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Mercantile Claims are one of the UK’s leading specialist Timeshare Claims companies, helping customers get the money they deserve for mis-sold Timeshares at some of the biggest resorts in the world. Our team of experts at Mercantile Claims are on hand to service your requirements at every step of the process.

Here at Praetorian Legal our aim is to provide a professional and courteous service to our clients; finding solutions through financial claims assistance and management.

All consumer credit agreements – bank or payday loans, mortgages, pensions, investments, and credit cards – are subject to strict regulations under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Praetorian Legal provides specialist support to look at consumer credit agreements that you have, both current and historic (up to 20 years old), to ensure they comply with all the relevant regulations and procedures.

Our experts have extensive knowledge and a proven track record in this complex field. If we find your credit agreements do not comply, or you have been mis-sold or charged hidden commission, we will pursue the creditor on your behalf to dissolve the agreement and secure an appropriate financial settlement for you.

We work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis*; our experience in dealing with this extremely specialised area means we’re ideally placed to handle even the most challenging consumer credit agreement cases. Get in touch today.

*except our Timeshare Termination service.

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