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 HEy there, this is my profile :)
You can call me cray cray bah nah nuh if you want to be hipstah
i like going to the beach, hanging out with my friends, singing, & playing piano
i'm not as on as i used to be, but feel free to leave a comment & i will be sure to reply :)

  1. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    October 17, 2013 2:49am UTC
    i never ever thought i'd like you this much.
    and i never planned to have you on my mind this often.

  2. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    October 14, 2013 1:45am UTC
    nipple is a bad word.
    say "sensitive chest raisin" instead

  3. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    October 12, 2013 1:25am UTC
    - f is for friends who do stuff without you
    -- u is for uninvited
    --- c if for clinging onto hope that you won't keep getting forgotten
    ---- k is for krispy kreme yum
    this is not what i wanted this post to turn out like
    one time i got in the shower and came out and no one was home and the lights were off,
    my entire family went bowling and forgot about me

  4. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    October 9, 2013 8:14pm UTC
    person: are you athletic?
    me: i run
    person: oh cool!
    me: *whispers* a blog
    *again, these are not mine

  5. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    October 9, 2013 2:54am UTC
    we'll we'll we'll if it isn't autocorrect

  6. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    October 7, 2013 5:46pm UTC
    i'm hiding naked in my closet because there are mattress delivery men in my bedroom
    and no one thought to tell me so i was just doing my naked thing after my shower
    and then i was very unceremoniously shoved into my closet
    and i don't know how long i have to be here i don't have snacks or anything
    update: i found a chocolate bar on my shelf but also my phone battery is at 20% i feel like bear grylls
    don't you have clothes in your closet
    *got this from tumblr*

  7. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2013 6:29pm UTC
    what if hot sauce doesn't wanna be called hot sauce
    what if it wants to be called beautiful sauce

  8. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    June 19, 2013 4:28pm UTC
    i dont know why my feelings get more fragile each and every day

  9. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    March 10, 2013 8:43pm UTC
    words do hurt
    I'm not going to be continuing this story anymore.
    First off, I haven't been on a lot, so I have obviously lost readers of this story.
    Second, I just really don't feel like writing this anymore.
    It's starting to be a pain in the buttocks, so I will be starting a new story.

  10. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    March 1, 2013 8:30pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 17
    Maria's P.O.V.
    Crud, why did "Carter" have to ask Christina on a date?
    I asked her out, just to get her hopes up, and also to see how she was into him, but there was one problem that didn't seem to matter to me for a couple of minutes.
    Where was I going to find the guy that "Carter" had for his profile pictures that I found on Google Images?
    "How's your conversation with Christina? Did she confess her lame love for Carter?" Tiffany teased as she walked in, waiting for me to reply something back.
    "Haha, yeah, she's such a loser." I said weakly, managing to get a fake chuckle out.
    I don't know why I was doing this, Christina was still my friend.
    But if I ditched Tiffany, she would ruin my reputation at school, and I don't want to be those outcasts.
    "You don't sound very confident." Tiffany commented, raising an eyebrow at me.
    "W-what do y-you mean?" I stuttered.
    I was never good at lying under pressure, I feel as if a million eyes on me.
    "Cut the cr/p Maria, what did you say to Christina? Did you tell her that we're the Carter guy she has a crush on?" she spat.
    "No, of course not!"
    "Then spill it." she warned, getting furious.
    "Carter may have a date with Christina." I said softly, flinching, as if she was going to hit me.
    But she didn't, instead, she just sat on her bed, as if she's seen a ghost.
    "You idiot, how are we going to have a guy that's willingly going to go on a date with her!" she exclaimed.
    "I really don't know, I'm sorry." I muttered.
    Tiffany may have given me popularity, but sometimes, she can overreact and be super annoying.
    "Ugh, have you seen her? She's like an awkward potato!" Tiffany snarled, pacing around.
    She then slammed her hand onto the oak table that her father had surprisingly carved out for her, and I'm quite shocked that her hand didn't start turning red. "I've worked so hard on this, I spent hours talking to her online as Carter! Do you know how boring she is to talk to?"
    That wasn't completely the truth; I mostly talked to Christina as Carter every day.
    Plus, I've actually enjoyed my time talking to her; it was like our old friendship, if I remember it correctly.
    "What are you going to do?" I asked.
    "What I always do. Fix the sh/t that you always cause so I can have my revenge."
    Favorite if you liked/read it & Comment what you think!
    *Based on the movie, Cyberbully*

  11. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    February 27, 2013 11:14pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 16
    Christina's P.O.V.
    Christina: Omg, was your grandma okay? I typed as I pressed enter on my laptop keyboard.
    Carter was telling me about a hilarious memory of his grandma's birthday a couple of months ago when she urged Carter's father to take her to horseback riding lessons.
    It was going great; she was having fun, until she accidently flew off the horse as she was trying to braid it's hair by yanking on it continiously.
    Carter: Yeah, she even wanted to go back on it after it she fell off!
    This was the 2nd week in a row that I was chatting with Carter, and honestly, I loved how I would never get bored with him, and he always found a way to make me feel better and more positive.
    Not by advice or comforting words, just the thought of him actually taking a lot of time to just stare at the screen and reply.
    I really want to meet up with him and actually have a verbal conversation with him, but I haven't gotten the guts yet to ask him to meet up for coffee or something.
    I have finally decided that I would try to hint at it so he would ask me, because I don't want to come off as desperate.
    Even if I am, it's usual for the guy to ask the girl.
    Christina: Haha, speaking of funny moments, I remember when I was drinking coffee at the local cafe, and this random dog just ran in, and it scared me so much that it just splattered all over my lap! It looked like I just took a sh/t in my pants!
    None of that was exactly true, but I needed something interesting to say.
    Carter: Oh wow, was it really hot?
    Christina: You bet it was, I still get the jitters when I go there now, but I love their menu so yeah (:
    Carter: Is the cafe called Susie's Steaming Snacks?
    Christina: Yeah, do you go there?
    Carter: It's my favorite place to go! I think I'm addicted to their yummy food :P But seriously, it has a cheesy name for it.
    Christina: Haha I know right, and it's my favorite place to go too!
    Carter: We have a lot in common then!
    Christina: Yeah :D
    Come on boy, get the dang hint that I want you to ask me out!
    Carter didn't seem to answer for a couple of minutes, which was strange, because he usually replies back immediately.
    Carter: I was wondering if you wanted to go with me there sometime... since we both really like it?
    I cheered silently in my room as I threw my fists in the air victoriously.
    Oh crud, I need to reply, oh what to say?
    Carter: Yeah, that sounds really great. Just tell me when (:
    Ugh, I probably sounded way too happy when I put that smiley face down, I don't want to come off as clingy!
    But whatever, because I have a date with Carter Daniels, my internet crush.
    Favorite if you liked/read it & Comment what you think!
    *Based on the movie, Cyberbully*
    I am very, very sorry that I didn't upload as much, I was beginning to think that nobody wanted to read this anymore! I wouldn't blame some people, I even think it's getting boring, haha. And if you didn't know, the words in gray is Christina & Carter's convervations, if that wasn't obvious enough. (:

  12. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    February 16, 2013 7:51pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 15
    Tiffany's P.O.V.
    "Can you set the table for dinner? I want it to be extra special now that your friends are coming over for dinner. I wished that I had known earlier though." my father asked, raising an eyebrow at me.
    "Can't you?" I grunted, scrolling on my iPhone which I forced him to get me a couple of weeks ago, just to make sure that ugly wannabe new girl knew that I was way better than her.
    "You have responsibilities, you can't always go on your phone all the time! I'm going to take it away soon if you don't cut this crud out." he spat.
    "No wonder Jacob moved out, you're so unfair!" I retorted, finally looking at him.
    His eyes went from a deadly fierce look to a dull, ghostly color as he cleared his throat uncertainly, backing out of the room and slamming the door shut.
    I always used that excuse to get out of something my father would make me do, and it always worked.
    Jacob was my older brother; he got accepted in two great colleges that he's always wanted to go to.
    One was a couple of miles away from here, and the other one was across the country.
    He was about to choose the one closest to here, but he was so fed up with my father that he changed his mind and bam, he's gone.
    Well, I might have helped with him moving.
    I'm not the most lovey-dovey or affectionate person ever, but why be all sappy when you can be tough?
    Jacob hasn't contacted us ever since he left, which I don't really care about.
    I'm used to people leaving me.
    "Hey girl!" Maria exclaimed, walking into my room.
    "Hi, where's Casey?" I asked, a bit still upset of what still happened.
    "She's coming soon, traffic." she replied simply, sitting next to me on my bed.
    I remained silent, going back to scrolling on my phone.
    "I have some news that will put a smile on your face." Maria said, breaking the awkward silence.
    "What is it?" I muttered, not showing a sign of curiosity or surprise.
    "Christina told me that she's in love with Carter." she sang in a teasing tone, and I immediately looked up at her, with a small grin forming.
    "Are you serious?" I cackled, clapping my hands with amusement.
    "Yeah." she chuckled unsurely, and I could tell she was feeling guilty about it.
    "Perfect." I smirked.
    Favorite if you liked/read it & Comment what you think!
    *Based on the movie, Cyberbully*
    I apologize that I have not been posting every day, but I'm running short of ideas of what to put! Plus, I notice that some of my readers haven't been on Witty.

  13. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    February 14, 2013 8:45pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 14
    I was typing madly on Maria's phone when my foot had suddenly ran into a pole outside the school office.
    "OW!" I exclaimed, bending down, taking off my right boot to reveal a throbbing big toe.
    "That's what you get for being on your phone without looking!" Maria joked.
    It wasn't even 7 in the morning yet, so nobody would be arriving to school for another half hour or so.
    I gritted my teeth in pain, rubbing my toe softly.
    "By the way, can I have my phone back? I'm pretty sure you've broken a record draining a phone's battery in less than an hour." she said impatiently, since she's overprotective of her phone.
    "Can I borrow it until lunch, please?" I pleaded, sucking it up and putting my boot back on, standing up with a slight limp, because it still hurt.
    "Why? Don't make up some stupid excuse again." she warned.
    "I just need it." I whined, specifically doing what she said not to do, and I thought it was kind of funny.
    "It's my phone, so you have to tell me." she hissed, getting all snarky like Tiffany.
    "Okay, do you remember that Carter guy that added me as a friend a couple of days ago?" I mumbled quietly, kicking some snow out of my path.
    "Yeah.. oh my gosh! Have you been talking to him the entire time!" Maria started off as confused, but then was as hyper as a kid that just ate all their Halloween candy.
    "Yeah I have, and he's a really sweet guy! I don't know why, but I told him about my dad being in the military, and he just made me feel better about it." I sighed, and I couldn't help but smile.
    "You guys should totally go out!" Maria gushed, scrolling onto her phone and reading our Facebook conversations from the past couple of days.
    "We haven't even met each other in real life!" I said lowly.
    "So? Didn't you hear about that love story where two people fell in love online? They finally met and got married and they haven't been separated ever since!" Maria giggled, clapping her hands like a retarded seal that just ate expired fish.
    "No? What kind of story is that?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.
    "Oh whatever, you guys are like totally meant to be! Hasn't he been hinting that he wants to go on a date with you?" Maria questioned, grinning like an idiot.
    "Well, he has been calling me gorgeous, and he did say that any guy would be lucky to have me.." I whispered, blushing majorly.
    "See? He wants to hit you up." she winked.
    "And you know what the weirdest part about this is?" I mumbled, a bit shy to say it.
    "I think I'm falling for him."
    Favorite if you liked/read it & Comment what you think!
    *Based on the movie, Cyberbully*
    I'd thought I'd put that up, because it's going to sound very familiar to the movie from here towards the end of the story, just in case you seem like you've read or heard this before (:

  14. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    February 8, 2013 8:35pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 13
    "I haven't been here in a while." Maria chuckled as we both stepped foot into my house, taking off our winter jackets and taking in the warm air that revolved around us.
    "It's only been two weeks, did the accident hit you on the head that hard?" I joked, grabbing a couple of snacks from the fridge, as we went up to my room.
    "So let's see the MacBook you got!" she exclaimed, roaming around the room to look for it.
    "I don't have it, my mom took it away." I sighed, plopping on the couch.
    "Well your mom's an idiot." Maria scoffed.
    "Shut up, it is kinda my fault anyways." I mumbled, playing with my fingers.
    "Well, do you have any idea where she must have hidden it?" she asked, determined to find it.
    I shrugged, "We can try her room."
    We headed inside there, and it brought back so many memories.
    There were pictures plastered on the wall of my mother and father smiling and having a great time.
    Well that is, before he joined the military.
    I'm so frustrated that he could just leave for so long like that, but it is for a good reason.
    And I have to respect that, even if he is away most of the time.
    "Aha, I found it!" Maria cheered, snapping me out of my train of thoughts.
    "It was under the bed." she smirked, running back to my room.
    "What are we going to do on it?" I questioned at her sudden eagerness to go on it.
    "Facebook." she answered, typing in the website.
    "We gotta put this back soon, I don't know when my mom's coming home." I said, looking out the window cautiously, pacing back and forth.
    "Oh come on Christina, don't be such a worry wart." she giggled, laying down, taking my entire bed.
    "She'll ground me even longer!" I retorted, grunting lowly.
    "Hey look, this guy named Carter Daniels wants to add you as a friend. He's pretty hot." she swooned, turning the laptop towards me.
    "He is!" I fawned, looking at his gorgeous face, not to mention he had a buff body, even if his picture only showed from the shoulders up.
    "I'm accepting the friend request." Maria said, clicking the accept button.
    "Dude, I don't even know him!" I hissed.
    "Who cares? I'd hit him up." she winked, stalking his profile.
    "He's from the high school a couple of miles away from here, and he's in our grade! Not to mention he's single." she said, looking through his pictures.
    Suddenly, I heard a ding, and it appeared to be a message from that Carter guy.
    "OMG, he said hey! Reply something back!" Maria gasped.
    "Why? He might be some freak for all I know." I muttered, being a tad bit shy.
    "Christina, you're such a dork." she joked, urging me to reply to him.
    "I guess the worst thing that could happen is that I could scare him off, and he won't talk to me again." I said, satisfying Maria and typing hi :).
    I thought this conversation would only last for 10 minutes, but it went on for hours, and I didn't seem to mind because I wanted to get to know Carter more.
    Favorite if you liked/read it & Comment what you think!

  15. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    February 3, 2013 4:07pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 12
    "What happened yesterday?" Maria asked softly as we were behind the school buildings, since it was free period, and class wouldn't start for another 15 minutes.
    "Well, the principal didn't suspend me, because there wasn't proof that I was doing any of that stuff that Tiffany was lying about, but she told me to go home to just.. relax." I explained.
    "Oh." she commented simply.
    There was a question occuring in my mind during our conversation.
    "Why are we hiding? Don't you want to actually be around people so people won't think we're doing... things?" I asked curiously.
    "No." she blurted out. "I mean, it's just really crowded, I like the peace and quiet out here."
    "Oh come on, tell me the truth." I said, rolling my eyes at her.
    "What are you talking about?" she questioned, trying to play it all innocent.
    I twisted my hair into a curly strand, as I eyed her down.
    "I've known you too long to know that you're lying. Now why don't you tell me the real answer?" I said, pursing my lips, expecting an clear answer.
    "Nothing, really." she muttered.
    I sighed deeply; I knew what she was thinking.
    I ran my clear, bare fingernails through glossy hair that was shimmering in the illumination that was the lights on this usual cloudy day.
    "You're embarrased to be seen around with me, aren't you?"
    "What? Psh, no!" she laughed uncertainly.
    "You're afraid that I'm going to damage your reputation, so you won't be an outcast in this school like me." I said, and by the look on her face, I could tell that I just read her mind.
    "I'm sorry Christina, I really am." she replied, with an apologetic look on her face.
    "I'm not strong like you." she continued, "If I was unliked in this school, I would just fall apart, I can't handle all that pressure like that."
    "So what are you saying, we still can't be friends because popularity matters so much to you?" I murmured, as I could feel the boiling tension in my veins.
    "We can, but just not at school or in public." she said, shrugging.
    I can't believe this; she regained her memory of having me as a best friend again, but she still doesn't want to be seen with me?
    She didn't care about these things before; she was practically unfearful when it came to society's problems and all that junk that we deal with in school.
    "Tiffany really brainwashed you, didn't she?" I joked, trying to cut off the awkwardness.
    As much as I wanted to tell her off, it's a miracle that she remembered me and actually wants to be my friend, and that's all I've wanted since the accident.
    "So is it a deal? Can we still be friends secretly?" she asked, with a hint of hope in her eyes.
    I bit my lower lip, as I leaned against the wall, staring off into the sky.
    "Yeah, I guess so."
    Favorite if you liked/read it & Comment what you think!

  16. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    February 1, 2013 9:51pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 11
    I burst out into laughter as she said those words.
    "You care? If you cared then you wouldn't call me a freak on Facebook." I hissed, preparing to storm off.
    "Wait Christina, please." she said softly, and I could tell her voice was cracking.
    "Why should I?" I muttered lowly.
    "I'm sorry that I've been so rude to you lately! I just went to the doctor this morning, and he said that I got some of my memory back. Plus, he told me that you were by my side while I was in the hospital."
    "All true things." I commented, still grumpy.
    "Can we just start over and be friends now?" she asked, giving me the puppy-eyed look.
    I looked at her longingly, pursing my lips as if I had just licked a sour lemon.
    Just as I was about to answer, Tiffany just had to walk out of the classroom and interrupt us.
    "What are you doing here?" Tiffany asked, glaring at Maria.
    "Umm, my teacher told me to come here, because we heard a lot of yelling." she lied, standing there, with nervousness across her face.
    "Oh, I have to go to the stupid office because of Christina here." Tiffany growled, turning to me.
    "You're the one saying I smoked in the bathroom." I spat.
    She rolled her eyes while she examined her nails. "It's not like anybody was going to believe you."
    I heard a small laugh from Maria, and I couldn't tell if she was laughing at me, or with me.
    "Let's get to the office, shall we?" I grumbled, walking away.
    {X} {x} {X}
    "I can't believe I had to leave work for this." my mother spatted, on the ride home.
    "It wasn't my fault." I complained.
    "Oh, it wasn't?" she started off. "If it wasn't your fault, then why did your principal request to have a little chat with me that lasted more than an hour long?"
    "I don't know." I mumbled.
    "Ugh, you're grounded for a month. No T.V, no hanging out with friends, no cell phone, and I'm taking your MacBook away." she scolded, turning into our driveway.
    "What?!" I exclaimed. "You can take away my television and social life, but not my laptop!"
    "You should have thought about that before you got sent to the principal's office." she muttered, pushing me into the house.
    "I don't believe this. I'm being punished for something I didn't even do!" I snarled.
    "You gotta deal with it then, because you don't always get everything you want in life."
    Favorite if you liked/read it & Comment what you think!

  17. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    January 30, 2013 6:38pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 10
    "Christina, why are you 15 minutes late? And it shows on my computer that you've been absent in the last two classes too." the teacher, Mr. Dawson, asked with curiosity.
    Mr. Dawson was my favorite teacher; he joked around with me, and I guess I could call him my friend.
    His class was the only one I was going to today, since I wanted to go to it, even if it had my mortal enemy in it; she didn't ruin my good time there.
    "I didn't get enough sleep last night." I mumbled, with my eyes puffy and red from crying.
    "Alright, take a seat, and don't be tardy again." he said, getting the hint that I didn't want to be humiliated in front of the class.
    "Does she do drugs or something?" I heard a girl whisper to another girl, as she just looked at me strangely like I was some freak.
    Some people wouldn't argue with that statement.
    "Her eyes are so red! I wonder what happened."
    "She does, I saw her in the corner of the bathroom last period. Poor thing." Tiffany snickered, for the whole entire class to hear.
    "Is that true?" Mr. Dawson said in shock, turning immediately towards me.
    "No! Why would I do that?!" I screeched, my cheeks burning red with intensity once again.
    "I'm not lying! I would never!" Tiffany shot back.
    "She just wants to make my life terrible just because she is pathetic and just wants to feed off from people's misery!" I snarled.
    "THAT'S ENOUGH." Mr. Dawson boomed. "I want you to go to the principal's office immediately."
    "Ha, serves her right." Tiffany commented.
    "Hush or detention." he warned, glaring at her, while she just shrugged it off.
    "Why am I being blamed for absolutely no reason?" I cried out.
    "Because you suck." Tiffany muttered, while some people laughed.
    "Tiffany." Mr. Dawson said lowly.
    "What did I do to deserve this?! I hate you, and I hope you all rot in fire." I screamed loudly before storming out of the room.
    I can't believe Mr. Dawson would just force me to go to the principal's office like that.
    I thought he actually cared about me, but he's going with Tiffany?
    As I ran out of there, I bumped into someone.
    "Sorry." I muttered, getting up and putting my backpack over my shoulder.
    "Oh it's fine. It's my fault for being so clumsy!"
    My eyes twitched at the sound of that familiar voice.
    "Maria." I breathed hastily.
    She then looked up at me, quite in shock indeed.
    "Christina, what in Earth happened to you? Your eyes are all red, and you just look so angry." she said, her eyes full of concern.
    "Why don't you ask Tiffany that?" I fired, obviously not in the mood.
    "I'm asking you, because I care."
    Favorite if you liked/read it & Comment what you think!

  18. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    January 28, 2013 9:41pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 9
    "Why are you wearing a turtleneck, they're hideous!" Kelly remarked while we were walking in the hallways for third period, which was beginning soon.
    We weren't exactly alone, as there was a crowd of new kids swarming to their classes so they wouldn't get detention for being late.
    "I'm cold, have you seen the weather outside?" I lied, adjusting my cream yellow sleeves.
    The turtleneck was the only thing that I had long enough sleeves to go beyond my fingertips, because I wanted to take extra precaution that my cuts wouldn't show.
    They were obvious on my pale white skin, so I was going to have to wear long-sleeved shirts, but that wouldn't be a problem, since it's the time of snow.
    "We're inside with heaters?" she said with a raised eyebrow at me, as she swung her Coach purse back and forth, like the movement of a metronome.
    "Maybe I'm sick." I mumbled, licking my dry lips.
    "You better not get me sick. I'll see you later I guess, and don't you dare tell anybody we were talking!" she hissed as she scurried off to her next class, as I secretly rolled my eyes.
    The hallways soon cleared, as I was probably the last one, but I didn't mind, since I was officially the outcast of the school.
    I dug in my backpack to find my algebra textbook, but it wasn't there.
    "Dang it." I muttered, as I ran from hallway to hallway back to my locker, quickly getting it before the bell would ring.
    If I got detention again for being tardy, my mom will ground me again.
    I finally reached my locker, only for my eyes to widen and my jaw to drop in surprise.
    My locker, only my locker, was sprayed with bright red paint over the navy blue lockers that said ATTENTION SEEKING LOSER.
    I could smell the distant reeking expensive perfume that was left, and I immediately knew that Tiffany did this to my locker.
    I was furious; why was she out to get me now?
    "Do you like the work done on your locker? I love it." I heard a sneery voice ask from behind, and it was the person who had done this to me.
    "Why are you so determined to ruin my life? You already got my best friend." I retorted.
    "Nobody messes with me and gets away with it sweetheart. If you want to play with fire, lava is what I'll use." she snarled, slamming me against the locker.
    The sound made a huge crashing noise, as my spine went against the combination locks, making my face scrunch up in pain.
    "Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get to class." she retorted, walking away before anybody saw her.
    The bell shortly rang, but I didn't care to go anymore.
    I stayed in that corner, softly weeping as my eyes became puffy and my cheeks was a rose red shade of embarassment and sorrow.
    I didn't care if anybody saw me, it's not like they would do anything to help me.
    I just wanted to cry in the corner all day.
    And all of this happened just because of one single accident that changed everything.
    Favorite if you liked/read it & Comment what you think!

  19. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    January 26, 2013 10:34pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 8
    The rest of the day wasn't any better.
    Everywhere I went, Tiffany & Maria would be laughing and having a great time, while I was sulking in my own misery that was growing each minute of each hour.
    I kicked the large piles of snow in my path as I reluctantly trudged home, since I wasn't going to get a ride from Maria anytime soon.
    I heard a blaring honk come from behind me, as I felt the hard impact of a rather large snowball hit my back, as I heard the loud laughs.
    I soon learned that it was one of the girls from my school, with Tiffany in the front passenger seat, smirking at me with pleasure.
    "How was school?" my mother asked kindly, coming from the kitchen with a Hello Kitty apron on and with a bit of cake batter smeared across her cheek.
    "Everything was peachy perfect." I gritted through my teeth, taking my jacket off.
    "I know sarcasm when I hear it. What's up?" my mother glared with a raised eyebrow, sitting on the couch, signalling me to join us.
    "Nothing is up! I'm fine, now stop interrogating me with all these questions!" I spat, running upstairs.
    I felt guilt just yelling at her, but I just wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone.
    I just wanted to lock myself in my room and just chill.
    I decided to go on Facebook and put on a status, just because I was feeling so bottled up, and it seemed like the only thing to let my frustration out.
    Today was horrible. But tomorrow's a brand new day, I guess. I typed as I officially pressed post as it immediately showed up onto my newsfeed.
    I didn't get 50+ likes on my statuses or pictures, but at least I got 5 or 10.
    A couple of seconds later, I got a notification that Tiffany had commented on my status.
    Suck it up, it's not anybody's fault that your ex best friend was tired of you and moved on. Attention seeker. Go write about your feelings in your diary.
    I was about to reply, but a flood of more comments appeared on it.
    Yeah, get a life, loser.
    Lol, who is this chick anyways?
    She's not even that pretty, why would she have friends in the first place?
    I've seen her around school, what a loner!
    I hope she drops out of school.
    I panted heavily at all this; I didn't even know most of these people.
    I presume that Tiffany got all her little followers to attack me, and you bet her plan was worling.
    I could sense the panging touch in my chest, and I didn't like that feeling one bit.
    Just as I was about to push my laptop away, there was one more comment.
    From Maria.
    Omg, I just realized that I used to be her friend! Was I on something or what? She's a F R E A K.
    Her words wounded me the most; I can't believe she would say that about me!
    That was all it took to make me grab a swiss army knife out of a toolbox from the garage to make a few, painful slices on my wrists.
    Little did they know that it was a dreadful feeling.
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  20. crazybananas crazybananas
    posted a quote
    January 23, 2013 7:59pm UTC
    words do hurt
    Chapter 7
    "Are you sure you're ready to go back?" my mother asked carefully, while I was sliding on my fuzzy cocoa brown boots, getting ready to leave for school.
    "Yes Mom." I assured her.
    "You can always stay home another day." she suggested, her eyes glimmering with unsureness.
    "As much as I'd love to, I have a huge history test I can't miss." I groaned.
    We both went into the car, along with Kelly, who was adjusting her mini-skirt that she had bought yesterday at the mall, instead of watching me.
    "You better not get in an accident again." she spat, putting on a light shade of blush.
    "Yeah, yeah." I muttered, like she cared.
    "What were you guys doing on the wrong side of the road anyways? That is so stupid, you guys are clearly-"
    "That's enough Kelly." my mother said lowly, as she could tell my face was turning a very dark shade of rage red, ready to fire back at Kelly's words.
    "Whatever, I'm only speaking the truth." she said, shrugging it off.
    The rest of the car ride was silent, even though my mother was trying to cheer the both of us up, but it clearly wasn't working.
    Kelly was on her phone the entire time, nodding and mumbling a few words every now and then.
    I was just looking out the window, thinking to myself.
    "Have a good day at school girls!" my mother exclaimed, as she dropped us off, Kelly moving swiftly away in case anybody saw her with me.
    The wind blew fiercely, as I shivered, even if I was wearing a jacket.
    I looked around and saw everybody laughing and giggling, having fun together, while I had nobody to go or turn to since Maria doesn't remember me at all.
    Speaking of her, she shortly arrived to school after me, with the obnoxious Tiffany.
    They were heading towards my direction, and I secretly raised an eyebrow to see what they would want.
    But a little spark was in me that Maria might ask me to hang out with her.
    "Hey Christina." Tiffany greeted with a sly smirk.
    "Hi." I murmured, as I turned towards Maria with a warm smile. "Hey Maria, how are you feeling?"
    "I'm feeling better, thanks." she replied, eyeing me up and down.
    "Oh wait, I remember you!"
    My face lighted up, as I gave her a tight, tight hug.
    "I'm so glad you did, I was afraid that I was going to lose you!" I sighed of happiness.
    She quickly pulled away from me, giving me a weirded out face.
    "Umm, I don't know what you're talking about, but you're in my math class right?" she said with an awkward look on her face.
    I could hear Tiffany snicker from behind me, as my heart sunk.
    "Y-yeah." I sighed, scratching the back of my head.
    "Well anyways, I'm going to show Maria to her other best friends, bye Christina." Tiffany laughed, running off with her, leaving me alone again.
    What kind of twisted game was Tiffany playing?
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