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alz33006965 · 8 years ago

kennidashark · 9 years ago

XoxGabigailxoX · 9 years ago
Well if he wants to keep a relationship on the dl, and not go public for a reason, then talk to him. it wouldnt be fair to you. tell him how you feel soon, or else hes gonna think your both on the same page. but cutee:) you must really like him if he makes you smile non stop:) but if he wants to go further and you dont, make it CLEAR to him. dont do anything you dont want to do, cuz it can make for a dangerous situation. be careful with him though

xbeautifulx_Xnightmare · 9 years ago
I don't know your situation, or how much you really like the guy, but what you wrote, it kinda seems like he's just pretending to want to go out with you so you'll go farther : | I mean, I could be wrong, just don't let him talk you into doing anything you really don't want to do. YOU are in control of YOUR life.

BLA19 · 9 years ago
im here to help:D

picturetoburn13 · 9 years ago

josiewdog123 · 9 years ago
Spill baby K

SierraLove20 · 9 years ago
sure wat u wanna know

jocelynn006 · 9 years ago

NikkiLizzie1311 · 9 years ago
AMEN to that! lol

venzke5 · 1 decade ago
umm he has to let u go once u say its over its done just the way it is but if he wont except it don't just go with some other guy right away you need to sit him down and tell him that he's just no the one

fightmeloser · 1 decade ago
yea, he has to let you, soo if he hasnt gotten the hint, yall are already broken up if youve said it, so its not cheating. go ahead nd be with tht guy. u only live once

katienanabug · 1 decade ago
you can break up with him.. that doesn't make sense if you can't . just say you don't like him anymore . & you've moved on .

TheTruthIsYoursxo · 1 decade ago
What do you mean, your boyfriend wont let you? thats crazy. and the answer is NO. dont cheat. but you CAN break up with him. he cant control you. if he is threatening you- YOU NEED TO TELL SOMEONE. otherwise, just tell it to him straight and move on.


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