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  1. coolio128 coolio128
    posted a quote
    April 17, 2011 4:15am UTC
    When we were little#1
    Standing on front of
    the shopping trolley
    just so your mum couldn't see

  2. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    February 14, 2013 4:32pm UTC
    Every night,
    someone falls asleep thinking about you.
    They toss and turn all night because they hate
    the fact that the pillow they’re hugging isn’t you.
    They want to be with you right this second,
    but you’re clueless about the whole situation.
    Playing these little scenarios in their head
    hoping that it will actually happen
    the next time they see you.
    That sweet voice of yours
    is the only thing they wish to fall asleep to
    but they have this mindset
    that you’re too good for them.
    Your smile is carved into their memory
    and they see it every time they shut their eyes,
    trying to go to sleep.
    Then they quickly open it again in hopes
    that you will be by their side this time.
    And the only thing they want to know is
    if you’re thinking about them too.

  3. yourcool yourcool
    posted a quote
    February 5, 2013 6:43pm UTC
    facebook would be much more interesting if
    they let you choose what part of the body you wanna poke.

  4. yourcool yourcool
    posted a quote
    February 5, 2013 6:37pm UTC
    the ocean gets its salitness from the
    tears of misunderstood sharks who just want to cuddle.

  5. posted a quote
    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

  6. yourcool yourcool
    posted a quote
    February 5, 2013 6:15pm UTC
    i feel like i've done enough good stuff that
    i now deserve to be stuck in an elevator with a cute boy.

  7. GetInMyVanItHasFreeWifi GetInMyVanItHasFreeWifi
    posted a quote
    February 5, 2013 2:43pm UTC
    Gay marriage has finally been legalised in the UK.
    For once I'm proud of being British

  8. SecondThoughts SecondThoughts
    posted a quote
    February 5, 2013 12:18pm UTC
    if you had a nintendo ds and you
    didn't colour the whole pictochat
    screen black, then most likely you
    weren't a normal child.
    ~luke reeve~

  9. posted a quote
    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

  10. JustAnotherWittyGuy18 JustAnotherWittyGuy18
    posted a quote
    January 29, 2013 8:23pm UTC
    I know you're busy and all...
    But i miss you.
    And i really just want to
    hide in your arms tonight...
    I love you
    I wish i could.

  11. yourcool yourcool
    posted a quote
    January 30, 2013 12:38pm UTC
    do you ever just look at someone and think
    "wow, let me take your pants off,"?

  12. yourcool yourcool
    posted a quote
    January 30, 2013 12:25pm UTC
    ed sheeran wrote little things when he was 17.
    while 18 year olds that i know can't distinguish your from you're.
    (i realized how ironic this quote is for me.)

  13. posted a quote
    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

  14. DontGetYourHopesUp DontGetYourHopesUp
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2013 7:34pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  15. posted a quote
    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

  16. Lolsorue_girl Lolsorue_girl
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2013 10:23am UTC
    I find it so cute when boys;
    - Bite their lower lip
    - Sing to you
    - Laugh
    - Ask how your day was
    - Say'' awww''
    - Are funny
    - Make weird faces
    - Don't care about their appearance
    - Have proper grammer
    - Get frustrated

  17. WeAreTheBoys WeAreTheBoys
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2013 2:49pm UTC
    My Dad said if I keep typing really loudly he's going to smash my face into the keyagfkbg43gaf56

  18. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2013 4:14pm UTC
    I wonder if
    anybody’s actually had feelings for me,
    like actually got upset or mad over little things I did
    and got jealous and confused over me
    and thought about me on a regular basis.
    I feel like I’m the only person that ever really cares about anyone
    and that nobody’s ever felt that way for me.

  19. ThatsSoMeee ThatsSoMeee
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2013 4:09pm UTC
    I like to go back in time
    when love was old-fashioned.
    The time when guys chased the girls,
    guys who are act gentlemanly all the time
    and that one who would lay in the middle of the grass with you
    and just talk about forever.
    Call me old-fashioned but, I think it was better before.
    That time when the words,
    “I love you”
    were still meant whenever said...

  20. justanothergirl_ justanothergirl_
    posted a quote
    January 1, 2013 6:59pm UTC
    C h a p t e r 1 .
    Avery's Point of View.
    Beep. Beep. Beep.
    God what was that beeping?
    It was so annoying.
    And why on Earth did my head hurt so bad?
    Why couldn't I open my eyes?
    I willed myself as hard as I could, and finally my eyelids separated to reveal bright white lights.
    What, was I dead or something?
    Suddenly my vision became clearer, and I looked around.
    I saw my mom, dad, my best friends Kylie and Alyssa, and some guy I didn't seem to recognize.
    Not gonna lie, he was kind of attractive, but why are all of them here?
    Finally, his gaze found mine.
    His eyes were a yellowish green type color, which I had never seen on a person before.
    But somehow, they drew me in.
    His eyes were captivating, and made me think I was missing something.
    "Avery your awake!" He shouted with glee.
    I smiled a bit, but then looked to my parents and friends. "Where am I?" I asked, my voice hoarse.
    "The hospital, Aves." The guy said to me.
    Aves? I never let anyone use that as my nickname...
    My mom went out of the room to get a doctor, and a man came in.
    "Well glad to see you're awake." The doctor remarked.
    "Yeah me too." I laughed a bit.
    "Now I don't know if you remember, but you got into a car accident." He said and I shook my head no. I didn't remember any car accident...
    "And what's your name?"
    "Avery Green."
    "15." I said, and I received some odd glances.
    "What year is it?" He asked.
    "2011..." I mumbled.
    "And who are the people in this room?"
    "That's easy!" I said. "My mom and dad, Kylie, Alyssa, and uhh.. I don't know him." I said, pointing at the unfamiliar face.
    His face filled with pain and he began pacing.
    The doctor turned away from me, and towards them.
    "It appears she has amnesia..." He said "Her memory could come back. I'll give you guys a while." He said, giving the guy a sympathetic look before leaving the room.
    "What's going on?" I demanded.
    My mom looked around the room.
    "You're 17 Avery, almost 18. It's 2013..." She sighed.
    "You forgot the past two years of your life."
    Hey, thanks for all the feedback on the Prologue, go read it if you haven't.
    Sorry I havent uploaded, I'm going to try to post a chapter every day or every other day.
    I'm just a little busy and I know its weird that I put 2013 and past 2 years because today is the first day of 2013, but aihfds;kdjfiuahg whatever.
    Anyways, happy new year! How was yours? I finally started mine off right ;* okay I'm done.
    Favorite and Follow if you like and are going to read Forgotten.
    thank you, I LOVE YOU.
    *I do not notify.*


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