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HEY GIRLS! Decided im not gna write anymore ]: sorry but i just wanted to let you know, thanks
Hey! Name's Monica Moon [: My quote account is iMoon. [: I'm 12 but know a lot. I'm here for advice and I'll always have your back even if you don't have mine. Birthdays on October 1st and i love to write. Right now, I'm writing Chemistry101 and Les vs. Fear. Comment which you like better [: 

MY CHEMISTRY101 WEBSITE! www.iWriteMoon.yolasite.com [:

  1. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    December 19, 2010 2:11am UTC
    It was 7PM and I was in Jason's car, well his cousin's, blindfolded while I was in a black shirt with scrabbles on it that spelled my name with gray white skinny jeans. The car came to halt and so I asked, "Are we almost where we're supposed to be?"
    Jason didn't reply but he opened the door, allowing wind to blow in, giving me the chills. He closed the door and a few moments after, the door next to me opened and of course I stepped out.
    I was a little confused though. It was 6:42 and I was standing outside of my house and I was a little anxious because he was late. Because he late, different thoughts came to my head.
    Would he show up? Would he ditch. Was he going to show up? Was the whole thing a joke and he really had to do with the prank call? Of course in the end, I felt guilty for thinking Jason was going to ditch because he ended up coming.
    A black SUV pulled in and Jason came out of it. He walked up to me and told me, "We're going in my cousin's car. We're going to a surprise place so put this blindfold on. He pulled out a blindfold out of his his pocket so reluctantly, I put it on.
    Jason led me to the car from behind, which meant major blushing, and soon, here I was.
    "Where are we? It's kind of chilly." I said with a shiver. He replied to me with a, "Oh, you'll see. You can't take off your blindfold yet but watch out, we're going to go down. Here, let's go." Jason shut the door and the car drove away. He took my hand and began walking so of course I followed.
    Because I couldn't see, I only hoped so much that he wasn't looking back at me considering that I might as well have smothered red marker all over my cheeks. We were going down something steep and rocky.
    When we reached the bottom, Jason said, "Sit down here, I'll take your blindfold off." Anxious to see where I was, I sat down quickly. Sand? Jason took off my blindfold. We were at an ocean's view, the ocean reflecting the full moon. We were isolated and was under a cliff.
    "We're here." Jason said softly, smiling.

  2. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    December 17, 2010 7:53pm UTC
    My Grown Up Christmas List
    Do you remember when
    I sat upon your knee
    I wrote to you with childhood fantasies
    Well, I'm all grown up now
    And I still need help somehow
    I'm not a child but my heart still can dream
    So here's my life song wish
    My grownup Christmas wish
    Not for myself but for a world in need
    No more lives torn apart
    That wars would never start
    And time would heal the heart
    And everyone would have a friend
    And right would always win
    And love would never end oh,
    This is my grown up Christmas list
    As children we believed
    The grandest sight to see
    Was something lovely,
    Wrapped underneath the Christmas tree
    But heaven only knows
    That packages and bows
    Can never heal a hurting human soul
    What is this illusion called the innocence of youth
    Maybe only in our blind belief
    Can we ever find the truth
    This is my only life long wish
    This is my grown up Christmas list

  3. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    December 15, 2010 1:12am UTC
    Sorry I haven't written in a while but... I don't know. Should I keep writing?

  4. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 27, 2010 4:08am UTC
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  5. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2010 5:42pm UTC
    Les v.s. Fear♦
    Chapter One.[www.wittyprofiles.com/q/#2085390 for description.]
    The first day of freshmen year of high school. Eugh. Usually, like most girls, they'd be worrying on what to wear, how to make friends or impressions but not me.
    Whenever I got someone coming for me, they'd remember who I really was. Lesbian. I didn't necessarily like girls but I absolutely never thought about liking a guy. Not since that night. I shuddered.
    Since it was the first day, I thought, What the heck, so I decided to at least try making an impression. I put on a tight beige tank-top with gray skinny jeans. I did the usual after my clothes, hair, teeth, and breakfast. The usual.
    I swung my backpack onto my shoulder and put in my shoes. I didn't bother to say good bye because my older brother didn't live with us, my dad left us when I was a baby, and my mom worked part time in the morning and night. I put on my shoes and shut the door to our one-story, apartment.
    Our life was pretty unstable because we basically had no clue where our dad was and mom has to work so many hours, (6AM-3PM and 8PM-3AM) but we didn't have much of a choice. We need the money but my brother, Austin, sent us checks once in a while. He was 7 years older than me which means he 22, making me 15.
    I ran to the bus station, arriving at 7:54, and got on. The bus was heading to Newoman High (NH), my new school.
    While I got on, there was chaos in the bus, chattering, whispering, gossiping, people making friends, reading, people sleeping, and some were throwing stuff around. In a normal's person's POV there were so many guys that were cute but I wasn't normal. None of them found my appeal.
    I spotted, Serena, my enemy, sitting with a crowd of older guys.
    Serena. A lot of people would say that guys would go for me and that I'm hotter than Serena. They also say that I would've been more popular if I weren't lesbian but I don't really care about popularity.
    When I wake up from my worst nightmare, it's a night of guys. The night still haunts my past.

  6. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 24, 2010 9:22pm UTC
    It was now Sunday night. Bored with nothing to do, I decided to get my detention slip signed.
    Instead of trying to get around trouble, I asked my mom straight out.
    "Mom, I got detention. I need you to get it signed." I simply said. She asked me why but I ignored
    her and just handed it to her. She looked at it and signed it.
    "I'm not going to give it to you until you explain this. Lying? I thought you knew better than that."
    Me not in the mood to argue, I just told her, "I lied because my life is horrible." I admit it was lame
    but my mom looked at me like I just threatened her. I guess it was because I was like a whole new
    person. I stepped up to her, took the form, and slammed my door walking in.
    I got that done. I checked my phone and ignored everything considering not even Jamie and
    Victoria never called me once. The only call I got was from an unknown number. I didn't pick up.
    The rest of the night I just did homework and slept early. The earliest I have ever slept for years.
    ~ ~ ~
    Monday morning. I pushed got up feeling down. I just put on blue sweat with a white tank top
    and a black hoodie on top. I didn't pay attention to the day. I just got on the bus with no Jamie
    or Victoria. When I got to school, they didn't even bother to say a simple sorry.
    I threw the detention slip on Mr. Lasagna's desk and that was basically all I remember well that day.
    Well that and also, two other things. Bell and Jason.
    She had a brunette with green eyes. She looked about, just a guess, 5'0. She was super shy but when
    I got to know her a little, she was so energetic. So hyper and happy. Taking the opportunity since I
    was basically had no friends, I took the chance and we became friends.
    Next Jason. He came up to me after school. He ran up to, he panted and then said, "I was looking
    for you but you ignored me every time. i even tried calling you." Thinking back, I remembered his
    face before school, down the hallways, lunch, science. Now that he got my full attention, I smiled.
    He was looking for me!
    "Heather, sorry about the call. I wasn't there and Taylor told me about it during the weekend. I had
    no part in it and I just wanted to say sorry for it because no one else wants to say sorry." He put his
    hand on my shoulder.
    It was nice but thinking about the call on Friday, I shook it off. "Sorry." I told him. He could be lying.
    Whether I had a crush on him or not. I took hold of my backpack and walked away which turned
    into running.
    I didn't bother taking the bus home. I got home on foot and when I got there, I went up to my room,
    ignoring my mom..
    I just pulled out my homework and started it but I couldn't seem to figure out the answers. I threw my
    pencil at the wall and got up. I was going to go out. Where? The park.
    A few minutes later, I was on my way to the park that had a few kids in it. It was my favorite child-
    hood park. I went next to the slide and sat under it. I loved the spot because there was supporters
    on the slide which covered me up on the sides and in front of me, a few feet away was another slide.
    It was like I was in my own person space. I started crying thinking about the bad things in my life. Me
    being on the sand, I wiped my tears with my fingers and on the sand, I drew a 3 hearts. In it was H+V
    which was Heather+Victoria. Next was H+J which was Heather+Jamie. The last one was H+J. I'm sure
    you know what that means.
    After that, I slashed the heart making it broken. In the middle of crying a small girl. She looked
    familiar and I knew why. It was Priscilla. Jason's little sister and behind her was Jason. He looked at
    me and asked, "Why are you alone and crying?" I ignored him, he should know why.
    Jason knowing I wasn't going to reply he said, "6:45, meet me in front of your house." then he left.
    What did he mean?
    (C) iWriteMoon 2010

  7. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 24, 2010 6:06pm UTC
    The first step is always the hardest... ...so leap

  8. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 24, 2010 2:38am UTC
    Les v.s. Fear♦
    I think I should just lay down the facts. I'm someone who one might call beautiful, pretty, hot, or sexy. I have straight, a little past the shoulder, natural, mahogany colored hair with one hazel eye and one blue eye even though it sometimes looks lavender in the sun. I am average skinny and I'm 4'11. I'm about to become a freshman in high school and I'm 14. I have B cups if you know what I'm talking about and had my period. I'm in no current relationship. Why? I'm lesbian.

  9. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 24, 2010 2:07am UTC
    Les v.s.Fear♦

  10. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2010 2:31am UTC
    click to see this quote

  11. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2010 1:44am UTC
    I woke up finding Dr. Phillips eyes on me. "Are you awake? Your'e operation's done." It took me a few moments to process that. I'm done? IM DONE! I got up in a sitting position quickly. I lifted up my hand towards my nose.
    "Can I get a mirror?" I asked Dr. Phillips. He reached into his pocket taking out a small mirror. Smiling, he handed it to me. I stared into the mirror unsure. Was the nose I saw in the mirror mine? My nose was how it looked before but instead, it was a jet-ski slope nose. I held the mirror farther away from me to see my whole face. I looked gorgeous!
    I seriously couldn't wait to go to school. What happened after that? Not much. Apparently, my mom knew about it and paid a little extra. After thanking Dr. Phillips, I changed and my mom and I drove home.
    "What time is it?" I asked my mom. She replied with a "2:59". It was already 2:59?! I texted Jamie and Victoria to come over. After telling them about my nose, and that they could come, they said yes.
    "Hey Heather, I'm going to pick up Cameron and Elizabeth and then go shopping so we'll be home just a tad late. We're also going to pick up dinner. That okay?" My mom asked.
    "Yeah, that's fine. You be on your way." At least I got the house to myself. I added, "Where's dad?"
    "Work." And that was all.
    They arrived quickly after sending the texts but they seemed distant.
    "Hey, a new transfer student came today. Name's Bell. She looks okay but Taylor disapproves." Taylor? When did they need Taylor's approval?I shook it off.
    "Bell? I don't know, I'll check her out on Monday. Like my nose?" I asked them trying my best not
    to sound like I was bragging. They just nodded and started striking up conversations like I wasn't
    even there even when I tried to talk in.
    "Hey we got to go soon, we've got plans with erm... Taylor. We would invite you too but we've
    planned this like forever and the van will be full so umm.. Is that okay?" Jamie asked. I obviously
    just couldn't go on a rampage or anything so I nodded speechless.
    "Great! We'll be on our way now." Victoria gidded. I was a little uncertain now about them. They
    just left right after that slamming the door. Not even saying a small Good Bye.
    It was getting dark out and it was 6:30. Bored out of my mind, I decided to take a nap. I tucked
    myself in and fell asleep. Well, I slept alot more than a normal nap.
    I woke up to the vibration of my cell phone. I got up and looked at the time. 9. I got up and
    opened the door quietly. Elizabeth's light was turned off and my mom came out. She went into
    her room and I scanned the kitchen. There was Chicken wings on the counter with a sign that said
    My phone continued ringing. I ran over to it. It was from RESTRICTED. I picked it up anyways.
    "Hello?" I asked into it. On the other line, a voice rasped, "7 days... You have 7days." I dropped
    my phone and the phone went dead. I was freaking out, it was like the movie, "The Ring" and I
    was freaking out. I believed in scary movies sometimes. One of my flaws.
    I got another call. I didn't check the ID this time, I just opened the phone and yelled, "Leave me
    "Wow, chill." Victoria said. I heard Taylor whispering in the background trying not to let me hear
    but I heard anyways. She said, "Wow, she actually believed that? Talk about gullible." I heard
    laughter. Then Jamie's voice whispering, "Yeah! She evened believed the excuses we made."
    My face flushed. What had just happened? How did my friends turn their backs on me so quickly?
    Was Jason a part of this? I hung up in confusion. For the rest of the night I craved food. I ate all the
    chicken along with some 2 cans of coke, the whole BBQ Pringles and oranges. I brushed my teeth
    and cried myself to sleep.
    (C) iWriteMoon 2010

  12. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 22, 2010 3:16pm UTC
    taylor swift is awesome.
    But sometimes, what I don't get is how in some of her song, she has guy problems.
    any guy would be a fool to
    turn her down.
    or is that just me? :(

  13. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 22, 2010 2:58pm UTC
    I feel bad for people who have anablephobia, the fear of looking up, because then they always will have to look DOWN
    Mine No Jocking!

  14. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 18, 2010 8:55pm UTC
    I lay on the cold OR table feeling awkward. There were 3 men and one woman. One man had square glasses and had red hair. Another man had blond hair with grey eyes and a stern looking face. The last man was Dr. Phillips, the main surgeon, and the woman was a brunette with brown eyes. She was the nurse.
    The man with blond eyes came up to me taking off my nose cast gently and reached into his pocket taking out a black marker and took off the cap. He an the others talked and every once in a while, he would come up to me, with his grey eyes staring stone cold at me, and would mark at my nose.
    When it seemed like they were done after a while the man with the red hair came up to me and said with his calm eyes, "Don't worry. It'll be like falling asleep, just count down from 10. It's that easy. We even have a surprise for you."
    A surprise? Thoughts swam around my head. Will i wake up? What if the surprise ruins everything? Does my mom know about the surprise? What if the whole thing alone doesn't work? Will I have to like with this nose for the rest of my life? I became anxious, worrying more by each second.
    If I hadn't been interrupted by Dr. Philips, I probably would've been drowned by my worries. "Heather? It's going to be alright. We're going to shoot the anesthetic into you and then count backwards from 10. Okay? Okay."
    Dr. Phillips stepped back to a tray the nurse was holding. Clinks of metal and vials echoed in my head. "Is this it?" I heard someone mumble. The person must've nodded because soon a cold, icy, needle was put in my arm. "Start counting now." Dr.Phillips directed me.
    "10... 11... 12..." I started. "No Heather, backwards." Dr. Phillips corrected me.
    Whoops. "10... 9... 8..." Then I was out. Because it wasn't sedation, it was like being put to sleep but with your consciences still floating around.
    Only after what seemed like a few seconds, which was about 2 hours, my bits of consciences gathered back together and I woke up...
    It's shorter than the others because I haven't written in a while but wanted to put something on. Also sorry I haven't written much. I wrote a lot back then because I was on Summer and Fall break. Now, I have a lot of homework. I am also planning to have this story go on for a little bit now because I'm running out of ideas and I have a new idea. Well idea(s). After, when done, I'll have a poll on which story.

  15. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 15, 2010 10:22pm UTC
    CHAPTER 20 "Operation Room"
    It was 7:40.
    I remembered my surgery and wanted to sink back under the blanket and fall asleep and hope that by some magic, I would wake up back in time before I broke my nose. Then I wouldn't have to go through the surgery but I knew that that would never happen. Knowing I didn't have much of a choice, I got up and threw on a simple grey shirt that was a little to big for me and black shorts.
    Dread in each of my steps I woke up my mom quietly as possible. Then I was confused. Not for the surgery or anything. I didn't see my dad in sight anywhere.
    The surgery wasn't until about an hour and a half. I had to get to the hospital by 9:30. I went on Facebook with a bowl of Cocoa Puffs in my hand. I put up my status saying, Nose Surgery today. Freaking out!
    "Heather! I'm going to drop Elizabeth and Cameron off at the Babysitters! Okay?" My mom called out.
    "Okay Mom!" I replied. I finished my cereal after looking through Jason's pictures and logged out of my Facebook and flopped on the couch. I fumbled for the remote and turned on the t.v. to Nickelodeon, then Cartoon Network. Nothing good was on so I went to Disney Channel.
    An iHop commercial just ended and Hannah Montana came on. I was about to turn on the t.v. and just stick with a book until I learned that it was a Hannah Montana Forever replay. I was meaning to watch it but never got to it. I was on the part when Miley just ended the concert when my mom got home.
    "Come on Heather! Let's go, it's 9:10!" Wow it's been that long? I thought to myself. I dragged myself forcefully to the door and towards the car where my mom was waiting. I almost ran from the car. I managed to stayin my spot and get in the car. My mom started the car and started driving.
    The car ride to the hospital felt like hours and I though I was going to die from anxiety. I kept thinking negative thoughts like, what if the surgery fails? What if it doesn't work and it looks worse? What if something horrible happens? What if it can't be fixed and my nose looks like the for the rest of my life? And more thoughts like that.
    When the "hours" passed. We were finally there. My heart was thumping a million beats per minute. I was pretty positive that a deaf man from the other side of the world could hear it.
    By some type of miracle, I walked managed to walk through the hospital doors without going on some break down. I was pretty surprised myself. My mom led the way towards the doctors office. My mom was about to open the door when the door swung open. Dr. Phillips was at the door with a look of surprise.
    "Ah! Heather, you're already here! I wasn't expecting you until later! Come in, come in." He stepped back giving us room to go in. I stepped in his office a little awkwardly. Dr. Phillips sat down which gave us the idea to sit down which we did.
    "He leaned forward, looking at me in the eye. "You think you're ready for this?" Instead of replying, I nodded unsurely.
    "Okay." He replied without any belief in his voice. "Change into this in the bathroom. It's down the corner outside of my room." Dr. Phillips handed me a blue robe..
    I took the blue robe and went to the bathroom. I locked the door and began to change. I put my clothes on the toilet seat not knowing where else to put it. The robe was like how it looked like in movies and such. It was (obviously) blue and it was like a bathrobe backwards. You didn't tie it from the back, you had to slip it on top. and the sleeves were normal t-shirt long. Not long or like a tank top. Three words to describe how I felt about it. I hated it.
    I walked back to Dr. Phillips office getting used to the fact I was getting surgery. Well that feeling ended very quickly when I got to his office.
    "Ah, you're back. quite a nice fit too considering it was guessed. We need to mark your nose so we know what cuts to make. While you were gone, your mother and I decided we were going to do open surgery." He didn't explain what it was because he probably didn't want me worrying but I already knew what it was.
    Open nose surgery was when it allows the surgeon the least restricted access to the cartilage and bone of the nose and the incision across the columella makes it possible for the doctor to lift the skin off the tip of the nose and shape the cartilage very precisely. I had looked up information about nose surgery a few nights ago.
    "Would you like to be but on sedation or anesthetic? I would prefer anesthetic." He asked me.
    If that was what Dr. Phillips preffered. "Anesthetic please." He nodded. "Please follow." He got up from his chair and headed for the door. I followed him, my mom on my trail. We went into the elevator and went up to the 5th floor. The 5th floor was especially for ER and OR.
    I was led into the OR onto the OR table.

  16. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 12, 2010 6:49am UTC
    Writing Chemistry101 at the moment and I would appreciate feedback, criticism, ideas, comments, favorites, etc.
    Chapter links:
    Chapter 1: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1907153
    Chapter 2: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1908225
    Chapter 3: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1988441
    Chapter 4: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1909275
    Chapter 5: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1910940
    Chapter 6: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1921187
    Chapter 7: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1921213
    Chapter 8: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1923257
    Chapter 9: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1921306
    Chapter 10: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1932127
    Chapter 11: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1932155
    Chapter 12: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1942675
    Chapter 13: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1962250
    Chapter 14: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1968335
    Chapter 15:www.wittyprofiles.com/q/2005481
    Chapter 16: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/2014861
    Chapter 17: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/2028134
    Chapter 18: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/2029006
    Chapter 19: www.wittyprofiles.com/q/2029948

  17. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 11, 2010 3:59am UTC
    Elizabeth waking up was not pleasing. Elizabeth kicked and scream and almost opened the car door and ran out during a stoplight. In the end, Elizabeth was dragged into the hospital. She started to throw a fit on the floor.
    Dad tried to calm down but didn't work. She started running around yelling, "I don't want to be here! Take me back home!" Everyone stared at Elizabeth like she was crazy.
    Everyone tried to catch her but she just dodged them and tried to go for the door. A doctor entered through the door at the same time. "Whoa!" He grabbed Elizabeth and held her as far away as possible. "Nurse!" A nurse ran over to him and gave him a small pill. "You want candy?"
    We all knew what it was, an over-the-counter sedation pill for children, but Elizabeth didn't. She stopped for a second and reached out for it. She began eating it and swallowed. Elizabeth's head dropped and the doctor carried her.
    "She'll be fine," he started. "I'm Dr. Klein. Can you two come with me?" He was looking at mom and dad. They nodded. I was shown over to the waiting room by the same nurse who helped the doctor.
    It was about an hour when they came back with a sleeping Elizabeth, a bag of 2 different kinds of pills, and a relieved expression on their faces while I was done with a People's magazine. "Let's go home." In thee car mom explained, Elizabeth almost has a high fever, and that she needs to take fever reducer and Tylenol for kids.
    It was 11:28AM and I ended up not going up to school because A) I needed to stay with Elizabeth while they went out for something which they wouldn't tell me why, and B) I didn't want to go and the day was 2/3 over.
    Elizabeth was no trouble because she was still sleeping and out of boredom, I decided to go online. I went on Facebook and started to play games. Nightclub City, It Girl, Farmville, etc.
    When I started to get bored, I started to look through pictures. Jamie had no new picture but Victoria did. Actually a few. I looked through them, each picture making me angrier, confused, and filled me with wonder.
    One of the pictures was Jamie, Victoria, and Jason all in a picture smiling. I didn't really care but they were in front of the movies that they left me alone to watch. Next was Victoria and Taylor, together laughing. I thought they hated each other. Next was a group picture, everyone was there but me. Third was Jason and Victoria together hugging and smiling for the camera.
    It went on for a while, my anger growing. The last one did it. It was the pose Jamie, Victoria, and I made up almost from the moment we met.
    Victoria on one side leaning on me while we make a heart with our hands while Jamie crouched in between and making a heart with her hands. The only different thing was that I was replaced by Taylor. It burned my heart.
    I checked the time and it was already 2:58PM. Surprised, I checked on Elizabeth. She was on lying on the floor coloring. "Elizabeth?" She didn't even turn around. She just cleared her throat. The silent treatment. Whatever. I went back to the computer. 1 Message. It was from Jamie(Don't say I have spelling mistakes, just what they wrote):
    Jamie:Why weren't u @ school 2day?
    Me: Liz' was sick. Had 2 stay home.
    Jamie: Can yuh come out?
    Me: No, hve 2 watch Liz'.
    Jamie: Come on! Just leave her, have to tell you something.
    Me: No!
    Jamie: Fine, can Victoria and I come over? We want 2 talk and hang out and stuff. Surgery's tomorow. rite?
    Me: Fine.
    I still didn't know about this even after the photos if I should have them come over. It was too late anyways. They were probably on their way here and I needed someone to talk to because I felt really jittery about the surgery.
    Coming after 15 minutes, we just hung out and talked about my nose. They soon left not giving me much help. Mom and dad came home about 2 hours after that. 6:12. I asked them where they were but wouldn't tell me anything.
    We ordered barbecue chicken pizza and coke. I ate 2 slices and after, I read my fantasy book I was recently reading. After reading for about an hour, I took a shower and after, I filled up the tub full power and hot and while filling it up, I grabbed my mp3 and put it on shuffle. I turned off the water and climbed in. I fell asleep after the few first songs. I fell asleep while listening to Mine from Taylor Swift.
    I didn't know how, but when I woke up, I was in my P. J. 's, bath empty, under covers, and in my bed. That wasn't my biggest concern because it was Friday. Not because there was a test today, no I would miss that, I had my surgery today.

  18. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2010 9:18pm UTC
    I woke up with a start. The dream had only seemed to have lasted for only a few minutes but I found out it was actually a few hours as I scrambled off my bed the time. It was 6AM. Somewhat panicked, I ran as quietly as I could to Elizabeth's room. She looked so peaceful but that thought soon broke.
    She might as well have been covered by a white sheet. She was chalk white and beads of sweat began to form. I shook her. She only stirred. I shook her a little more urgently. She moaned. I ran to get the axillary (armpit area) thermometer from the bathroom and ran back.
    By the time I got back, Lizzy's eyes squeezed together and then fluttered open. I knelt next to her. "You okay?" I asked her. She said in a raspy voice,"Bathroom." I understood this time. I slipped the thermometer into my pocket and I ran to the bathroom with Lizzy on my back. I was about to set her down in front of the toilet but I was too late. She began to throw up. She aimed it at the floor instead of at me but it still got on me but I didn't care at the moment.
    I saw my chance when I say Lizzy take a breath. I slightly moved her position towards the toilet and continued. I got her water, gum, and candy like the last time but the only thing different was when she ate the candy and water, it came back up only a few moments later. Soon later, we decided gum was safe and it was.
    After the toilet flushed, I said to her in the calmest voice I could let out, "Let's go back to your room and talk about this." I carried her to her room as smooth as possible. I set her on the bed and wrapped her in a blanket. I took out the thermometer from my pocket. "I'm going to take your temperature again. Is that alright with you?"
    "Don't tell mommy. Don't take my temperature."
    "I have to Elizabeth, if this is bad, then we're going to have to take you to the doctors." Her eyes were wide open. I shouldn't have mentioned the doctors.
    "Don't take it. Don't take it!" Her voice getting louder, you gum flew out of her mouth. I didn't really care about the gum and didn't even think about it. "Don't tell mommy! I don't want to go to the doctors! I took out the thermometer after you left. It's my fault but don't tell Mommy!" She was almost yelling now.
    Elizabeth hadn't had a fit in a really long time but she started having a fit. She started crying but as much as I didn't want her to cry, I jumped onto the bed right next to her and held her muttering calm, safe words. When Lizzy almost stopped crying, I found a chance and took it.
    It took Elizabeth a few moments to register what was happening and pulled away crying again yelling, "Don't tell Mommy! Don't tell her! Please!?" With gasps in between. I checked the thermometer. My mouth must've been wide open and must've looked really shocked because even Elizabeth stopped and stared at me like I was crazy. It was 104.2F.
    I was angry at myself for never thinking about it. I checked her forehead. My hand probably was about to catch fire. I was about to compare it to mine but Lizzy had pulled back and my hand stung a little. "Please don't... don't... tell mo... mommy." Then she was outcold. Her body went limp and looked like a rag doll.
    I went to go get my mom and dad. I told them everything from the beginning to the end. They were angry, well looked angry but they didn't say anything. Dad got Elizabeth and we went in the car about to go to the hospital. The hospital where I was only a few days ago. My surgery was tomorrow.
    We were in the car almost there when Elizabeth woke up.

  19. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2010 6:50pm UTC
    I entered the front office to get a tardy pass. The time was actually 8:31 so I guess I was pretty close. I just lied and told the office that in the morning, I wasn't feeling so good but now I feel better. They believed me and gave me a pass to Language Arts.
    I'd tell you what happened through the day when I was school but I'm afraid to tell you, I can't. The whole day, I kept wondering and wondering about Lizzy. I didn't even pay any attention to Jason, and Taylor. Not even to Jamie and Victoria. I just nodded and said "Uh huh" All day.
    The only time I payed the most attention to was when I asked Mr. Augustus about fevers. Here was basically what had happened.
    Me:"Can I ask you something Mr. Augustus?"
    Him: "Okay, go. Shoot."
    Me: "So, my sister woke me up this morning and she was really pale."
    Him: "Is that all?"
    Me: I shake my head. "Her window was open and her temperature was only 98.9."
    Him: "That's not very normal. Usually her temperature would be higher."
    Me: "So should I check it again?"
    Him: "Yes, that would be best."
    After that, I was impatient for the rest of the day. When school finally ended, I
    walked home. Well more like speed-walked.
    I got home to find my mom at the door. "I'm going to do some grocery shopping so
    wait for Lizzy to come back from school and watch her. It'll be some time before I
    come back. Okay?" I mumbled a quick "Okay" and ran up. When I heard the door
    close, I went in Lizzy's room trying to find her.
    I hissed her name but got no reply. This time I yelled. I heard a yawn under the bed.
    I got to my knees and peeked under the bed. "Lizzy! Mom thinks you're at school!" I
    yelled when I saw her curled up in a circle of dust.
    "Don't tell her? Please?!" She used her Bambi eyes which were irresistible. I groaned.
    "Fine. You feeling better?" She climbed out from under the bed and nodded. "Hey,
    can I play with Karina at the park? Her mom's going to be there!" Karina was Lizzy's
    best friend for as long as I could remember. "Sure but make sure to take a jacket."
    She yelled in excitement grabbing her jacket. I didn't bother to make sure she got
    to Karina's safely. They live right next door. I pulled out my homework and made out a
    mini organizer in my head. No math, no history, and essay for reading, study for
    science, and nothing else.
    To my surprise, in an hour, all my homework was done. Bored out of my mind, I started
    to play around my phone. One text. I opened it finding out it was from Karina's mom. It
    said, We're going out for dinner soon, would it be alright if Elizabeth could join us." I was
    about to say yes until I thought about the possibility of Elizabeth throwing up. Instead, I
    made up and excuse. I replied back to her, Sorry, we can't. Our mom has already
    started making dinner.
    Speaking about my mom I wondered where she was. *Bzz* *Bzz* My phone. It said, Ok,
    I understand, we're going to drop Lizzy off at your house. That was it, end of story. Lizzy
    came home and my mom followed after that.
    My mom had to-go'ed from a restaurant a few blocks down, Spice Bowl, which sold
    Mexican food. One of my favorites. I had a spicy burrito with sprite while Lizzy just got a
    taco and coke. She probably drank more coke than ate her taco. Her excuse was, "I ate
    cookies at Karina's house." and it worked.
    I couldn't wait to go to sleep until the moment, I fell asleep, I had a dream. More like a
    flashback. I saw Lizzy pale as ever, then her throwing up, then us eating dinner, then my
    conversation with Mr. Lasana. I forgot!

  20. iWriteMoon iWriteMoon
    posted a quote
    November 7, 2010 1:47am UTC
    [[Comment if you like this format or the old one. Thanks!]]
    School soon ended quickly to my surprise. I had to get the detention slip signed before the day of my detention. Next thing I knew, I was finishing my math homework. Pythagorean Theory. Exciting!
    As if it was planned, right after I finished the last problem, my mom called me out to eat dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs. Yum... During dinner, dad came home really late from work. A little later than usual, he just came home with a, "Yah, had to stay a little longer than usual for work."
    I didn't each much as usual considering how much of a big appetite I had. It was a casual dinner. "Hows school?" Mom would ask. We would reply with a "Fine." and Mom would ask, "What did you learn?" And then, well you get the idea.
    I hit the covers a little earlier than usual, me drowning in my thoughts after a quick shower, change into PJ's and a "Good night everybody!" with a "Good night." back.
    I woke up to my alarm clock this time with a Spongebob tune. I mean don't get me wrong, I love Spongebob but if you have that tune playing over and over again waking you up from a good sleep? It gets annoying.
    Days till surgery? Days: 3. The waiting time was quite annoying. Each day I was closer to the surgery, I didn't want to do it. But when I wanted to get away from it, it was like time itself was mocking me. It was ANNOYING!
    It was exactly 6:53. I looked around the apartment finding out that no one was awake, I decided to sleep some more so I sank under my covers. I was almost drifted into sleep until I heard coughing. I ignored it until it got more rapid.
    I heard the doors of my room open. What the? At the door was my sister, Elizabeth. She was pale but not white. I got up, heading towards her. "Are you okay Lizzie?" She replied, her voice weak and small, "I don't feel so good."
    I carried her up and took her back into her room. I understood what had happened. Elizabeth's window had been open the whole night. I haven't been in Elizabeth's room many times.
    It was small but spacious. She had a bed next to the window, a small messy desk in the corner of the room away from the bed, and a bookcase in another corner. Posters and pictures hung in her room. She must've caught a cold. I closed the window and wrapped her in a warm blanket and hugged her tight. "Sis? Bathroom, now. Please?"
    "Okay." I unwrapped her from the blanket and we went towards the bathroom. When we were 1/3 there, she ran. I didn't understand till I reached her in the bathroom. She was on her knees, leaning over the toilet. She was throwing up. Eugh. I rushed to her side and patted her back. She was throwing up the spaghetti we ate yesterday night. I won't describe it to you because it'll gross you out.
    When it seemed it had stopped, I asked her, "Are you okay?" she nodded but had a scrunched up face. I gave her a cup of tap water for her to rinse. She rinsed multiple times and I gave her candy, then gum to get rid of the flavor.
    I flush the toilet because I was getting nauseous from the smell. "The taste in your mouth better?" I asked her after a few moments of silence. "Yeah, thanks but can you not tell mommy?".
    "Well, I'll have to first find your temperature." I found an old thermometer and had Lizzy lay down. "Here, stick this under your tounge and don't take it out till I tell you to." I put it in her mouth and left her to check what a person's average temperature was. What? I forget.
    It was 98.6F. "Heather?" I heard Lizzy called. I ran into her room, "Yes?" Then I noticed the thermometer was in her hand. "Why'd you take it out?"
    "Sorry Heather. It was being uncomfortable. It said 98.9 Is that normal?" I didn't know much about sickness but it seemed fine enough. "Heather, promise you won't tell mommy?" I nodded not sure what to say. "Just go back to sleep." But her eyes were already closed.
    I went back to my room and check the time. 7:50. I missed the bus! I was going to be late. I got ready in black black shorts and a long, loose, sleeved, striped black and gray shirt.
    I ran out with my backpack, hair in a messy bun, and a half eaten eggo in my hand. It was windy but the sun was out and radiating heat. Halfway running to school, I started wondering why I hadn't asked my mom or dad to give me a ride here. I muttered to myself, calling myself an idiot.
    I checked the time but realized I had forgotten my phone. I ran faster, the wind stinging my eyes and face but was sweating. I reached school at, in an estimated time, 8:27.


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