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  1. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    March 30, 2012 11:39pm UTC
    I posted on Tumblr a confession about how i was insecure about my weight.
    & my guy friend that I might just have a crush on sent me a message. It read;
    "Confessions of the friend of a beautiful girl; you should love everything about yourself ."

  2. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    March 30, 2012 11:37pm UTC
    I posted on Tumblr a confession about how i was insecure about my weight.
    & my guy friend that I might just have a crush on sent me a message. It read;
    "Confessions of the friend of a beautiful girl; you should love everything about yourself ."

  3. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    March 30, 2012 11:31pm UTC
    I posted on Tumblr a confession about how i was insecure about my weight.
    & my guy friend that I might just have a crush on sent me a message. It read;
    "Confessions of the friend of a beautiful girl; you should love everything about yourself ."

  4. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    March 30, 2012 10:27pm UTC
    Hi y'all. All of my followers probably hate me now. But i'm sorry. I haven't been on witty in a really long time, but i think i'm going to get back on.
    how about a fresh new start, guys? :)

  5. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    September 19, 2011 8:18pm UTC
    Chapter Sixteen
    “What are you going to do about it, Paisley?” Wesley asks, loosening up a bit, but still keeping his eyes locked on me."I.. I don’t know,” I stammer. I wipe away the few tears left on my face with my hand that isn’t holding his, and let my breathing slow to a normal pace. “I don’t know, Wesley.”
    “He always did seem like kind of a jerk, anyways,” he says, looking away from me.
    I chuckle, and let go of his hand to playfully hit him in the chest. “Be nice. It’s not Parker’s fault that he doesn’t have a brain.” I grin up at him. An all-out grin.
    He laughs, and looks back at me. In an instant, his smile fades away, and we’re both just looking at each other. Slowly, he holds my face and leans in closer to me. He places a gentle kiss on my forehead, surprisingly. As he leans away from me, I feel my entire face heat up. Great. Hello, rosy cheeks.
    “Sorry,” he whispers, glancing down at his empty lap.
    I burst up from my seat on the bench, with a new positive attitude. “Come on, get up. Let’s walk around.” I hold out my hand to him, and he interlocks our fingers, stands up, and grins. “It can’t be too much longer till we get picked up, anyway.”
    We walk the length of downtown and back, joking and flirting. The whole time, clutching each other’s hands.
    Before we know it, Mr. Hawthorne’s in front of the bakery to pick us up again. We both pile into the car, and begin another conversation on show choir and school with Mr. Hawthorne. We arrive at my house soon, and I climb out of the SUV, rush up to my front porch, and wave as the car pulls out of my driveway.
    After the car is gone, I amble into my house, and up to my room. An eternal smile sticks onto my face. After a quick shower, I slink into my bed, tired from a long, eventful day.
    Sorry it took so long, school is death.. ANYWAYS, I'll try to post the next one ASAP. Feeback! :)

  6. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    September 13, 2011 7:57pm UTC
    Chapter Fifteen
    Wesley slams the SUV’s door, and turns to me as Mr. Hawthorne drives away. Wesley smiles at me, and gestures to the sidewalk ahead of us.
    We start to walk throughout downtown, peering through the small shops’ windows, and secretly laughing at the interesting-looking strangers we pass.
    “So, what do you and Parker do in your little tutoring sessions?” Wesley asks after a few minutes of small talk. I stop walking immediately, shocked by the question.
    Suddenly, the trauma of what had happened with Parker earlier all settles in, forcing my knees to crumble and my legs to collapse onto the ground under me. Tears form in the corners of my eyes, and I’m staring up at Wesley from the sidewalk.
    “Wesley,” I whisper. “He touched me today.”
    In an instant, Wesley is kneeling in front of me, with one of his hands at my face. “He did what?” His voice is soft.
    “He touched my breast. Like, held it. Purposefully. And I may be just making it something it’s not but.. I don’t know..” I glance away from him, and let out a shaky breath. “It freaked me out, cause I don’t do that. I’m sorry,” I mutter, my eyes drifting back to him.
    It’s now that I notice that in the process of me babbling, Wesley has been walking me over to one of the metal benches at one of the shops.
    “Paisley, Paisley,” he says quickly. “It’s okay.”
    “I shouldn’t be talking about this with you, though. You came here to hang out and here I am, crying. I’m sorry..” I wipe away a few tears from my cheek. My icy fingers shock my skin.
    “Stop apologizing,” he says gently, but forcefully. “It’s perfectly fine that your letting this out. It wouldn’t be good for you to keep it all locked up inside. It’s really okay.”
    I smile up at him. “Thanks Wesley.”
    He smiles small-ly at me, and nods his head.
    I glance down at my hand, which is in Wesley’s lap.
    My fingers and his fingers are interlocked.
    I’m holding hands with him.
    What is this?
    Sorry it took so long, school is death.. ANYWAYS, I'll try to post the next one ASAP. Feeback! :)

  7. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    September 13, 2011 7:27pm UTC
    I was in my Latin class, and
    we were chilling.
    And a couple of the Popular guys were making fun of my friend.
    One of the guys, a Popular in my grade, said," Oh come on, Delima, you know you study all day at home."
    And I couldn't take it anymore.
    I looked him dead in the face, and said,"You know, you may want to take up that habit."
    Because I knew he was failing the class.
    The entire class went "OOOHHHH." and my friend grinned from ear to ear.
    Highlight of my day.
    my quote, true story

  8. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    September 6, 2011 8:55pm UTC
    Chapter Fourteen
    In one swift motion, I’ve pushed the chair away from the desk, shoved Parker off from on top of me, and I’m out of the seat. Somehow, my fury has given me strange bravery and strength.
    I refuse to say a word to Parker, grab my bag full of books from the floor, and swing it around my shoulder.
    “P-Paisley? What.. Where are you going?” Parker croaks from the desk we were sitting in front of. I still don’t plan on looking at him.
    “Parker, I don’t know what you’re used to getting from girls… But I don’t do that.” I glance at the clock out in the hallway, then finally look at Parker. His face is flushed, and his hand is running through his blonde hair. “It’s time for me to go anyway. And I’d be happy if you would never do that.” I gulp. “Or anything like that… Ever again.”
    His eyebrows fall low over his eyes, and in a rush, he’s pinned me up against the wall, his breathing heavy and consuming me.
    “Oh, c’mon Paisley,” he whispers smoothly, his fingers grazing my cheek.
    I let out a shaky breath; his heat sends a shiver down my spine. Gah, why does he have this effect on me?
    I gather myself for a second, and push away the temptations in my mind.
    “No Parker,” I mutter, and I push my away out of his grasp, and rush out of the classroom, down the hall, and to the freshmen entrance of the school.
    I grab my phone from my skinny jeans pocket, and open my new message from Wesley. It reads, “Be there in five minutes. :)” Conveniently, it was sent four minutes ago.
    Soon, a shiny, white SUV pulls up to the entrance. Wesley is in the front seat, wearing a grin. He motions for me to come in, so I gather my stuff, and rush into the SUV.
    “Hey, Wesley,” I say cheerily, and notice that Mr. Hawthorne is in the driver’s seat. I’d figured that I would meet Wesley’s parents… But I guess not... “Hey, Mr. Hawthorne.”
    I see Mr. Hawthorne smile through the rearview mirror, then I look out of the tinted window to my right. Parker has just rushed out of the glass doors, and is looking for me. His cheeks are red, and he seems guilty. Or anxious. He snatches his iPhone out of his khaki shorts pocket, and hurriedly texts someone. I’m guessing it’s his ride.
    But I don’t have time to think about that too long, because I’m soon engaged in a conversation with Wesley and Mr. Hawthorne about our first show choir competition, that is coming up in a week.
    Sorry it took so long to post. I'll try to post the next one ASAP. Feeback! :)

  9. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    September 2, 2011 11:30pm UTC
    Chapter Thirteen
    I guess I had been looking away from him too long, scared by the question and it’s possible answers, because Parker says,” Paisley, is everything okay?” I can hear the sympathy in his voice.
    I’m snapped back to reality, and my eyes dart back up to his face. “Yeah, I’m fine,” I mutter, glancing back away from him for only a second.
    His hand moves to my jaw, and his fingers tuck a loose piece of hair behind my ear. His blue eyes never leave mine. There’s something deep, and secretive in them. I can’t figure it out to save my life. And it only makes me wonder more. About everything.
    “Are you sure?” he whispers, his fingers grazing my jaw-area.
    Somehow, I find the courage in me to ask him. “Parker, why..” I pause, and try to gather myself, then look back up at him. “Why are you doing this?”
    His hand stops mid-graze, and his face changes, sets in a different way. He glances away from me for a second, but then looks right back at me, and peers deep into my eyes.
    “I like you, Paisley.”
    Woah. Woah. WOAH. What? What just happened? I must have heard him wrong. He.. He likes.. ME? What is this?
    “Wh-what?” I stammer. “Why? You’re one of the most Popular guys in this school, and I’m one of the dorkiest girls. It makes absolutely no sense. You must be really confused or something because there is no way that you could ever-“
    Before I can finish that last sentence, he’s kissing me. Like, big boy kissing me. His hand cradles my head, and my arm holds his shoulder tight. I have no idea what’s going on, but somehow my eyes close. And that numbing, high feeling returns to me. My grip on his shoulder loosens, due to the high, and my eyes flutter, then close. I feel him lean more into me, and he bites my lip again, like that first time we kissed.
    Again, my toes curl up and down, and his heat trickles through my body. His high weakens my senses, and all my thoughts are on the kiss. His arm slowly makes its way from my head, to my neck, down to my forearm…
    And I barely notice it, until his hand moves from my forearm to my chest, then… His hand is cupped around my breast.
    The high fades away, and my eyes pop open. I know that it’s what high schoolers do, but it’s not what I do. Not at all.
    No sir, I don’t.
    Feedback? :)

  10. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    August 30, 2011 9:02pm UTC
    Chapter Twelve
    It feels like the next twenty four hours are on fast-forward, and all I can think about is how after school will go. Tutoring with Parker, and then hanging out with Wesley. Fhjsjfgaewf. It should be interesting.
    Before I know it, I’m waiting in the math classroom again. I decide to go ahead and sit down in one of the chairs, behind a desk. My foot taps to an imaginary beat while I wait for Parker. Today, he walks into the room at just 3:09.
    “Hi Paisley,” he grins, and drags a desk next to mine. I smile at him in greeting, and wait for him to sit in the chair next to mine, so we can start working.
    But instead, he plops down on top of me, and crushes my lap.
    “Um, Parker,” I squeak from under him. “What are you doing?” I plant my hands against his back and try to push him off of me, but my chipmunk-arm-strength fails me.
    He chuckles, without saying a word or even looking at me, and takes out his math homework. “So, I was having trouble with number three,” he says, as if I’m not under him, but I can hear a slight smile in his voice.
    “Parker!” I croak, trying to push him off again. “Get off me!”
    He laughs loudly this time, and says,”Nahh.”
    I sink down into my chair, and examine the logo on the back of his t-shirt.
    “Parker, I really think you should get off of me. I would really hate for your parents to waste the money that they pay for me to tutor you because you are too busy flirting and crushing my vital organs.” Somehow, I manage to keep a flat, calm voice through that entire mini-speech.
    For a second, I think he’s actually going to listen to me. But of course, no. Instead, he spins around so that he’s facing me, with one leg on each end of the chair that we are both somehow sitting in.
    “I guess you’re right,” Parker says, looking down at me. One of his hands moves to my face, and the other one interlocks our fingers. His thumb rubs back and forth on my cheek, and he leans closer to me. He plants a soft kiss on my cheek, and squeezes my hand.
    Out of habit, my eyes dart to our hands, laced together at my side.
    “Is that okay?” he whispers.
    My eyes drift back to him, and I nod my head once, slowly. He has some weird effect on me that slows everything down, and seems to shut out the rest of the world.
    He squeezes my hand, and forces me out of my own thoughts. But then, another thought creeps into my mind. A terrifying, inevitable thought. Why is he doing all of this?
    Feedback? :)

  11. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    August 23, 2011 8:07pm UTC
    Chapter Eleven
    I think about what would happen if I didn’t go back to class. But that thought is shoved quickly away. There’s no way I can skip. I’m not that kind of girl.
    “Parker, we both have to-“I try to object, Parker cuts me off with a sigh.
    “I know,” he admits. “Mr. Pitts would murder me if I skipped, since the first game is Friday..” His grip on me loosens, but he still won’t let go.
    I grab at his hands, and try to take a step away from him again. Why does he have to be so strong? Hmph.
    This time, he pulls me even close to him, but does let go of my waist. Only, his hands move to my neck, and wrap loosely around it. He rests his chin on one of his arms, so his face is right next to mine.
    “It was just a stupid idea. I was just thinkin’ that we could, I don’t know.” He sighs again, and the air blows right into my ear. It tickles a little, and I consider staying again. But I know that I can’t do that.
    I start to walk away from him, and this time he doesn’t stop me. I take several steps towards the choir room doors, and I hear him walking close behind.
    “See you later, Paze,” he whispers, a second before I open up the door, and amble back into the choir room.
    “Ah, welcome back, Ms. Paisley,” Mr. Hawthorne says loudly, after I enter the room again. “How about you watch the rest of the class practice the choreography and give us a little review?”
    I hold back a laugh; he’s only saying that because he thinks I’m on my period. HAHA.
    The rest of the class goes by really quickly, since all I have to do is sit and watch the other girls dance. Wesley re-enters the room about ten minutes before the end-of-the-day bell rings, and he sits next to me.
    “So,” he speaks up, while we’re both watching the girls dance, “What was with you and Parker?”
    I chuckle to myself, but then the humor fades away, and I turn to him. “Please don’t tell anybody about that.”
    He looks me straight in the eyes. Dadgum, his eyes really are gorgeous. His expression is very serious, and very understanding. “I won’t, I promise..” He pauses, glances away from me, and then looks back. “You weren’t planning to kiss him, were you?” Right now, I’m glad that the competition music is blaring. It’d be terribly awkward if Mr. Hawthorne heard this.
    I shake my head. “He said we were going to talk about something… We didn’t do much talking.”
    He half-smiles, with a vacant look in his eyes. “Yeah, I saw that.”
    “Mhmm..” I look back at the dancing girls in front of us. Sharp movements, waving arms, confused feet. Good thing I’m not up there. I can’t dance to save my life.
    “Are y’all like, together?” Wesley’s voice snaps me right back to our conversation. My head turns back around to him.
    “No way,” I reply. “Noo waaay. He’s a Popular, I’m a Dork. It doesn’t work like that. I don’t even know why he did that. He’s been acting weird lately. I don’t get it,whatever, I guess. I just-“ I stop myself. “Sorry,” I apologize, looking down at my hands in my lap. “I’m rambling.”
    When I look back up at him, he’s smiling with straight teeth. “It’s no big deal, I like listening.”
    I smile at him. “You’re a good friend, Wesley.”
    Feedback? :)

  12. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    August 22, 2011 6:08pm UTC
    Chapter Ten
    I back away from Parker by just a step, and ever so slightly turn my head towards the noise.
    The only though in my head right now is that it’s Mr. Hawthorne, that I’m in tons of trouble, and that I’m completely doomed.
    But when I turn my head, I see Wesley.
    For a second, I’m completely relieved. Why? Because it’s not Mr. Hawthorne and Parker and I are NOT completely doomed. But then, the relieved feeling goes away. Why? Because it IS Wesley. Who I thought I liked, sort of, and whom I was going to be hanging out with tomorrow.
    I have no idea what to expect either boy to do, and I take another step away from Parker. I was still a little too close for comfort.
    “Oh, um..” Wesley tries to speak, then runs a hand through his straight, jet black hair. “Was I…” He makes a gesture between me and Parker. “Was I interrupting something?”
    Parker and I glance at each other. His cheeks are red, and he looks like he’s breathing just as heavily as I am.
    “No,” we say in unison.
    “OH,” Welsey blurts, and starts walking towards us. “Well, I’ve gotta go deliver some stuff for Mr. Hawthorne… You guys just..” He walks right past us, then looks back to finish his sentence. “Continue, I guess.”
    Parker and I watch him walk down the rest of the hall, and up the staircase to the main level of the school.
    “Welp,” I say, almost to myself. But then, it all hits me, and I spin myself around to face Parker, wearing a confused face.
    I stick my pointer finger in his face. “Excuse me sir, but WHAT THE HECK was THAT all about?!”
    He just stares at me blankly for a moment, then chuckles. “I.. I wanted to see what would happen.”
    My hand falls to my side, and all I can do is stare up at him. “Wha.. Wait, what? Like.. wh-“
    He starts to laugh, but keeps his eyes on me. “I just.. Wanted to. So I did. Sorry. But Paisley…” His cocky grin fades away. “Dadgum.”
    I chuckle at him a little bit. Why is he acting so weird?
    “What.. What did you think?”
    The question surprises me. But.. I decide to tell him the truth. “Same as you, I guess…” I look away from him, feeling a blush coming on. “.. My knees got weak.”
    He stays silent, and I still won’t look at him. A moment goes by of silence, and I think he’s stopped talking to me. I take a step away from him, towards the choir room.
    But he’s not done with me.
    He wraps his arms around my waist, and pulls me close to him. A smile settles onto my lips, and I giggle, almost uncontrollably.
    “Made your knees go weak, did I?” he whispers, straight into my ear. I can almost feel the smile in his voice.
    I giggle again, and try to grab at his hands on my waist. “Parker, let go!”
    “Whyy?” he asks, gripping me tighter.
    I continue to grab at his hands, but he’s too strong for me. “I’ve got to go back to class, and so do you!”
    He pulls me even closer to him, and leans his head against mine. I can smell the faint scent of cologne on him. He plants a quick kiss on my cheek, then smiles against it.
    “Do you reeaaally want to go back to class, Paisley?” he whispers, still grinning, with his mouth less than an inch away from my face.

  13. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    August 22, 2011 4:20pm UTC
    Chapter Nine
    The next day, I walk into my first period class, and sit in my seat next to Parker, who is once again already in his seat.
    "Good morning, Paisley," he replies.
    "Good morning, Parker." I don't look at him, but I smile. "SO, you said we have to talk about something? Why during fifth period?"
    "Cuz my fifth period teacher is the only one who'll let me out of class and not care if I'm gone for five minutes." This statement is surprisingly serious. What is this about?
    But before I can respond to him, our teacher speaks up. Her voice crackles into my ears. Mrs. Samson has a habit of over-articulating. I groan, and turn my attention to learning.
    For a third day of school, it goes pretty fast.
    History's lesson on the Catholic church interests me a little.
    Our review of a summer reading book in English flies by.
    Lunch with Tori, Camille, Dare-Bear, and Wesley goes WAY faster than it needs to.
    The Math lesson on factoring just bores me, since it's all review to my brain.
    And finally, my fifth and last period. Show choir. After singing a little while, I somehow talk Mr. Hawthorne into letting me go to the restroom. Faking womenly issues ALWAYS works on male teachers. I amble out of the large choir room, not really knowing where I'm going. Parker never really gave us a place to meet or anything. I take a few uneasy steps down the long hallway, towards the staircase.
    Suddenly, I hear fast footsteps behind me. A shiver of fear runs down my spine, thinking that I've gotten caught.
    But after I spin around, I see that it's Parker. Running towards me. Wait, what?
    "Oh, Parker! I was scared I got caught," I say, out of impulse. All the while, he's still running down the hall to me. "So, what did you wa-"
    And before I can even finish my question, he's come to a stop just barely in front of me, and placed one hand at the back of my neck and the other with a strong grip on my waist.
    And he's kissing me.
    All of the thoughts in my head slow down, and disappear. The tense fear hanging in my body completely fades away.
    My eyes close, and one of my hands holds his upper arm, the other grazes the back of his neck.
    And I'm kissing him back.
    Seconds turn to hours, and my body heats up. It feels like a rush, a high. My adrenaline spikes, and goose bumps settle on my arms.
    At some point, he backs off and opens his eyes. I do the same, but I find that I'm barely able to keep them open. My eyelids flutter, while I try to look up at him. He stares down at me for a moment, and we both replace the air we stole from each other. And before I have anymore time to gather myself, he crashes his lips with mine again.
    Only this time, it's not as calm. His hand that was on my waist has slid down into the back pocket of my jeans. I feel him just barely nip at my bottom lip. And the high spreads. His heat trickles down to my legs, slinks down to my toes. My toes curl up and down in my converse, and my knees get a little weak.
    He backs off a little, but doesn't stop. Not like I want him to. Well, I don't really know what I want.
    And then, I hear a noise. Closer to the choir room doors.
    Someone's just caught us.
    Oh no.

  14. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2011 9:41pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  15. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2011 9:15pm UTC
    Chapter Seven
    The rest of the day flies by, without anything too exciting happen. Before I know it, I'm my math teacher's classroom waiting on Parker. I patiently lean against a desk, realizing that it's been over five minutes. I'm starting to get irritated.
    He FINALLY walks in the room at 3:17, wearing a sorry smile.
    "Sorry," he says. "It's the guys.. You know how they can be.."
    I nod, and tell him its okay. "How long do you think this is gonna be?"
    He shrugs, walking over to a desk, and pushing it next to the one I'm leaning on. "3:45, maybe."
    I nod, and we both sit down in our chairs. Parker takes out his Algebra 1 homework, and motions for me to start on the first problem.
    "Can you just walk me through all of these?"
    I nod, and take a look at the first problem: 3x+2(4x+1)=24
    "Okay, what do you have to do first?"
    He looks at the problem, and then says, "Distribute."
    "Right," I praise him. "Now, do it."
    He leans down and starts the problem.
    After a few minutes of him working, me checking, and him erasing his work and trying again, he shows me his final answer. It's correct.
    I smile at him, and tell the the first step to the next problem.
    This is how the rest of the problems go. I tell him the first step to solving it, he works the problem, I check it. It's an easy cycle. Until we get to the last problem, which involves two fractions AND distributing. He tells me that he doesn't understand what to do first, so I have to LITERALLY walk him through every single step to solve the stupid problem..
    I start to explain the first step to solving the problem, and almost get through it. Until I feel something warm at my waist. My eyes slink down to see what is at my waist.
    Parker's hand is wrapped snugly around my waist. His palm is perfectly holding me, ever so softly. What is he doing? Has he forgotten who I am? I'm a Dork, he's a Popular. He must be confused or something.
    I know that if i do anything about it, he'll think that i'm a bigger dork than he already thinks. So, I try to concentrate on his work on the problem. But my mind is completely on his warm hand, holding my waist so perfectly.. PAISLEY, STOP.
    Parker lifts up his paper to show me his answer, and I look over his work. It's perfect. Correct steps, correct answer.
    "Right! Good job, Parker," I smile at him. He grins at me, and puts his paper down. Slowly, his smile fades away and he starts to lean in closer to my face. Normally, I'm over-analyzing everything. But right now, my mind is completely blank. I have no idea what he's doing or what his motives are.
    Once he gets close enough to my face, he plants a soft, slow kiss on my cheek. Then, he backs away from my face, maybe to see my reaction.
    But I have no idea how to react. My cheeks are probably cherry red, and I can't speak.
    He looks away from me, and mumbles an apology. But I still can't talk. So, he says," I guess we can go now."
    We both stand up and gather our stuff. And then, we walk out of the classroom together and to the Freshmen entrance to be picked up.
    "We both have church on Wednesdays.. So.. Thursday?" he looks at me hopefully, his blonde hair being blown by the small breeze.
    I nod at him. "Sounds good."
    He looks up the carpool road, and says," That's my ride."
    Before I can say anything to him, he stretches his arms out for a hug. So, I wrap my arms around his waist, and lean my head against his chest. He's really tall compared to me.
    "Thanks Paisley," he whispers, wrapping his strong arms around my neck. "For everything."
    I let go of him, and smile. "You're welcome, and it's no problem, really."
    He nods, grins, and then climbs into the front seat of his dad's beat-up truck.
    After his car drives away, and I make sure that nobody else is around, I sit on the pavement under me, lay my head in my hands, and scream to nobody in particular, "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?"

  16. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2011 7:54pm UTC
    Chapter Six
    Just before I walk out of history class and into the Freshmen hallway, I feel someone grab my arm. I turn my head to see that it's Parker. Hadn't we done enough talking to each other today?
    "Paisley, do you think we could stay after for just a little while today?" his eyes are hopeful, and expectant. It's hard to say no to him.
    I nod at him. "Sure, Parker. That sounds fine."
    He smiles at me, so I smile back. It's really surprising how much this all seems to mean to him.
    So, I walk out of the history room and am joined by Camille.
    "Hey hun," Camille grins at me, playfully bumping my arm with hers. "Why were you just talking with the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz?"
    I chuckle at our old joke from last year, but then I feel bad about making fun of Parker like that.
    "I'm gonna be tutoring him for a little while," I reply, not jokingly at all. Camille seems to understand that I don't think it's that funny anymore. The two of us rush into our English class just before the bell rings, and get to work on our in-class project. Yeah, a project on the second day of school. That's advanced classes for you.
    But anyway. After English, Camille and I walk to lunch together. Somwhere on our way down to the second floor, we are joined by Derek. Oh the joy.
    I mean, it's not that I don't like Derek. I do. It's just... He can be a stuck-up jerk sometimes. And as soon as Derek walks into a room, all of Camille's attention is on him. Sometimes it gets annoying. That, and the fact that Tori and I have never had "real boyfriends."
    Derek, Camille, and I are joined by Tori and Wesley in the lunch line, and the five of us walk to a lunch table together.
    "Paisley, why didn't you text me last night?" Wesley says after we sit down.
    Oh wow. That one really put me on the spot. I don't know what to say, so I just end up staring at him like an awkward freak.
    "Eh, it's okay," he says with a sweet smile. "We'll just have to text today."
    I smile at him, and nod. "That definitely sounds like a plan."
    Welsey nods back at me, then begins to eat his so-called pizza. School food= DISGUSTING.
    What do y'all think? FEEDBAAACK? :) yeah, this one was kinda slow.

  17. fearthecute fearthecute
    posted a quote
    August 14, 2011 7:57pm UTC
    Chapter Five
    The rest of the day doesn't really go anywhere, Tori's older brother, Drew, drives me home,and I have dinner with the family. My little sister blabs the whole time about her first day of sixth grade, and I barely get five words in about my day. But it's not like I really mind.
    My sleeping patterns aren't normal yet, so I end up staying up until about eleven, but only because I can't sleep. Wesley doesn't text me, and I don't want to be annoying and text him.
    The next day, I walk into history class to find that Parker is already in his seat, which is unusual because Parker is normally very social. And loud.
    "Hi Paisley," he mumbles, after i sit down.
    "Hey Parker," I reply, feeling a little concern for him. "Is something wrong?"
    He looks me in the eyes. His eyes are a deep blue color, like mine. They always seemed to compliment his goldish-blonde hair, for some reason. Then, he nods slightly. "Yeah.. Um, ya know how I failed algebra last year?"
    I nod at him, so he continues.
    "Okay. Well, my parents want me to get a tutor so I don't fail it again this year."
    I am shocked for a moment. Wow. I can't believe his parents are gonna make him get a tutor; it's just the second day of school. Goodness.
    "They told me I have three days to get myself a tutor before they hire one."
    "Dang," I say, almost to myself.
    "Well, um.. I was wondering if maybe.. Since you're like a freaking math GENIUS.. If you'd consider tutoring me.." He looks away from me. It never really seemed like he was ashamed of his grades, but his behaviour right now.. Poor Parker. I consider it for a moment, and before I can even give him an answer, he speaks up again.
    "My parents will pay you."
    This gets my attention. I was going to say yes anyway, but now money's involved.
    I smile at him. "Sure Parker, i'll tutor you."
    His face lights up, and he smiles. "Thanks Paisley. I'll text you the details, like location and what days and junk."
    "Okay," I say to him, and then the teacher speaks up, so the room goes silent, and class begins.
    What do y'all think? Feedback pleeeeaseeee :)

  18. fearthecute fearthecute
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    August 11, 2011 7:32pm UTC
    Chapter Four
    As soon as Tori, Lexie, and I walk into the big choir room, I see Wesley talking with Mr. Hawthorne. Why is he in here? This is girl's show choir. He seems mad, talking with his hands, and his eyebrows low over his eyes.
    Tori, Lexie and I sit in the chairs with all the other girls, and soon, all the girls are silent. We're watching Mr Hawthorne and Wesley's conversation.
    Soon, they realize that they are being watched, and awkwardly turn to us. Mr. Hawthorne.
    "Hello, ladies," he starts. "I am Mr. Hawthorne, and I will be your show choir director.." He pauses for a second, glances at Wesley, then opens his mouth to talk again. "This is my nephew, Wesley. And he will be in our class all year with us."
    Wesley's cheeks turn a light shade of pink at that.
    "Wesley will be traveling to competition with us, too," Mr. Hawthorne continues. "He'll work out our band, props, and backdrops. Wesley is gonna be a HUGE help with this show choir this year."
    Us girls don't seem to know how to take this, so we don't say anything. After a second of silence from everyone, Mr. Hawthorne motions for Wesley to sit down. Of course, I have an empty seat next to me, so he sits next to me. Figures, right?
    Mr. Hawthorne takes some time to explain everything, first day stuff ya know. After the class is over, we all file out of the classroom, and most of the girls are talking excitedly about the show choir season.
    Wesley decides to walk with me again, to our lockers.
    Again, I am the conversation starter. "So, you're Mr. Hawthorne's nephew?"
    He nods slighty, as we dodge other students rushing through the halls. "Yeah, my mom's brother. They were really close, and I moved down here to get closer to the rest of the family."
    I search for his eyes as we walk, but he won't look at me. Soon, we arrive at our lockers. We gather our junk and stuff it into our backpacks. We are about to go our separate ways before Wesley stops me from walking away.
    "Hey Paisley.." He runs a hand through his black hair, and his cheeks turn a little pink. ".. You gotta phone?"
    I nod at him, and slide it out of my pocket. I sure hope my cheeks aren't cherry red right now.
    "What's your number?" Welsey asks, taking his iPhone out of his skinny jeans pocket.
    I tell him my number, and watch his fingers tap on the phone's screen. Then, he tells me his, and I enter it into my phone as a new contact: "Wesleyy :)"
    "Thanks." He looks at me, and grins. I can't help but smile back at him.
    "Backatcha," I reply, grinning.
    He turns around and walks toward the school's back entrance, and I turn the opposite direction to the front entrance. I'm still smiling, holding my phone in my hands. Soon, Tori joins me and we walk out to the front of the school together.
    Sorry, slow chapter. :/

  19. fearthecute fearthecute
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    August 9, 2011 7:32pm UTC
    Chapter Three
    Somehow, I manage to make it through the class with Parker, and my advanced English class after that, thanks to Camille being in it with me. And after English, I finally get to go to lunch. Camille and Tori meet me at my locker before we walk to the cafeteria together. Thankfully, Wesley wasn't at his locker yet. Knowing Tori, should would have tried to flirt.
    "SO, Paisley," Camille starts, after we sit down at a table in the middle of the cafeteria with our lunches. "There's this new guy in my first period. And he's super cute.." She gives me a flirty face, and winks. "I can't remember what his name was.. But-"
    "Wesley," I say.
    Camille's eyes widen and she grins knowingly. "OHH, so you know him?"
    I roll my eyes. "I have a locker next to him."
    Tori joins in the conversation. "Ooh, go Paisley, go Paisley! Get some."
    "Y'all are crazy," I say, a little surprised by how country-ish my Alabama accent sounds. "And we barely exchanged ten words to each other, it's not like we're getting married or anything."
    Camille puts on a straight face,"You know, some of Tori's best relationships started with less than ten words."
    After a five-second-silence, all three of us burst into laughter, and Tori playfully slaps Camille on the arm.
    "Speaking of relationships, Camille," Tori says. "Where is 'Mr. Perfect'?"
    Camille starts to stick her tongue out at Tori, but a lunch tray is plopped down in the seat next to her.
    "Alright ladies, you can stop talking about me. I have arrived," Derek says, wearing his usual flirty smile.
    I chuckle, and Tori laughs out loud, but only to seem obnoxious.
    Camille turns her head to Derek, who has now sat down, and starts twirling a piece of her firey red hair around her finger. "Hi, Dare-Bear."
    I glance at Tori next to me, and she is mimicking throwing up. I stifle a chukcle, wanting to be nice, even though it's really funny.
    Camille's gaze drifts from Derek to a spot somewhere else in the cafeteria, and she bursts up from her chair.
    "WESLEY!" she yells, waving a hand in the air.
    Wesley, only a few feet off, turns his head. "Come sit over here," Camille instructs. Derek shrugs and walks over to our table. Conveniently, I am the one closest to him with an empty seat next to me. Derek sits next to me, seeming uneasy and nervous.
    "Hi Camille, hi Derek," Wesley mumbles. Tori introduces herself with a flip of her perfectly straight brown hair and a dashing smile. Derek seems uninterested, but smiles before saying hello to me.
    "So, how has your first day been?" I ask him, trying not to be awkward.
    "Good, I guess," he starts. "Science and history were both stupid. Full of the normal first day stuff, ya know?"
    I nod at him. While he talks his eyes never leave me. Gah, I love those blue eyes.
    "But i've got math next period, which should be okay, I guess.."
    I smile at him. "No way! I've got math next period, too!"
    He grins, revealing white teeth. "Cool."
    For the rest of lunch, Wesley, Tori and I talk about our classes and what we did over the summer. After lunch ends, Wesley and I walk to math class together. The class is okay, the teacher seems nice. And i've got Wesley in the class to keep me company. Then Science,with a couple of friends. My last class is my elective class: girl's show choir. And when I walk in with Tori, and our other friend Lexie, I am surprised by who I see in the class, in an intense conversation with the choir instructor, Mr. Hawthorne...
    What do you thiiiinnkk? :)

  20. fearthecute fearthecute
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    August 8, 2011 10:28pm UTC
    Chapter Two
    I walk to my first class, clutching my books in my arms. I scan the room for friends that will be in the class with me. I see girls that I know, no real friends. Great.
    I find a desk with my name taped onto it, and sit in the attached chair. I lean over a little to see who I'll be sitting next to. The nametag taped to the corner of the desk reads "Parker McEntire." Awesome.. Not. Parker is a Popular, and he's really cute, and charming, but... I'm pretty sure that Parkey was born without a brain. He failed math last year, and was lucky to pass science. I should know, I had every class with him.
    The wrinkly teacher at the front of the room orders everyone to shut up and sit in their assigned seats, and the tall, blonde idiot ambles to his seat next to me.
    "Oh, hey Paisley!" he says, being his overly-nice self.
    "Hi, Parker," I reply, not even looking at him.
    "I'll bet you missed me over the summer, didn't you? You were my buddy last year." He's trying to flirt, and being a jerk at the same time. I know him to well to fall for this.
    I still don't look at him. "Of course I missed you over the summer, Parker."
    I hear him chuckle. "Mhmm. Hey, Paisley?"
    I finally turn my head to him, and raise my eyebrows, waiting for him to continue.
    He raises his shirt slightly, revealing a part of his tan stomach, and a portion of his plaid boxers. "Do you remember last year, when I did this and asked you if you liked my new boxers?"
    I nod at him, barely glancing at his stomach. I don't want to see it, I don't need to see it. "Yes Parker, I remember."
    "I'm wearing those same boxers."
    "That is fantastic, Parker."
    "I just thought you should know."
    "Alright class, stop talking," the teacher yells at us. "Now, before the bell rings I would like to tell you all that the seats you are in right now are the seats you will be sitting in all year."
    Happy shouts and unhappy groans echo through the room, and Parker remains silent next to me.
    "Shoot me now," I mutter to myself.
    What do you think, should I keep going? :)


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