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  1. heyystories heyystories
    posted a quote
    September 18, 2012 12:30am UTC
    Heart Reserved For One ♥
    (Based on Boys Over Flowers)
    Chapter 1
    I was chewing and swallowing my food a little too fast, because I almost choked on my dinner. I was so busy with school and working at the café that I forgot to eat.
    My parents were watching TV, while my little 12 year old brother Kyle was surfing on the internet. I was staring at my brother, seeing his eyes widen.
    “Mom, dad, Courtney! LOOK!” Kyle shouted, pointing at the screen.
    “What?” we all asked, irritated that Kyle interrupted what we were all doing.
    “Courtney is on internet!” Kyle informed.
    I gagged at my food at his words. “What?” I asked, not sure if I heard right.
    “Just come here!” My parents and I scurried over to my brother and the computer we all share.
    “This article explains that Courtney saved the son of some company from killing himself. And now the school has a bad reputation because of the fact that someone tried to kill themself right at the school.” Kyle explained.
    My eyes widen as my parents gasped. “Oh my god, my daughter is famous!” my mom squealed.
    “And she even made that pathetic excuse for a school look bad!” my dad added. My parents were both smiling like idiots.
    I didn’t know what to say. I was on an article on the internet, where anyone in the world could read. I opened my mouth to say something, but I was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.
    All of our heads turned to the door. My mom motioned Kyle to go get the door. He quickly nodded and got up from his seat. As Kyle walked towards the door, my dad hissed “If it’s the rent collectors, tell them that we aren’t here.”
    Kyle swung the door open, which revealed 2 large men in black suits.
    “How may I hel-“ Kyle drifted off, shrinking back as he eyes the two large men.
    “Can you get your parents?” one of the large men asked.
    “Mom! Dad!” Kyle shouted quickly, waving his hand over to the door. My parents jumped out of their seat and scurried to Kyle. Their eyes widen when they see the two men.
    “Hello, how m-may we help you?” my mom stuttered, sounding nervous.
    “Are you Courtney Evans’ parents?” one of the large men asked.
    “Y-yes, why?”
    “We want to talk to Courtney Evan’s parents about transferring her to J. Parker High School.” they answered.
    My parents’ jaws dropped. Once I heard that sentence, I choked on my food again. After that, I walked up to the door where everyone else was at.
    “A-are you serious? But we don’t have the money to send her to the school.” my dad clarified.
    “Don’t worry, she will get a full scholarship.” My parents looked at each other, looking like they were about to burst of happiness. Meanwhile, I was terrified. I definitely did not want to go to that horrible school with those horrible people!
    “Okay, let’s talk about it in the living room.” my mom said calmly. We all then walked over to the living room.
    “Why does the school want to give Courtney a scholarship?” my mom questioned the men once we all sat down.
    “Ever since the article Courtney was in came out, the school has gotten a bad reputation. And the only way to solve the problem is to get Courtney Evans transferred to the school. We will give her a full schlolarship and the school uniform.” one of the men replied.
    There was a few seconds of silence. My parents gave each other a look.
    “Of course we’ll transfer her to the school!” my parents declared.
    “NO!” I shouted.
    Everyone then turned their heads towards me, looking at me like I was crazy.
    “I don’t want to that stupid school.” I simply said.
    “Courtney, do you realize what mistake you’re making?! You will go to the school one way or another!” my mom yelled.
    “I don’t want to go!” I repeated.
    “Courtney, are you sure you don’t want to go there? You know, they have a large and nice swimming pool there.” Kyle mentioned.
    I was silent for a minute. If the school has a swimming pool, that changes everything. Should I go there? I really don’t want to go there, because the school is full of disgusting people. But if I go there, I can swim anytime I want. Swimming is my life, and I missed swimming so badly. I haven’t swam in forever. My swimming skills is the only thing I really have, the only thing I like about myself. Swimming is the only way I can clear my mind and release my stress.
    “Do I get to swim in the swimming pool anytime I want?” I finally asked the men.
    “Yes, anyone can access to the pool at school hours.” they answered.
    I thought about it for a few seconds. I really hope I don’t regret my decision.
    “I’ll go.” I told everyone.
    ***PLEASE READ!!***
    There WILL be romance in here. You just gotta wait a couple of chapters. And sorry, I will no longer notify. So please don't ask for notifications. So if you want to know when the next chapter comes out, you will have to follow me. & please fave if you read this (:

  2. heyystories heyystories
    posted a quote
    September 16, 2012 8:57pm UTC
    Heart Reserved For One ♥
    (Based on Boys Over Flowers)
    “Courtney!” my mom yelled.
    “What?” I shouted back, busy ironing the customer’s clothes.
    “Can you deliver this school uniform to a guy named Johnny?” my mom requested.
    My family and I own a laundromat. Our family doesn’t have much money, so I help them out with the laundromat business. I also have another job at a café as a waitress, working alongside with my best friend, Michelle.
    “Sure mom, what’s the address?” I asked, stopping my work.
    “Just deliver it at that overrated private school with the filthy rich snobs.”
    My mom means Johnson Parker High School, the most exclusive and expensive school in the U.S. Only the richest kids in America are able to attend the school, unless you can get a scholarship. But the chances of someone, like me, getting a scholarship was one in a million. My grades are actually very good though; even I’m the best student in my school. But I never considered going to that school, because I never want to be in a school where I don't belong. Plus, my parents hates rich people, since all they like to do is show off their money.
    For some reason, our laundromat is only a couple of blocks away from the big school.
    I grabbed the expensive school uniform and hanged it on the hanger on my bike. I then got on my bike, and began riding my bike to the school. I always enjoyed riding my bike, because of the exercise and the view I enjoyed while riding my bike.
    I finally got to the school, and placed my bike at the bike parking. I grabbed the uniform and began my search for the customer. Many of the students were staring at me as soon as I stepped foot in the school. They probably thought I was dirt. I didn’t have any designer clothes, or anything in the sorts. But I never thought that stuff like that matters. There isn't anything wrong with what I'm wearing anyways.
    I ignored everyone that was staring at me, and continued to look for the customer.
    "HEY, JOHNNY SAYS THAT HE'S GONNA JUMP OFF THE BUILDING! Follow me!" a student shouted.
    All of the students immediately stopped everything they were doing and followed the student.
    “Johnny? Isn't that the customer?” I whispered to myself.
    I cluelessly followed the crowd of people running to a building and up the stairs. When I reached roof, it was very crowded.
    “Excuse me” I said as I squeezed through the sea of people.
    I finally got to the front, and see a boy standing at the edge of the roof, with blood streaming down his face. I gasped at the horrifying sight.
    I tapped a girl to my right and asked, “Who is that?”
    She scoffs before answering, “Some loser named Johnny. Thank God he’s going to kill himself. If he messes with my boys, he’s better off dead.”
    Johnny then turns around to face the crowd, specifically four handsome boys. “Is this what you guys want? You all want me to die, right?” Johnny asked.
    “Yeah!” I heard more than half of the crowd shouted. Are they serious?! I am so disgusted with the students in this school.
    “Since you dare insult us, you deserve to die.” one of the guys stated. The other three handsome looking guys were by his side, which are clearly his best friends. There were also a lot of girls surrounding them, drooling over them. Someone was about to lose their life, but nobody even seems to care!
    “If that’s what you want.” the boy last said before he jumped off the building.
    “NO!” I yelled. I quickly ran to the edge of the roof and grabbed Johnny before he hit the ground.
    And that was how I got in Johnson Parker High School.
    Did you like it? I don't know if I'm going to continue the story. If a lot of people like it, I will. Maybe for 100+ faves? Idk, it depends. Please fave if you read the chapter and comment if you want to be notified for chapter 1, if I continue.

  3. heyystories heyystories
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2012 10:14pm UTC
    Second Chance //
    My hair and makeup was done perfectly, thanks to Stella. I was wearing my mother's wedding dress. It was a white strapless lacey wedding dress, which hugged me perfectly.
    If you didn't guess, in a few minutes I'm about to be married to Brett Knight. We were 24, so why not get married now? Let me tell you, for the past couple of weeks, everything was crazy! Rose wanted my wedding to be perfect. And when I say perfect, I mean perfect.
    We were having an outdoor wedding right in San Francisco, since that's where everything happened. Brett and I invited all of our family and friends. Katy is my maid of honor, since she is my sister. Layla, Stella, Bonnie, Emma, and Lauren were my bridesmaids. Lily and Rose were our flower girls.
    "Melissa, you look beautiful. I can't believe my daughter is about to get married." my dad said.
    "Thanks." I replied.
    I have to be honest. I'm very nervous. What if I trip of something? Breath Melissa! This is it, I'm really marrying Brett. I can finally call him my husband after this.
    The pianist started playing "Here Comes the Bride" on the piano.
    Katy walked down the aisle with her boyfriend, Robert.
    Next, Layla walked with Nick to the aisle.
    After them, it was Bonnie and Seth.
    And then it was Brandon and Stella. But once they got to the front, Stella stood on the side while Brandon stood on the center. Our priest ditched us at the last minute, so we had to use Brandon as our "priest". He was a lawyer, so he could still make our marriage legal.
    Then came Lauren and Timmy.
    Emma and Ryan was right after.
    And then it was Rose and Lily, holding a basket with flower petals. They threw the flower petals on the ground as they walked down the aisle.
    I linked my arms with my father, and then I started walking down the aisle with him, trying my best not to trip. I glanced at Brett. He gave me a smile. Oh, how I love that smile. I smiled back at him.
    "Your mother would have loved Brett." my dad whispered to me.
    "Yeah." I whispered back.
    We finally got to the front. Brett took my hand. I could feel everyone's eyes on me. We waited for Brandon to speak.
    "Uh, what am I suppose to say?" Brandon asked.
    "You're the priest, you should know!" Rose clarified.
    "Newsflash, I'm a lawyer!" Brandon recalled.
    Everyone was laughing.
    "Just read the book you're suppose to be reading!" Stella directed.
    "Oh! Okay then. Anyways, we are gathered here today to bring Melissa Jones and Brett Knight in holy matrimony." Brandon started.
    We smiled as we waited for Brandon to say the next line. Brandon was flipping through the book trying to see what he was suppose to say next.
    "Okay, screw this! I'm just going to say what I remember from Stella's chick flick!" Brandon stated.
    "You think every movie that doesn't have any explosions is a chick flick!" Stella responded.
    "Get on with it!" Lily shouted.
    "Fine! Yada yada yada Melissa Jones do you take Brett Knight as your husband?" Brett questioned.
    "I do." I answered.
    "How about you Brett?" Brandon asked.
    "I do." Brett replied.
    There was a pause. "Uh, this is the part where you're suppose to make out." Brandon whispered.
    "How can they when you didn't say the last line!" Rose informed, clearly annoyed with Brandon.
    "Okay, sheesh. Uh.. you may kiss the bride!" Brandon said.
    Brett and I kissed for about three seconds before breaking the kiss. Everyone was cheering for us. Brett and I looked at each other, smiling. I think anyone can tell that I am extremely happy right now, because the fact that I get to spend the rest of my life with Brett Knight.
    Brett and I are officially husband and wife.
    I'm sorry if this sounds funny or cra.ppy.. i really dont know much about weddings. i dont really care for this because this is just an epilogue. so if you dislike this, i'm alright with it. haha. sorry, i won't be writing a sequel for this. mainly because i think you guys would be bored of it. and because im already starting on a new story. im not sure if y'all would like it. i wont continue if you guys don't like it, don't worry. lol

  4. heyystories heyystories
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2012 11:30pm UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 42.5
    I turned my head, seeing Brett.
    "How did you know I was up here?" I asked him.
    "I saw you climb up onto the roof." Brett admitted. Brett sat down next to me.
    "I'm a horrible person." I sighed.
    "Excuse me?"
    "I left Rose in the rain."
    "Melissa, it was an accident. You are not a horrible person. Don't say that. Accidents happen." Brett told me.
    "I dissapointed Rose."
    "Don't worry, she'll learn to forgive your mistake." Brett assured.
    There a silence, before I finally decided to break it. "So, how does it feel like to be the school hero?"
    Brett shrugged. "I guess it's alright."
    I arched my eyebrows. "It's just alright?"
    "It isn't a really big deal."
    "Whatever you say Brett Knight." Brett chuckled.
    "Who did you kiss after winning the game?" I asked. I didn't look at him, because I didn't want Brett to think I care. But I did! I didn't want to hear the answer, because hearing that he kissed another girl would just break my heart. But I have to know.
    "No one." he said with no emotion.
    My eyes widen. "What? But isn't it a tradition to kiss someone after winning the big game?" I asked.
    "Why would I kiss a girl that I don't even love just for some tradition?" Brett said.
    "You don't love anyone?"
    "Actually, there is this girl that I love." Brett admitted.
    My heart sank. "Then why didn't you kiss her?"
    "She wasn't there at the game, so I couldn't kiss her." Brett responded.
    My head snapped up.
    I was interuppted when Brett crashed his lips onto mines. Our lips moved in perfect sync. I felt electricity, the kiss simply felt amazing. It was even better that we were kissing in the rain. This is definitely the best first kiss ever.
    Brett and I broke our kiss. "Melissa Jones, will you be my girlfriend?" Brett asked.
    "I don't know..."
    Brett's face fell. "What?"
    "Brett, I'm joking! Of course I'll be your girlfriend!" I said before giving him another kiss.
    "Yes! Melissa and Brett are finally dating! Mission accomplished!" I heard a high five after that. Brett and I stopped our kiss and tried to find the source of the voice. We looked down from the roof seeing Lily and Rose were at our bedroom windows listening to every word we said.
    I felt a blush on my cheeks."Girls! What are you doing in our rooms spying on us! You girls should be asleep!" I shouted.
    "Aww." they whined. Brett laughed after that.
    We decided to go climb back down to our bedrooms. We both had to take shower and change into dry clothes because we were out with the rain. After we both were done, we went to our windows to tell each other goodnight.
    "Goodnight beautiful." Brett said.
    My face turned red. "No, I'm not."
    "Melissa Jones! You better believe that you are beautiful! Don't ever say that again! Got it?" Brett commanded.
    I laughed. "Okay, fine. Goodnight Brett." I told him. We both closed our windows.
    This day, was just crazy.
    I can't believe how great my life had turned. I had a new family, awesome best friends, and Brett. Fate had decided to give me a second chance.
    The End.
    i hope y'all liked the ending! i guess the ending was alright... sorry if the ending sounded rushed. :o lol. i will be started a new story with another person, my sister. please fave if you read the chapter! (:

  5. heyystories heyystories
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2012 11:13pm UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 42
    Eventually, Rose fell asleep. My phone was ringing. The call was from Layla. I pressed answer
    "Melissa, guess what?! WE WON THE GAME! And it's all thanks to Brett!" Layla yelled on the phone.
    "That's great!"
    "We're all gonna have a celebration party later. You wanna come?" Layla asked. I heard the guys shouting and cherring at the background.
    "No, I have to stay home with Rose. Something came up." I told her.
    "Aw, but it wouldn't be the same without you!"
    I laughed. "Thanks."
    "By the way, Katy is asking if Rose is alright."
    "Wait, did I hear you say Katy? Katy is with you guys?" I asked.
    "Yeah, we all totally made up!"
    I smiled. "That's awesome! But you guys should be celebrating now. Have fun!" I said before hanging up. I sighed. I wonder who Brett kissed.
    I carried Rose up to her room, putting her on her bed. I kissed her forehead before leaving her room. A few minutes later, I heard the doorbell rang. I walked down the stairs and opened the door only to see.. everybody! When I say everybody, I mean all of my friends, the boys, and even Katy! The boys were holding pizza boxes.
    "What are you all doing here?!" I said, shocked.
    "We couldn't celebrate without you!" Lauren replied.
    "So we decided to bring the party here!" Seth added.
    "We wouldn't be good friends if partied without you, would we?" Stella chimed in.
    "Isn't it awesome? We finally beated North High! And it's thanks to Brett!" Timmy mentioned.
    "Come on, it was nothing." Brett assured.
    "Are you kidding me? This is the first time we beated them!" Nick recalled.
    "It's a totally big deal!" Ryan informed.
    I laughed. "Congratulations on the win guys!"
    "Melissa, is Rose okay?" Katy asked mem looking concerned. I love how Katy cares so much about Rose!
    "Yeah, she's okay. She's in bed right now." I told her.
    "What are we waiting for? Let's go in and partyyy!" Bonnie shouted.
    Everyone enter my house, and we partied with pizza and drinks. We were about to play a game until Rose woke up and walked downstairs, seeing me and all of my friends.
    "Are you all having a party without me?!" Rose questioned, sounding hurt.
    "No! Join the party!" Brandon hollered. Rose ran and sat on my lap. We called the Knight's house and asked Lily if she wanted to join the party as well. It's a party, so of course she accepted the invitation and come over.
    Soon, everyone had to leave and the house was left with Katy, Rose, and I.
    "That was fun." Katy commented.
    "The pizza was yummy!" Rose added.
    "No arguing there." I said. That was an awesome night.
    It was almost midnight now. I was currently in my room right now, reading my book. Katy and Rose were already sleeping. I don't blame them for sleeping, they must be tired from all of the excitement.
    When I got over what happened today, it reminded me of Rose's words about mom. It stung my heart.
    I decided that I needed some fresh air. I opened my window, and instead of talking to Brett, I climbed and lifted myself onto the roof. I sat on the roof, thinking about everything that has happened. I was already soaking wet, because it was still raining. I sighed. I then let a tear or two roll down my cheeks.
    "Melissa?" I heard.
    There's another part to this chapter!! Go to it! unless you totally don't want to see what happens next, then that's cool too.

  6. heyystories heyystories
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2012 2:31am UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 41
    Melissa's P.O.V.
    It was still pouring rain while I ran to Rose's school. My whole body was already wet. I finally got to Rose's school, seeing Rose on top of the school steps, shivering.
    "Rose, I'm so sorry that I forgot to pick you up! You must be cold! Come here!" I told her trying to wrap her with my arms.
    Rose pushed me away.
    "I'm sorry, but I'm not suppose to to talk to strangers." Rose said. I looked into her eyes, and I could tell that she had been crying. Seeing her cry just breaks my heart.
    "Rose, what do you mean? I'm your sister." I reminded her.
    "No you're not. I know my sister and I know that she would never ditch me because she would rather hang out with her friends or forget me and leave me in the rain." Rose's voice was cracking.
    I could feel my heart breaking. I let Rose down.
    "Rose, look at me." I told her. Rose wouldn't look at me. It took a lot of power for me to not cry right in front of her.
    "Rose, please look at me." I repeated.
    Rose finally looked at me.
    "Rose, I would never do that to you. You are the most important person in the world. Nothing will ever change that." I assured her. I kissed her forehead.
    "Then why did you forget me?" Rose questioned.
    "It was an accident. After I realized that I forgot you, I ran here as fast as I could."
    "But you never spend time with me anymore! You're always hanging out with your friends! I'm starting to think you like them better than me!"
    "My friends are very important to me. But you are my precious gem." I told her.
    "I want.... I want mommy!" Rose shouted.
    I froze. "Suzan is at work." I informed.
    "No, I want mommy!"
    It's time to tell her the truth. "Rose, it's time that I have to tell you the truth. The truth is, that mommy isn't coming back. She's dead." I admitted.
    "Melissa, I already know!" Rose shouted at me. My eyes widen.
    "What? But-"
    "I just said that so you wouldn't talk about mommy as much! But I miss her so much! Why does this have to happen to us!" Rose yelled, continuing to let her tears roll down her face.
    I felt tears well up on my eyes. "Rose, I miss her as much as much as you do. But we can't do anything about it."
    "It's not fair!"
    "I know it's not. Mom is a good woman. But life is unfair. But we still have each other. And we'll always to together. And we have a new family now. Suzan loves us. Dad loves us. And we have a new sister, Katy. I'm pretty sure she loves you too. You are surrounded by people that loves you. And mommy is sending us love from heaven." I told her. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. Great, now I'm crying in front of Rose.
    Rose wiped her tears. "I want to go home."
    "Okay, let's go."
    I lifted Rose up. I turned arounded only to see something, more like someone, I never expected to be here right now.
    "Need a ride?" Brett asked.
    "Brett? What are you doing here?! You should be at the game right now!"
    "I know, but I rather be with you." he admitted. Him saying that gave me butterflies. He left the game just to make sure I was okay?
    I smiled as I put Rose in the back seat and then went into the passenger seat.
    "It seems like I'm always crying in this car." I said.
    "It seems like I'm always rescuing from the rain." Brett joked.
    I gave him a small laugh. "Thanks for being here, Brett."
    Brett stopped in front of our house. He walked us to our house.
    "Are you going to come back to watch the game?" Brett asked me.
    "No, I think I'm going to stay home with Rose." I told him.
    "Do you want me to stay here?" he asked.
    I shook my head. "I can take care of myself. Now go win that trophy."
    He nodded and then ran to his car.
    I went back inside my house with Rose. Rose and I both changed to long sleeve shirts and sweatpants. After that, we both sat at the couch in our living room, cuddling each other while watching some Disney Channel movie.
    "Melissa, can I ask you something?"
    "What is it sweetie?" I said as I stroked her hair.
    "Do you love Brett?" the question caught me off guard. I did not expect her to ask me that.
    There was a long silence before I said "I...I think I do."
    again, this story is almost over. D: please fave if you read the chapter and comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. (:

  7. heyystories heyystories
    posted a quote
    July 27, 2012 1:32am UTC
    click to see this quote

  8. heyystories heyystories
    posted a quote
    July 26, 2012 1:13am UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 39
    Today was the day of the big game. I was still currently at home, quickly trying to finish my breakfast.
    "Melissa, can we go to the park today?" Rose asked.
    "I'm sorry Rose. I can't. I have a jam-packed schedule." I told her. I felt guilty letting her down.
    "It's okay..." Rose trailed off, looking down at her breakfast.
    "Katy, can you take me to the park?" Rose asked.
    "Sorry Rose, I can't. I have cheerleading. Today is the big game." Katy answered.
    "Let's go Rose, Mrs. Knight is going to give you a ride. Katy, Brandon is going to pick me up. You wanna come?" I asked Katy.
    "Nah, it's okay. I rather walk to school." Katy said.
    I said goodbye to Katy and then I took Rose's hand and ran out of the door to Mrs. Knight's car.
    "Hi Mrs. Knight!" I said.
    "Hello Melissa! Lily has a doctor's appointment today after school, so I won't be able to pick Rose up." Mrs. Knight informed me.
    "That's alright, I'll just pick her up." I said.
    * * * * * *
    For the whole day, the whole school was talking about the game. Everyone was excited to watch the championship game. A lot of people crowded around the football players wishing them good luck today, especially Brett. But mostly girls were crowding around him. But hey, I'm not jealous!
    It was currently last period, but no one was listening to the teacher. Brett and I were the only ones taking notes. How does he still want to take notes?! A lot of the pressure is on him!
    "I know that you all are excited for today's big game. I'm sure that Brett will lead us to victory. But that doesn't mean that you should be distracted for learning! Now be quiet and pay attention!" Mr. Murray yelled.
    Eventually, the bell rang. The second that the bell rang everyone ran out of class. I met up with the girls.
    "Ugh, the bad thing about having a football player for a boyfriend is that everyone always tries to get his attention, so I can never find him in the crowd." Emma whined.
    "Ditto." all of the girls said in unison, but me.
    "Come on, let's go to the bleachers and find the good seats before someone else takes it!" Layla said.
    We ran to the large field, only to find almost the whole student body there.
    I noticed the cheerleaders practicing their routine before the game started. I waved at Katy. Katy smiled and waved back.
    "Let's go to the locker room to wish our boyfriends good luck!" Stella suggested.
    "Are we even allowed in there?" I asked.
    "We're their girlfriends. We're like royalty." Bonnie reminded. I laughed at that comment.
    We walked to their locker room, seeing that Brett was giving a speech to the football players. After that, the players were stacked their hands up. "1, 2, 3, COBRAS!" the boys yelled.
    We clapped for them after that.
    "Hey, our cheerleaders are here!" Ryan said.
    The girls wished their boyfriends good luck and gave them kisses.
    "So, you nervous?" I asked Brett.
    "Yeah, a little." he admitted.
    "Well, good luck." I told him.
    "Thanks. I heard it was raining today. I hope it doesn't rain during the game. But who knows."
    "If it rains, isn't the game going to be canceled?" I asked.
    "Nope, we play either way." Brett said
    "Okay, try to not kill yourself out there." I told him.
    He chuckled. "Alright guys, it's time to get out there and show those North High losers how it's done!" Brett yelled.
    "YEAH!" everyone shouted.
    After that, the girls and I went back to the field, trying to find seats on the bleachers. But the only seat now are the top row of the bleachers. We shrugged and walked to the top row of the bleachers and took a seat.
    I looked for Brett on the field, and I noticed Brett was waving at someone. It looked like he was waving at me, but I wasn't sure. He's still waving though.
    "Oh my god, Brett's waving at me!" one of the girls in the middle row squealed.
    "No, he's waving at me!" one of her friends argued. Her friends was then arguing who he was waving at.
    "Melissa, he's waving at you! Wave back!" Lauren told me.
    "Oh!" I smiled and waved back at Brett.
    He smiled and then joined the others along the center line. I couldn't really hear what Brett was saying since we were far at the back, but the game started after he yelled something.
    "GO BRETT!" I screamed. The girls laughed after that.
    "What? I can get into the game." I joked. The girls laughed again after that.
    Suddenly, I felt like something was wrong....
    please fave if you read the chapter and comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. (:

  9. heyystories heyystories
    posted a quote
    July 25, 2012 1:23am UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 38
    I dropped Rose at Lily's house. After that, the girls arrived at my house. We have been studying at my room for an hour. Suddenly, the door opened, revealing Katy.
    "Melissa, Suzan says that dinner is-" Katy stopped talking when she saw that I wasn't alone. She gasped and froze, like she was afraid of us or something.
    "Tell Suzan that we'll be down in a few minutes. You want to study with us Katy?" I offered.
    "Um.... no, that's okay." Katy said before leaving my door.
    "Is she afraid of us or something?" Emma asked.
    "Well, she thinks that you all hate her. You know, she really did change. Why don't you girls just call it a truce?" I suggested.
    "Urr... I don't know about that. She called me nerd for years!" Lauren commented.
    "And she made fun of my hair!" Emma mentioned, pointing at her hair. Her hair was black, with some blue at the end of her hair.
    "At least she didn't tell everybody that I had plastic surgery! And I never have any kind of surgery in my life before!" Stella added.
    "She told people I was easy and had s/x with every guy at school. And I'm still a virgin!" Bonnie commented.
    "Okay, we know all that Katy was a b/tch at the past. But if Melissa says that Katy changed, then we should call it a truce." Layla said.
    The girls groaned. "Fine, we'll try."
    We went downstairs and ate dinner. Katy ate in silence while the girls and I were talking and having fun. There were a few moments where the girls complimented Katy and Katy thanked them quietly. We went back upstairs to study.
    "Oh girls, I have to pick up Rose. It's getting late." I informed them.
    I opened up my window and knocked on Brett's window.
    "Melissa, the door is that way." Bonnie pointed to the door.
    I laughed. "Yeah, I know."
    A few seconds later Brett opened his window.
    "Brett, I need to pick up Rose." I told him.
    He nodded and got out the large piece of wood and placed it in between our windows. I walked across the piece of wood and into Brett's room.
    "What are you doing?!" Emma shouted.
    "Is this how you always get to Brett's house?!" Lauren questioned.
    "You don't even know if the piece of wood is reliable!" Layla mentioned.
    "Don't worry you guys. It's perfectly safe." I assured them.
    "Okay, whatever you say. We're just gonna stay here." Stella said.
    I laughed. I left Brett's room and went to Lily's room.
    "Hi Melissa!" Lily said.
    "Hi sweetie. Rose, it's time for you to go home. We're going to take the window." I told Rose.
    "Okay. Bye Lily!" Rose said before we went back to Brett's room. Rose walked on the piece of wood to my room. Suddenly, she shut the window!
    "Let's give them a moment of privacy." I heard her say. The girls laughed after that.
    "That sneaky little Rose." I hissed.
    Brett laughed. "You know, you can always use the door."
    I smiled. "Aha, yeah." Brett walked me down, and then to my front door.
    "Good luck tomorrow. Talk to me win when you win the game." I told him.
    "Or lose." he said.
    "Psh, I'm sure that you guys are gonna win." I assured.
    "I don't think you've ever come and watch us play before." Brett mentioned.
    "That's true."
    "Why not? Does Melissa Jones not believe in school spirit?" Brett joked.
    "Hey, I was a cheerleader before."
    "Come to the game. I promise it's worth it." Brett said.
    I hesitated. "I don't know.."
    "I'll buy you ice cream."
    "Ice cream? He.ll yes I'm coming!" I said, making both of us laugh.
    "Okay then, see you tomorrow then. The game starts tomorrow after school." Brett informed.
    "Okay, can't wait." I told him.
    Brett and I said goodbye to each other before Brett walked back to his house.
    When I opened the door to my house, I noticed my friends, Rose, and even Katy near the door, eavesdropping on our conversation.
    "You guys were listening to our conversation!?" I screamed.
    They all just responded by laughing.
    "Melissa, stop being such a flirt." Katy joked.
    My face turned red. "I-I was not flirting!" I screamed.
    "Yes you were." Rose added.
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    Second Chance //
    Chapter 37
    It been 2 weeks since Katy moved in. When we're at home, she's usually quiet. We don't talk much when we're at school either. Somtimes we would glance at each other though. The whole school knows that we're living together now, and I just know that people are talking about us behind our backs. It made me upset that they just keep on talking and talking but they don't know the real story. They practically think that our family is a mistake!
    The bell rang, which means that last period is over. I met the girls at our lockers.
    "Let's do something fun after school." Bonnie suggested.
    "We can't. Remember, finals are coming up." I informed,
    "But all we have been doing is studying!" Stella complained.
    "I know, but I really want to pass the finals. And woah, I just realized that I haven't slept in my house once this whole week!" I recalled. All of us have been doing serious studying in Stella's place, so we always end up asleep at Stella's house.
    'Yeah, Melissa's right. We should study." Lauren admitted.
    Bonnie, Layla, and Emma agreed.
    "But I'm tired of studying!" Stella whined.
    "How about we study today at my house, and then take a break from studying tomorrow, since it's Friday." I suggested.
    "We can't! Tomorrow is our boyfriends' championship game!" Emma reminded.
    "The game is very important to them. We can't miss it!" Layla added.
    "It's okay, you girls can go ahead and have fun tomorrow at the game. Sports isn't really my thing." I told them.
    "But isn't Brett your thing?" Stella said wiggling her eyebrows.
    "Stella!" I screamed.
    "Hey, but you totally have to come tomorrow! When they win their big game tomorrow, the quarterback of the team always kisses his girl! And we all know that Brett is single. You getting my drift?" Stella said.
    "Since I'm not Brett's girl, I think it's safe to say that it won't happen." I commented with a laugh.
    "What about Brett's girl I hear?" A familiar voice said behind me.
    I froze. I turned around to see the source of that voice. Brett, along with all of the other boys. I started to blush.
    "Oh, we were just talking about how the quarterback kisses his girl when they win their big championship game." Layla answered. Good save, Layla!
    "Oh yeah, we definitely will win the game." Seth bragged.
    "And I can't wait to beat those North High losers." Brandon added.
    For two minutes everyone was talking about the championship game, except for me and Brett. Brett doesn't really seem the kind to brag or talk about football.
    "You need a ride home?" Brett asked.
    I nodded. We left the crew and got in Brett's car.
    "So how is living with Katy?" Brett asked.
    "Alright. But I'm considered lucky if I got a sentence from her." I replied.
    "You think she'll change?"
    "I think she already changed. She seem... different now. In a good way." I added.
    "She kinda reminds me of you." Brett admitted.
    "Yeah, but I don't think she'll ever give up her hair iron." we both laughed after that.
    Brett dropped me off home. When I got to the house, Rose immediately ran to me and gave me a hug.
    "Melissa! I missed you! I haven't seen you in days!" Rose reminded.
    I smiled. "Yeah, I know. I missed you too."
    "Can we play now?" Rose asked.
    "Rose, I can't. I have to study for the finals, or I won't get to go to college. I can drop you off at Lily's house." I told her.
    Rose looked down, looking sad.
    "What's wrong? Don't you like spending time with Lily?" I asked.
    "Yeah.. but I like spending time with you too..." Rose said in a soft voice, trailing off.
    "What was that?"
    "Nothing." Rose sighed after that. She looked kind of upset. I wonder why.
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    Second Chance //
    Chapter 36
    I jumped in surprise. I turned around, seeing Brett in a jacket and holding a umbrella.
    I quickly wiped my tears when Brett sat next to me, with his umbrella on top of us.
    "Melissa, don't even try. I can tell you're crying. It's okay, let it out." Brett told me.
    "What are you doing here?" I asked him.
    "Everyone was worried about you. So we all decided to look for you. All 16 of us."
    "Yup. Me, Lily, Rose, your parents, Katy, Bonnie, Stella, Layla, Emma, Lauren, Seth, Brandon, Nick, Ryan, and Timmy."
    "My god, I didn't mean to worry everybody." I murmured, now feeling guilty.
    "Don't worry, I already texted everyone saying that I found you."
    "I'm sorry for having to waste your time." I said.
    "Why do you keep on apologizing to me? Seriously, I don't mind having to do these things. And here, wear my jacket. You must be cold." Brett told me. Brett took off his jacket, putting it over my shoulders.
    "Aren't you going to get cold?" I asked.
    "I think you need my jacket more."
    I gave him a small smile. "Thanks." I said as I put on his jacket. I couldn't help but notice how good his jacket smells.
    "Rose told me about the whole Katy thing. "What are you going to do?" Brett asked.
    "I don't know. I think I have to talk to Katy. We can't keep on being at war." I admitted.
    "Okay, we better get to my car before we both get sick." Brett reminded. Brett and I got to his car and he drove me back home.
    I gave him a goodbye before I entered my house, seeing my parents and Rose's attention on me.
    "Melissa!" Rose screamed. She ran to me, giving me a hug.
    "Melissa, where were you? We were worried sick! And why didn't you bring an umbrella or a jacket?!" my dad said.
    "I was about to call 911!" Suzan added.
    "Guys, don't worry. I'm okay. I'm going to be upstairs." I told them. I went upstairs and took a shower, and then changed to some dry clothes. After that, I knocked on Katy's door.
    "Who is it?" Katy spat.
    "It's Melissa."
    "What do you want!?"
    "Katy, I want to talk to you. Can I come in?" I asked.
    I heard Katy groan. "Fine. It better be good."
    I opened the door, seeing that Katy almost finished unpacking.
    "Why do you want to talk?" Katy snapped.
    "Look, why do you hate me so much?" I asker her.
    "You're really asking me WHY I hate you?!" Katy said, her fists clenching.
    "Please Katy, I don't want to fight. Just tell me why. I don't want us to continue being enemies. Please." I begged.
    Katy sighed. "Your life is perfect."
    "What? My life is far from perfect! My mom died, my dad has an affair with another woman. How is that perfect?!" I argued.
    "You have real friends! I was always jealous of Stella, Layla, the others, and you! Because you all have a real friendship!" Katy's eyes began to water.
    "You think your life sucks? At least you HAD a mother in your life! I never seen my real birth parents until this week! I had to live with with foster parents that Taylor hooked me up with!" Katy continued, now having tears running down her cheeks.
    "Oh my gosh... I didn't know. I'm so sorry." I said.
    "There, you get to see me break down and cry! Congratulations! ARE YOU HAPPY?!" Katy yelled.
    "Katy, no! That was never my life goal! Don't you understand? I have been trying to patch things with you! But you hated me!"
    "Melissa, I never hated you. I was just jealous of you." Katy whispered.
    There was a moment of silence. I then sat down next to Katy.
    "Katy, there's no reason to be jealous of me. You're gorgeous. But Katy, like I said, I want to patch things up with you. I want us to be sisters. No more of this war. Please?" I said, putting my hand out.
    Katy shook my hand. "Sure, sister." we both did a small laugh after that.
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    Second Chance //
    Chapter 35
    "What are you doing here?" I questioned.
    "Wait, is Melissa- my step sister?" Katy asked, looking like she's afraid of hearing the answer.
    "Katy, Melissa and Rose are your step sisters." my dad replied.
    "What?! I have to live with MELISSA?!" Katy screamed.
    I was so shocked of what's going on right now, that I didn't say anything.
    "Okay, it's obvious that you and Melissa know each other. But can you two try to get along? I know it's weird right now, but things will get better. I promise." Suzan said.
    Katy was silent. She's probably just as shocked as I am.
    "Hey, how about we all get to know each other more?" my dad suggested.
    Katy and I were both silent. "I'll go first!" Rose volunteered.
    Rose started talking really fast saying as much as she can about herself.
    "Okay, who wants to go next?" Suzan asked.
    "There is no way that I'm going to be living here, especially with Melissa!" Katy shouted.
    "Katy, please-" I tried.
    "Shut it goodie goodie. I am NOT your sister. And I never will be! What will all of the kids at school think?!" Katy screamed at me. She turned and stormed up the stairs and I heard a slam after that.
    "Melissa, I know that Katy-"
    I took Rose's hand and ran to the door.
    "Where are you going?!" my dad screamed, running after me.
    "I'm taking Rose to Lily's house. Then I'm going to go to Bonnie's house!" I told him, not stopping.
    I didn't even care that it was raining outside. I just had to get out of the house.
    I went straight to the Knight's house, and knocked on the door.
    "What are you girls doing?! You girls could've catched a cold!" Mrs. Knight mentioned.
    "Can I leave Rose here for a few hours?" I asked.
    "Of course!" Mrs. Knight took Rose inside their house.
    "Thank you"
    "Do you want me to call Brett down?" Mrs. Knight asked.
    "No, it's okay. I better get going now." I told her.
    I turned away from the house, and returning to the rain. I passed by my new home, hearing my dad and Suzan arguing. No, this was happening again! My mother, and dad, constantly fighting. It's happening again! It's like the world never wants me to be happy. Tears were streaming down my face.
    I needed to go to a place where no one else is at. The park. No one is at the park when it's raining.
    I walked to the park and sat down at the bench, continuing to let out all of my tears.
    There's only 3 people that I feel true love for. Rose, my mother, and Brett. I will do ANYTHING to protect Rose. She's like daughter. My mother always loved and cared for me. She's my hero. Brett, he's handsome, smart, funny, and he understands me.
    "Mom, I wish you were here." I whispered.
    "Where were you? Why are you late?" my mom spat.
    My dad hit the table with his fist, making me jump. "I'm late, get over it."
    "You have been late for a month now! You were suppose to be home everyday at 6, but you always come back late! I HAD ENOUGH!" my mom screamed.
    "Don't talk that way to me!" my dad yelled back, becoming angry.
    "Melissa, go to your room." my mom ordered.
    "Did I do something?" I asked, confused.
    "No. Just go to your room Melissa." my dad directed. I walked up the stairs, pretending to go to my room. But instead, I sat at the stairs out of sight, listening to my parent's conversation.
    "I had just about enough your cr/p Derek! Do you care about Melissa or the baby at all?! Or do you only care about your "job"?" my mom asked, air quoting the word job.
    "Why are you air quoting when you said job?" my dad questioned.
    "I'm not stupid Derek! I know what's going on!"
    "That's it. I don't want to be treated like this. I'm out of here!" my dad yelled, getting his suitcase, and then bursting out the door.
    "Fine! You think I care?! Have your stupid wedding ring back!" My mom screamed, throwing the wedding ring at him.
    "Mommy, where is daddy going?" I asked her.
    "For now on, it's going to be just you, Rose, and I. Daddy isn't coming back." my mother said, with tears on her eyes.
    I sat at the bench for a few minutes until a few minutes turned to an hour and a half. I was just sitting there, thinking of my past, while crying.
    "Hey." I heard.
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    Second Chance //
    Chapter 34
    "Plan A was for you and Rose to move to my house, along with Suzan and your new step sister. Plan B was for you, me and Rose to stay together and Suzan and your step sister go their seperate ways." my dad said.
    "Melissa, it's your choice. What do you want?" Suzan asked me.
    "I have a question. Are you guys... married?" I asked.
    "Well, not exactly. But we were planning on getting married, and we love each other." my dad responded.
    I swallowed. "Let's go with Plan A."
    "Okay, plan A it is. You will meet your new step sister tomorrow." Suzan informed.
    "Just promise me one thing. No matter what, you will not leave us." I told them.
    "I promise Melissa. You won't regret this decision." my dad promised.
    I smiled, hugging dad and Suzan.
    That night, I told Rose that we were having a new sister. And I called the girls, telling them the news as well. There's only one person left to tell. Brett.
    Since I'm living with dad and Suzan now, I went up to my new room in my new home. I already moved all of my things there.
    Our house was right next to Brett's house, so my window was also in front of Brett's other window.
    I knocked on Brett's window. A few seconds later, Brett came to the window.
    "Wait, shouldn't I be seeing you at my other window?" Brett questioned.
    "I moved in to my dad's house. Open your window and get the piece of wood so I can come over. I have big news to tell you!" I told him.
    Brett put out the large piece of wood in between our window. I smiled, getting on and walking across, making it to Brett's room.
    "So what's up?"
    I told him the whole story.
    "Oh, congrats! How old is she?" Brett asked.
    "I think Suzan said that she was around my age." I replied.
    "Cool, another family member. I can tell you right now that my family will invite her to our family vacations." Brett notified me.
    I laughed.
    "Let me tell you something Melissa. You have the most interesting life I ever seen." Brett admitted.
    "Yeah, I know. The girls say that my life is like those dramas on TV." I said, letting out a small laugh.
    * * * * * *
    The next day, I felt like I could barely hold my excitement. I couldn't wait to get home to see my new step sister. It was current the last period until school ends.
    "How many more minutes until class ends?" I whispered.
    "Since last time you asked, it was about 25 minutes. Now, it is about 23 minutes until class is over." Ryan whispered.
    "Why in such a rush to leave school?" Nick whispered.
    "I thought the girls told you. But today I'm going to be seeing my new step sister." I told him.
    "Ohh. Good luck." Nick said.
    "Stop talking." Ms. Cooks told us.
    "Sorry" we all said in unison.
    For after what it seems like hours, the bell finally rang.
    Suzan was going to pick up Rose, and dad was going to pick up my new step sister. Brett said that he was going to give me a ride home.
    "Hey Melissa!" Brett yelled, getting my attention.
    "Hey Brett! Let's get to your car quickly so we can get home as soon as possible." I said, accidentally running to someone.
    "Watch it!" Katy screamed.
    "Oh my god, I'm sorry Katy." I apologized.
    "Just get out of my way. I have something to do after school." Katy said, rolling her eyes.
    After that, Brett drove me home. I gave him a quick goodbye before running to my house.
    "Hello Melissa. Meet your new step sister." Suzan said before leading me to the living room.
    When my eyes met hers, both of our jaws dropped. I know that face that I'm looking at.
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    Second Chance //
    Chapter 33
    After school, I picked up Rose with the girls.
    "Hey Melissa, do you think that dad and Suzan are going to get married?" Rose asked.
    "Uh...I'm not sure.." I told her.
    "Suzan's nice. I wouldn't mind if they got married. But only until mom comes back." Rose added.
    I bit my lip as the girls looked up at me alarmed. Rose is so lucky. She doesn't have anything to worry or care about.
    After a few minutes, we got to my dad's house. "Dad! I'm home!" I screamed as we entered the house.
    "Hi Melissa. I see that you brought some friends." my dad said.
    "Yup, we're Melissa's friends. Is their a problem with us being here?" Layla asked.
    "No, no. There's no problem. You girls can feel welcome. However, Suzan is over." my dad informed.
    "Oh, who's Suzan?" Emma asked.
    "Suzan is a very good friend." my dad answered.
    We all went to the kitchen, seeing Suzan there getting out some kitchen supplies and ingredients.
    "Hello, are you Suzan?" Lauren asked.
    "Yes, I'm Suzan. Are you all Melissa's friends?" Suzan asked.
    The girls nodded their heads.
    "So, are you and Mr. Jones close enough to.... have a kid together?" Stella asked out of the blue. My eyes shot open, looking at Suzan for her reaction. Suzan almost dropped her pot.
    "Why would you ask a silly question like that?" Suzan asked. Suzan did a fake laugh after that.
    "No reason... just wondering. Because I could see some chemistry between you two." Stella said. I gave her a look, signaling for her to stop.
    "Suzan, sorry for Stella's behavior. Somtimes Stella is a little... crazy." Bonnie said.
    After that, we ate dinner with food that Suzan cooked. Suzan is actually a really good cook. We all even finished our plates.
    "Okay.. how about you girls go up Melissa's room? And Melissa can give you girls some drinks." Suzan suggested.
    I nodded in agreement. "What do you girls want?" I asked.
    "I want lemonade with a lemon slice and an umbrella on the cup." Stella ordered.
    "Okay, coke it is." I said.
    The girls laughed.
    We all got our drinks and then we headed upstairs to my room.
    "Stella, I think you were pushing it a little." Lauren blurted.
    "Hey, I can't help it. I watch a lot of goosip girl."
    "I think it's time for me to talk to my dad and Suzan. I'm going to go downstairs." I said.
    I left my room, and walked downstairs, only to see dad and Suzan already talking in the kitchen. I decided to not go in the kitchen, and instead eavesdrop on their conversation.
    "I don't know if this can work. What about Melissa and Rose? They are my priority." my dad said.
    "Why can't we all be just one happy family? Do you seriously want to waste 6 years of our lives for nothing?" Suzan argued.
    My dad remained silent.
    That's when I decided to join their conversation. "Why does it matter? You won't tell me or anybody else what's going on anyways." I spat as I walked into the kitchen.
    "Melissa, did you eavesdrop on us?" my dad asked.
    "That doesn't matter. Dad, you been lying to me. I want you to tell me right now what is really going on. I even know about the adoptation."
    "Melissa, it's very complicated."
    "No, I don't care how complicated it is. You left me when I was just a little kid, I think I know what complicated is." I protested.
    My dad sighed. "You remember when I cheated on your mother and she got mad?"
    I nodded.
    "The woman she found me cheating with was.. Suzan. But that was when I was drunk. And eventually, Suzan became pregnant, with my baby." my dad admitted.
    "But I was too young at the time to have a baby. So we gave our baby to an orphanage. But your dad and I reunited a little later after your father divorced your mother. We started talking about what would have happened if we kept the baby." Suzan explained.
    "And I felt lonely without you and Rose, since your mother didn't allow me to see you or Rose." my dad added.
    "So we decided to hire a detective to find our daughter." Suzan continued.
    "It took years for the detective to find our daughter. But after the detective finally found our daughter, Suzan gave her a visit, asking her if she wanted to live with us. And she said yes." my dad said.
    "So she's gonna live with us?" I asked.
    "That's up to you. What do you want?" Suzan asked.
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    Second Chance //
    Chapter 32
    Suzan finally stopped the car at a parking spot next to a building I recognized. The building was only about 6 blocks away from the school.
    "Okay, I will slowly open the trunk. On the count to 3, we roll out of the car as silently as possible and then we run." Brett whispered.
    I nodded my head.
    "1, 2, 3!" Brett slowly opened the trunk and we both ran out of the car as quickly as possible before Suzan noticed us.
    After running 3 blocks, we both stopped running, trying to catch our breath.
    "Should we go home first?" I asked, still trying to catch my breath.
    "Nah, we should just go to school. We're already late." Brett said.
    "I hope we don't get detention."
    "Yeah. Race you there?" Brett purposed.
    "Challenge accepted." I put my hand out for a hand shake. Brett light pushed me away and ran without even shaking my hand.
    "Brett, you cheater!" I yelled. Brett laughed at that comment.
    I ran, trying to catch up with him, but he was fast. We were near the entrance of the school. Brett ran down the stairs to the front door of the school. Bad move.
    I slided down the railing and got to the front door a second before Brett.
    "Yes! Victory!" I shouted.
    "D/mn it!"
    "Haha, cheaters never win." I said as I sticked my tongue out.
    We were walking on the empty hallways, still laughing.
    "What period is it right now?" I asked.
    "First period already passed. So we better get to second period." Brett replied.
    I took a look at myself and Brett. "Aren't we attractive right now, Brett?" I said sarcastially. Brett and I had messy hair right now, and we were still in our pajamas.
    "This is great, now we can look attractive together." Brett said sarcastically. We both started cracking up.
    "Let's hurry up to class. We're already late." I reminded him.
    "There is a faster way to get there." Brett responded.
    "There i- BRETT!" Brett threw me over his shoulder and we both started laugh again as he ran to math class. When we got to math class, Brett finally put me down.
    When we walked in, the whole class turned quiet. Everyone was staring at us.
    "Brett and Melissa. Why are you two late.. in your pajamas?" Mrs. Johnson asked.
    Everyone in the class started laughing. My cheeks flared up.
    We both were about to say something until-
    "Forget it, I don't want to know. Just go to your seats." Mrs. Johnson ordered.
    I walked to my seat with Bonnie, Lauren, and Stella. They look like they were trying to hold in their laughter.
    "What?" I asked, confused.
    And that's when they couldn't hold their laughter anymore, and started cracking up. What do they find so funny?
    "Girls!" Mrs. Johnson yelled.
    "Sorry" the girls said in unison.
    Bonnie turned to me. "Melissa, you know that everybody thinks that you and Brett... you know."
    "What?" I asked, still clueless.
    "Forget it, Melissa is too innocent." Stella reminded.
    Suddenly, it all began to click in my mind.
    "Wait...., hold on. It's nothing like that!" I said, my cheeks becoming red again.
    "Sure it's not." Layla joked.
    Class eventually ended. Emma handed me an extra pair of clothes. "Thanks."
    All of us girls were by our lockers.
    "So why were you two late to school?" Lauren asked.
    "The better question is, why were you two in your PJs?" Bonnie asked.
    "It's a long story." I replied.
    "Well tell us! Or I'mn going to assume that you and Brett-"
    "Okay, fine! I'll tell you all the story." I said.
    I began telling them everything that happen yesterday. Me finding out that dad lied, the adoptation papers, and getting stuck in Suzan's car, and yada yada yada.
    "Melissa, I think you should tell your dad that you know about the adoptation." Layla recommended.
    "If I do, wouldn't I have been hiding in Suzan's car for nothing?"
    "Yeah, but who cares. You need to talk to your dad." Lauren said.
    "I know! How about after school, we go to your house. We could maybe help you with your dad and Suzan problem!" Stella suggested.
    "I don't know..."
    "Too bad. We're going to your house today." Bonnie finished.
    for the next couple of chapters, theres gonna be more drama, i guess. haha. :P please fave if you read the chapter and comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. (:

  16. heyystories heyystories
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    July 16, 2012 4:08pm UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 31
    "Oh my god." I whispered.
    "Maybe they're adopting a child for someone else?" Brett guessed. I highly doubt that.
    "Thanks for trying to make me feel better, Brett. But why would dad want to hide something like this from me and Rose?"
    "Hey, we can't just start assuming things. Why don't you just take a picture of it in case and let's get out of this car." Brett suggested.
    "Ugh, I left my phone in my room!"
    "We could use my phone. Cr/p, my phone is about to die. Let's hurry up." Brett directed.
    I took a picture of the document with Brett's phone.
    I went over to the front seat and place my hand on the door handle, trying to open the door. But the door wouldn't open.
    I went through my pocket, trying to find the car keys. They weren't in my pocket. "Brett, where are the car keys?" I asked.
    "You have them." Brett told me.
    "I can't find the car keys!" I panicked. Brett and I searched the whole car for the car keys.
    Then realization finally hit me. "I must have dropped the car keys when I was outside!"
    "So we're locked in?" Brett asked. We both looked at each other, our eyes growing wide. All we could hear was the sound of thunder and rain hitting against the floor.
    "Brett, try to unlock the car door from the inside!"
    "I can't. You need the keys for that." Brett said.
    "We. Are. So. Done. For." I said.
    "Hey, it's not that bad." Brett commented.
    "Brett, we are two teenagers that broke into a car. When Suzan or dad sees us here, imagine how much trouble we are gonna get in."
    "At least we found out what your dad and Suzan have been hiding." Brett reminded.
    I sighed. "Yeah."
    "We might as well get comfortable."
    We both placed our heads against a side of the car, trying to sleep.
    "Brett, I'm sorry for dragging you into my problems. And now you're trapped in a car, thanks to me."
    "Don't sweat it, I don't mind. At least I have some alone time with you." Brett yawned, closing his eyes.
    My face flushed bright red, but at least Brett couldn't see it because his eyes was closed. I smiled, and took a peek at Brett's face. He was smirking!
    I lightly kicked him.
    "What was that for?" Brett asked, laughing.
    "You know what that was for!" I said, laughing as well.
    The rain kinda drifted me off to sleep, and the fact that Brett was next to me.
    "I can't believe I got you into this." I whispered.
    "Shh, go to sleep." Brett whispered back.
    * * * * * *
    I felt a pat on the shoulder. "Melissa, wake up!"
    My eyes slowly opened. "Huh?"
    "Your dad and Suzan are trying to find the car keys!"
    My eyes shot open. We both climbed over to the trunk.
    "What time is it?" I whispered.
    "I think its around 9 right now." Brett answered quietly.
    "We're gonna be late for school!"
    "Not our biggest problem right now." Crouch down, they're coming this way." Brett told me.
    "Derek, I found the car keys!" Suzan screamed in joy.
    Suzan opened the door, and sat in the driver's seat.
    "Thanks for letting me stay Derek."
    "I always accept a beautiful lady into my home." my dad said. My goodness, he's flirting with her!
    Suzan blushed. "You are quite a gentlemen. I have to go to work now. Bye Derek!" Suzan said. Brett and I were barely breathing as Suzan drove off to who knows where.
    hope you like this chapter! i liked it. haha. please fave if you read the chapter and comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. (:

  17. heyystories heyystories
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    July 15, 2012 4:22pm UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 30
    I walked to the dining area where everyone was eating pizza. I sat down next to Rose.
    "So, who's the boy that is always with you?" Suzan asked me, trying to create a conversation.
    "His name is Brett." I told her.
    "Is he your boyfriend or....?"
    "Her fiancé." Rose answered.
    Everyone's head was snapped to Rose.
    "Neighbor. He's just a neighbor!" I responded.
    "But you said that you were going to marry him on the first day of school. Remember?" Rose asked.
    "Melissa!" my dad shouted.
    "Dad, he's not my boyfriend or my fiancé!" I told him.
    "I don't know, I'd say that you two are set for life, the way you both always flirt." my grandma commented.
    "I think I'm going to have a talk with this Brett boy." my dad murmured.
    "And plus, I know that Brett likes you!" Rose added.
    "Rose, you have no proof of that." I said.
    "Yes I do. I saw-"
    "Okay, I'm sorry that I brought this up. Let's just eat the pizza, shall we?" Suzan suggested.
    We have been at the dining table eating pizza for around a half an hour. Suzan is actually very nice, intelligent, and funny. And she makes my dad happy. But only if they weren't keeping a big secret!
    We suddenly heard a loud thunder.
    "I heard that there was suppose to be a storm tonight." my grandpa informed.
    "Suzan, it's too dangerous for you to drive back. Why don't you stay here for the night?" my dad suggested.
    "Thank you, Derek." Suzan said.
    Our dinner was over, so my grandparents, Rose, and I ran back to our house. Obviously since there was a storm!
    I walked up to my room and got changed into my pajamas, tank top and shorts.
    I opened my window and knocked on Brett's window. I had to tell somebody about those files!
    Brett opened the window. Brett was in his t-shirt and pajama pants. "What is it Melissa?"
    "Brett! Can I come into your room? This is urgent!" I told him.
    "Here." Brett got out a large piece of wood and placed it between our windows. Yeah, getting to each other's room by a tree is kinda dangerous, so we decided to use a large piece of wood as a bridge instead.
    I got on the piece of wood and scurried over to Brett's room, all wet since it was raining outside.
    "You need a hoodie?" Brett asked as he handed me his hoodie.
    "Thanks." I put on his hoodie. His hoodie was too big for me due to our height difference, but it was comfy. It also smells good... okay, erasing that thought from my head.
    "So what's up?" he asked.
    "I found out that my dad and Suzan have been lying. Suzan isn't an actual real estate agent. Dad and Suzan have also been trying to find someone for a few years and now they found that person. But I have no idea why and who they found. Suzan have these files that I know is the key to finding out what's really going on. But the files are in her car." I explained to Brett.
    "Wow, that is complicated." Brett commented.
    "So Brett, can you help me find the files in Suzan's car?" I asked.
    "How are we going to get in Suzan's car?"
    "I have the keys." I said, showing him the car keys.
    "Wow Melissa, I never knew you could be such a rebel." Brett chuckled.
    Brett and I sneaked out of his house and quickly ran to Suzan's car. I opened the car door and Brett and I got in the car.
    "Is the files in the purse at the back seat?" Brett asked, pointing to the purse.
    "Yes!" Brett and I scurried over to the back seat, tripping on our own feet. We both laughed.
    I searched her purse and quickly found the files. Brett and I looked over at the files.
    "Adoption papers?" I said, dumbfounded. Suzan's and dad's name is signed on the paper.
    HEHEHE. please fave if you read the chapter and comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. (:

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    July 14, 2012 4:15pm UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 29
    ""Melissa.... and boy that's seems to always be with her." my dad said.
    "And this is my time to leave." Brett said, putting me back down and walking back to his house.
    "Dad, I can't believe you're here! Rose is going to be so-"
    "Daddy!" Rose screamed as she ran to dad and gave him a big hug.
    I smiled and looked behind dad, seeing grandma and grandpa and that... that woman.
    "I was just about to leave. I'll be back later for you to sign the... real estate papers." Suzan said, lifting the papers.
    "Aren't you suppose to sign the papers before moving?" I asked.
    "Well, I decided to sign the papers after moving." my dad replied.
    "But I'm pretty sure you have to sign the contract first before moving in." I commented.
    "Sweetie, I'm a real estate agent. I think I know what I'm doing." Suzan said.
    "But something doesn't seem-"
    "Melissa, it doesn't matter. As long as I'm here, right?" my dad said.
    "Yeah, I guess." I said before finally giving my dad a hug.
    "I better go now." Suzan slipped the papers in her bag. She got in he car and drove away.
    "Let's go to my house." my dad said.
    Rose and I have been talking to dad in his new house for almost an hour.
    "I left my cell phone at my office. Can you get it Melissa?" my dad asked.
    "Sure." I walked to his office room and found his cell phone on his table. The phone was suddenly ringing. The call was from Suzan. I don't know why, but I answered the phone.
    "Hello Suzan." I said in a deep voice, trying to do my best dad/man voice.
    "Dereck, great news! They found her!" Suzan said, sounding happy. What the h/ll is she talking about?
    "Oh really?" I said.
    "Yes, the detective said that she's okay, and we'll get her back tomorrow. Isn't that great?"
    "Oh yeah, that's great!" I said, improvising.
    "I know! After years of searching for her, we finally found her!" Why are they finding someone... more like- who did they find?
    I looked down at the scattered papers on my dad's desk. On the scattered papers, I noticed the contract for the house. I thought Suzan had the contract?
    I looked at the contact, seeing that my dad had already signed it! And why is it signed Carrie Newman under the real estate agent? Isn't Suzan's name suppose to be there?
    My dad lied to me.
    "Hello Paul? You there?"
    "Uh yeah! Why don't you come over for dinner and bring the paper I'm supposed to sign." I said in a deep voice.
    "I don't know, Melissa doesn't seem to like me very much."
    "Of course she likes you! She loves you!" I lied.
    "Uh, okay then. See you there." Suzan said before hanging up.
    I can't believe my dad lied to me! What is going on? And who did they find? Ugh, I have way too many questions in my head. I have to find out what those papers really are!
    I grabbed my dad's cell phone and gave it back to him.
    "What took you so long?" my dad asked.
    "Suzan called. I invited her over for dinner." I said.
    My dad's eyes grew wide but soon got smaller. "Okay, I'll order some pizza then." my dad said.
    "Yay!" Rose screamed.
    I put on a fake smile and nodded. It hurts that my dad is lying to me.
    An hour later, my grandparents and Suzan came over. I just have to find the right time to go through Suzan's purse and find out what they have been hiding from me and Rose.
    "Suzan, it's so good to see you. I want you to feel at home. Let me take that bag and I'll put it in the living room for you."
    "Thank you sweetie. I'll be in the kitchen." Suzan said.
    Okay, it's time time to find the files while everyone is at the kitchen. I feel so dirty for doing this... but I have to know what those papers are!
    I searched and searched for the file in her purse, but the papers weren't in there. Hold on, this wasn't the purse she had this morning. It must mean that the purse with the papers is in her car! I took her car keys out of her purse.
    i feel like people ignore this part of the chapter. :/ idk why. please fave if you read the chapter and comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. (:

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    July 13, 2012 3:12pm UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 28
    "So, how was Thanksgiving break?" Lauren asked. The girls and I were by our lockers.
    "It was.... interesting." I replied.
    "Interesting? What happened?" Bonnie asked.
    "Oh, I bet Brett gave you a kiss!" Stella squealed.
    "No, he did not give me a kiss." I assured her.
    "Something must have happened. Come on, it was a 5 day vacation!" Emma remined.
    "Can we stop talking about this?" I asked.
    As we were walking, my foot got caught on something and I fell to the floor, along with my books.
    "Oops, I didn't see you there." Taylor said sarcastically.
    "It must have been the rays of your ego." Layla retorted.
    "Do you have anything better to do then being jealous of Melissa?" said Emma.
    The girls helped me pick up my books.
    "Where is Katy? Did you both get in a fight? Talk to aunty Stella." Stella said sarcastically.
    "Oh, shut up. Katy is over there." Taylor pointed behind us. Katy was flirting with Brett. Brett was clearly annoyed.
    I laughed as Brett tried to brush Katy off.
    "Katy makes herseld s." Lauren said, still laughing.
    "Let's just go girls." I suggested.
    We walked away, towards to where the boys were.
    The girls greeted their boyfriends, meanwhile I said my hellos to the guys as well.
    "Have you girls seen Brett?" Ryan asked.
    "Yes, and poor Brett. Katy is torturing him." Layla sighed. We all laughed at that reply.
    Brett started walking to our group. "Oh my god, why can't Katy just leave me alone? I try to tell her in the nicest way possible that I'm not interested in her, but she just doesn't seem to get the message." Brett complained.
    'How many times had she asked you out? Like 1o times?" Brandon teased.
    "I think more like 13 or 14 times." Timmy answered.
    "I feel bad for you." Stella said, patting Brett on the shoulder.
    "Thanks, pity is exactly what I need." Brett said sarcastically.
    We began walking through the hallways.
    "Did you patch things up with your dad yet?" Brett whispered to me.
    "Yeah." I whispered back.
    "Um, sorry to interupt your conversation, but we have to get to class now." Stella said, pulling me.
    Later that day, I went to my last period class, science. We were taking a test and it took me a little longer than usual, so I finished the test a little bit after class. When I walked out of class, I didn't see the girls. They probably thought I left. I guess I'll just have to walk. When I was about to leave the school, the boy's locker room door opened. I searched for Brett through a crowd of football players and cheerleaders.
    "Brett!" I called out.
    Brett looked around trying to find the source of my voice. Brett waved and smiled at me.
    "Hey." he said.
    "Brett, would you like to do a good deed for your local neighbor?" I said, putting my hands on my hips.
    Brett raised and eyebrow. "And what would that be?"
    "Can you give me a ride home?" I asked.
    Brett chuckled. "Sure. Let's go."
    Brett and I walked to Brett's car. I felt people staring at us. Brett started driving away from the school.
    "Oh Melissa."
    "What?" I said, confused.
    "You do realize that the cheerleaders probably want to murder you right now, right?" Brett said.
    "What did I do?"
    "They're jealous of you."
    "Why?" I asked, confused.
    "The whole football team and cheerleadering team pretty much knows that we're neighbors now. And obviously girls would envy you since you're getting a ride home from the awesome Brett Knight." Brett said, as if it was really obvious.
    "What is there to be jealous of?" I asked.
    Brett chuckled. "You are so clueless when it comes to these type of things."
    I smacked him on the arm. "Hey."
    We both started laughing as Brett pulled up to his driveway.
    "What, no escort?" I said sarcastically.
    "I would be glad to escort the lovely Melissa." Brett walked over to my door and opened it. He then took my hand.
    I couldn't help it but laugh. Brett made my day.
    "Oh wait, I forgot the big finish." Brett added.
    "What big-" Brett cut me off when he lifted me bridal style.
    I was laughing the whole way back to my door. But the door was already opened, and there stood my dad.
    a lot of you guys been asking me to keep posting another chapter twice a day. but i cant always post chapters twice a day because then the story would end sonner, so yeah. :/ Comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. 50+ faves for the next chapter? (:

  20. heyystories heyystories
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    July 12, 2012 2:44pm UTC
    Second Chance //
    Chapter 27
    "What is love? Something that lasts for a few weeks until you get tired of it and then you find something new to love?" I blurted.
    "Love isn't food." Brett responded.
    "When you eat too much of the same kind of food, you get tired of it and move on to a different kind of food. Love isn't like food."
    "That isn't how it is for my life. Long story short, my dad suddenly started going home everyday drunk, and then cheats on my mom. Dad suddenly leaves us until mom is gone forever." I said, wanting to cry again, but held onto my tears.
    "Your dad was probably feeling overwelmed. Everything happens for a reason. He's here for you and Rose now. He made a mistake, that doesn't mean that he doesn't regret it. Right now, he probably just wants things to be normal again with you and Rose."
    "I want things to be normal too, but I don't know. My dad was such a good man. And I thought that he and my mom was the perfect for each other."
    There was a long silence. "Love is a good feeling." Brett finally said.
    "I love Rose. Rose will be the closest thing I will ever get to love. Rose, and the girls." I said, referring to my friends.
    "Yeah, but can you kiss them?" Brett asked.
    "Of course I can kiss Rose."
    "What I have with them, is the family kind of love." Brett said.
    "How was your first love?" I asked Brett.
    "I went on a couple of dates, but I never felt any sparks with any of the girls I went out with. So I don't think I ever had a first love." Brett replied.
    "Did you kiss any of them?" I asked, pretending that I didn't care. But I did.
    "Well, they would usually kiss me first. So how about you?" Brett asked.
    "I never went on a date before, or kissed anybody." I looked down, feeling embarrassed.
    "Seriously Melissa? I never met any girl like you before." Brett chuckled.
    * * * * * *
    It was 8 AM on Sunday. Meaning that we have to go back home before school starts tomorrow. Brett and Lily was already at Brett's car, ready to go home.
    "I'm going to miss you girls. But at least I'll see you girls soon." my dad said as he gave Rose and I a hug.
    "Bye dad!" Rose and I said before going back to Brett's car.
    "Wait, Melissa!" my dad called.
    "Yeah dad?"
    "Are you mad at me?" my dad asked.
    "No, I'm not mad at you dad. I was just a little surprised yesterday." I assured him.
    "Okay, good to know. See you soon Melissa!" my dad said before I got in Brett's car. Brett drove back to the highway.
    * * * * * *
    We're finally back at home. I'm at my room, reading a book. I texted the girls that we were back, and they texted me loads of questions about Brett. Brett has been so nice and sweet. This trip made me realize how much I really like Brett. But I know he'll never like me. I mean, why would he like me? I'm so insecure. And like he said, I'm not like the other girls. In other words, he probably thinks I'm a freak.
    I glanced at my alarm clock. It was almost midnight. I am getting kind of tired... I think I'll sleep now. I was just about to turn off the lights until Rose appeared at my room.
    "What are you doing up sweetie? You should be asleep by now." I told her.
    "I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you?" Rose asked.
    "Of course." Rose slipped onto the other side of my bed. I then turned off my lights, laying down on my bed next to Rose, wrapping her in my arms.
    "Rose." I started."Yeah?"
    "I want to let you know that no matter that, we'll always be together forever, and nothing will break us apart." I promised.
    "Okay..." Rose mumbled before drifting off to sleep.
    What happened to my parents will not happen to Rose and I. At the end of the day, it only comes down to us. I am more than Rose's sister, I'm like her mother. And mothers don't abandon their children.
    sorry the chapter was boring. :/ Comment if you want to be notified for the next chapter. 50+ faves for the next chapter? (:


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