look pretty...
    best friend - shreck called he wants he's face back.
    best friend and you - lmfao

  3. kylarose99 kylarose99
    posted a quote
    September 5, 2013 4:02am UTC
    having a million friends
    a mriracale,
    the miracle is having one
    who will stand by you when
    millions are against you

  4. kylarose99 kylarose99
    posted a quote
    June 19, 2013 6:01am UTC
    some people treat love as a toy
    they play with it and muck around with it
    but when they realise they have it
    they dont want to let it go
    they want to hold it, keep it, make sure nothing hurts it
    but little do they know when they break it
    it will build a fire
    a fire that was never there
    a fire that will burn until there is nothing left
    and then all that is left to do is sit there and stare
    love that's what it is and that is what we all wait on but one day you will truly find THE ONE!

  5. kylarose99 kylarose99
    posted a quote
    June 18, 2013 4:34am UTC
    live is evil spell it backwards and i will show you
    love is evil too spell that backwards and you can see too.

  6. kylarose99 kylarose99
    posted a quote
    June 18, 2013 4:23am UTC
    i like a guy
    don't have the guts to tell him
    there are one hundred and one things i like about him
    his smile
    his laugh
    his smart
    his not bad looking
    his not like other guys
    most guys want one thing is what i mean buy his not like other guys
    you can never feel mad at him
    his littler sister is really close friend to me
    he understands me
    but most of all when he is with me a get tinggals
    this guy is my hero he is sweet, funny, really smart, and i just keep wondering when i am gonna have the guts to talk to him again?
    (after my sister through a wallet at him it's improbbale)
    if you would like to know why coment and i will create a quote story and tell you about it untl then comment in the bar below to give me some advice :)

  7. kylarose99 kylarose99
    posted a quote
    June 8, 2013 7:54am UTC
    My love for you is like DIARIA
    I just cant hold it in.

  8. kylarose99 kylarose99
    posted a quote
    June 7, 2013 4:25am UTC
    1.) Bringing back the feeling you've learned to forget
    2.) Reminiscing the good times
    3.) Trying to hide what you really feel
    4.) Loving some one that loves another
    5.) Having a commitment with some one you know would not last
    6.) Sheilding your heart to love somebody
    7.) Loving a person too much
    8.) Right love at the Wrong time
    9.) Taking risks to fall in love again
    10.) Acepting that it was never meant to be
    11.) What if's
    out of all ot these painful things i have gone through all of them comment if on what you have gone through


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