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My names Abbey, sing to me on March 26th.
*I <3 Amps, Coffee, & orange vitiam water.
*My friends & family are my life.
*Me & my mom are two completely different people so.. We dont get along..
*I loves altenative music.
*Mayday parade is where its at (;
*Purple, black & pink are my colors.
*I live in Ohio.. Hate it & need to get out of here. (Got it all planned out (; )
*From the outside I look normal & happy. Dont let it fool you..
Ive dealt with enough shit in my life to last me awhile. Last year everything fell apart, & Id like to blame other people for my mistakes but I know it was my decisons. I was dumb & immature and thought I knew what was right but I know I was wrong. My whole world fell apart, and I fursure regret what I did.

*This is a place where I can tell the truth & not fake my smile or act like Im fine.
*Im not an emo girl, theres more to me than you can see. See what you want. But now? I have no clue. Im trying to find myself. If it means going through helll & back to find the right way than so be it. 
* Im completely head over heels for a guy that just keeps breaking my heart, over and over again. Its been over a year & I finally got the guts to tell him Im done (for like the fifth time) & this time I meant it. He thought i would just come running back so he tried talking to me. And guess what? I told him off in public. (never thought Id have the guts) lets just say.. Whenever Im around he never stops looking at me. I think he knows Im serious this time..To bad all I can think about it talking to him & how much I miss him. But Im doing something for myself & stopping some pain that was in my life.
Obsessions. <3
*Amps, coffee, vitiam water.
*witty & facebook.
*Scene & skaterboys. <33
*Mayday Parade
*Kittys <3
*Spring & falll
*the rain
Dislikes ):
*Summer & winter.
(dont ask..)
*Sports (Im very clumsy..)

*People that think their the shit
*Guys that are too nice..
Talk to me. (:


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Appreciate What You Got When You Got It
Because Life can change in a blink of an 

  1. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    December 6, 2010 7:16pm UTC
    "Just get over him"
    Yeah I wish it was just that easy. Heartbreak may not listed under 'deadly' But ask any girl, they willl answer that this pain is the worst. Its not something you just get over. It takes time, patinece, friends & trust. The pain doesnt just go away after a day. It takes many days of constent reminding that hes just not worth it, that your heart doesnt deserve this, that your better off without him, that this happened for a reason, that maybe; just maybe..it wasnt meant to be. That isnt easiest thing to believe. But its the truth. If it was meant to be.. youd be together. But no, do you see him here with you? No. Than let go! I know its not easy. & I know it hard. Believe me, I KNOW. But you will get the point where it just doesnt hurt that much, that you find youself thinking about him less. It will come to the point where you wont think of him at alll. & the point where you look back & think about him & all you can think is "that was just another lesson learned" Right there & than you'lll realize hes nothing more than a memory.. Hes nothing more than the past. its over & done with. Sure you'lll have those days when hes on your mind, when you wish you could go back to those days, when all you can think about are thsoe good or bad memoires. But you'll move on, your life will go on & your smile willl begin to not be fake. You'll get over this bumb in the road. I know you will. I believe that you can make it. I know its possible. How?
    Because Ive done it.

  2. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    December 5, 2010 11:03pm UTC
    &+ Im scared to death that everything you said to me was just
    ♥ a lie until you left ♥

  3. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2010 2:30pm UTC
    Secret #1
    I stilll love him..
    He broke my heart over & over again for over a year, but
    I stilll have it in me to say I love him. I telll him Im done
    with him but I want more than anything to be with him.
    I fight everyday to not text him.. But its getting harder &
    harder... Is there something wrong with me?

  4. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    October 27, 2010 7:39pm UTC
    I was tired of being the fake girl,
    Sorry I don't match up to your standers anymore..
    I'm just being me.

  5. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    October 27, 2010 7:35pm UTC
    The truth?
    I'm afraid of asking for help because I feel like I cant handle my own

  6. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    August 20, 2010 7:37pm UTC
    You know, he's hurt me a lot since last October. But i should of known he wasnt worth it when
    he made me cry my eyes out, laying on my bed for hours just thinking about how much i love
    him and how he just forgot about me for her, and he looked at me and talked to me like he was
    finally feeling something and then he left with her..I balled my fricken eyes out for hours..
    On my birthday; over him. That's how much he hurt me.

  7. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    August 19, 2010 2:49pm UTC
    Im over him;
    Don't get me wrong, im over him, im honestly am. Im just not over everything that happened, everything he did to me, and all the lies. Im stilll thinking back to all the times he told me things, and wondering if they were ALL a lie. Or if they were the truth but just didnt work out in the end.. Im still holding onto every "i love you" "i miss you" "i need you more than anything in the world" "I wish i could be with you right now." And so many more. I miss it, i just dont miss you. Its killing me, wondering if you meant it, or if it was just part of your plan like everyother time.. Im questioning myself if you ever did love me, if you ever wanted to be on the phone with me for hours, if you even missed me or if your were happy you didnt HAVE to ever see me again. If you ever wanted to be with me.. I dont know why this is bothering me so much.. Its not like it should really matter to me anymore, mayeb its just i want to know if the past was allll a lie, if our love was fake or real so if i look back i can either feel hate or happiness. But maybe im still holding onto the memmories or maybe im not completely over everything, myabe im not
    *over you..*

  8. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2010 11:48pm UTC
    I love him
    I love everything about him, i love his blue eyes that change everyday, i love his blonde hair, i love his awkwardness. It makes me laugh, his laugh makes me smile, and his voice makes me happy. I love the thought of me and him being together, i love the stories he tells me, i love him sweetness. I love him, i love everything about him, i love how we know each other more than anyone knows, i love how i know him like the back of my hand, i love that he remembers conversations we had last year, i love him. I love him more than anyone can understand.
    I hate him
    I hate his lies, how he breaks my heart every chance he gets, I hate that he makes me fall in love with him over and over again and never catches me, i hate that he lies to me about loving me, and tells me it wasn't a lie, but he still hurts me, hell i hate that he hurts me. I hate how we can be perfect one day and not talking the next day, i hate that when i finally stopped talking to him, and he has to text me and make me miss him, i hate that he tells me hes sorry and how i never deserved what he did, and how i deserve better and he wants to be friends, but the next day he doesn't even want to talk to me, i hate that he thinks we can be friends after everything, i hate that i cant breathe when i think about him and everything he put me through, i hate the pain i get in my chest when i think about him, i hate how he treats me like he can do whatever he wants to me and ill be there waiting for him, i hate that i believe his lies and he tells me their the truth when i know their not. I hate that he thinks I'm dumb enough to believe what he tells me. I hate that he acts like he likes me for me, but he truly doesn't know me inside, just who i pretend to be, i hate that he doesn't know how much he hurt me, and how much hes hurting me. I hate that i cant get over him, i hate that we cant be together, i hate that every time i see him i fall back in love with him, and when i talk to him its worse. i hate that i want to tell him i love him everyday. I hate that i miss him so much, i hate that i cant get over everything, and i hate how hes the only one i want, the only one i want
    My brain tells me
    That you hate more than you love, give up, you gave him a year of your life and all he did was hurt you, Its time to give up, move on, and tell him goodbye. He doesn't deserve you, your heart doesn't deserve to be treated that way. Just leave him behind in your past and make him realize that he missed out on a girl that would of gave everything to be his anything, he gave up a girl that would of loved him till her last breathe, and he gave up a girl that was there, and would of loved him and would of cared.. a girl that he will never have again
    But my heart tells me..
    You love him..
    Don't lie..
    My heart says so simple and understandable..
    But my mind speaks truth..

  9. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    August 13, 2010 11:17pm UTC
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  10. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    August 1, 2010 10:19pm UTC
    J♥ u♥ s♥ t s♥ t♥ o♥ p
    Stop with alll these quotes about "Him"
    And if "He" came to your mind. Because
    you know sure as helll that he did come
    to every girls mind that's reading the quote.
    Some smile, sure. But some, like me, just
    die a litttle more inside. Some girls hearts
    are broken. And do you think that helps?
    Well it doesnt. Just seeing them might
    just bring tears to their eyes. Not everyone
    is all together. Some are broken apart.
    Believe me its painful. Its painful to even
    think about it. I don't know whats worse
    than the feeling of having a broken heart.
    so please just stop with this alll.
    For my hearts sake.

  11. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    July 31, 2010 1:41pm UTC
    And i thought you really cared.
    Every word, every moments, promise, the sorry's, the " I love you"', and the miss you's.
    They were all a lie. But the pain in my chest is real. More real than i can handle.
    At this point i wish i never saw your face, i wish faith never brought you to me.
    But its to late for that, the crime is done, and my heart was the victim. There's no going
    back now. The pain is killing me with each passing day. Just thinking of it makes it
    hard to breathe. You really have an effect on me don't you? I never even thought it was
    possible to hurt this much, to get this broken from a guy. . I thought you were just a guy.
    And that i could find a new you in minutes. But now i know. That i love you, i have all
    year. If I didn't than i wouldn't feel this way towards you for so long. You got to walk away
    with no scares. When i have my whole body covered in them. You don't realize what you
    did to me. You know you hurt me. Everything i said to you. You heard it, you heard it all.
    You heard the pain in my voice, I could even hear it. It was real. You knew it.You saw
    me cry, but you walked away like it had no difference to you. I guess i wasn't worth the worry.
    You broke my heart and nothing will repay for that. The damage is done. I hope your happy.
    And i thought you really cared..

  12. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    July 18, 2010 4:08pm UTC
    i know im only 13, i dont know what love is,
    i know i wont find it anytime soon, but this feeling
    i have towards you is unexplainable, its not
    true love, but it is love, not sure what kind but it
    is in some form or shape. and the pain of having
    to let go becuase i know your not right for me
    and you just hurt me is worst than ive ever thought
    would happen, i dont know if im strong enough
    to let go, just the thought of you brings a smile
    and a tear, your pulling me in all directions, im
    dizzy and confused, broken and torn, this is
    what happens when you get in my head, i never
    wanted it to end, but if i dont let go now i dont know
    where ill end up tomorrow, i feel like a little kid
    trying to run away, you pack and get ready but you
    never really leave becuase you just cant get yourself
    to make the first step. our love is dead, our love was
    never there, the words you told me where true in some
    way im sure, but i couldnt stop thinking they were all
    a lie, and i guess i was right, i just wanna go back to
    five days ago when everything was great, but i cant.
    its the past for a reason, i just wish that my furture wont
    be as hard to live through, i loved you, and i really believed
    you loved me to, but i guess its just not meant to be cuz
    if it was, than you'd still be here, id still be happy and youd
    still make me smile, ill miss you but this was the last
    chance. im done and i just cant fight anymore. im just
    not winning the war.
    long, vent, dont need to read. :/

  13. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    July 18, 2010 1:54am UTC
    im sitting here at 2 in the morning,
    crying listening to sad music,
    you think i would of known by now,
    i gave you my heart how many times?
    10? you broke it how much? 10.
    i loved you this time for real, you said
    it, you told me you loved me, how could you
    lie right to me? how could you hang up
    the phone knowing you just lied to me!?
    you broke my heart, i finally saw through it,
    im done with you. ill never trust you again.
    this was your last chance.

  14. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    June 29, 2010 5:08pm UTC
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  15. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    June 28, 2010 6:11pm UTC
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  16. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    June 19, 2010 6:06pm UTC
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  17. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    June 15, 2010 4:40pm UTC
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  18. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    June 11, 2010 2:16pm UTC
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  19. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    June 5, 2010 3:26pm UTC
    If you break my heart
    ///// [ (ill break your xbox) ] \\\\\
    you break my bestfriends heart
    ///// [ (good luck finding his body suckers) ] \\\\\

  20. helplessllyxbroken helplessllyxbroken
    posted a quote
    May 30, 2010 11:47pm UTC
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