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hey you(:
heyyy everryonnee:] the names kaylaa dont dont forget it causee this girll is gonnna be famous one dayy:] im a realllyy greatt person get to know me!  im a fun and cool person, very outgoing and funnnyy:p my #1 hobbie is shopppiong of coursee, im a veryy girly girll if yaa didnt notice. im 13, the days novemeber 19 dont forget to buy me somethinng:] i am a juicy couture aholicc, i livee and breath juiccyy!  i have the best of friends and i lovee them soo muchh, i alsoo lovee my familyy a whole lot! im 100% chaldean and proudd:] dont mess withh me or youll be preety messed up, i dont let know one walk on top of me, im a bitchh and i know it, no need to  remind me(:
well thats alll i gotttaa sayy! 
comment and talkk:] 
cann anyy1 sayy im amazinngggg!!!!!!!!

im obsessseddd with justinn bieberr<33333
ikk everything there is to know aboutt himm((:
Hes soo hottt its unbeleivablee;*

  1. kAyLAxx0 kAyLAxx0
    posted a quote
    October 2, 2009 5:06pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  2. kAyLAxx0 kAyLAxx0
    posted a quote
    August 18, 2009 11:53pm UTC
    It's not what you got,
    It's what you make of what you got ;]
    ~ step up 2 ~

  3. kAyLAxx0 kAyLAxx0
    posted a quote
    August 18, 2009 11:50pm UTC
    <-----yahhhhh im not perfect& you dont have to remind me---->
    maybe sometimes i talked about people, im mean to people i shouldn't be, i look at the bad instaed of the goood, sometimes i get mad for stupid things; im not perfect and i never will be. you thinkk your perfect hunnn but really your more imperfect than me. i am who i am your aproval isnt needed.


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