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Real funny.

Whoever hacked my damn profile, deleted all my quotes, and wrote all over my info that I was fake, a dumbass, and a waste of your time:
Good fucking job.
I hope you feel f ucking proud of yourself.
Just so you know, I'm not fake.
Never ever was.
Never intended on wasting your time, making you feel sorry for me, etc.
Just felt like making some friends, sharing some stories, all that good stuff.
But thanks a ton for ruining it.

I'm done with Witty.
It was nice meeting all you girls though.
I'll be back someday soon.
You can still talk to me on AIM. if you really want to : katieelovex39
Until next time,  au revoir.

And a big giant
f u c k y o u
to whoever did this.


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