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Hi! welcome to my profile. I'm a writer here on witty. I do have a main account that's for my quotes, and if you want it just ask(: maybe I'll tell you! thanks! So I have written "Anything But Ordinary, Fairytales Don't Exist, How to Save a Life, What is Love?, and I dare you.  Thank you all so much I love all of my readers and followers! bye~
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  1. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 31, 2013 7:30pm UTC
    E p i l o g u e .
    Carson's Point of View.
    "Carson!" I heard my name being called from the living room.
    "What's up." I asked as I found Avery.
    "Could you watch him?" She asked, motioning to our son Christian.
    "Sure." I smiled picking him up and sitting down on the couch.
    Avery was attending to our twin girls who were 6 months old.
    We named them Olivia and Emma, but Olivia was Liv for short.
    Christian was 3, almost 4.
    He had dark brown hair and Avery's bright bluish-green eyes.
    Liv and Emma both had dirty blonde hair, but my green eyes.
    We had decided to get married when Avery turned 20, which her parents found to be too young, but we knew that nothing could tear us apart.
    We'd already faced and overcome too many problems.
    Sure we had our fights, but none of them matter in the end.
    I watched Avery tending to the girls as Christian began to fall asleep next to me.
    "What?" She asked, noticing my stare.
    "Nothing. Just I don't know, us." I sighed.
    "What do you mean?" She asked.
    "Just it's crazy. Everything we've been through in all these years."
    She laughed a little. "You're telling me."
    "But I guess it's a good thing in some ways." I mumbled.
    "Oh like how." Avery asked sarcastically.
    "Well I mean me being forgetten,
    it just brought us closer, and showed that we can make it through anything life throws at us."
    Suckish Epilogue whoops
    sorry but I just couldn't drag this story on anymore I actually really didn't like it that much
    asilhdwkjdsfhifghrei but anyways
    Thank you all so much for supporting me.
    Leave me feedback on how you liked it(:
    And should I keep writing?

  2. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 29, 2013 8:43pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 1 4 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    I rolled over in my bed as I woke up.
    Don't tell me that what occured before was a dream or something...
    I sighed and felt my hair was still damp, but I had on dry clothes.
    On my bedside table there was a mug full of steaming hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.
    "You awake?" I heard a familiar voice ask.
    I looked up to see Carson standing in the doorway and I nodded my head.
    "Did everything that I think happen actually happen?" I asked.
    He smiled and sat down next to me on my bed.
    "If you mean you confessing your undying love to me in the pouring rain, then yes." He said with a stupid grin across his face.
    I slapped his shoulder playfully. "Shut up."
    He pretended to be in pain from my hit. "Ow! But it's okay, because I love you too."
    "I know." I said raising my eyebrows at him as I took a sip of my drink.
    "What's today?" I asked suddenly.
    Carson was a bit surprised. "February 13th. Did you lose your memory again?"
    "No." I mumbled glaring at him. "That date just seems familiar."
    "Well I mean I wasn't going to bring it up, but it's our 3 year anniversary." He said blushing.
    "Oh yeah... I knew that!" I said laughing. "But really, the day before Valentine's day?" I asked.
    He laughed a little. "Well yeah I mean I wanted to be original.."
    "Valentine's Day is overrated." I said at the same time as him, remembering that he had told me that 3 years ago.
    We both laughed. "You remembered?" He asked and I nodded my head yes.
    "I've remember most things that have happened, I think. It just all seems a little surreal."
    "Yeah I guess it does. But after everything that's happened" He sighed
    "I still have you, the one thing that keeps me going."
    sorry that thjis chapter sucks
    SO idk this is gonna end sooonn.
    Maybe just an epilogue because I suck at like dragging stories on and on
    And most of my epilogues are in the future so yea pretty much
    IFFFF i decide to keep writing, what should it be about?
    Because I honestly dont know..
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  3. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 28, 2013 9:45pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 1 3 .
    Carson's Point of View.
    "Why didn't you tell me I was your girlfriend?" I heard Avery yell to me.
    As if on cue, rain started pouring down from the sky.
    I wasn't sure what to do.
    "You... You knew this whole time?! And you never told me!?" I shouted.
    "Carson," She started but I cut her off.
    "You could have said something you know. You could have just told me you didn't want to go out with me, or told me we were just friends. You left me this whole time thinking I had a chance." I sighed and got into my truck.
    "Wait Carson no I-" She began again.
    "Look Avery, I don't want to hear it okay?" I mumbled over the sound of the pouring rain and I backed out of her driveway. I made my way down her street, looking back at her through my mirror.
    She stood out in the open, drenched from the rain.
    I slowed down. I couldn't just leave her like this...
    He body suddenly crumbled to the ground, into a shaking heap.
    I didn't have time to turn the car around, so I hopped out and ran.
    "Avery!" I yelled.
    I ran as fast as I could, and dropped to her side on the ground.
    She looked up at me, tears streaming down her face.
    I pulled her into my arms, but she pushed me away.
    "Look Carson! You can't just do that! You can't leave like that, without giving me a chance to talk. I didn't tell you because I figured you didn't want to be with me! And that's why you never mentioned it! Now why don't you just leave me agai-" I cut her off from her rant by pressing my lips to hers.
    She relaxed into my arms and her eyes fluttered closed.
    I slowly pulled away. "I didn't tell you..." I whispered. "Because I was afraid. You didn't remember me Avery. It was like you were dead for two months. It was like I had lost my whole reason for living. So when you woke up that day, and had no clue who I was, I figured then you didn't remember what we had. And maybe you wouldn't like me anymore. Maybe you wouldn't want to be with me, so I just wanted you to fall for me without being told to... I wanted it to be your choice." I whispered.
    She was silent for a while, just looking up into my eyes.
    "Well it worked." She said sternly.
    "What worked?" I asked.
    "I fell for you again."
    Hi i hope you dont hate me idk I AM SO SO SO SORRY THAT ITS LATE
    leave me feedback
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  4. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 24, 2013 8:40pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 1 2 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    "I love you Avery.." Was all I heard before I fell asleep.
    I woke up in the morning, Carson was still next to me.
    He had his arm wrapped around my waist, his chest falling up and down.
    Why couldn't I have stayed awake just a second longer?
    Then I could have confronted him.
    But if he loved me, did that mean he still wanted to go out with me?
    But then why wouldn't he have told me...
    My thoughts were gone when Carson stirred next to me.
    "Morning" I whispered.
    He quickly pulled his arms off of me. "Uh hi, I should probably get going."
    He hopped out of my bed an went to gather his things.
    I got up and grabbed his arm.
    "Stop!" I yelled.
    He looked at me, confused.
    "Stop doing this! I'm getting tired of your games!" I shouted at him.
    "Whatever." He sighed.
    "No Carson, it's not just whatever."
    "Look Avery, you just don't get it okay!?" He mumbled.
    "Don't get it? I get everything Carson."
    "No you don't, you don't get it at all!" He screamed before running out of my room.
    "Ugh." I mumbled, knowing that I'd have to go after him.
    I couldn't just let it end like this.
    Sure we fought, but that's what we do.
    I had started remembering little conversations, events, and bits and pieces of the past.
    I ran out of my room and downstairs to the door.
    Carson was walking out to his truck.
    "Carson." I sighed.
    He shook his head and kept walking.
    "Carson wait!" I yelled.
    He ignored me once again.
    "Why didn't you tell me I was your girlfriend?"
    I can't post tomorrow because I'm in the track meet, so yeah.
    But on the bright side, tomorrow is the last day of midterms!(:
    okay bye leave me feedback
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  5. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 22, 2013 7:38pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 1 1 .
    Carson's Point of View.
    I glanced over at Avery after the movie ended to see her falling asleep.
    I smiled to myself and started to get up and grab my things.
    I subconsionsly was humming Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran.
    It had come on in the car on her first day back.
    But she didn't remember.
    Avery didn't remember that it had been our song.
    "Give a little time to me, or burn this out, we'll play hide and seek to turn this around, all I want is the taste that your lips allow, my, my, my, my, oh give me love.." I heard Avery sing quietly.
    "I thought you were asleep.." I whispered.
    She shook her head. "That song though. I remember that song."
    I smiled. "Well that's good to hear.."
    Looking at my watch, I realized it was passed midnight.
    "Goodnight Aves." I mumbled as I made my way to her door.
    "Stay with me.." She called after me.
    I looked back, and she hopped out of bed.
    Her hand gripped mine as she led me back and laid back down.
    I sighed and shook my head, but laid down next to her.
    She pulled up her covers and cuddled into me, causing me to laugh slightly.
    Not to long after, she had fallen asleep, her breathing becoming slow.
    I smiled, wrapping my arm around her.
    This is how it was supposed to be.
    I closed my eyes, and before I dozed off I couldn't help but say it, even though she wouldn't hear.
    "I love you Avery."
    Geometry midterm, CHECK!
    Tomorrow is Spanish and Gym.. Wooo..
    leave me feedback hooray. (:
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  6. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 21, 2013 7:57pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 1 0 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    In my next turn I knocked down 8 pins.
    "Good luck beating that." I whispered to Carson as he walked up to take his turn.
    He smirked at me, and rolled the ball down the lane.
    The pins all fell down, the last one slowly wobbling.
    A strike meant he got to go again, and that he had pretty much already won.
    In the next turn he only knocked down 6, but it didn't matter.
    "Congratulations." I sighed.
    "I do believe we made a bet." He whispered into my ear, sending shivers throughout my body.
    Not a second later his lips were attached to mine.
    After a while, we both pulled away.
    I had forgotten that everyone else was in the room with us, but now they were all cheering.
    I felt my cheeks burning up.
    Carson grabbed my hand. "C'mon Aves, let's get out of here."
    He led me through everyone, and into his truck.
    We soon arrived back at my house and in my room.
    "So uh.. Do you wanna watch a movie or something?" He asked.
    I sighed. "Sure.." Was he just going to act like that kiss didn't happen?
    He scrolled through the movies on On Demand. "Pitch Perfect!" I yelled.
    He smiled and clicked on it.
    Before it started he ran downstairs and came back with salt and vinegar chips and Dr. Pepper.
    "Thanks" I mumbled as he sat down next to me on my bed.
    The movie was funny, but I was so distracted.
    I couldn't stop thinkning about what Chris told me.
    If I was Carson's girlfriend, then why didn't he tell me?
    I couldn't help but think that maybe he took the easy way out.
    He wanted to be just friends, so that's what he told me...
    The only problem was,
    I was falling for him.
    SO SORRY I HAVENT POSTED ive been really busy with midterms and track
    sorry that it sucks love you okay bye
    wait leave me feedback hooray. (:
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  7. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 17, 2013 8:32pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 9 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    "He was my what?" I yelled to Chris.
    "After I cheated on you, for some reason you went to Carson for comfort. And not too long after that you guys started going out. You had been up until the accident. He stayed in you hospital room almost everyday hoping that you'd wake up..." Chris told me.
    I couldn't believe it. Why wouldn't he have told me?
    "Do you happen to know what we did for our one year anniversary?" I asked.
    "I think he took you to a drive in movie or something... Why?"
    "Just wondering.." I whispered.
    My dream.. Could it have been a memory?
    "C'mon." Chris instructed, leading me over to Carson's group.
    "Hey guys, I'm going to play with you. Carson and Avery are going to go play on their own lane." Chris said, which everyone was okay with.
    Carson slowly made his way over to me and we walked to our lane.
    "What was that all about?" He asked.
    "I don't know." I lied. "Let's play."
    We entered our names into the computer and carson went up first, knocking down 8 pins.
    "Beat that." He smirked. "Or did you forget how to play?"
    "Did I used to be good at bowling?" I asked.
    He laughed. 'The best, but I bet that's changed."
    I grabbed a pink ball and rolled it down the lane.
    All ten pins clattered to the ground.
    "Strike! Some things never change!" I yelled.
    Carson smiled. "I'm still going to win."
    "Don't count on it Car."
    At about halfway through our game, everyone else had come over to watch us.
    It was now the last round, and I was ahead by 2.
    "Let's make it a bet!" Chris shouted. "If Carson wins, Avery has to kiss him."
    I glared at Chris through the crowd, and both Carson and I shook our heads no.
    Not too long after we denied, a chant erupted in the group. "Bet, bet, bet!"
    I looked over at Carson who had his right arm extended.
    I sighed and brought my hand to meet his, and we shook on it.
    "It's a bet."
    SO SORRY I HAVENT POSTEAD ive been really busy with midterms and track
    I was gonna make this longer but not anymore whoops sorry love you okay bye
    wait leave me feedback hooray. (:
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  8. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 14, 2013 6:57pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 8 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    Kylie, Alyssa, and Carson were helping me get ready for my date with Chris tonight.
    Well more like Kylie and Alyssa were helping, and Carson sat watching from my bed.
    He was still a bit mad, but who could blame him?
    I didn't exactly treat him fair when I yelled.
    "Tada, you're finished!" Kylie shouted, breaking me out of my thoughts.
    "How does she look? Alyssa asked Carson.
    "Beautiful, as always." He mumbled.
    I couldn't help but blush at his words as I looked at myself in the mirror.
    I had on a flowing cream tank top with a maroon cardigan over it.
    I had on a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a pair of Toms that matched the cardigan.
    My hair was curled in loose waves, and there was little make up applied to my face.
    "Chris should be here soon, bye Avery." Kylie said, giving me a hug.
    Carson came over and walked me downstairs to see Chris just pulling in.
    "Uh.. Have fun tonight Aves." He said pulling me into an awkward hug.
    After he didn't let go for a while I finally pushed away.
    "Thanks, bye Car.." I whispered as though I'd called him that my entire life.
    I noticed his eyes light up at the nickname before I rushed out the door.
    Chris had just gotten out of his car, and opened the door for me.
    "Hey gorgeous." He smiled as I sat down.
    He walked to the other side and jumped in.
    "I was thinking we could go to the bowling place downtown and eat pizza there, then maybe play a couple rounds?" Chris asked.
    "Yeah sure, that sounds great." I told him.
    When we got to the bowling alley, we got our shoes and ordered a pepperoni pizza along with vanilla milkshakes to drink.
    All thoughout the dinner, Chris tried to talk to me and to get my attention, but I was distracted.
    I couldn't stop thinkning about Carson, and to make it worse soon after we arrived, so did he with a group of kids.
    Chris had pretty much stopped trying to talk to me by now.
    I sat looking straight ahead of me shoving slices of pizza into my mouth.
    Pretty sure by now I was on my seventh or eighth.
    "Chris.." I asked.
    "Yea what's up Aves?"
    "Don't call me that." I sighed.
    "But Carson does all the time..."
    I ignored his last remark. "Is it true that we went out when I was 15?"
    He didn't answer for a while."Yeah.."
    "And is it true that you cheated on me?"
    He slowly nodded his head. "Avery I'm really sorry though it was a mistake. I really like you... Besides it was two years ago..."
    "Yeah I know... I just can't stop thinking about-" I sighed and cut myself off.
    "About Carson?" Chris asked.
    "Yeah, how'd you know?" I asked.
    "Well he and a group of you guys' friends came in about half an hour ago and started bowling. You've been staring at their lane ignoring me, cramming pizza into your mouth." He said laughing.
    I chuckled a little at how he phrased it. "I really like him Chris... But we're just friends."
    His laughing grew louder. "Look Avery, I don't know why he hasn't told you. But I can't take this any longer. Before your accident,
    Carson was your boyfriend."
    but I'm good now and I watched old disney movies on youtube lol what.
    anyways feedback?
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  9. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 10, 2013 5:58pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 7 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    I was being driven by Carson.
    My eyes were covered by a blindfold.
    "Where are we going Carson!" I yelled.
    "You'll see soon Aves."
    I felt the car pull to a stop and Carson removed the blinfold.
    I looked around, realizing we were at a drive in movie.
    There were only a couple of other vehicles pulled up.
    "Carson this is so cool, I've always wanted to go to one of these!" I yelled before giving him a gentle kiss.
    "I know. I didn't know what to do, so I chose this. Happy one year Avery."
    I blushed, "You too, thank you so much."
    He pulled out kettle corn, sour patch kids, Dr. Pepper, and Reese's from the backseat.
    They were all my favorites. "Thanks Carson.." I mumbled as the movie started.
    It was The Notebook. "You'd really want to watch this?" I asked, laughing a little.
    "Well I know you like it, and I'd do anything for you."
    Before I could stop myself I blurted out "I love you."
    He smiled. "I love you too."
    I snapped awake in my bed.
    Did I just dream that I loved Carson..?
    It felt so real.. Like it actually happened.
    It didn't feel like a dream at all.
    It felt more like a memory..
    I found myself to be blushing furiously and sweating.
    I shouldn't be dreaming like that about my best friend...
    I shook away all the thoughts and hopped out of bed, remembering the events of the night before.
    Carson was mad at me.. Really mad.
    I told him to leave...
    But he doesn't matter.
    I have a date with Chris tonight.
    But all throughout the day, I couldn't shake away one thought.
    Did I have feelings for Carson?
    Anyways. Whats up lovely readers?
    I can't post tomorrow, Sorry!
    I have a track meet that lasts from like 5 to 10 so yaaaaay.
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  10. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 9, 2013 7:03pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 6 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    I collapsed onto my bed and Carson sat down on the floor.
    Carson turned on the TV and began flipping through the channels.
    I sighed and pulled out the piece of paper that Chris had given me.
    Typing his number into my phone I texted him. 'Hey, it's Avery."
    Almost instantly I felt my phone vibrate.
    'Hey! What's up?'
    'Not much just. Bored.'
    'Same... Hey I was wondering if you'd want to go out sometime? We have some catching up to do.'
    I felt a smile form on my face. 'Like a date?'
    'If you want it to be.(:'
    'Okay, it's a date :)'
    Chris texted me back suggesting we go out to dinner tomorrow night, so I agreed.
    Carson's Point of View.
    I looked up from the TV screen to see Avery smiling at her phone.
    I smiled just at the sight of it.
    "Why are you smiling like that?" I asked, sitting next to her on the bed.
    "I'm going out with Chris tomorrow!" She said excitedly.
    I felt my face harden and my body tense up. "Oh. That's great."
    "I can tell you don't mean that Carson. What's up?" She asked.
    "Nothing. Just like I told you before... He's not a good guy Aves."
    "What do you mean by that?" She said. I could hear her getting annoyed.
    I stayed silent for a while.
    She didn't understand. She forgot her life
    "I'm just trying to look out for you Aves... I'm sorry." I whispered.
    She stayed silent for a while.
    Before I could stop myself, I blurted out the truth.
    "You went out with him when you were 15 okay? He cheated on you after a week!"
    "He what?!" She yelled.
    "Yeah, and then somehow you came to me for help that's how we became... Best friends." I sighed.
    "Chris wouldn't do that... I know him! Why should I trust you? I don't even know you!" She screamed.
    I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes. "You know me better than you think."
    "Get out." Avery whispered.
    "Get. Out." She repeated sternly.
    I stood up, backing towards her door trying to hold in my tears.
    As I ran ran down her stairs, a thought crept into my mind.
    If you love something, let it go.
    If it comes back to you, it's yours forever.
    If it doesn't,
    Then it was never really yours in the first place.
    whatever, I love you guys okay. I don't know so uh
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  11. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 8, 2013 7:06pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 5 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    I quickly shook myself out of the trance.
    Why was Carson's sweatshirt in my closet?
    And why did I choose it out of everything to wear..?
    I sighed and followed Carson into the restaurant, and the host smiled at us.
    She looked to be about our age.
    "Right this way please!" She instructed, leading us to a table.
    "Have a good meal! You guys are too cute together, by the way." She said, and I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks.
    Why was I blushing? I mean, it was just a stupid mistake.
    "Do people mistake us as a couple a lot or is this new?" I asked Carson.
    "You could say that we get mistaken as a couple a lot, yeah.." He sighed.
    "We are just freinds though... Right?" I asked.
    He hesitated before answering. "We're not just friends. We're best friends Avery." He said. smirking at me.
    A waitor came over, placing breadsticks down.
    "Hi my name is Chris, I'll be your server tonight."
    I brought my eyes up to meet his, and gasped.
    When I was 15, I had the biggest crush on him.
    "Avery is that you?" Chris asked.
    I smiled. He remembered me! "Yeah! How are you?"
    "Great actually, how about you? I heard about the accident."
    "Fine. Except for the part where I lost my memory."
    Chris looked a bit shocked, but before he could anwer Carson piped in.
    "Shouldn't you be taking our orders?"
    Chris gave him a glare, but did as he was told.
    "I haven't seen Chris in forever! I used to like him so much." I said to Carson.
    He tensed up and his whole body stiffened. "I know you did. But you don't anymore."
    "And who are you to tell me who I like?"
    "WELL I'M YOUR BO-" He began yelling, but stopped. "You're right. I shoudn't be telling you. But you don't want to like him again, trust me."
    The rest of the night was kind of awkward.
    Carson was really mad at me, and ignored me when I tried to work it out.
    He payed for the dinner, which surprised me. I was prepared to pay for my meal but he wouldn't allow it.
    On the way out, Chris came running over to me.
    "Avery wait, here's my number. Text me." He said, handing me a slip of paper.
    "Thanks. Bye Chris!" I said, which earned a glare from Carson.
    "See you later Avery, hopefully soon!"
    Oh no whattt.
    Hi sorry to be annoying but guess what time it is? Time to put goals for you to reach on the chapters yay.
    Starting at 90.
    In other news I'm sorry that these chapters suck okay.
    But Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game are on tonight so partyy!
    90+ Favorites for the next chapter.
    *I do not notify.*

  12. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 7, 2013 7:33pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 4 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    I woke up after who knows how long and saw Carson sitting across from me on the other couch.
    "Hey. You alright?" He asked, noticing I was awake.
    I shook my head. "Just kind of hungry."
    "Well alright go get ready, we can go out." He said, as though we went out together a lot.
    I sighed, still frustrated that I couldn't remember, but ran up to my room anyways.
    When I opened my closet I was shocked.
    It was like going into your favorite store at the mall when they just got all new clothes.
    I guess that's what happens when you can't remember your life.
    I looked through all the clothes, but finally just decided on a gray sweatshirt with some dark jeans, along with a pair of moccasins.
    The sweatshirt was slightly big on me, and written across the front was our school's basketball team.
    Since when did I play basketball?
    I shook that thought off and decided I looked fine.
    My hair fell around my face in it's natural waves.
    I walked back into the living room.
    "Hey are you-" Carson asked when he saw me.
    "Am I what.." I questioned when he didn't finish his sentence.
    A look of disappointment and pain came across his face, but he shook it off.
    "Uh.. Are you ready to go Aves? I mean Avery..?" He asked.
    For some reason it hurt when he didn't use the nickname, which was weird. "Yeah, let's go."
    Carson led me outside and into his car, and began driving.
    "So where do you want to go?"
    "Maybe Olive Garden?" I suggested.
    He smiled and turned up his radio. "Glad to see you still remember that's your favorite restaurant."
    I laughed. "Yeah, me too." I looked over at him and noticed him humming quietly to the radio, as well as tapping his fingers to the beat. "I can't even recognize this song.." I sighed.
    That same look of pain spread across his face. "It's called Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. It's actually my favorite... And it used to be yours too." He whispered.
    "Oh.. Look I'm really sorry I don't remember you.." I mumbled, as we pulled up to Olive Garden.
    "It's not like it's your fault. C'mon, let's go eat."
    I hopped out of the car, and ended up hitting my shoulder on the door.
    "Ow.." I mumbled and brought my eyes to where it hurt.
    I was both surprised and confused at the sight.
    Written in cursive blue letters on the sweatshirt was one simple name.
    So sorry I haven't uploaded!
    I've just been so busy and I know it sucks but I mean please dont hate me
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    January 3, 2013 7:08pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 3 .
    Carson's Point of View.
    Everyone gave me weird glances, wondering why I had said best friend.
    I ignored them all and brought my eyes back up to meet Avery's.
    She gave me a small smile. "Why don't I remember you..." She asked sadly.
    I laughed a little. "I don't know, but trust me, I wish you did."
    Avery began getting up, despite everyone yelling at her.
    I ran over and stopped her. "You probably shouldn't be getting up Aves."
    She stiffened and I realized I had used my nickname for her.
    I sighed, mentally slapping myself.
    "I know... I just feel bad." She whispered.
    "Bad for what?" I asked.
    "That I don't remember you. I mean..You're my best friend! I should be able to remember my best friend!" Avery shouted, getting angry.
    "It's fine Avery."
    She opened her mouth to protest, but the doctor returned to the room.
    "I've been given permission to let you leave. But you must be careful, your body is very weak."
    She smiled slightly and nodded. "Alright, get me out of here."
    We got Avery home, but it wasn't too long before she had passed out on the couch.
    Kylie, Alyssa, her parents, and I left her to rest.
    The first thing out of Kylie's mouth was "Why did you tell her you were her bestfriend?!"
    I sighed and shook my head. "Well I wasn't lying. Even though we were going out, she was still my best friend."
    "But still, why did you do it?" Alyssa asked.
    "Because I don't want her to be told that I'm her boyfriend. I don't want her to feel like she has to like me. She forgot everything about me.
    I just want her to love me for me."
    Gatorade Gatorade. I'm drinking green gatorade. Whats your favorite flavor? Mines the purple one and the green one, which by the way is called Tropical Blend. OKAY.
    You guys are amazing please keep up the feeback!
    I probably cant post tomorrow, and I'm not positive about Saturday, sorry! But I'll try.
    So thanks and I hope you like it.
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    January 2, 2013 6:37pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 2 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    A couple tears fell from my mom's eyes.
    "There's no way..." I whispered.
    I saw a mirror sitting next to my hospital bed and grabbed it.
    I look much different than when I was 15, that's for sure.
    "So what exactly happened?" I demanded.
    "You got into a car crash around 2 months ago. You with with me and Alyssa. A drunk driver hit us..." Kylie informed me.
    "Why can't I remember!" I yelled, becoming frustrated.
    I searched my mind for something, for anything.
    The doctor must have heard my yelling, because he strolled back into the room.
    "Her memory may come back, it may not. If it does, it should be gradual." He said, before disappearing for the second time.
    It was like trying to know someone that you haven't met.
    I tried to think of things from after I began my Freshman year, but I just couldn't.
    "So I've missed birthdays, school, parties, and who knows what else.." I mumbled.
    I sighed louldy, and brought my eyes up to meet the guy I didn't recognize.
    He was staring at me intently, his eyes full of pain.
    "Who are you..?" I whispered.
    Everyone looked at each other for a while.
    It seemed like I was missing something very important.
    "Someone please tell me!" I shouted. "This is already frustrating, don't make it any worse!"
    A few more looks were exchanged, but finally my mother spoke.
    "Avery, this is Carson." She explained.
    I smiled and gave him a small wave, before looking back towards her for further explanation.
    "Sweetie, Carson is your boy-" She began, before he cut her off.
    "Bestfriend. Her bestfriend."
    And I'm like OW! You're giving me a heart attack.
    ANYWAYS You guys are the best though seriously.
    Even if I don't reply to all of your comments and stuff, please know that I see them all.
    Sorry that it's really short but I wanted to end it there..
    So thanks and I hope you like it.
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    January 1, 2013 6:59pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 1 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    Beep. Beep. Beep.
    God what was that beeping?
    It was so annoying.
    And why on Earth did my head hurt so bad?
    Why couldn't I open my eyes?
    I willed myself as hard as I could, and finally my eyelids separated to reveal bright white lights.
    What, was I dead or something?
    Suddenly my vision became clearer, and I looked around.
    I saw my mom, dad, my best friends Kylie and Alyssa, and some guy I didn't seem to recognize.
    Not gonna lie, he was kind of attractive, but why are all of them here?
    Finally, his gaze found mine.
    His eyes were a yellowish green type color, which I had never seen on a person before.
    But somehow, they drew me in.
    His eyes were captivating, and made me think I was missing something.
    "Avery your awake!" He shouted with glee.
    I smiled a bit, but then looked to my parents and friends. "Where am I?" I asked, my voice hoarse.
    "The hospital, Aves." The guy said to me.
    Aves? I never let anyone use that as my nickname...
    My mom went out of the room to get a doctor, and a man came in.
    "Well glad to see you're awake." The doctor remarked.
    "Yeah me too." I laughed a bit.
    "Now I don't know if you remember, but you got into a car accident." He said and I shook my head no. I didn't remember any car accident...
    "And what's your name?"
    "Avery Green."
    "15." I said, and I received some odd glances.
    "What year is it?" He asked.
    "2011..." I mumbled.
    "And who are the people in this room?"
    "That's easy!" I said. "My mom and dad, Kylie, Alyssa, and uhh.. I don't know him." I said, pointing at the unfamiliar face.
    His face filled with pain and he began pacing.
    The doctor turned away from me, and towards them.
    "It appears she has amnesia..." He said "Her memory could come back. I'll give you guys a while." He said, giving the guy a sympathetic look before leaving the room.
    "What's going on?" I demanded.
    My mom looked around the room.
    "You're 17 Avery, almost 18. It's 2013..." She sighed.
    "You forgot the past two years of your life."
    Hey, thanks for all the feedback on the Prologue, go read it if you haven't.
    Sorry I havent uploaded, I'm going to try to post a chapter every day or every other day.
    I'm just a little busy and I know its weird that I put 2013 and past 2 years because today is the first day of 2013, but aihfds;kdjfiuahg whatever.
    Anyways, happy new year! How was yours? I finally started mine off right ;* okay I'm done.
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    thank you, I LOVE YOU.
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  16. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
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    December 29, 2012 6:42pm UTC
    P r o l o g u e .
    Carson's Point of View.
    My name is Carson Anderson.
    I have light brown hair, and yellowish-green eyes.
    I'm 18 years old, with the best girlfriend.
    Her name is Avery Green.
    She's 17, and has light brown hair with the brightest blue eyes.
    Avery is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I love her more than anything.
    We've been dating for over 2 years.
    The only problem? She got in a car crash 2 months ago.
    Avery was out with her friends and a drunk driver crashed into them.
    Her best friends, Kylie and Alyssa, escaped with a couple injuries.
    Avery wasn't so lucky. She's in a coma and there's little chance of her waking up.
    I sat in the hospital room, just like I had almost everyday since the accident.
    Kylie, Alyssa, and Avery's family would stop in every so often.
    But no one was here as much as me.
    I ate here, slept here, I practically lived in this hospital.
    The doctors told me I should leave, that I'd be better off at home.
    But I can't leave her. Avery is my home, I'm nothing without her.
    They tell me that she probably won't ever wake up, and if she does, she'll never be the same.
    One time, I was even told to forget about her. To move on.
    But there was no way that I could move on.
    The moment that I met Avery I knew she was something special.
    Something that I would never give up on.
    WHATS THAT? I'M BACK. New story? Yes, No? Who likes it?
    Sorry that I've been gone so long!
    I've just been really busy, and I hope everyones doing welll(:
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    December 6, 2012 7:45pm UTC
    I dare you.
    E p i l o g u e .
    Addison's P.O.V.
    Alex and I had been back together for almost two years now.
    He regained my trust, and he hasn't hurt me again.
    That day that I lost prom queen, I finally let him explain what happened.
    He rigged the votes so that I'd lose, because he thought I was more important than the bet, and he didn't want me to find out about it.
    Now my only regrets were not forgiving him sooner, but I'm never leaving him again.
    College was going well for both of us, but today he asked me to meet him somewhere.
    I threw on my black North Face jacket and a pair of jeans, and left my straight blonde hair down.
    I strolled off of my campus and got a text from Alex saying to meet him at a nearby park.
    I started running, until I got there.
    My eyes scanned everywhere, but it was empty.
    I sighed and started to text him, until I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me.
    I laughed as I turned around to see Alex smiling.
    "So what's up?" I asked.
    "I just wanted to talk." He said.
    I looked at him, and nodded for him to go on.
    "That day that we first really started talking..." He began.
    I looked down, not really liking to remember that I had been a bet.
    "I realized that the bet was the best day of my life. If a certain three words hadn't been said to me, then I never would have had you." Alex went on.
    "What three words?" I asked, confused.
    "Well first..." He sighed nervously, before he knelt down on one knee.
    "I love you, will you marry me Addison?"
    I was shocked, but then a small smile formed on my face, and I was about to answer 'yes'. Then my face went back to confused, wondering what the three words were.
    Alex must have noticed my expressions because he looked up at me with a smirk on his face.
    "I dare you."
    Hooray for Alex and Addiii!
    I didn't really say it, but Addison does say yes. I tried to imply it... lol.
    I can't believe that Addison and Alex's story is overr!
    I'm probably gonna take a break while I start writing a new story, I already have an idea...
    So who would read my next story ?
    And thank you so much to everyone who read I dare you, you mean the world to me and I hope you liked it!

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    December 5, 2012 7:57pm UTC
    I dare you.
    C h a p t e r 18 .
    Addison's P.O.V.
    It had now been over a year since I talked to Alex.
    He finally gave up with the calls and everything.
    We had graduated last summer and I had just starting going to college in New York City.
    I was an art major, which had always been my dream.
    Everyday I tried to convince myself that I didn't care about him anymore.
    But there was one part of me that knew that would never happen.
    I sighed and left the campus of my college and headed over to the coffee shop around the corner where I went everyday.
    I strolled in and went over to the cashier.
    "Can I get a hot chocolate and a double chocolate muffin?" I mumbled and I handed over the money.
    I received my order and sat down in a seat near a window, watching the busy city.
    "I see you still have an obsession with chocolate?" I heard a voice say.
    No, it couldn't be.
    I turned around to see a pair of brown eyes that were all too familiar.
    "Yeah. Hi Alex..." I said.
    He sat down across from me.
    "What are you doing here?" I asked him.
    "College. You?"
    "Same..." I sighed.
    I was expecting him to just make some more small talk and leave.
    "I miss you Addison." He said, looking into my eyes.
    I raised my eyebrows at him, a little surprised.
    "I know what I did was terrible. But please Addison, give it just one more try.
    I sighed, defeated. I couldn't say no to him anymore.
    Hooray for High Jumping. RAWR.
    Sorry that It might seem a bit rushed but oh well. The epilogue is also going to be in the future...
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    December 4, 2012 8:46pm UTC
    I dare you.
    C h a p t e r 17 .
    Addison's P.O.V.
    I hadn't spoken to Alex in months now.
    He tried calling me, texting me, talking to me and school, and even coming to my house everyday.
    But this wasn't just something I could forgive him for.
    I don't really care how he feels about me now, because in the beginning that was what mattered.
    And in the beginning, I was nothing but a bet to him.
    His friends decided to call off the bet once they realized how hurt he was after I stopped talking to him, so he got his car back.
    But he still never seemed right.
    I wanted so bad to take him back, and act like everything was perfect.
    But I know I could never forget what he did, or forgive him.
    And I couldn't let him hurt me again.
    The only problem?
    I'm still in love with him.
    "Addison!" I heard Matt call from downstairs.
    I sighed and walked down, only to see Alex at the door.
    Usually, I'd have Matt answer the door and tell him to leave.
    I don't know why he decided not to today.
    "What do you want Alex!?" I yelled.
    "You." He said simply.
    "Well I don't want you, okay?!"
    "Addison please give me another chance!" He begged.
    "I... I can't.." I whispered.
    He stepped closer to me. "Why not?"
    "You don't deserve another chance." I said.
    "Addi, I know but-"
    I cut him off. "Go."
    "You heard me. Go. Get out of my house! I never want to see you again!" I told him.
    He slowly backed up, a couple tears falling from his eyes, but he left.
    I sat down on the floor, and broke down.
    I hadn't allowed myself to cry over him for the longest time, but talking to him again, I just couldn't do it.
    I heard Matt wander into the room, and he sat down next to me, until I stopped sobbing.
    "Why did you let him go?" He asked.
    "He hurt me Matt..." I whispered.
    "But you're in love with him Addison. You don't let someone you love, and someone who loves you just leave."
    I looked up at Matt through my tear stained eyes and whispered,
    "If he really cared, he never would have left."
    hiii. sorry about not changing the chapter number last time! & Thanks to bunnylover43 for telling me I didnttt.AHH AND SORRY FOR UPLOADING LATTEE!
    Om nom nom salt and vinegar chips.
    You guys are the best readers in the world.
    Okay theres probably like one chapter and an epilogue left. WOAH.
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    December 3, 2012 6:39pm UTC
    I dare you.
    C h a p t e r 15 .
    Addison's P.O.V.
    I ranas fast as my legs could carry me, with my heels in my hands.
    I had heard Jos running behind me, but I didn't stop and she couldn't catch up to me.
    I must look like a freak right now.
    Running down the street in a prom dress crying.
    I picked up my pace and finally reached my house.
    I walked through the door and ran straight to me room, slamming the door.
    I slid down the back of the door with my face in my hands.
    I'm so stupid. I fell in love with the biggest jerk in the world.
    And I even thought that maybe I had a chance.
    My sobs started to slow down, and I finally opened by eyes.
    There was a knock on my door, and I stood up.
    "What." I yelled.
    There was no answer, but the door pushed open. Alex stood in the doorway.
    "Get. Out." I said slowly.
    "Addison please I-"
    I cut him off. "Look I don't want to hear it okay! You used me as a stupid bet that you somehow managed to lose. You lied to me countless times. You made me think that you cared about me Alex! You told me to run home to my parents, but I bet you didn't know that they're dead! And I get that you didn't know that, because you didn't care enough to find out! And worst of all, you made me fall in love with you!" I screamed at him.
    I didn't really plan on telling him all that, but I couldn't stop.
    "Addison I'm so sorry I-" He tried speaking again.
    "Leave." I said.
    A couple tears fell down his face as he slowly backed away.
    "I rigged the votes so you wouldn't win, Addison. The bet didn't matter to me after I met you. I would rather lose a stupid car than have had you find out you were a bet in the beginning, and then lose you." Alex said. He laughed a bit through his tears and whispered, "But that didn't work out, did it?"
    He began walking down the hall and I heard him shout from the stairs,
    "And Addi, I wasn't lying when I said I love you."
    BY GOLLY HILL SPRINTS ARE SO FUN! -__- I hate mondays.
    this story is ending sooonn!
    *Sorry, I do not Notify!*
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