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Steve · 4 years ago
Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.

Brandiex731 · 1 decade ago
it doesnt, i was just wonderinn.

Away_Messagesx0 · 1 decade ago
haha thanks, but im going to bed now(:
ill write the next two parts tomorrow though(:

meggg_xxo · 1 decade ago
thnnnnx for favving one of quotess < 3

loveandforgiveness · 1 decade ago
this is a tough one . i think the easiest thing to do is to find out if he like you too . if so GO FOR IT ;D if ur not completly sure with no definate yes or no answer become friends with his friends which eventually leads to becoming friends with him . atleast ull be cole . or if ur not daring confront him. say uve had ur difference and say tht you want to try being friend . nbecuz honestly it wrong to ruin a friendship over a bad relationship. been there . done tht . HOPE THIS HELPS ! if youh have anymore question just ask ! ;d

xxtunisiaxbaby · 1 decade ago
heyy thankks fer favoritin' one of my qoutes.. its rlly kewl tht we can see who favorites them now . thankks again :]

iminlovewithnicholasjerryconnor · 1 decade ago
k theres 7 parts to the new one b.c. it was way too long for the stupid thing

iminlovewithnicholasjerryconnor · 1 decade ago
check out my profile for the continuation it was too long for 1 quote so i made it into 2

BrunetteDancer11795 · 1 decade ago
heeey your request is done[:
Check out my quotes and if you ever neeed anyy requests you can always come to me[:
Thanks! =D

- -Alex .


Ask_me_me · 1 decade ago
If you wnat i could help you also with you problem with your friend
comment me back
-Me Me

AskSam · 1 decade ago
What do you need help with?


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