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Hey guys, so I'm done with this website, I totally don't have time for it anymore and I just got totally bored of it. So if you really want to still read my stories, which yes I'm still writing, you can find them on http://www.wattpad.com/user/alwaysdreamx.
This is where I have been writing. So there it is. 
This has been fun guys, & I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support <3
  1. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    June 22, 2011 11:06pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 18 ]
    He pulled away first, “Wow.” He murmured and I giggled.
    I looked back at the ocean, “What time is it? I forgot my phone at home.”
    He looked at his watch and said, “6:45.”
    I jumped up to my feet and he followed, “I gotta go, my moms gonna be up soon and I don’t wanna talk to her.”
    He tilted his head to the side, “Why not? What happened?”
    I started walking backwards to my house with my flip flops in my hand, “I’ll tell you later. I’ll come over. I’ll text you when.”
    He smiled and nodded, “Okay. Bye Mick, see you later.”
    I waved as he began to run back up the beach towards his house.
    I walked into the house 5 minutes later. I shut the back door behind me as quiet as possible. As I turned away from the door, the kitchen light flicked on to show my mom standing in the kitchen doorway in her pajamas with no makeup on. It’s very rare that you see her like this.
    She crossed her arms over her chest and stared hard at me, “Where were you?”
    I stared at her just as cold and crossed my arms, “Since when have you cared?”
    She uncrossed her arms and put them on her hips, “Since always, I’m your mother. Now tell me where you were.”
    I stared hard at her, “Out and that’s all you need to know.”
    “Mikayla Elizabeth, you tell me where you were right now!” She started to get mad.
    “Why Mom!? Why should I tell you anything!? Why should I have to!? You’ve had a boyfriend for – I don’t even know how long right after my father just died! Your husband, mom! So tell me, why should I have to tell you anything when you tell me nothing!?” I screamed at her.
    She stormed over to me and stood right in front of me, “Frank has nothing to do with this! You better tell me where you were now! Wanna know why!? Because I’m your god damn mother! That’s why! Now tell me where you were!”
    I looked straight into her eyes with a smug expression, “No.”
    She raised her hand and like lightening, slapped me across my face. I grabbed my stinging cheek and looked at her with tears glistening in my eyes.
    She looked at her hand and then at me and her jaw dropped open, “Baby, I’m… Oh my god, I’m so –“, she went to touch me.
    I flinched back and held up my hand, “Don’t. You’ve done enough.”
    She looked hurt as I walked past her and up the stairs to my room. I slammed the door behind me, locked it, slid down to the floor against it and cried.
    comments :) ?
    & thank you wittyreviewer for the review. it means so much :)

  2. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    June 19, 2011 7:43pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 17 ]
    ^ should of been on here w/ part 16 but it wouldn't work so here yah go. :)
    I jumped out of my skin, screamed a little and then looked next to me to see who it was.
    “Holy crap Tyler!” I wiped the tears from my cheek, “Can you give me anymore of a heart attack!?”
    He burst out laughing, “Sorry!” He sputtered out in between laughs, “You looked upset, so I decided to come cheer you up.”
    I shot in a look, “Oh, that’s so very kind of you.”
    We both laughed. After we finished laughing I actually look at him, he was in a pair of athletic shorts and no shirt, he had on his running sneakers and his iPod was in the iPod band around his arm. His hair was all wet from sweat and his body glistened from it. He looked pretty hot, not gonna lie.
    He still had his arm around me, “So, what are you doing out here so early?”
    He looked at me with amusement twinkling in his eyes, “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m making a pizza.”
    I laughed, “Well, I don’t know. You’re either out here running or speed walking like those old people do now a days.”
    He just looked at me, “I seriously question you’re psychological well being my friend.”
    I laughed and pushed him, his arm slid off my shoulders, “Jerk.”
    He immediately put his arm back around my shoulders and smiled big and goofy at me. I giggled and then looked over at the horizon. The sun had begun to rise over the horizon creating a rainbow of colors in the sky. There were pinks and oranges and reds, even a little bit of purple.
    “Wow,” I said, “It’s beautiful.”
    “Yeah… Beautiful is right.” He murmured.
    I looked over at him to find him looking at me with a gleam in his eyes. My stomach erupted in butterflies.
    I cast my gaze downward, “You know, whenever I’m with you, I don’t feel the pain of my dad leaving anymore… you make my heart feel whole again.”
    His put his finger under my chin and pulled my face up to look at him and said, “I’ll always be here for you babe.”
    I gave him a small smile and he smiled back. He began to lean towards me, with his finger still under my chin. The butterflies got even worse. I closed my eyes when our lips were like inches apart and he whispered, “Just tell me if you want me to stop.”
    To be honest, I didn’t want him to stop. When I didn’t say anything, he leaned that little bit further and kissed me gently on the lips, right there on the beach in front of the sunrise.
    comments :) ? they're really appreciated.
    trying to work through this tad bit of writers block so just bear with me.
    still thinking about writing a new story ... so just tell me what you think i should do.

  3. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    June 18, 2011 11:35pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side[ 16 ]I drank a few big sips from the can and then looked at it, What the hell am I doing? I thought, This is no way to deal with the pain.
    I got up off the couch and dumped the rest of the drink into the sink and threw out the can. I cannot believe how dumb I just was.
    I went back into the game room and sat on the couch. I flipped through channels trying to find something to watch but there’s nothing on at 5 in the morning.
    After I flipped through all the channels like twice, I turned off the tv, groaned and got up. I brushed my teeth, fixed the bun in my hai, changed out of my old pajama pants into a pair of black soffee shorts, put on a pink Victoria’s Secret V-neck, grabbed my white flip flops, grabbed my phone off the charger and walked out the backdoor to the beach.
    By the time I actually got to the beach it was about 5:35. There were a few runners running up and down the beach and a few people just walking like she was. There were even a few drunk girls in short skirts and dresses stumbling through the sand with their shoes in hand laughing obnoxiously about the guys they got with that night. I scoffed to myself, Pathetic.
    I walked to the water and stood where the water just hit my feet. I love the sound and the feel of the water. The beach was me and my dad’s place, where we would always hang out together. A tear fell from my eye remembering. I moved away from the water and to the soft sand so I could sit down. I sat down and immediately so many memories of me and my dad flew through my head.
    One memory stuck out in particular. I was 12 years old sitting on the beach with dad. We were watching the sunset and he had his arm around me. We were laughing and talking about nothing in particular. God, I miss him so much. The tears began flowing more heavily now as I thought.
    The memory flashed away when I felt someone’s arm around my shoulders. sorry its boring. kinda got writers block. I'm working on it.thinking about writing a new story in addition to this one.comment me & let me know whatcha think. thanks lovelys. :* its greatly appeciated. check out my polyvore ;; iloveyouuxalwaysx3

  4. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    June 2, 2011 4:30pm UTC
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  5. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2011 12:23am UTC
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  6. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    May 12, 2011 3:50pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 13 ]
    I answered the phone, “Hello?”
    “Hey honey, I need you to come home. I have news.”
    Tyler looked at me curiously as I made a face, “Okay, I’ll be home in like a half hour.”
    “Okay, see you soon.” And she hung up.
    I clicked the end button on my blackberry; let my hands fall to my lap and my head back on the pillow and groaned.
    “What?” Tyler asked putting his arm over my stomach.
    “I have to go home in a little while.” I said with my eyes closed.
    “Want me to drive you?” He asked.
    I opened my eyes, “I think I’ll walk. It’s not that far. And before you try to insist, I’m seriously going to walk.” I smiled and started to get up.
    “Noooooo, few more minutes.” He hugged around my waist and pulled me back down. I pulled his arms off of me and stood up, leaving him laying on the couch with his arms sprawled out and a pout on his face.
    I giggled, “I have to go. I’m gonna keep your clothes, okay? They’re comfy and they smell good.” Which was true, they smelt like Axe.
    Tyler chuckled and stood up, “Whatever you want.”
    I hugged him and then walked up the stairs to the kitchen.
    After I got my stuff from upstairs and said goodbye to everyone, I walked the 5 blocks to my house.
    When I got home, I saw that there was another car, other than my Mom’s in the driveway.
    I walked into the house and into the living room and my brother was on the loveseat and my mom was on the couch with some man. He looked around my Mom’s age with dark brown hair with some grey in it, and hazel eyes. He was in dark jeans, a striped shirt and nike sneakers.
    “What’s going on?” I asked hesitantly.
    “Come sit honey.” My mom said.
    I sat on the couch and looked at my brother who just shrugged at me.
    My mom took a deep breath, “Kids, this is Frank. He’s my …” She stopped and looked at him. He nodded at her. “He’s my boyfriend.”

  7. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2011 11:44pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 12 ]
    Me and Emma walked downstairs. Emma said hi to everyone and sat down next to Kevin on the couch; he put his arm around her and smiled as she cuddled into him.
    I laid back down on the loveseat and put my feet back into Tyler’s lap. He rubbed my legs and they got all tingly. After a little while, I fell asleep.
    I woke up and was immediately aware of someone sleeping right behind me on the couch with their arms tightly around me, their head near my shoulder, their shallow breathing on my neck, our legs intertwined and us both under a blanket. My body immediately became tingly when I became aware of this.
    I turned slightly and saw that it was Tyler, his eyes fluttered open. He yawned and gave me a small smile, “Morning, beautiful.”
    I smiled at him, “Morning. Where is everybody?”
    “Hopefully making me breakfast. I’m hungry.” He smiled.
    I laughed, “I doubt it.”
    He laughed too. We laid there for a few more minutes in the silence. I rolled over onto my back and looked into his light green eyes and smiled at him.
    He didn’t smile back but just looked at me. “What?” I asked as I rolled over onto my side to face him. It’s a good thing the loveseat is wide.
    “Nothing, you’re just… beautiful.” He smiled.
    I smiled shyly as a blush crept to my face and butterflies erupted in my stomach. I looked down and pushed some hair behind my ear. He put his one finger under my chin and pulled it up to look at him. “You’re cute when you blush.” I blushed more and he chuckled.
    Then we both got silent and just looked into each other’s eyes. After a few minutes he slowly pulled my face towards his and kissed me gently. He pulled away and smiled, I smiled too. He then went to pull me back for more when my phone rang.
    I looked at him and he nodded. I picked the phone up off the floor and looked at the caller ID, Mom.
    comments are always helpful & appreciated :)

  8. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    May 5, 2011 5:36pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 11 ]
    Me and Tyler walked into the kitchen where Kevin, Chesca and Jaden were eating chips at the counter.
    “Well, it took you long enough!” Chesca said grabbing the clothes from Tyler’s hand, “What were you guys doing up there for so long? Making out?!”
    I laughed, “SEE! I told you they would think that!” I pushed Tyler lightly on the chest, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me in for a hug. He hugged me tight and I did the same.
    I heard Tyler laugh/whisper over my head, “It was one amazing make out session.”
    I pulled away with a fake shocked look on my face and hit Tyler on the arm. Then we all started laughing.
    Then Kevin picked up the bowl of chips and said, “Let’s go watch a movie.”
    We all agreed and walked downstairs to the basement.
    Tyler sat down on the loveseat, I sat next to him putting my legs in his lap, and he rubbed my legs with his hands and I smiled at the tingly feeling my legs started to feel
    Kevin put in the movie “She’s Out of My League” and sat on the other side of the couch of Chesca and Jaden. As he did he said, “I invited Emma over. That okay?”
    We all said “Yeah.” Emma is a girl that Kevin has liked for a while and she likes him back but Kevin is waiting for the right time to ask her out. Me and Chesca are friends with her and we approve of her for Kevin. We both play volleyball with her, and I play lacrosse with her and Chesca plays soccer with her. She has medium length, pin straight black hair, and blue eyes. She’s 5 foot exactly and has a skinny, athletic build from lacrosse, soccer and volleyball. She’s really nice and really funny.
    About 20 minutes into the movie, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it.” I said. I got up, went up the stairs and opened the door. Emma was standing there in a pair of black solos, a volleyball sweatshirt that she ripped at the neck and Nikes. She had her bag over her shoulder and her blackberry in her hand.
    “Mickey!” She yelled and hugged me.
    “Hey Emma, I missed you!”
    We pulled apart and she goes, “How have you been?”
    “I’ve been better, but getting out of the house for today has been good for me.”
    She smiled and nodded. “Where is everybody?” She looked around.
    “Basement. Come on.” I smiled and we walked down to the basement.
    comments :)
    sorry for the long wait guys !

  9. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    March 10, 2011 7:01pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 10 ]
    Tyler came rushing into the bathroom. “Mickey! What are you doing!?” He grabbed a towel off the towel rack and crouched in front of me as he put the towel on my arm and put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. I looked up at him as tears fell down my cheeks.
    “Here, hold this while I get some gauze and stuff to wrap up your arm.” Tyler said placing my hand on top of the towel to hold it there. He then went into the cabinet and pulled out all the stuff.
    He then sat in front of me and pulled the towel out of my hand. “Oh god… Mick…” He sighed and gently touched the scars on my wrist and the tears started falling faster down my cheeks.
    He cleaned off the cuts and started wrapping them with the gauze, “Mick, you can’t do this to yourself.” Tyler said wiping my tears with his thumbs after he taped the end of the gauze down and wiped up the blood on the floor.
    “I- I- I- miss my- my dad. I- I can’t do this with- without him.” I sobbed.
    “Sh, sh, sh. Mick, yes you can.” He said pulling me into his lap and hugging me, “You’re the strongest girl that I know. I have not met anyone as strong as you. You’re strong and brave and…” He looked at the floor and whispered this last part, “And… beautiful.”
    I looked up at him as a few stray tears fell down my cheeks; he wiped them away and left his hand on my cheek. I closed my eyes and leaned into his hand a little bit. My cheek was tingling and my stomach was full of butterflies.
    I opened my eyes after to a few minutes to find Tyler just staring at me. I gave a little smile up at him, “Thank you.”
    “Anything for you.” He smiled and I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. He put his face in the crook of my neck and hugged around my waist. “Love you, Mick.” He mumbled into my neck.
    “Love you too.” I mumbled.
    I pulled away after a few minutes, “Let’s go downstairs. They probably think we’re like making out up here or something.”
    He laughed and stood up. He then grabbed my clothes from the counter and held out a hand to help me up. He threw my clothes on his bed and grabbed the clothes for Chesca and we walked downstairs.
    comments :)

  10. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    February 26, 2011 9:39pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 9 ]
    We got to Tyler’s a few minutes later. We all got out of the car and went inside.
    “Hey Ty?” I said, as me and him walked inside, “Can I borrow some clothes to change into?”
    “Yeah sure.” He turned to me and smiled. “Chesca! You want some sweats!?”
    “Yes please!” She yelled back from the kitchen.
    Me and Tyler walked upstairs to his bedroom that I’ve been in many times before. It still looks the same, dark blue walls full of posters, his queen size bed in the corner, and the messy desk on the other side of the room. I jumped onto his bed and flopped onto my back as he looked for clothes for me and Chesca.
    “Thanks Ty.” I said as he was pulling out 2 t-shirts from his drawer.
    He turned to me, “For what?”
    I sat up and smiled at him, “For before and everything. You’re the best guy friend a girl could have.”
    He walked over to me with sweats and a t-shirt in his hand, “Anything for you.”
    I stood up and took the clothes from him; I gave him a really big hug before I walked into the bathroom attached to his room.
    “I’ll wait up here for you.” He said as I shut the door.
    I took off the dress and my jewelry and pulled on the sweats and the long sleeve t-shirt. I put my hair into a messy bun on top of my head. I wash off my make-up and stared at myself in the mirror.
    Tears started to fall down my cheeks as I remembered my dad. He always used to tell me I was the most beautiful when I looked like this. Before I knew what I was doing, I was looking through Tyler’s drawers for a razor. I found one after looking through the first couple of drawers.
    I didn’t even have to think of the next part, I turned on the faucet and sat down on the floor where there wasn’t a rug. I pulled up the sleeved on Tyler’s shirt, I looked at the scars from where I cut myself right after my dad died. I sliced one cut in my left wrist, and as I did tears slid down my cheeks. I sliced another cut right next to other one. They weren’t deep enough to kill me but they weren’t shallow enough that they wouldn’t bleed. The blood was flowing off my wrist and onto the floor. I dropped the razor on the floor and sat there with my arm out for a little while.
    Then there were knocks on the door and it opened a crack, “Mick, are you – MICKEY! What are you doing!?”
    comments :)

  11. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    February 26, 2011 9:33pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 8 ]
    As I was dancing with Tyler, Heath came up with a beer in his hand. I wasn’t that drunk and could see that he was pretty drunk; I could smell the beer on his breath. “Hey Mikayla.” He slurred.
    I stopped dancing and so did Tyler. We were still in the middle of the dance floor and Tyler protectively put his arm around my shoulders and I hugged his waist. Heath is known for being forceful and he doesn’t care if the girl doesn’t want to do what he wants to.
    “Hi Heath.” I said still by Tyler’s side.
    He smiled drunkenly, “Wanna dance?”
    “I’m dancing with Tyler so no thanks Heath.” I smiled.
    He frowned and gulped down the rest of his beer. When he was done with it, he put the can on the table nearby. “I think you do.”
    “No Heath, I think I don’t.” I said more firmly, “I’m not drunk and I’m not doing anything with you.”
    Tyler tightened his arm around me as Heaths’ face grew angrier, he grabbed my arm that wasn’t wrapped around Tyler and pulled me towards him, “I think you are going to.”
    I yanked my arm out of his grip, “No I’m –“
    Tyler had stepped in front of me, “She said she’s not doing anything with you so leave her alone.
    “What are you gonna do about it!?” Heath yelled getting up in Tyler’s face and attracting the people on the dance floors attention. Someone stopped the music and everyone was coming closer to get a look at the commotion.
    Tyler answered by punching Heath in the jaw. It was so hard that Heath flew to the ground gasping in pain, and holding his jaw. “Yo Kevin, Chesca, Jaden! We’re leaving!” Tyler yelled into the house, and then he turned to Heath and said, “Ever touch her like that and you’ll wish that all I did was punch you.”
    I grabbed Tyler’s hand and pulled him to where our friends were standing close to the door. We walked outside to Tyler’s car and Kevin took the keys, “Where we crashing tonight?”
    “We can crash at my place; my parents are away for the week.” Tyler said as he got into the backseat with Chesca and Jaden.
    We all agreed and Kevin drove the few blocks to Tyler’s house.
    comments :)

  12. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    February 7, 2011 6:37pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 7 ]
    The 10 minute car ride was mostly silent except for the radio playing Eminem, which was all of our favorite rapper. I stared out the window most of the ride thinking about the feeling I got when Tyler touched me. ‘I can’t like him, he’s my best friend. It’s just not possible.’ I told myself over and over until we pulled up to Heath’s big estate house on the opposite side of town.
    I got out of the car after everyone else and stood there looking at the house while fixing my dress. I was snapped out of my trance by someone touching the side of my bare stomach. “What?” It was Tyler I found staring at me, not moving his hand from my side, “Are we gonna go in? Or are we just gonna stand out here and look at the house?” He chuckled and so did Kevin who was still standing near, Chesca was nowhere to be seen.
    I looked back and forth between them and smiled, “Let’s go!” I said and grabbed both of their hands and pulled them towards the door.
    On the porch, there was a photographer taking pictures of everyone who came in. The photographer wasn’t more than 20 years old and smiled approvingly at me as I pulled Kevin and Tyler in front of the camera. I stood between them and wrapped my arm around each of their backs as both put their hand on the small of my back and we all smiled.
    The camera flashed and the camera guy came up and handed me the picture and another piece of paper with a phone number on it. “Thanks.” I said and smiled at him. I gave Kevin the picture and the paper to hold because he won’t drink that much, he’s our designated driver for the night.
    We walked into the house and ‘I Like It’ by Enrique Iglesias was blaring through the speakers, I saw Chesca on the makeshift dance floor already with her boyfriend, Jaden, and they were grinding. I grabbed Kevin and Tyler’s hands and pulled them with me to the dance floor and up to Chesca.
    As we were dancing, a tall girl in heels and a short skirt came walking towards us, she had 5 beers on a tray, one for all of us. We each took one, except for Kevin, as she pointed towards a boy on the stairs, Heath, who waved at us. We waved back and kept dancing.
    When I finished my first beer, it was after 4 songs, I put the beer on a table close by. Kevin had gone to find a girl to dance with. ‘Good Girls Go Bad’ by Cobra Starship came on and I guess the alcohol was getting to my head because I grabbed Tyler’s hands and started dancing with him. After a little while, I turned back around to face Chesca, who was still grinding with Jaden, and as I turned around Tyler grabbed my hips and came up close behind me and started grinding with me, so I said ‘What the hell, I’m drunk.’ and grinded back.
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  13. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    January 31, 2011 3:22pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    [ 6 ]
    We opened the door and Tyler and Kevin were leaning on the passenger side of the car talking. When they heard the door shut, the both looked towards where the noise came from. When they saw us, both of their mouths dropped open.
    Tyler whistled, and walked over to us. He walked a circle around us and looked us up and down. When he came back to stand in front of us, he nodded approvingly, “You guys look hot.”
    “I agree.” Kevin said, looking us up and down.
    I laughed. “Come on guys, let’s go. Every girl at this party is gonna look like this.” And I started to talk to the car and Chesca followed.
    “Not this good. Damn, definitely not this good.” Tyler said following us, Kevin followed too.
    I got to the car and pulled on the passenger side door, I was definitely not going to be able to get into the back in this dress, but it was locked. “Hey, Ty, open the car.”
    All of a sudden, someone put their hands on my hips and came up close behind me so I was pressed against his chest and stomach, and my skin tingled where his hands and body was pressed against mine. I turned my head and saw it was Tyler. He came closer, bringing his lips really close to my ear and whispered, “You really do look great tonight.” I shivered involuntarily, and it wasn’t because it was cold out. Tyler chuckled, let go of me and walked to the driver’s side.
    I shook off the feeling of tinglyness and butterflies and got in the car to go to the party of the year.
    commmennts :*

  14. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    January 31, 2011 3:19pm UTC
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  15. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    January 31, 2011 3:11pm UTC
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  16. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    January 31, 2011 3:07pm UTC
    Never Leave My Side
    ^thank you; everyone that voted.
    ^& thank you Danceituppp27 for title idea :D
    [ 3 ]
    When I got home, I grabbed my cell off my night table and dialed Chesca’s number. She picked up on the second ring.
    “Is this my long lost best friend, Mickey?” She joked.
    I laughed, “Yeah it’s me Chess!”
    “How are you, girl? I miss you.” She said.
    “A lot better, I was walking on the beach and I ran into Tyler and Kevin, I guess I just needed to get out.”
    “Good! So did you hear about Heath’s party tonight?” She asked excitedly.
    “Yeah, actually, I’m going and you’re gonna come over now and we’re gonna get ready together! Tyler and Kevin are picking us up at my house at like 8.” I said.
    She laughed, “Okay girl! Whatever you say, let me just get my stuff together and I’ll be over in 10!”
    “Okay, see you in a few.” I said and hung up smiling.
    Exactly 10 minutes later the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and threw the door open. Chess was standing there with her bag in her hand. When she saw me she dropped her bag and jumped on me giving me a hug. “OH MY GOD! MICKEY! I MISSED YOU!”
    I hugged her back, “I missed you too!”
    She let go of me and went to grab her bag, once she was inside I shut the door. She turned to me, “Is your mom home?”
    “Nah, she’s never really home anymore. Why?” I asked her.
    She just smiled at me and grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs to my room, smiling the whole way.
    comments :)
    thankyou for title ideas & votes !

  17. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2011 5:00pm UTC
    [ 2 ]
    I whipped around and saw my best guy friends Tyler and Kevin running up to me in there swim suits. They were both pretty hot, Tyler had dark brown hair with a skater flip, and light green eyes while Kevin had shaggy black hair with bright blue eyes, but I would never think about dating either one of them. They were both much taller then my 5'5 height, they were both about 6'1 or 6'2 and were both very muscular with 6 packs from playing soccer and lacrosse all year.
    I wiped the tears that had spilled from my eyes as I was walking down the beach and put on a smile as I walked towards them, "Hey guys."
    Tyler reached me first and engulfed me into a big bear hug. God, I loved his hugs. I've known Tyler since 2nd grade and everyone says that he's liked me for years and I've known Kevin since 5th grade, but being friends with them all this time (we're in 10th grade now), is amazing.
    So anyway, Tyler reached me and gave me one of his big bear hugs, I hugged him back burying my face into his chest and starting to silently cry. He rubbed the back of my head with his hand and kissed my forehead, "Sh.. Mick, its okay. Every things okay"
    I pulled away from him and he wiped the tears from my cheeks, then I turned to Kevin and he wrapped my in a big hug. I buried my face into his chest, too as silent tears ran down my face.
    He pulled away from me and used his thumbs to wipe my tears. I walked away from them and sat down facing the water on the beach, putting my flip flops in front of me.
    Tyler and Kevin came and sat next to me on either side. It was quiet until Kevin spoke. "So... Mick, there's a party tonight at Heath's place; if you get out of the house you'll probably feel better so… you wanna come?”
    Tyler added, “Chescas gonna be there. We’re picking her up.”
    Chesca is short for Franchesca, who is my best friend. We’ve been best friends since Pre-K. She has long wavy auburn hair and chocolate brown eyes. She’s about 5’3 and I haven’t seen her in weeks.
    I looked back and forth between them, “Okay, fine. I’ll have Chesca come over and we’ll get ready together. So just pick us up at my house.” I smiled at them.
    They both smiled at me and Tyler said, “Okay. We’ll be there at 8.”
    “Okay. We’ll be ready.” I smiled at them.
    They both stood up and each one grabbed a hand of mine and they pulled me up. I gave them both a hug and turned towards my house, happier then I’ve felt in weeks.
    comments :)
    let me know what you think of this.

  18. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    January 24, 2011 5:44pm UTC
    ^ title ideas ?
    [ 1 ]
    "DADDY!!!" I screamed as I watched my dad fly at least 20 feet into the air and come down hard on the black pavement of our street.
    The black van that hit him stopped short a little ways down the block, realizing that he hit someone. He came running over to my dad on his phone, probably calling 911 as I sprinted to my dads side.
    I slid on my knees to my dads side and didn't even care that my jeans ripped, "DADDY! Daddy, open your eyes! You can't die, dad please!" I started crying.
    My dads green eyes fluttered open slightly, "Mickey, I love you baby, you need to stay strong for everyone. I love you."
    "Dad, I love you too, but you can't leave me, I need you." I said crying into his chest and holding his hand.
    "I'll always be here baby, I'll always be here." And his eyes fluttered shut.
    Just then the ambulance pulled up and pried my dad away from me, the rest was all a blur or people running around and screaming, my mom coming out onto the porch, my brother running over to me still kneeling in the street and crying as he squeezed me tight.
    My dad was pronounced dead at the sight, the man that hit him was charged with murder and me and Liam, my brother were left with giant, gaping holes in our hearts. My mom didn't even cry that much.
    That was last week, Friday, November 2nd, to be exact. since then I haven't gone to school, I have barely eaten, my short, wavy blonde hair with natural dark brown to black highlights has been a mess, my bright green eyes have looked dull, and Taylor Swift has been playing on my iPod every second. I haven't left my room and my phone and computer have been off, I haven't talked to anyone.
    I've been depressed, and have taken the razor to my wrist a few times.
    I loved my dad, I miss him so much. I don't know how to live without him. He was the one I was close to, him and my brother Liam, I've never been close to my mom, and now he's gone.
    I wake up every morning wishing it was just a dream, then reality kicks in and I start bawling again.
    2 weeks after my dad died of not going to school, I finally decided to get up and leave the house. We live in Virginia, right on the beach so I decided to go to walk down the beach, that's what me and my dad used to do.
    I put on a pair of jean shorts, a white tank top, and my young heart off-the-shoulder shirt. I came downstairs, grabbed my white flip flops and went out the back door.
    It was about noon on Saturday so I expected to see people on the beach. I walked right up to where the water meets the sand and started walking towards town with my flip flops in my hand. I was staring out at the ocean when I heard, "MIKAYLA!" over the rawr of the ocean.
    like ? comments ?
    NEED TITLE IDEAS ! please help !

  19. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    January 14, 2011 10:25pm UTC
    I Love You... Always <3
    [ 52 ]
    I watched Bryan walk out the door. As he passed the window, he stared at me with his piercing green eyes, I just stared back at him with a blank expression on my face. Once he was past the window, I looked back at my friends and gave them a weak smile, "I'm sorry I forgot you guys, I love you."
    They all gave me smiles in return and came over and gave me a group hug, murmuring "I love you, too."
    After that day, I had to stay in the hospital for one more week. It went by really quick because someone was always with me like Kyle, Kayla, John, Mark and Anthony and because I slept at least 18 out of the 24 hours in the day. As the days went on, the pain in my head subsided.
    On the day I was discharged, John offered to drive me home and of course I said yes.
    As we were driving down the highway, he turned to me briefly and said, "Can I take you somewhere before I take you home?"
    I smiled at him, "Of course."
    He smiled back at me.
    After about 10 minutes of driving, John parked the car and turned it off. He got out and came over to my side and opened my door for me. Once I was out, he shut my door and grabbed my hand. I then realized we were at the beach. There were only a few people walking up and down the beach, so we took off our shoes and left them by the car.
    We walked hand in hand to the water and looked out at the sky. The sun was just setting over the horizon, making the sky beautiful shades of pink and orange.
    "Wow..." I whispered.
    "Beautiful, isn't it?" John said smiling at me.
    "Yeah, it's amazing." I turned to him and grabbed both of his hands. "I love you."
    He smiled and grabbed my cheeks in his hands and looked directly in my eyes, "I love you too, Kyls." Then he pulled my face towards his for a kiss.
    After a little while, I pulled away and ran into the water, John laughed and followed me.
    We laughed and splashed around for what felt like hours. This is when I realized that this is exactly how I want my life to be, with the one I love, always. <3
    The End :)
    hope you all liked itt !
    new story up soon ? ideas would be good :)
    comments on here will also be nice :D

  20. iloveyouuxalwaysx3 iloveyouuxalwaysx3
    posted a quote
    November 27, 2010 8:56pm UTC
    I Love You... Always <3
    [ 51 ]
    Once I saw the boy everything came rushing back to me. Loving Bryan, going out with him, him cheating on me with Gabby, me liking Mark, me
    Mark kinda-sorta going out, the car accident, me and John going out, me and Mark
    becoming friends, Bryan beating me when I told him about me and John, and the
    door bursting open right before I blacked out.
    Tears started falling down my face, "Get away from me." Kyle came over and
    grabbed my hand.
    "Kylie, can't I just talk?" Bryan said taking a step closer.
    "Officer, keep him over there, and then from over there you can talk to me." I said
    with tears still falling down my face.
    The police officer grabbed Bryan's arm and pulled him backwards a few steps.
    Bryan looked at me and said, "Look Kylie. I'm sorry-"
    I cut him off, "Yeah, like I've never heard that one before."
    He continued, "- for this. I didn't mean to. When I did it, I didn't want to, it felt like
    it was someone else making me do that stuff to you. I would never want to hurt you
    Kyls, I love you."
    "You've said that to me before, and guess what? You've hurt me already, like more
    than once. So those words mean nothing to me anymore when they are coming
    from your mouth."
    "But-" He started.
    "No buts Bryan. I don't wanna talk to you ever again. You used up all your chances.
    And you are not getting anymore. Have a very nice life without me." I looked at the
    officer, "Officer, please take him away."
    "I'll always love you Kylie." Bryan said as the cop pulled him out of the room.
    comments :)


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