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Okay, my names Kayla. 
I made this account to write stories, 
and I didn't want my friends seeing it. 
I used the name Carmody. 
But, yup. 
I'm Kayla! 

Check out my other stories. 
  1. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    December 10, 2012 8:37pm UTC
    Chapter Three
    I hurried and drove away.
    I drove to my house and parked in the driveway.
    "Um, can I ask who you are?" I asked confused.
    "I'm Emma."
    "Well, Emma. What were you running from?"
    "None of your business." Emma replied bratty.
    "Listen here you little brat. You got into my car, causing it to be my business."
    "Fine, promise not to tell. Please?"
    "Well, my stepdad. He rapes me. I got home today not expecting him to be home. I brought my friends over and everything! He made them leave and he was chasing me with a knife! A knife! Now tell me that's not crazy!"
    "Are you okay Emma? Do you like need a place to crash?"
    "Wait. What's your name anyway?"
    "I'm Regina. Regina Carter."
    "Well, Regina thanks for asking but if I'm gone they'll call the cops. They'll think I'm lying!"
    "Then we'll make them believe you!"
    "How! I've tried! They thought I was crazy!"
    "I would think you're crazy too. But trust me with this one. Come inside, I'll tell you my plan."
    So I hope you like the story.
    Thank you for reading!
    I would love your feedback!
    Comment. Fave. Follow.(:

  2. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    December 7, 2012 7:22pm UTC
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  3. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    November 25, 2012 12:02pm UTC
    Chapter One
    "Olivia! It's time to get up." My mom screamed up the stairs.
    "Can I stay home?" I asked, half asleep.
    "Liv, it's your first day. Get your a-s out of bed."
    I got out of bed, ran to the bathroom.
    Sh-t. Lily's already in there.
    I ran to the doorstairs bathroom.
    "Ry, I need to shower get out!" I screamed while pounding on the door.
    "Liv! I need to shower too!" He screamed back.
    "No! You showered last night!"
    The door opened, and Ryan my 13 year old little brother walked out.
    "Fine." He said grumpy.
    "Thank you." I said as I walked into the bathroom.
    I took at quick 10 minute shower. I got out and ran back upstairs.
    I threw on the outfit I've had picked out for a week now.
    I put a bit of makeup on.
    I straightened my naturally wavy hair.
    I grabbed my purse filled with my wallet, extra makeup (just incase), and my phone.
    I grabbed my keys to my brand new punch buggy convertible, in baby blue.
    I walked downstairs, grabbed a granola bar and walked outside.
    Lily and Ryan stood by my car.
    "Give us a ride?" Lily asked.
    "Get in!"
    They both got in, I drove Ryan to the middle school.
    Lily was my twin, so my car was actually our car.
    She wasn't as pretty, and wasn't as popular.
    I got to the high school, and parked in my usual spot.
    I walked up and opened the door.
    I walked to my locker, where Damien was standing.
    "Hey babe." He said grabbing my waist.
    "Damien, we are not dating!" I shouted and pushed him away.
    So, this is my new story. I know, it starting off slow. It will get a lot better!
    Trust me!
    Comment if you'd like to be notified.(:

  4. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    November 24, 2012 8:35pm UTC
    I'm Olivia, 16 years old today.
    I'm head cheerleader.
    I have blonde hair, blue eyes.
    I'm everything the guys want.
    Most people call me the school sl_t.
    Some people call me "too perfect"
    I agree with everything they say, I have made some mistakes.
    I realize they're mistakes.
    I've slept with sbout 6 guys on the basketball team, about 3 on the football team.
    I have a lot of friends, all fake of coarse.
    Thing is, I hate it.
    I hate my life.
    I'd rather be the girl with 2 good friends, then the most popular girl with a whole bunch of fake friends.
    So, this is my new story. I didn't like the other one, so I hope you like this one. Comment if you'd like to be notified.(:

  5. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    November 8, 2012 6:27pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Six Years Later.
    "ADDISON! Don't do that!"
    I yelled across the park at my two year old daughter who was throwing sand at some little boy.
    Addy came runnning over to me.
    "Mommy, I'm hungry!"
    I picked her up and started walking over to the car.
    I put her in her seat and pulled out my phone, and dialled James' number.
    "Hey Honey." He said into the phone.
    "Hey, I just wanted to tell you I'm on my way home, start lunch for Addison please?"
    "Of coarse I will."
    "Love you!"
    "Love you too! Bye!"
    I turned on my car, and went to back up.
    I saw someone, really fimilar.
    I stopped my car, and rolled down my window.
    "Fynn?" I said.
    "Nessa? Is that you?"
    "Sure is."
    "How are you?" He asked, holding hands with someone who looked oldly fimilar, I just couldn't put her name to her face.
    "I'm pretty good. How about you?" I asked looking weirdly at the girl standing next to him.
    "Not going to say hi to an old friend?" She said laughing.
    Oh my god! Carmody!
    "I didn't realize you! You look so different! I see you're with Fynn now!"
    "...And 4 months pregnant!"
    I was so happy for them.
    "Aw! How cute!"
    "What about you?"
    "Huh?" I asked confused.
    "I see the ring on your finger! Who are you with!"
    "James, we've been married for 3 years. We have a 2 year old daughter, named Addison."
    "Well it was nice talking to you! We need to get going! Get in touch soon!" Fynn said rushing our conversation.
    It was nice to see, that my best friend, and my a//hole of a ex boyfriend, are happy together..
    Yupp, the story is finished. How did you like it!?

  6. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    November 5, 2012 10:02pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Twenty
    "Josh, you need to get your fuuucking assss out of here, now." I said, looking at him with hate.
    He turned and walked out of the room,
    running down the stairs,
    and slammig the door behind him.
    I looked at Lexi, who was crying her eyes out.
    "Alexis, wipe them tears away, put some shoes on, and grab your phone we're going out."
    "Where?" She said looking up.
    "Paris's house, she needs to pay."
    "LETS DO IT." She screamed.
    I went back into my room, fixed my makeup, and grabbed my keys.
    I got into my car, and drove to Paris's house, as fast as I could without speeding.
    I got to her house, parked my car, and jumped out of my seat.
    Slamming my car door behind me.
    I walked up to her door, I knocked a few times, no one answered.
    I walked right through the door, marched up her stairs, and into her room.
    She was sitting on her bed, laughing at her phone.
    I walked up to her,
    took her phone threw it across the room,
    and smacked her across the face.
    "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?" She screamed.
    "That, was for making out with my sisters boyfriend."
    I smacked her again.
    "That was for making out, with MY boyfriend."
    I hit her harder.
    "And that, was because you're an awful friend!"
    I turned and walked away, tears in my eyes.
    I ran down her stairs, and out of the house.
    I got to my car, turning around.
    Paris was standing right behind me, she grabbed ahold of my throat.
    I couldn't breathe.
    The last thing I remember, and seeing the red in her eyes.
    She truely wanted me dead.
    I don't know why, but I love this chapter. Haha, this is the last actual chapter, and then the epilogue. The new story will be up sometime this week. Okay, thank so much for reading this story.

  7. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2012 7:14pm UTC
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  8. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 28, 2012 6:21pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Eighteen
    I sat there just staring at them, I wanted to cry. But this wasn't the place, or the time.
    James looked at me. "I completely understand if you want to pick Fynn, you've had a crush on him since you were 9, we used to play house and you'd make me be Fynn."
    "Well this just got really embrassing.." I felt my checks turning bright red.
    Fynn started laughing.
    I looked up at both of them.
    "I know I'm going to regret my dicision either way. But James, you're more of a brother to me, and Fynn, you cheated how do you think I could trust you again?"
    "Nessa listen, I love you. When you found me making out with Paris I was think about you, the whole time."
    "Listen, I don't want to hear that you were thinking about me. I'm sorry guys, I choosing neither of you."
    Right as I said it Fynn got up and walked away screaming swear words, and punching the walls. Someone went up to him, and told him he needed to leave.
    He turned to me, and I saw tears in his eyes. I felt bad, but I couldn't trust him.
    I looked at James, and he looked at me.
    I stood up at the same time he did, we hugged and he told me to call him later.
    This is what I liked, I liked that he was my best friend, I didn't want that to change.
    I went home, I ran to Alexis room, and there she was, making out with her boyfriend.
    I started laughing and walked out of her room.
    I went to my room and just fell right to sleep.
    I woke up the next morning, and ran to the bathroom to shower. I got out and went to my room.
    There was Fynn sitting on my bed.
    "I'm sorry Ness, I can't give up that easy."
    Yeah, cute... Haha. So I'm almost done with story I hope you like it(:

  9. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 26, 2012 6:18pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Seventeen
    "You do not. Why? He cheated Ness! He isn't good for you."
    That's right, because I didn't care if he was good for me. I just wanted him back.
    My phone started going off, Fynn's ringtone. I ran over to it, and picked it up.
    "Hey, we need to talk." That's all it said. I texted him back.
    "Meet me at Kiara's Cafe, at 7 pm."
    I took a small nap, and woke up at 6:00.
    I put on a new, cute outfit.
    Re-did my makeup.
    I texted my mom, telling her that I was going for a drive and I'd be home before 9.
    I got to Kiara's Cafe a little late.
    I walked in, and there was Fynn, with James.
    I walked over to the table they were sitting at, and sat down.
    Why were they here, together.
    I looked at James, he smiled.
    I looked at Fynn, he looked like he was going to cry.
    What the hell was going on. No one spoke, we just sat there.
    James finally started talking. I wasn't really listening. But I heard bits and pieces.
    Then Fynn started talking, and he said a few words. That I wish were never spoken.
    "You need to pick one of us."
    Bit of a cliff hanger huh? Hahaha, well I haven't writen in a while, sorry. I've had a horrible week, and haven't logged on to witty at all. Well, I hope you like this story. Love you alll!(:

  10. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2012 11:47am UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Sixteen
    When the food finally arrived, I had to laugh because he ordered me a chicken bacon wrap.
    I had been to this restraunt before, when I was about 6 years old. My mom, and James mom brought James, Jake; James little brother who's the same age as Alexis; Alexis, and I to this restraunt. I got the chicken bacon wrap, with mashed potatoes, and I told James, that when we got married we would come here every Friday so I could get the chicken bacon wrap.
    It happened to be Friday. I took a bite of my wrap.
    "Just as good as I remember it.." I said with a giggle.
    "I thought it'd bring back good memories."
    "You were right..Haha"
    We finished eatting and decided that we should go walk the boardwalk.
    "It's beautiful out here.." I said looking out at the sunset.
    I felt James take my hand, he held on to it, like he nevered wanted to let go.
    "I think I should get you home before your mom freaks.." James said, we started to walk to the car.
    James opened the door, and closed it for me.
    We got to my house, and James walked me to my door.
    He kissed me, passionately.
    "Ness, I've liked you for a while... And I know you might say no, but will you be my girlfriend..."
    I didn't know what to say.
    "I need some time to think about it.." I said, he frowned.
    I gave him a hug, and I walked into my house.
    Lexi was standing at the bottom of the stairs.
    "WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY YESS!!!!?" She screamed.
    "Because.... I still love Fynn."
    So I hope you like the story, this chapters a little slow, but dont stop reading because of it. Thank you for reading it. You guys are beautiful people. Loll.

  11. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 20, 2012 11:11pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Fifteen
    I closed my door slowly, I knew Fynn finally left because I heard his car start, and he drove away. I ran to my room. I put my face to my pillow, and screamed as loud as I could. I heard my phone go off, but I ignored it. But then I heard it go off again, so I dragged myself out of bed and answered my phone.
    "Hello..." I said, trying to sound happy, but whoever it was could tell I wasn't.
    "Eh, hi, um Ness. It's James! I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner."
    I felt bad, because I took advantage of him, I kissed him because I thought I loved him, but I really love Fynn... I led him on.
    "What time should I be ready?" I atleast owed him a chance.
    "Does 6 o'clock sound good?" He said, sounding happy.
    "Yes, see you then" I hung up the phone.
    It was already 5, so I quickly got ready.
    I heard a knock on the door, I quickly put on my shoes, and ran down stairs.
    I opened the door, there was James, standing there, with flowers, my favorite flowers, red roses.
    "You ready?" James said with a smile.
    "Yes" I said, and smiled back.
    "You look lovely, Ness."
    "Thanks James, you don't look too bad yourself.
    He opened the door to his car, I got in and he closed the door. What a gentlemen.
    He got in, and we drove off. We got to the restaurant. Thing was, I had never been there before.
    We walked in. James walked up,
    "James Reasati, table for 2."
    They seated us, James looked at me and smiled.
    "Thank you for coming."
    "Thank you for asking me to come."
    I looked to the right of where we were sitting, and there was Fynn, and Paris.
    "Eh, I need to use the rest room, be right back, order for me?"
    The bathroom was right by Fynn and Paris' table.
    I walked by, making it so they saw me.
    And they did, because when I came out of the bathroom, they were gone.
    I walked back to the table were James was sitting by himself.
    "I ordered for you." He said, sounding kind of mad.
    "Thank you, what'd you get me?"
    "That's a surprise." He said, and then he started laughing.
    So I hope you like the story, this chapters a little slow, but dont stop reading because of it. Thank you for reading it. You guys are beautiful people. Loll.

  12. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 18, 2012 7:24pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Fourteen
    I ran out of her room, I ran to my bed, put my face in my pillow, and just cried myself to sleep.
    I woke up to the sound of my alarm, I dragged myself out of bed, mascara stains on my pillow.
    I went and showered and came back to my room, put on my fake front no makeup today. I wore a fake smile, pretending everything was okay, but it most deffinately wasn't.
    I went downstairs and waited for Alexis to get done, we went to the car.
    We got to the school, I went to my locker, exspecting Fynn, or atleast James, but there was no one.
    Walking down the halls was lonely, like everyone forgot I was there, no one noticed me.
    At the end of the day, I got in my car, I got a text from Alexis, 'Staying after, be home later.'
    Great, house to myself.
    I got home put on some comfy clothes, through my hair in a bun, and starting watching
    'The Notebook'
    The movie gave me an excuse to cry.
    About half way through the movie, there was a knock at the door. I got up, wiped my tears off my cheeks and answered the door.
    Guess who, if you guessed Paris. You're wrong.
    Fynn was standing, begging for forgiveness.
    I didn't want to hear it, so I slammed the door in his face, and went back to watching my movie.
    He kept knocking, for about 10 minutes, and then I caved. He was annoying.
    I opened the door, he smiled, leaned in for a kiss, I turned my head.
    'I'm not forgiving you, don't put your lips near me. I just wanted to say, your an a//hole. I liked you, I mean I really liked you, and you cheated, you kissed my best friend, or what I thought was my best friend. You're the coach, and I'm not playing on your team.'
    Yeah, cute right, ahaha jk. James will be back! Dont worrrry!(;

  13. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 14, 2012 8:47pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Thirteen
    We sat there starring at the stars for about a half hour, just sitting there, his hand in mine, no talking at all. It was nice, I never thought, in the 15 years of my life, I would end up with James Hutler.
    I wonder what are moms are going to say,
    since they've known each other since high school.
    I don't want to go to school,
    and face Fynn, and Paris.
    But I looked at James,
    "I think I should get going." I said sadly.
    "Yeah, me too. Let me walk you home?"
    "If you want to!"
    He gave me butterflies, but I don't know if I actually like him yet.
    I walked into the house, and my mom was sitting on the couch watching deal or no deal.
    "Oh hello James! Long time no see!"
    Why was my mom so embrassing!?
    "Hello Joane!"
    I turned to James, he looked into my eyes, and kissed me, just a little peck.
    "See you in school Ness!" And he walked out the door.
    I looked at my mom, who looked absolutely confused, I giggled, and ran up the stairs to go tell Alexis everything that happened.
    "WHY DID YOU JUST KISS JAMES!?" She screamed in my face as I opened her door to her room.
    "Because, Fynn, that one I thought loved me? Yeah, I just caught him making out with Paris!"
    "WHAT A WH/RE!"
    And with that, I started crying, not just crying, balling my eyes out.
    Short chapter, next one will be longer. But woah. Never thought Fynn would cheat did you?!

  14. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 13, 2012 5:17pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Twelve
    "Babe calm down." Thats all he said. I'm not going to be calm. I caught you cheating!
    "Yeah. Nesa, calm down. He obviously doesn't want you." Said, who I thought was my best friend.
    "Paris, shut the hell up. You knew we had a thing, he dumped your a//, you wh/re."
    I can't believe I said that, after I did. I started running, I didn't know where I was going, I just knew I didn't want to stand there like an idiot anymore, I knew it wasn't true love, I knew he was playing me, but I didn't want to believe it.
    I ran my heart out, I ran to the top of the mountain, crashing to my knees as reached the top.
    I hit the ground, hard, and started crying.
    The world just stoped spinning.
    I heard foot steps behind me.
    I turned around, there was James, my best friend since birth.
    "How did you know I was up here?" I choked out of my mouth.
    "I saw everything that happened. I knew he was going to hurt you Ness! He just isn't the one for you! Your gorgeous! You don't need this!"
    He has always been the one to make me smile.
    "Then who is! I just thought, my life was going good! It just felt right!"
    James steped closer.
    "I've known you since the begging of your life! I've loved you ever since."
    And with that, he kissed me.
    I kissed back.
    I've been looking for someone to love me, but I guess I've been looking to hard, because he's been right infront of me the whole time.
    Cutest thing ever. Hahaha. I hope your liking it! Because, I know I am!♥

  15. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 13, 2012 4:08pm UTC
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  16. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 8, 2012 2:36pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Ten
    "Are you ready yet? I made reservations at Olive Garden!" Fynn yelled up the stairs.
    I didn't say anything back, because I was done, so I walked down the stairs.
    "You look gorgeous." Fynn's jaw basically dropped.
    "Thanks!" I said with a bright smile.
    Our date, went amazing. I couldn't believe how nice he was.
    When we got home, Lexi was sitting on the porch.
    "What are you doing!?" I said confused.
    "Josh is trying to open windows, because you weren't home, and I don't have a key, remember!"
    I god, I forgot all about that.
    "Sorry Lex..." I said as I opened the door.
    "JOSHHHH!! NESSAS HOME!" Lexi screamed as she walked through the door.
    "....And so is mom."
    What was she doing here, she worked till 11 I thought..
    "Why aren't you working.." I asked.
    Then, she started yelling, about how she works, and we aren't supposed to leave while she works.
    "Oh well. It happens!" Lexi said, making everything worse.
    I turned to Fynn.
    "I'm so sorry babe. Call me later."
    "Of coarse."
    And then he kissed me goodbye, infront of my mom.
    Yeah, its short, I know. I'll make up for it next chapter. Love youuu guys for reading thiss. xxxx

  17. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 7, 2012 11:20pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Nine
    "And....Done!" I basically screamed in Lexi's face as I finished her outfit, and makeup for her date.
    I turned her around to face her mirror.
    "Hey, Ness, I look so good, thank you, really I mean it, thank you."
    "Anytime Alexis. Your look beautiful, I hope he's the right guy for you."
    Right as I said that, the door bell rang.
    "EKKKK! That must be him!!!!!" Lex screamed, I bet the whole neighborhood heard her.
    "I'll go answer the door, you stay here."
    I ran down the hallway, and down the stairs, I went to open the door, thinking it was Josh, Lexi's boyfriend.
    There was Fynn, standing there with flowers, and I looked like sh/t.
    "Eh. What are you doing here?"
    I was completely clueless.
    "I wanted to see you.."
    "But you weren't in school today.."
    "Because I was ashamed to show my face, everyone knows we went on a date, and everyone knows, you ran away after I kissed you.."
    "But thats not what happened at all! You kissed me, and when I pulled away, Paris was standing on the sidewalk, crying"
    We talked for about 10 minutes, and I finally let him inside.
    About 5 minutes after I let Fynn in, Josh showed up.
    "So, I hear your here to get my little sister.." I said trying to embrass him.
    "Eh, yeah, I am."
    He was studdering. This is hilarious.
    "Stop it Nessa!" Lexi came running down the stairs, nearly flying out the door.
    "Be back by 11! Thats when mom gets home!"
    "Thank you Nessa!"
    And that was that, she left, on her first date, and I was home alone with the boy of my dreams.
    It was only 6 pm.
    "Come on beautiful, go get dressed, I'm taking you out to dinner!"
    Fynn, was not only hot, he was the nicest person ever!
    I love this chapter, like so much. It's so cute. I hope your liking the story!

  18. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 6, 2012 9:01pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Eight
    I ran away, after we kissed.
    There was fireworks, but then Paris showed up. I felt horrible,
    I ran inside.
    My mom was actually home.
    "Who's the boy Ness."
    "No one."
    And I ran upstairs,
    I went and talked to Lexi.
    "Hey Lex, can I talk to you?"
    "Yeah come on in."
    "I just kissed Paris' ex boyfriend, I've liked him since day one of Kindergarten, he said he dated Paris to get my jealous, and it obviously worked, but Paris actually liked him, and when he found out I liked him he dumped her, and I just went on a date him with, and kissed him, and when I pulled away, Paris was standing on the sidewalk balling her eyes out."
    That was a mouthful, but I need to get it out.
    I talked to Lex, for about 3 hours, by then I was exhausted so I went to bed.
    I woke up at 6, and beat Lexi to the shower, and when I got out, I checked my phone, 2 messages,
    one from Fynn,
    and one from Paris.
    "Hey babe, tonight was amazing, your amazing, I can't wait for the next date." That was obviously from Fynn.
    The next one, was harsh.
    "What the hell Nessa, I liked him, and you knew it, and you still went on the date with him. Btw. Lose my number."
    Oh gosh, she deffinately hates me.
    I did my hair, and got dressed.
    School went by fast because neither Fynn, or Paris were there.
    I went to my car at the end of the day, and I drove Josh to his house, and then drove him.
    "Hey, uh, Nessa, will you help me get dressed for my date?"
    Did I hear she right, Lexi has a date, and she wants me to help her get ready!?
    "OH MY GOD YES!"
    This chapter is my favorite so farr. There isnt any drama, but I like it. Loll. So I hope you like the story so far!

  19. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 4, 2012 8:13pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Seven
    I went over to my locker, trying to avoid him, but it was kind of hard seeing how he was standing right infront of my locker.
    "Excuse me.." I said really quite.
    "Of coarse, beautiful."
    Why was he being so nice all of a sudden, because I know for a fact, he doesn't like me! He might say he does but, I know, he doesn't.
    I got my books, and he came closer,
    "Will you atleast let me take you on one date. Just one, just to see if theres something between us."
    He is so damn cute! How could I say no?
    "Fine, one date." I said trying to act cool.
    "Okay, I'll pick you up at 6, okay?"
    "Yeah, I guess thats fine."
    I feel horrible, but like he said, we had to see if there was something between us.
    I was hoping there was, but at the same time I didn't want to lose Paris.
    "What the hell was that."
    Oh no.
    "Paris, were just friends. Theres nothing between us."
    "Yeah, thats why he asked you out on a date right?"
    "Its nothing!"
    "Don't talk to me."
    Paris heard him ask me out, I said yes. I wasn't backing out either.
    Does that make me a bad friend?
    School went by fast, and when I got to my car, my sister was making out with some guy!
    "Go Lex!" I screamed, hopefully embrassing her.
    "Shut up Ness!" She was blushing now. "This is Josh, my boyfriend. Hes coming over, can he ride with us?"
    She said it like I was going to make him walk!
    "Duh! Get in!"
    When we got to the house, I did my homework, when I finished I looked at the clock, 5:00.
    Fynns going to be here at 6, so I had to get ready.
    I picked out the cutest outfit.
    I looked adorable.
    He got here right on time.
    "You look beautiful, as always." He always knows what to say.
    He took me out of ice cream,
    I got strawberry,
    he got a fudge sundae.
    When he brought me home, he walked me to my house,
    he kissed me.
    The fireworks exploded.
    I pulled away, I saw someone walking by the house,
    there was Paris,
    balling her eyes out.
    Little bit of dramaa huhh? The writing looks weird down here because my computers being dumb.
    But I hope you like itt! Love the few people that are actually reading thiss.♥

  20. dontwanttoforgetyou dontwanttoforgetyou
    posted a quote
    October 2, 2012 3:44pm UTC
    I Say Pinch Me.
    Chapter Six
    Once he said he liked me, I hung up. He couldn't like me, he didn't even talk to me until today.
    We've gotten partnered up in class, a few times, but I barely talked.
    He texted me and 5 minutes later,
    "Nessa, why'd you hang up? Do you not like me?"
    What do you mean do I not like you. Of coarse I do. But I didn't want to lose Paris.
    "I don't know right now, its complicated."
    He didn't text me back, so I went to bed.
    I stared at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep.
    I finally fell asleep around midnight, I heard my alarm go off so I got out of bed, and ran to the shower beating Lexi again.
    I took the longest shower after, because Lexi didn't come and knock on the door,
    when I got out, I realized it was still dark out, usually its light out.
    I walked over to my phone.
    5:00 o' clock in the morning.
    You have got to be kidding me.
    I saw I had 4 new messages, and 3 missed calls, all from Fynn.
    "Ness, I like you. I've waited so long to tell you I didn't know how, and now you dont like me."
    "Ness, answer me, I need to hear your voice."
    "Well, I guess your sleeping, goodnight beautiful.<3"
    "Good morning.<3"
    I had to be dreaming, I have waited for cute texts from him, for ever.
    But not when Paris is his ex, so I ignored the texts and went downstairs before I got dressed, and made a big breakfast because I had the time.
    I went upstairs and picked out the cutest outfit ever.
    I sat on the computer until Lexi was ready, we drove to school, and I walked to my locker, and Fynn, was standing infront of it.
    I'm going to be putting the outfits on with Polyvore from now onnnn. Well, I hope your liking the story.. Love youuu.xxxx


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