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| eknovels |
emma. fourteen. writer. artist.


  1. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2012 3:52pm UTC
    strange attractor
    chapter two
    I couldn't eat. I wouldn't eat. Why would I? Why would I give this guy the satisfaction? He stole me. Can you even steal a person? I wasn't sure, but then again here I was.
    "Aren't you hungry?" his honey voice was right in my ear, and I couldn't help the relief that rushed through my body. The calmness of his tone constrasted with the headache-inducing city noises. The beeping cars, the skidding wheels, the angry, distant voices of drivers on-edge because they were ten minutes late for work. And then him.
    I looked over my shoulder, shivering at the feeling of his warm breath on my face. Something about him, despite his obvious insanity, was... comforting. He was smooth like silk, and every syllable that came out of those lips had me fighting to tell him all of my secrets. "My head hurts."
    It took me a moment to realize I was the one who had said it. Why did I bother? What did he care?
    "Take these," he breathed, pushing a glass of water towards me and opening his free palm to expose a small white disc. I recognized it as asprin (partly because the word was ingraved into the pill), and reached for it greedily but reeled when I remembered what he'd given me last night.
    He set the pill on the mahogany table beside and turned my body toward his, reaching out a large hand to stroke my cheek. "Don't be afraid. It's just asprin, promise."
    I shivered, and it took every fiber of my being not to obey him. "Leave me alone," I yelled, earning a wide-eyed look from my captor. And then smaller, quieter. "Please."
    "Why are you afraid of me?" His voice was strained, like he was trying hard to stay calm.
    "Why shouldn't I be?" I said. "You kidnapped me."
    He clenched his fists -- I could feel his left hand shaking where he held it, still warm against my cheek -- and ripped himself away from me. "Because -- don't you see, Caroline? I did this for you! I did this all for you! Come on, think! You're smart -- I know you're smart! Why won't you just think?"
    All I could think was, How does he know my name? And then, as I stared at him where he stood, red in the face a huffing with anger, I realized just how dangerous this man was. He'd managed to sweep me off of my feet and take me from my own birthday party, unnoticed, and I was pretty damn sure he'd be able to do worse. So I took the glass in one hand and the tablet in the other, and with shaky hands managed to take the medicine. "Where's my room?" I asked through gritted teeth.
    "Well, our room is over there," he said, gesturing to the place I'd woken up in only about an hour before. "But you're welcome to stay in the guest room until you're more comfortable." He stared pointedly behind me, and I turned around to find a large wooden door.
    "Thanks," I mumbled as I walked in and locked the door behind me.
    What was I going to do?
    Hope you all liked! Please drop a comment if you did!

  2. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    July 21, 2012 4:13pm UTC
    strange attractor
    chapter one
    There's really no other way to say it, so I'll just tell you. I was dead drunk. My vision was blurry. My stomach was churning. My eyes darted around the room, searching for the nearest trashcan to empty myself in and that's when I saw him.
    Tall, brunette, about my age, with big blue eyes that felt like they were pulling me in.
    My feet seemed to move on their own accord, and then suddenly we were toe-to-toe and his arm was snaking around my waist, his liquid touch sending tingles down my spine. Another look at him told me that he was much older than I'd originally thought. Late twenties, early thirties maybe. Too old for me.
    But still, he had this hungry look in his eyes. Dean never looked at me like that. And that smirk, like he knew exactly what he was doing to my body when he touched my hand, like he'd summoned all those butterflies to parade my stomach.
    And when he asked me to dance, I couldn't say no.
    His voice was rough and mature. Something I'd heard before in the voices of uncles or teachers, and yet somehow on him it was much more attractive. Addicting, even. I wanted him to talk more. To talk forever.
    We danced, and it was rough and messy and more than a little too much, but I liked it. Why did I like it? Was it the alcohol? Was it the thought of an older man wanting anything to do with me, a girl barely sixteen years old? I wasn't sure, but then the song ended and he told me to "wait here," and a few seconds -- or was it minutes? I couldn't tell -- later, he was back with a drink in each hand. I didn't even bother to ask what it was. I was just so thirsty, and then suddenly I'd downed the whole thing.
    A little ways into the next dance was when I started to lose it. My vision blurred, I could barely stand, and I was having tunnel vision. My eyes darted up to him, look at me like he wanted to feast on my face and then it clicked. My drink.
    "What did you d -"
    My body collapsed into his, and then I was out.
    When I woke up, all I saw were bright lights. Too bright.
    My head hurts.
    I groaned, grabbed my pillow and covered my head. I inhaled deeply, expecting to be soothed by the scent of my lavender laundry detergent and then -- what?
    My pillow smelled like the woods, and maybe a little lemon. It reminded me of that guy I'd been dancing with last --
    Oh my God.
    I shot up in the king-sized bed, eyes darting around the room. It took me a few seconds to realize the scream I'd heard came from my own mouth.
    "Quiet down," someone murmured beside me, and I froze.
    Slowly craning my head, I turned to see if that voice belonged to who I thought it did. Sure enough, there he was. The guy I'd been dancing with last night. God, I didn't even know his name, and here I was in his bed!
    I looked down at myself and let out a sigh of relief when I found my body fully clothed. I jumped out of bed then, stumbling slightly but catching myself. My head still hurt, but I peeled back the yellow curtains beside me anyways, flinching at the new bright light that surrounded me. My eyes adjusted, scanned across a skyline I didn't recognize, and I wanted to cry.
    This man - whoever he was - had kidnapped me. And I'd let him.
    Hi guys! Not sure if any of you remember me, but I'm eknovels. I used to write stories on Witty about a year ago, and I really missed it so I thought I'd try again. Hope you all liked!
    Feedback is greatly appreciated.

  3. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    December 23, 2011 3:36pm UTC
    I remember the good old days...
    When I used to be on top.
    When people used to love my stories.
    When forty faves used to be a lot.
    You Witty writers have gotten so overrated and unoriginal.
    Go back to the good old days if you can.
    You're gonna miss it when it's gone.

  4. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    June 1, 2011 8:47pm UTC
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  5. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    April 16, 2011 6:01pm UTC
    Chapter Eight.
    Part One.
    Colton's Pov:
    I had to hold myself together so I wouldn’t break down crying. Today was the day ... the day Sandy and I were going to get married.
    I fixed my tie and turned around to face my best man, Nolan. I know he’s only fifteen, but he saved Drew’s life, and he and I have always really connected.
    “How do I look?” I asked, swallowing hard.
    “You look good, man,” he said, trying to smile at me.
    I sighed. “I – I know this kinda sucks because of your sister and all, and trust me, I hate it but, Nolan ... what else can I do?”
    Nolan shrugged. “Nothing, man. I’m just sorry this happened to you and Drew. You guys are perfect for each other.”
    I nodded, breathing, “I know.”
    "Do you, Colton Christopher Anderson, take Sandra Nicole Martin to be your lawfully wedded wife, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?"
    I swallowed hard and spoke, “I do.”
    Speak Now.
    Sequel to Broken.

  6. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    April 16, 2011 12:24am UTC
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  7. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    April 9, 2011 8:03pm UTC
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  8. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    April 1, 2011 9:00pm UTC
    Chapter Six.
    Part Three.
    Colton's Pov:
    We were at a party and I was sitting with a few of my guy friends, when Sandy came over, drunk. I looked at her, worried as hell. After all, she was Drew’s best friend and I didn’t want her hurting herself.
    “Sandy, do you want to sit down?” I asked her.
    “Sure thing, hot stuff,” she giggled.
    I had a few drinks myself, but not so much that I wasn’t able to stand up, like Sandy had. A few of my guy friends went up to get some drinks.
    “Want anything, Colton?”
    “No thanks.”
    “Come oooon! It’s just a little beer.”
    “Can I just have some punch?”
    My friends were about as drunk as Sandy.
    Next thing I remember, I’m chugging the punch, and I know it’s not punch, but my mind isn’t registering that and I won’t stop drinking it.
    Its all fuzzy now, but suddenly Sandy’s grabbing my arm, asking, “Want to come upstairs?”
    Not knowing what to think, I wanna see what’s so cool about upstairs.
    Then Sandys taking her shirt off and I’m thinking of a name. Shrew? Lou? Dew? I can’t remember. But it doesn’t matter because all I can think about is making out with Sandy and then she’s pulling down my pants and next thing I know I’m lying next to her, naked. That’s when I realize what I have done, and get my clothes on, running out of that place and never wanting to see Sandy again.
    Speak Now.
    Sequel to Broken.

  9. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 27, 2011 9:45pm UTC
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  10. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 24, 2011 5:19pm UTC
    Chapter Six.
    Part One.
    Colton's Pov:
    Confused, I hung up the phone and got out of my car. I realized I had been sitting in my driveway for ten minutes now. I walked up to the door and knocked on it.
    “Come in,” said my Mom’s sweet voice.
    Thank God. If Mom was in there, Sandy couldn’t try anything.
    I walked in and slouched on the couch.
    “At war with yourself?” my Mom asked, walking over to me and sitting beside me.
    I looked at her, sighing. “Yeah, and I think I’m winning.”
    She laughed at that. “Do you wanna talk about it, Colton?”
    I looked up at her and thought for a moment. “Yeah. Yeah, Mom, I do. We never talk anymore.”
    Speak Now.
    Sequel to Broken.

  11. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 23, 2011 6:00pm UTC
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  12. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 23, 2011 5:43pm UTC
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  13. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 22, 2011 4:52pm UTC
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  14. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 22, 2011 4:51pm UTC
    Chapter Five.
    Part Three.
    Drew's Pov:
    “Sandy’s house?” said Nolan when I stopped. “Why – why are we here?
    I smiled at him. “I said, we’re going to investigate,” I said.
    “What if she –”
    “Calm down, she’s living with Colton at his mom’s place,” I said. “She’s not coming by.”
    “Her paren -”
    “Her parents wanted to get away for a while before the wedding so they went to Bermuda until the wedding.”
    I had stolen the key from Colton’s back pocket – it’s not like he needed it. I turned the key and the door opened. I gestured for Nolan to come inside and we closed the door.
    “I don’t mean to sound like Scooby Doo characters, but ... let’s split up and look for clues.”
    He chuckled. “All right. I’ll take downstairs, you take up.”
    I ran up the stairs and checked Sandy’s room first. Everything looked normal, like a regular teenage girl’s room. I walked into the bathroom, which was connected to her room.
    I looked in the trashcan and found a pregnancy test. I grabbed a towel and used the towel to pick it up without touching it, considering I didn’t really want Sandy pee on my hands.
    Speak Now.
    Sequel to Broken.

  15. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 22, 2011 4:27pm UTC
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  16. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 22, 2011 4:06pm UTC
    Haii Witty <3
    ok, so, you all know Bdstories? Yeah, that amazing author on here?
    She's leaving.
    She said she's abandoning witty.
    Please sign your name to keep her on here?;

  17. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 21, 2011 11:17pm UTC
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  18. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 21, 2011 11:16pm UTC
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  19. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 21, 2011 11:14pm UTC
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  20. eknovels eknovels
    posted a quote
    March 20, 2011 2:28pm UTC
    Hey Readers,
    It's eknovels. Heh. This is kinda embarrassing, but on chapter three, part three, of my story,
    Speak Now.
    Sequel to Broken.
    a reader named SeaTurtle29 kindly pointed out that for some odd reason I thought the names Drew and Ivy were synonyms ... heh... Yeah sorry. Anywhere it says Ivy in that chapter should be Drew. Wow I'm mixed up lately. Just under a 'lil stress, sorry.


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