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sayheyilyx · 9 years ago
Hi! Feel free to delete this if you don't like spam. I'm just trying to get my new story: "Oceans Apart" spread around, trying to recruit readers. :) I'd love it if you checked out the first chapter which I have posted right now. :D Here's the link. Please comment if you do!

jsloveforever · 9 years ago
thanks like i havent had enough of that crap in the past week. no one wants haters like you on this site so go away if you feel the need to be like that.

grownsimba · 9 years ago
Heyy.!! Welcome to Witty.!
Song of the Day: 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

aberbabi123 · 9 years ago
I saw your quote and if you need to vent, comment on my profile.


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