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  1. yourcool yourcool
    posted a quote
    December 24, 2013 4:20pm UTC
    microsoft word just auto corrected
    beyonce into Beyoncé. this is the definition of power and status

  2. yourcool yourcool
    posted a quote
    December 24, 2013 4:27pm UTC
    i have like 64 different laughs
    all ranging from cute bunny giggles to run the kraken is upon us

  3. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    December 22, 2013 9:55pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    12/22/13 9:50 PM EST
    Hey everyone. Hope your having a good weekend. Not too much went on today. The boys are off now. Zayn and Perrie went ice skating together. And Niall and Liam went to JLS' final show in London. Harry was out in London and Louis wasn't seen.
    Rumors: Yes. Barbara was at the JLS gig today. Fans said they saw her and Niall making out at the after party. And I hate to say it, but I believe them. They got pictures with Barbara and everything. I mean there's no pictures of them kissing but you know. It's up to you to use your own judgement. I'm a Niall girl and I'm really sick of talking about it so this is the last I'm going to say about it for awhile.
    This Day Last Year: The boys were heading home for Christmas.
    Links: I'm not posting any today. Sorry.
    Okay so I need to say something. I'm thinking of stopping updates. I'm not kidding this time. I don't want to be over dramatic or moody but I just don't feel like the interest is there anymore. I don't really know how many of you still care enough to read these. Some of you have been faithful since the beginning and I really appreciate that. I've just been looking back lately at the quotes from last year and I used to get double the favorites. Now I barely get any. So basically I plan to stop this after the New Year unless I see some interest. So if enough of you actually want me to carry on with these I will. But if not, then updates are over as of January 1st.

  4. I'mNotOkay* I'mNotOkay*
    posted a quote
    August 2, 2013 12:20am UTC
    Has anyone else become suddenly obsessed with Ross Lynch's music since Teen Beach Movie and you like dont know how to explain it and you like start using word from his songs or from Teen Beach Movie like seriously make it stop, make it stop!

  5. I'mNotOkay* I'mNotOkay*
    posted a quote
    July 30, 2013 2:12am UTC
    Where are you?
    Chapter one (part two)
    “Leave Timra alone, I’ll tell Aaron no” I waved Jade off “I didn’t want to go out with him anyways. He’s nothing but a pretty boy with no brains” I winked at Cat. “He’s all yours although I doubt he wants used goods” I smiled to myself for that last comment as I walked off to class with Cat.
    We slipped into class unnoticed. Ten minutes into the period I got hit with a note from Aaron saying ‘meet me after class’I scribbled the word ‘sure’ on the paper and handed it back to him. He winked at me and he sat back in his seat. Five minutes until class was over I got a text from Timra ‘Say yes to aaron if you want. Don’t worry about Jade, if she wants to be popular she’ll leave me alone, I’ll threaten to tell Elyssa’ as the bell rang I quickly texted her back thanking her.
    I started walking out of class when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw it was Aaron and I smiled.
    “hey” I bit my lip
    “hey so I have a question for you”
    “Yeah and feel free to say no if you want”
    “Okay… whats your question?”
    “Would you maybe be my girlfriend? We could go out to dinner or something”
    “I’d love to”
    “Really?” his sparkly blue eyes lit up as he smiled
    “Really” I grinned. Maybe I like Aaron more than I thought
    “So I’ll uh I’ll call you?” He started to walk away
    “In order to call me you would need my number right?” I laughed.
    “Oh! Yeah.” He turned bright red.
    I giggled and handed him a piece of paper with my number on it and waved as he walked away. I walked to my second class that I had with Timra… and Jade.
    “Did you say yes?!” Timra rushed over to me
    “What made you think he asked me already?” I laughed
    “Elyssa caught me in the hall and told me he was going to ask you out after first period.” Timra had a death grip on my arm.
    “He did and I said-“ Jade walked over and cut me off
    “He asked you out and you said no right?”
    “Actually I said yes” I smiled sweetly.
    “You would do that to your poor sister Timra” Jade taunted
    “If you ever talk to, about or in front of Timra about anything I will personally tell Elyssa what you are doing and you will no friends except for maybe Jannette but I wouldn’t count on Jannette sticking around for that and you will never be popular no matter what you do” I threatened.
    Jade huffed off into the classroom. Timra and I giggled and skipped off to class. The bell rang and everyone took their seats. Mrs. Montgomery walked into the room followed by Adele- I mean Ms. Esterlye. Ms. Esterlye or as I like to call her Adele is one of my friends, yes shes a (student) teacher, no its not lame shes only a year older than me, she graduated high school early and she only has a year left of college before she does full time teaching. Adele actually reminds me of Cat in the way she has the tips of her hair dyed blue and her ‘I don’t give a sh. it’attitude but she dresses in dresses that make her hazel eyes pop like Layla. Adele and I hang out outside of school often enough.
    “Lena! Pay attention” Mrs. Montgomery yelled practically in my face
    Adele was trying to stifle a giggle (unsuccessfully) .
    “Mrs. Esterlye would you tell me whats so funny?” Mrs. Montgomery turned to Adele.
    “You have bird poop on the back of your skirt” Adele smiled
    “Oh my! Thank you dear! You are quite right! Teach the class while I’m gone” Mrs. Montgomery rushed out of the room.
    “Lena can you tell me what the answer to this equation is” Adele asked me.
    “No Ms. Esterlye, I don’t know the answer” I smiled
    “Well lets figure it out together” Adele challenged
    “Fine the answers seven, jeez” I said not wanting to have a simple equation explained to me.
    “How’d you get to that answer?” Adele asked wanting me to explain
    “I actually don’t know…” I said not lying this time “Is it wrong?”
    “No, its correct, I just want you to explain how you got that answer.”
    “I honestly don’t know”
    I heard snickering from the back of the room and I hid my face in my arm. Adele stopped bugging me about the answer. After class ended Adele pulled me aside.
    “Hey, sorry about embarrassing you in front of the class” Adele said sheepishly
    “It’s fine, Adele.” I smiled
    “ Okay, see you after school?”
    “Possibly” I grinned
    I walked off to my third class. Passing by a smiling Aaron who winked at me. By the time I got to third period I had the biggest grin on my face.
    My chapters are going to all be shorter than Chapter one (part one) because I had an issue with posting it. Again Jannette and Jade are very kind people in real life. Comment on this chapter if you want to be notified.

  6. Hale_Storm18 Hale_Storm18
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2013 11:48pm UTC
    Reasons I don't like Justin Bieber
    1) He said that r.ape happens for a reason
    2) At Anne Frank's house, he wrote in the guestbook that he hoped "she would have been a Belieber"
    3) When asked to try being vegan, he spit out the vegan steak that was specially ordered for him
    4) He makes his fans pay tons of money to see him live, even though he could afford having the tickets be $50 instead of $100 dollars for mezzanine seats
    5) Once, he went to a childrens hospital in England and made them clear the area so he wouldn't have to wait near the sick children. He spent about 5 minutes with the children while the cameras were around and then left as soon as they wre gone.
    6) He peed in a restaurant kitchen
    7) Once, he faked a really bad asthma attack and the paramedics were called. He then proceeded to laugh is a.ss off when they came through the door. His people talked the paramedics into not saying anything because, apparently, you can go to jail for that.
    8) He wanted to go to a mall, once, and when the car came he sent it back because he didn't like the color. He then spent only 5 minutes at the mall before leaving and saying it was the sh ittiest mall he'd ever been to.
    9) He didn't show up to one of his concerts until half way through the scheduled time
    10) He's quoted to having screamed, "F.uck Bill Clinton" to cameras
    11) He attacked a paparazzi, who is suing.
    12) When he went to Vermont, he was kicked out of every business he went to (IHOP, Hannaford, Walmart, etc.)
    13) At a movie theater, he threw a huge temper tantrum when he was told that he couldn't bring his Subway sandwich into the movie, since it was against the rules. He made a mess in the theater and was carried out by one of his bodyguard, kicking and screaming.
    14) Once, he randomly showed up to Disney unannounced and demanded that the entire Yachtsman Steakhouse be cleared- reservations cancelled and all- so that he could eat there. The staff had to call every single one of the guests to tell them that their reservations they had been planning for months were cancelled and wasn’t allowed to give them an explanation. Disney also decided that it wasn’t fair to their guests and gave them free dinner at another restaurant, which obviously lost them a lot of money and business for that night.
    15) He spit on his fans
    I don't dislike him because of his voice or his music. I dislike him because he is a terrible human being.

  7. iLoveTheArts iLoveTheArts
    posted a quote
    July 26, 2013 11:29pm UTC
    His Best Friend
    Chapter Two
    I woke up to the sound of the damn alarm clock buzzing in my ear. I should change it to a song, I thought to myself.
    I pressed snooze, and forced myself out of bed. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, changed to school clothes and put on makeup - the usual.
    I had some breakfast, got in my car and then drove to school.
    As I fumbled with my locker, I heard a voice behind me. I spun around, and it was none other than my long-time crush, Alex.
    "Mere-Bear!" he smiled. "I haven't talked to you for a while. What's up?"
    I felt myself getting flustered, my face burning. "N-not much. I, uh, I missed you."
    "Same here!" Alex pulled me into a bear hug. "But you know we'll always be best friends, Mere."
    "Alex!" Lisa ran up to him, and pecked his cheek.
    "Lis!" Alex pulled her into a makeout. Ugh, I did not want to watch my crush and his girlfriend swap spit.
    So while they were distracted by each other, I snuck off to first period.
    I looked for a seat. It was either sitting next to Taylor, Lea, Emily, Clara or Angie. I chose Angie.
    Angie is the most unpopular girl in the whole student body. She's shy, awkward and makes odd faces.
    I'm only friends with her because I don't have any others, well besides Alex maybe. They all ditched me for... Lisa.
    I hated Lisa. I hated her so much. I used to be the queen. Then all of a sudden, Tall Beauty struts in and captures everyone's hearts.
    And I was as forgotten as Myspace when Facebook was introduced.
    After school, I saw Alex walking home by himself. And all of a sudden, I had an idea.
    I was going to steal him right from Lisa's tiny hands. It was a b*tchy move, but you know what I think? Lisa's b*tchier.
    "Alex!" I waved.
    Alex turned around. "Hey Mere! Did you need something?"
    "Well, I have no plans this afternoon- or anytime soon, really," I said, trying to sound as casual as possible. "Do you wanna hang out, and get a coffee or something?"
    "Sorry, I'd love to, but I have plans with Lisa," he smiled sadly.
    "Aww," I pouted. "Maybe another time then? Saturday?"
    "Saturday," he agreed. "See ya!"
    Step 1: Get him alone. In progress.
    Mere's Diary
    She gets to have whatever she wants, like she deserves it. They don't know what I do.
    Author's Notes: Do y'all like it so far?

  8. iLoveTheArts iLoveTheArts
    posted a quote
    July 25, 2013 9:04pm UTC
    His Best Friend
    Chapter One
    My name is Meredith. Meredith Chapman. Some people call me Mere. He is one of them.
    Who's he, you ask? Well, the boy I'm crushing on, of course.
    It's the same old story. I like him, he likes her. He's the popular guy, I'm the bookworm girl, she's a cheerleader. Usually, the girl in my place gets the guy, when he realizes what a b*tch she is.
    But it's not like that.
    Lisa Xiao moved to my town in fifth grade Everyone's heard of her. She's beautiful, with flowing black hair down to her waist, piercing dark brown eyes and a very tall build. The things she does would typically make her unpopular - she does drama, she's in band and glee club. But she's the queen. She's perfect.
    She's sassy, but sweet, and a hell of a friend.
    And she's dating the school's most popular guy, Alex Monroe.
    It's not one of those plastic relationships. They're in love.
    I've known Alex longer than she has -- we've been best friends since Kindergarten. But he doesn't like me, and he never will.
    I'm on the cheer team. I used to be best friends with the captains, Taylor and Lea.
    But they ditched me in favor of Lisa. They only kept me on the cheer team for my talent.
    The point is, despite the fact that I'm a cheerleader, I'm definitely not popular.
    The only real friend I have now is Alex. But I feel like we should be more than friends.
    Everytime he walks in class, I silently beg him to sit next to me, but he walks over to Lisa and gives her a kiss.
    When he hugs me, I never want to let go of him and his wonderful scent.
    I love his cheeky smile, the way he walks by and his beautiful green eyes.
    He'll never want me though.
    Lisa's his soulmate and I'm nothing but his best friend.
    Mere's Diary
    They don't know the truth about her.
    At prom, the whole world will know.
    Author's Notes: Comment what you think of it so far. 5 likes and I'll post the next chapter

  9. posted a quote
    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

  10. HelloDepression* HelloDepression*
    posted a quote
    July 21, 2013 12:49pm UTC
    "He is bad news..."
    Chapter 20
    “Prom?” I asked, closing my locker.
    “Yes! Are you going?” she asked me back, having an ear–to–ear smile on her face.
    “No way” I said, rolling my eyes.
    “Why not? It’ll be fun!” she whined.
    Because you’ll never let me go with who I wanna.
    “Because I don’t have a date” I lied.
    “Oh, that? Don’t worry, I know plenty of guys who would DIE to come with you” she said, giving me a prideful smile.
    I rolled my eyes. “I’m not in the mood for proms”.
    “You’re a senior! You still have like…three proms to go to. And then it’ll be over. I think you should enjoy it. You win nothing just by staying at home, watching old chick flicks and being miserable” she claimed, following me as I walked to my first period, which by the way was History. Ew.
    “I told you, I don’t want to go. Who would wanna go with me?” I tried one more time, even though I knew she would do anything to convince me. She was that stubborn.
    “I’ll find someone” she assured me.
    “I don’t wanna go with a geek, please” I rolled my eyes, pressing my books against my chest for protection.
    “You won’t go with a geek, I promise. It’s my first prom here and I wanna have my friend by my side. Do I ask for too much?” she tried one more time, giving me her best puppy–eyed look.
    I gasped and gritted my teeth. “Fine. But find someone good” I warned her.
    “I will, don’t worry!” she cheered, clapping her hands.
    “You will what?” someone asked.
    Sienna and I both jumped, staring at Everett who had just joined the conversation.
    “I will find a good prom date for Evelyn” she announced, proud.
    Not to Everett, Sienna. Please.
    “Prom date?” he asked, looking over at me.
    “Yes” I said, voice cracking. I didn’t want you to find out that way.
    “I can be your date” he said, flashing me a faint smile.
    I felt my face burning on his suggestion. I opened my mouth to say ‘Yes’, but Sienna grabbed my arm.
    “No way, Everett. I don’t want my best friend to hang out with people like you” she retorted and walked away, pulling me with her as well.
    I gave an apologetic look to Everett before turning to Sienna, who looked pretty mad. “Is everything okay?” I asked her, concerned.
    She stopped. “I don’t want you to hang out with Everett, Evelyn” she told me.
    I froze. “Why are you telling me this?”
    “He gets chased by cops; he’s messing with drug dealers… It’s dangerous, Evelyn. You’re too good for him” she explained.
    “What’s your point, Sienna?” I asked, feeling so confused.
    “He’s bad news… Don’t go for him”.
    I nodded. “I won’t”.
    She just smiled and walked away, not asking me more. Whoa, I expected more. How come she believed me so fast?
    God, was she gullible.
    20th chappy! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D
    I hope you like the story so far! I'm sorry I don't upload quickly like I used to but I'm on vacation and rarely do I find wifi. :( I'm doing my best for you, though!
    As always, comment below if you wanna be notified! Also, you can give me ideas for the story, suggest actors or models or anything you want (not literally, lol) for the cast! I always read your comments so don't even worry about it!
    Love, Fay(:

  11. beary0630 beary0630
    posted a quote
    July 18, 2013 11:11pm UTC
    One Direction Update
    7/18/13 11:10 PM EDT
    Hey guys! Not too eventful today. The boys are currently in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Target Center doing a show! Earlier today, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam left the UK and fans met them at the airport. Harry did in fact come from LA. Fans met him days ago but he told them not to tell anyone. He didn't go back to the UK because he had to catch up on some recording for the new album. They also did another private gig for Target today!
    Today, the third character and trailer were released for BSE! Today's character is Marcel aka Harry! Here is the picture! http://t.co/0mcp9JIfai I don't know about you, but I think he looks pretty hot as a nerd! Here is the third trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOFN-uFRPco
    Tomorrow's Tour Info: The boys have a show in Kansas City, Missouri at the Sprint Center!
    Rumors: None
    Links: Liam and a fan in London this morning: http://t.co/HjovZBW5jr
    A fan and Niall in London this morning: http://t.co/FihEIksuwm
    Omg these are real girls that look just like the boys! http://t.co/TrOQUDxxlb
    Here's a comparison of Harry's voice from Torn to BSE: http://t.co/fYUwjMq6TG
    The boys at the private gig today: http://t.co/iXjErlcOWV
    Niall's call-in interview on Australian radio today: https://t.co/9aEbkAvFyw
    Hey guys, so I had an idea. What would you think of having pen pals? I know it's kinda old fashioned but it's kinda cool too. You can keep in touch with another girl from somewhere completely different! So if enough of you are interested, we can set it up somehow!

  12. 1mrsseguin9 1mrsseguin9
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2013 10:09am UTC
    Cory Monteith
    May 11, 1982 -
    July 13, 2013
    Forever in the hearts of Gleeks everywhere

  13. HelloDepression* HelloDepression*
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2013 7:18am UTC
    "He is bad news..."
    Chapter 18
    “WHAT?” I shouted in shock.
    “Keep your voice down!” he hissed, pushing me inside the house.
    “No, I won’t keep my voice down!” I yelled at him even louder.
    “The neighbors” he said, flashing me a sad smile.
    “So now you care about the neighbors?” I murmured.
    “Are we gonna stay here all night?” he asked, giving me his popular smirk.
    “No. Come in” I said, grabbing his arm and leading him inside. I checked if anyone saw us talking –I wouldn’t quite love it if they were any witnesses, and neither would Everett– and closed the door slowly.
    I walked to the living room, just to find Everett lounging on the sofa, watching TV. I rolled my eyes and sat down next to him. He automatically wrapped his arm around me, pulling him closer. I just smiled and snuggled next to him on the couch. I looked at the TV. The moment I understood which movie he was watching I almost got a heart attack.
    ‘Remember Me’.
    OH MY GOD. Everett was actually watching a chick flick. THAT was funny.
    I started laughing uncontrollably. Everett shot me a weird look but glued his eyes on the screen, move that made me laugh even harder. I pulled away and lied on the couch, laughing so awfully loud. Everett pressed the mute button on the remote and looked at me. I stopped laughing and just laid there. He poked my arm and I giggled.
    “Okay, what’s wrong?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.
    I tried to hold back my laugher. “You’re watching… ‘Remember Me’!” I shouted, laughing at his face again.
    He looked really confused. “So?”
    “It’s a chick flick, Everett. I thought you were a bad boy” I said, grinning.
    He moved closer to me, stopping right in front of my face. “I am. I suppose. Come on, there was nothing else on TV”.
    “Yeah, right” I smirked. “You just love chick flicks”.
    “I do not!” he complained.
    “You do!” I said, pointing at his face.
    He grabbed me from my wrists and kissed me, catching me by surprise. I just smiled and kissed him back, releasing my wrists from his grip and putting my palms on his neck. His arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me closer.
    “I do not” he whispered against my lips all of a sudden.
    I gave him a confused look. “What?”
    “I do not like chick flicks” he repeated, giving me a devilish smile.
    “Good. Neither do I” I murmured, kissing him again. He immediately kissed back, sliding his left hand on my face. I smiled into his mouth as he deepened the kiss, pushing me slightly backwards.
    The doorbell sounded again. He pulled away, cus.sing under his breath. “Sh*t, who is it?” I murmured, standing up.
    “Whoever is it, kick them out so we can make out or maybe more” he smirked, looking over at me.
    “You’re a per.vert” I said laughing and walked to the hall.
    I opened the door carefully. Shocked, I watched at a drunk Sienna. Sh*t, think fast think fast.
    I shut the door closed on her face and ran to the living room. Everett was casually sitting there, his back pressed against the sofa surface. He gave me a confused look.
    “What’s wrong? Who is it?” he asked.
    I took a deep breath.
    “You gotta hide”.
    Hey cupcakes! Sorry for not posting on Friday but I was super busy! Anyway, hope you liked this one! Don't forget to comment below if you wanna be notified! Love you all babes, Fay(:

  14. Everybodydotheflop Everybodydotheflop
    posted a quote
    July 8, 2013 3:46pm UTC
    Me: Ok, I've posted a lot of really good quotes
    Me: Now, I wait
    Yourcool: *logs in*
    Me: No
    Me: Please don't
    Me: Please
    Yourcool: *posts 87645365gkiutr57865698769876 quotes*
    Yourcool: *pushes my quotes to recent page 87696458473546586798758765897801824342453*
    Me: Oh
    Me: Ok

  15. HelloDepression* HelloDepression*
    posted a quote
    July 7, 2013 6:17pm UTC
    "He is bad news..."
    Chapter 16
    It was another Tuesday morning. I woke up, stretched my arms and blinked a few times, checking my room out. It was so messy; I forgot to clean it last night. Last night, I got it like this cause I had to pick an outfit. We went to the park with Everett. My parents had no idea since they sleep around 10 pm. I left the house around 11 pm and I was home half an hour later. I needed to wear some proper clothes but the process of finding some was really challenging.
    I settled for a beige cropped knitted shirt, black skinny jeans and beige Uggs. The “date” was really cute. We walked around the park and talked about random things. Then, we went back home and he kissed me before dropping me off to my house. It was nice but also surprising. I didn’t know Everett could be so nice and kind.
    I got up and washed my face. I picked a pink sheer buttoned–up shirt, black skinny jeans and brown oxfords. I wore the clothes and applied a few make–up on my face. I brushed my hair and grabbed my brown leather handbag and cell phone before I leave my room.
    “Good morning” I said, entering the kitchen. My mother was wearing her formal clothes and reading a newspaper, while my dad was in a suit, drinking his coffee.
    “Good morning” mom replied, not even taking her eyes off of her newspaper.
    “What are you reading?” I asked, grabbing a cup and filling it with coffee.
    “Financial news” she answered indifferently.
    I scowled, before taking a look at my dad. He was scrolling down his e–mails on his iPad, blocking the world out of course. Yeah, that’s my family. Mom runs my grandpa’s company and dad is a successful lawyer. We have everything we want since they both have good salaries. I never cared about money, though. All I ever wanted was to have them close to me during my childhood and teenage years. Since I couldn’t have that, I don’t care about anything else.
    I sighed and finished my coffee. Then, I grabbed my keys from the kitchen table and greeted my parents, before walking out of the house. I decided to walk to school today. Sienna drove me yesterday and I couldn’t have her eyes all over me. She made me feel so guilty. I know she would be so mad once she found out I had been… “seeing” (?) her brother for almost two weeks and didn’t say a word. One thing’s for sure though: she would be absolutely right to be mad.
    I walked out of the house, holding my bag tightly. I unlocked my garden door and walked out, closing it again with my exit. I started walking across the pavement, plunging my earphones inside my ears. I listened to my favourite song, which made me feel better. I noticed a blue car on the road really close to me. I paused the song and looked at the car. I should have known. Everett’s blue Maserati.
    He greeted me and smiled. I faked a grin and stopped walking the moment he stopped driving.
    “Good morning” he said, waving at me.
    “Good morning” I murmured coldly.
    “Why are you grumpy?”
    I laughed. “I’m not grumpy”.
    He nodded, showing me the passenger’s seat door. I smiled and walked to his car, sliding inside. He looked at me and moved his face closer to mine. I giggled before pressing my lips against his, pulling him into an awkward kiss. After a few seconds he pulled away, scowling.
    “Something’s wrong” he stated. “I know it”.
    “No” I claimed. “Nothing’s wrong”.
    “Your kiss was different last night, though”.
    “Last night was last night, today is today” I defended, frowning.
    He just shrugged, before analyzing his statement any further. He began to drive, his one hand on the steering wheel and the other around my shoulders. I stared at his hand for a while, trying not to laugh. We were like those couples who were going to school together and did everything together and all. Couples. OMG, if Sienna sees us, we’re both DEAD!!!
    “Everett!” I hissed, clenching my hands on my seat.
    “Yes, Ev?” he said, stopping on the red and looking over at me, grinning.
    “Sienna. If she sees us going to school together, we’re dead!” I cried, feeling my whole body trembling.
    “Why do you care about her anyway?” he questioned me, looking disturbed.
    “She’s my best friend! If she finds out we’ve been together for...”
    “We’re not together” he interrupted me.
    I froze. “What are we, then?” I whispered, voice cracking.
    “I don’t know, friends with benefits?” he said carelessly.
    “Friends with benefits?” I almost shouted, looking at him. “You were the one who asked for one more chance. By this, I thought we had something, Everett. I thought you had feelings for me. Guess I was wrong” I retorted, trying to get out of the car.
    “Wait” he called, grabbing my arm and pulling me closer.
    “What?” I asked, looking down at him.
    “You want commitments. Yet you choose the most inappropriate person. I’m not relationship material, Evelyn. I haven’t been in a relationship that lasted more than two weeks” he said, gazing into my eyes.
    So, the rumors were true. His longest relationship lasted for two weeks only. I’ve never been in a relationship before, so I can’t compare my experiences to his. I gulped and looked at him, trying to think of a good comeback.
    “Why don’t you try?” I whispered, so low, I doubt he even heard me.
    Thankfully, he did.
    “It’s not a good idea” he murmured.
    “Why not?” I questioned him, my wide–eyed gaze on.
    “Because I don’t want to hurt you”.
    Hey guys. Sorry for the delay (what delay, it's still Sunday lol) but this weekend was so busy. I won't say much, just that it was HORRIBLE. Anyway, hope you liked this one! Comment below if you have any suggestions on how to make the story better, maybe ideas and the most important, if you wanna be notified! See you next week cupcakes!
    Love ya xx

  16. Dinocaulay Dinocaulay
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    July 7, 2013 1:57pm UTC
    How is it Taylor Swift's song when she says six words a few times and Tim McGraw sings the rest?

  17. HelloDepression* HelloDepression*
    posted a quote
    July 4, 2013 1:45pm UTC
    "He is bad news..."
    Chapter 15
    I woke up. The sun was shining outside, making it hard for me to open my eyes. I tried to move but I felt my body so heavy. I turned around and saw Everett sleeping next to me. His face looked so peaceful. He was like an angel. He didn’t scowl or frown, which improved his characteristics a lot. Wait a second. EVERETT?! What the hell is he doing here?
    I gasped, trying to release myself from his tight grip. I was actually pressed against his chest, with his arm lacing around my waist. I let out a shaky breath and removed his hand from my waist. He moved a little, his lashes fluttering. Next thing I knew, he snapped his eyes open and looked at me.
    “What are you doing here?” he muttered, running his hand through his dirty blond hair.
    “Me? What are YOU doing here?” I repeated the question.
    “That’s my room” he stated.
    I froze. “Oh, right”.
    He laughed. “Silly” he said, pecking my nose.
    “Stop it” I whined.
    “Never” he said, smirking.
    “Everett? Evelyn? What are you two doing here?” a third voice said.
    Everett and I both turned around, facing Sienna standing by the doorframe. I gulped, biting my lip and looking over at her, along with Everett.
    Yep, we’re scre.wed.
    “What are you doing here Everett?!” Sienna shouted, clenching her fists and walking inside his room.
    “That’s my room, duh!” he said, sitting up.
    My eyes focused on the fact that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Damn, he was hot. The blanket lowered, showing off his abs. I licked my upper lip, trying to keep my attention to Sienna.
    “You said you weren’t gonna return!” she yelled at him, rolling her eyes.
    “Yes, but I did! What’s your problem anyway?” he asked, annoyed.
    “You’re in bed with my best friend! Plus, you’re not wearing a shirt. And she’s only wearing a t–shirt! If mum or dad walked right inside the room, they would…” she muttered but an open door interrupted her. Both his father and her mother walked in. I could tell Cassidy was pretty shocked and Tom was about to burst out laughing.
    “What are you two doing here?” Cassidy asked, almost whispering.
    We exchanged several looks with Everett before answering: “It’s not what it looks like” in perfect synchronization.
    “Then, tell us how it is” said Sienna.
    Tom mouthed a ‘Well done’ to Everett. Everett just kept quiet and lowered his gaze. I could see his cheeks turning red (just a little, of course) though.
    “Okay, so I came home completely drunk and I just laid down on my bed. The last thing I noticed was Evelyn laying here. I didn’t see her, okay? I was as shocked as you are” he said. I knew he was telling the truth. From what I’ve heard, he gets drunk all the time. It’s the most logic excuse and the right one.
    “That’s all? No flying elephants or robbers or anything?” Sienna mocked, rolling her eyes. She received a smack on her arm by Cassidy for that commend of hers, which surprised me a lot.
    “Go take a bath kids and then Sienna, you drive Evelyn home” Tom said.
    “Okay, okay” said Sienna, walking out of the room.
    Everybody left after her. I stood up and looked at Everett, who was smirking now. He got up and closed the door, before wrapping his arms around me. “Good morning kiss?” he said, his voice being sweet and cute. I couldn’t help but laugh. I just hugged him and let him kiss me, hoping no one was looking.
    He played with a curl of my hair. “I liked sleeping with you. You’re all warm and cuddly –– just like teddy bears” he joked, tucking my curl behind my ear.
    “Did you just call me a teddy bear?” I said with an amusement smile.
    “Maybe” he smirked, letting go.
    He entered the bathroom and took a shower, leaving me being all dazzled.
    Darn you, Everett. You’re so stupid.
    Hey chicken wings! I decided to continue the story, even though I'm going through a rough time. I just hope this ends!
    You've been amazing readers and supporters so far and I want to thank you. It means a lot to me and you have no idea how happy you make me! This story often gets on Top Quotes! It's so exciting, thank you everyone!
    As always, comment if you wanna be notified or if you have any suggestions for the story. Remember, this is for you guys!
    Xoxo, Fay :)

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    July 2, 2013 8:57pm UTC
    they're called eyebrows because
    my eyes be browsing yo fine a.s

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    July 1, 2013 11:12pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  20. Thread Thread
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    July 2, 2013 3:50pm UTC
    If I were to write a story, would anybody read it?


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