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hay yall my names galerie.. there aint much to say other than i love brent hes my babi and i dont kno what id do wit out him.. and most of the work i submit IS mine so plz u can use it but dont claim it!!!
  1. fallenangle fallenangle
    posted a quote
    May 27, 2004 3:19pm UTC
    *~ Love ~*
    Wat is love ?
    is love when you trust?
    When you kiss or when you touch
    or is it that little feeling inside
    When all you think about is them,
    about their smile
    Theirs that look in their eyes
    that tells you deep down
    that they'll allways be their
    is it the way they touch
    your face , when they wipe
    away your tears,
    or the way they moke you laugh
    when your ready to cry.
    No, its all of the above
    and the void in your heart thats
    filled when their around..
    `. Galerie `.

  2. fallenangle fallenangle
    posted a quote
    May 27, 2004 3:10pm UTC
    ~* i surender .. i have put the white flag up.. love has one this war.. i have given in.. if only my heart will give up.. i cant love you anymore it hurts to much.. i cant sleep knowing ur not their 4 me its scary when im alone.. to scary i cant bare the lonliness i surender.. i still lv u... there isaid .. it i surender!!


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