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* Sabaism * · 5 years ago
Thank you so much you are so great I really needed that thank you so much just thank you

* Sabaism * · 6 years ago
I don't know you well
And though you don't have many quotes
The ones you have are brilliant.
Like oml. Yaoi.
Who's your favourite pair?
I swear. I could probably have a fangasm with you for hours
I love your profile. It's really pretty.
I also love the 'Fangirling since '97' part. It's very original.
You are very, very beautiful
Please, always stay the amazing person you are.

Rajsonkar · 6 years ago

Rajsonkar · 7 years ago
Hey :-) welcome to witty. :-)
follow me, i follow back :-)

ChocoTaco · 7 years ago
Welcome to the Witty Family <3
You are really going to like it here, and if you ever want any help getting started you can always ask me anything ^-^

*y i k e s* · 7 years ago
I know you'll love it here.
Now, some lovely tips from me, who's been here nearly a year.
1.) Don't be shy! Talk to people! You may meet some of your best friends on here.
2.) Watch how you express your opinion. People tend to become rather feisty on proving their opinion is the only right one.
3.) Don't be afraid to post! Posting is one of the most fun things to do here. It's a place free of judging, so just have fun!
4.) Follow people. You don't want to log into Witty and never see many new quotes from the people you follow. Following gives you a chance to see things other people post, bringing entertainment.
5.) Just have fun! Witty was made for people to enjoy themselves!
6.) Ask me if you have any questions, because I basically know what there is to know. :)

I hope you have a Witty day!


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