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yea....hi. O:
I'm never good with these profile majiggers, so short and sweet and to the point, ne?

I'm a girl with the mind of a peverted, crotchety old man. And i like it! =D

I over anaylze the wrong things and don't think about the important stuff. O:

I'm an emotional lesbian, and physically bisexual. Don't like it? Suck it. -grin-

I'm a freshman sophmore in highschool, and i'm totally smitten with this amazingly beautiful, stunning, and just....absolutely wonderful girl. <3333

I chill out on kataangforever.net, so if you know the site, holla at me dearies~!

I like anime and manga, but i'm not as addicted as most people. I can put it down when i wanna.


Music is my love. Couldn't live a day without it. <3 I'm into everything from opera to heavy metal, rap to foreign language and just everything in between.

I'd like to be one of three things when i'm older,
An international translator, International journalist, or an english teacher in a foreign country.

Night owl, right harrr. O:

If you mad chill, come holla~

And if i think of something else, i'll put it on, but for now, dats all folks~
  1. farbo1176 farbo1176
    posted a quote
    June 27, 2009 5:51am EDT
    Alana: You go from white as hell to black as night in 5 seconds, you know.
    Jayme:.....So what, am i spanish?

  2. farbo1176 farbo1176
    posted a quote
    June 27, 2009 5:17am EDT
    I see her,
    I'm thankful for her,
    She makes me smile,
    I think about her,
    She makes me forget my sadness,
    I wish i couldhold her,
    I wish i could tell her how i cared,
    But i lell myself "I don't know what love is",

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