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BeautifulNotHot · 7 years ago
Yep that's me

browneyegirl29 · 7 years ago
i know this is from 2010 but i pretty much just went through all my faves and this one was my frist one so, hi.

NoDoubt · 8 years ago
Hey Doll, Can You Follow Meh? Loooove, Love, Love The Quotes.

JustinCrusade · 8 years ago
im here if you ever want to talk(:

JustMe888 · 8 years ago
there is plenty good about you. i can tell you this without even knowing ou. theres good in everyone.

JustMe888 · 8 years ago
everybody has a reason, sometimes we never know what it is. dont ever give up.

sswx3 · 8 years ago
I know how you feel. :p

ijustneedaplacetovent · 8 years ago
this made my night XD


cassiecutiexoxo7 · 8 years ago
Everything will be better soon! Trust me even if you dont know it, theres always someone that is gonna miss you and is gonna hate themself for not seeing the signs and stopping you. People you love, they will always wish they could have done something to help. If you need any help you can talk to me, you can talk to anyone. Just let it out. But dont end your life. Think of what you're giving up. One day you are gonna be a beautiful bride. One day you will have a wonderful family. One day everything will be better and you'll be glad you stayed here on earth :)

Beatlelover44 · 8 years ago
You can talk to me.
I am here for you no matter what.
WE love you.
Yu may feel alone but the world would lose an amazing person if you kill yourself. Talk to me. I am here.

MoonliteDreamer78 · 8 years ago
omg plz dont kill urself! ther r ups n downs... thts why its calld life. just remeber tht ther is always someone who will die inside if u die


BaileyB99 · 8 years ago
Don't do it there is so many more options than killing yourself. I am always here to talk! No one should ever feel so bad that they have to kill themself<3

sm97 · 8 years ago
dont kill urself. life sucks now, but things will get better. trust me, plenty of people out there, and just on witty do care.

supercalifredge · 8 years ago
email me at basketball.volleyball.softball@gmail.com if ur still bored

buntingxfersurex3 · 8 years ago
Omg :( that's so sad! I'm sorry for whatever you were going through that made you try to do that. <l3 Don't try

commenting123 · 8 years ago
OHHH that sucks

gigglerQueen · 8 years ago
thats not even funny :L


bballlover13 · 8 years ago
I agree with you but just so you know, some people talk about loosing a bf or not being pretty or something because its easier than thinking about all of the sad things & it IS something big for them because not everyone knows someone fighting for their lives. Just saying

maryg181 · 8 years ago

ProudToBeNerdy · 8 years ago
Your bulimic? Ouchie. Hunny, i know you want to lose weight, but i promise that's not te right way. Please stop doing this to you, it's not fair.
If you need help, talk to me.
P.S. What does homocidal mean cuz it aint coming up on google!!


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