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heyyy :) my names taylorr ( you can add me on facebook if you want~ Taylor Hord), im 14, im in 9th grade (fresshiieeee <3) and im from PA. but, i was born in san diego :) i love cheerleading( obviously from my name). its the only sport i do and when people tell me that its not a sport is one of the biggest things i hate. Im terrified of the ocean and sharks. my dream is to be on an amzing allstar team and winn wolds :)and yea. im kinda stupid and dont know how to make quotes that are all pretty and junk so i just dont. haha. It would be nice if somebody told me though :) Taylor Swift is my idol. i really love any kind of music. i like country, pop, rap( eminem<3333), whatever hot chelle rae is ;)(ryan follese<333) so idk if i forgot anything buttt yea. :) bye cooties.

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