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Holding hands, smiling at strangers, faith, hope, love, fairness, reunited people, good news and equal treatment are the things I like to do and like to see. Love is endless. 
  1. closingtimes closingtimes
    posted a quote
    August 12, 2015 3:39pm UTC
    And now you're gone
    And I had to buy a new guitar
    cause my hands are shaking
    and I have no control at all
    Everything is dark
    I don't know where to go
    No light that guides me
    that shows me the way
    and I hope when your closer
    it turns grey
    and when you touch me
    I'm awake
    I can't stop the pain
    it's rushing trough my veins
    to weak to walk
    to hard to breathe
    to broken to talk
    to done without you
    Time won't pass
    everything stands still
    there's no will
    no desire
    everything I have
    Everything I had
    it's gone
    you took it with you
    and all I can do
    Is waiting for you
    Waiting for you
    like I always did
    Iike I always will
    until I break
    as long as I'm awake
    - M.R.

  2. closingtimes closingtimes
    posted a quote
    August 12, 2015 3:36pm UTC
    And believe me
    with all the broken pieces of my soul
    I love you til the end
    and even if I wait a thousand years
    our beating hearts shine as bright as a star
    Perhaps far away
    and can't be always seen
    but you and me
    that's the beginning
    that's the end
    it's all we ever had
    even if we have nothing at all
    it's you and me
    and even if I can't see
    and you can't shine
    and all the pieces are lost
    believe me
    I love you til the end
    til the stars are falling down
    and our souls are covered in stardust
    we will shine
    shine from now on as bright as we can
    a thousand years long
    a thousand years strong.
    - M.R.

  3. closingtimes closingtimes
    posted a quote
    August 12, 2015 3:25pm UTC
    breathing ain't that easy
    and shots fall way too fast
    it never was over
    the stuff ain't in the past
    the struggle is real
    you can't deny it
    open your eyes
    and look around
    all the places
    all the people
    all the souls
    on the ground
    "why" you ask
    We need to answer
    and I say " yes"
    It's in the past
    We had a dream
    and I still have
    that things can change
    and everyone can breathe
    That people can follow
    and don't have to question
    don't have to wonder
    why they can still breathe
    cause this is a world
    about to go down
    feels like suffocating
    as soon as a shot lays you down
    drowning to the ground
    and you will scream
    " I can't breathe"
    the river of blood
    it strangulates your faith
    it goes too fast
    and they will reply
    " and I can't hear"
    and all you do
    you want to now
    "why did you shot me?"
    "why'd you let me go?"
    - M.R


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