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Status: Scencie Queen <3 Love Yall. Love Haterz. Keep Being Awesome :)

Member Since: 2 Apr 2013 09:24am

Last Seen: 16 Jun 2013 07:48am

Location: My Dreamland In Kammonksaudifjsob Its A Place Full Of Scene And Emo. And Generally Beautiful People

Gender: F

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Haii There Strangerzz My Name Is Lola And I'm Emo/Scene. I love pokemon, music,dancing,singing,bvb  and anime/manga


Hey Again.

My Fave Type Of Music Is ROCK

My Fave Type Of Dancing Is Ballet,Tap,Jazz,Acro and All The Rest xoxox

  1. emo4ever emo4ever
    posted a quote
    April 5, 2013 5:24am EDT
    Whats Your Fave?
    Like For Chocolate
    Comment For Sweets
    Follow Me For Both

  2. emo4ever emo4ever
    posted a quote
    April 4, 2013 3:22pm EDT
    I Wake Up,Look Out Of The Window.See Kids Playing Outside. 'Tag Your It' 'No Your It' -Giggles- Make My Bed. Get Breakfast. Get Shower. Get Changed .Wait For My Mum To Start Telling Me To Do My Chores. Go And Watch The Kids Playing Again. I Miss Being Young :(

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