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Hi, I'm Bre.

I spend my time watching movies and playing video games.

I'm not interesting and I'm clingy.

I miss you so much Jacob. 2/12/15


  1. bre_woof bre_woof
    posted a quote
    September 16, 2013 4:52pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Seventy Four♥
    I finally called Vic after mustering up the courage.
    "Oh, hey Dee!" he said cheerfully on the other side.
    I heard someone say, "Why did she call you?"
    I frowned and bit my lip, tapping my fingers against the kitchen counter.
    "What's up buttercup?" Vic asked, interrupting my thoughts.
    "Um. Can you go somewhere alone? I need to tell you something and no one can find out."
    He was quiet for a moment before hesitantly agreeing and telling me
    to wait just a minute.
    I heard him say he was going to run out and buy some alcohol for the guys.
    After convincing them everything was alright, and after a few minutes of listening to him panting,
    he asked what was going on.
    "So you know how when you guys got here, Tony and I uh.. did a thing?" I started.
    "Kota I have no idea what you're talking about."
    "The birds and the bees..?" I hinted.
    "I still don- oh. OH," he sounded embarrassed.
    I nodded to myself and took a deep breath before whispering softly,
    "I'm late."
    --Vic's POV--
    Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t.
    How am I supposed to keep this thing a secret?
    This huge f*cking secret?
    Dakota didn't want to tell Tony because not only was she scared, but she didn't want
    to worry him since he was stressed enough from tour and missing her.
    When I walked back into our bus, I forced myself to smile as I made my way to the back lounge
    with a few beers and a few other things the guys like.
    "Hey man!" Mike greeted me.
    I nodded and smiled, setting the bag of drinks down on his lap.
    He smirked and searched through the drinks.
    Tony was focused on a video game and Jaime was staring intently at me.
    My phone buzzed and I looked down, seeing it was from Dakota.
    Dee: Thanks for listening and understanding.. remember not to say anything
    I mentally frowned and deleted the message so no one would see it.
    "You okay?" I looked up to see Mike offering me a beer. He looked worried so I nodded
    and grabbed it, chugging it down.
    Tony stopped his game and joined in.
    Tonight was going to be a long night.
    I woke up the next morning feeling slight hungover but I shook the feeling off with
    a cold shower and a can of Java Monster.
    I slowly made my way to our front room and saw the guys all sitting around either watching
    television or texting.
    Tony was just staring at his phone as if he were waiting for something.
    "Hey Tone, what's going on?"
    Mike leaned over and whispered, "He hasn't heard from Dakota."
    I nodded slowly and wondered if he somehow knew.
    Hello. Feedback would be nice O3O

  2. bre_woof bre_woof
    posted a quote
    September 14, 2013 8:16pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Seventy Three♥
    --Dakota's POV--
    "I love you too."
    I smiled into my knee that I had tucked up onto the chair.
    The boys had been gone for barely a week and so far it's been absolute hell.
    As soon as I hung up with Tony, I found myself pacing around my kitchen.
    Later on, I cried myself to sleep.
    This cycle went on for about 2 1/2 weeks before I realized something.
    I hadn't gotten my 'lady gift' on the proper day.
    My heart started racing and I immediately went into panic mode.
    I grabbed my keys off the kitchen table and ran to my car as fast as I could,
    barely sitting down before I closed the door and put the keys into the ignition.
    "Calm down, calm down, calm down," I chanted to myself.
    I had to remind myself to shut off my car and lock the doors before I sprinted
    across the Walmart parking lot and down the correct aisle.
    I grabbed as many tests as I could hold and a gallon of Sunny D.
    The cashier gave me a strange look when I dumped all of my items on the belt, but said nothing.
    I tapped my foot impatiently while she slowly rang up everything.
    --Tony's POV--
    "I don't know why you're being so miserable, but it's been almost three weeks
    and you'll see her in about 2. Calm down, man."
    I rolled my eyes at Vic's idea of 'comforting' words.
    All I wanted right now was to be snuggled up in Dakota's bed watching scary movies
    that she swore didn't terrify her.
    Every time she jumped, I would kissed her shoulder and she would become visibly calmer.
    Vic waved a hand infront of my face and shouted, "Hello? Are you even listening to me?"
    I shrugged and made my way to my bunk, closing the curtain behind me.
    --Dakota's POV--
    They're all positive.
    Back by popular demand.
    So this is a short chapter but um yes hi.

  3. bre_woof bre_woof
    posted a quote
    April 28, 2013 12:51pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Seventy Two♥
    --Dakota's POV--
    "Hey, wake up sleepy-head."
    I groaned and swatted at the sounds of someone talking.
    Tony chuckled and I stretched my arms and legs before I opened my eyes.
    His face was only an inch or two away from mine and when he saw I was awake,
    he moved closer until our noses touched.
    "You're cute when you sleep," he whispered before kissing me.
    I blushed and moved my neck back so I could look at his face.
    "You're like Edward from Twilight," I commented.
    He smiled but I shook my head.
    "That was not a compliment."
    He made a dramatic sad face at me which caused me to giggle and hug him closer.
    "Why won't you let me sleep?" I asked.
    "You sleep too much," he told me. "Plus I'm leaving in less than an hour."
    My eyes widened at the information and I buried my nose into his cheek.
    "You're not allowed to leave!"
    His arms tightened around my shoulder blades as I kissed his jaw.
    "You can't leave."
    "Dee. You know that if it were up to me I'd never move from this spot."
    I frowned and groaned, sadder than I was before he said that.
    "I don't like when you leave," I announced.
    "Me either."
    Jaime's POV
    "Tone, come on man." Vic said for about the tenth time.
    I sighed and walked out of the room and backstage where Mike was.
    "Why can't he just realize it's just a month and a half?"
    Mike shrugged and Vic appeared next to me.
    "He's such a drama queen," he told us.
    I let out a forced laugh and right before we went on stage, Tony walked over and
    grabbed his guitar from our guitar tech.
    I patted him on the shoulder and he nodded, walking on stage in front of me.
    I plastered a smile on my face and ran out to thousands of screaming fans.
    --Tony's POV--
    I could barely pay any attention after the show when a bunch of fans came up
    and asked for pictures and autographs.
    "Sorry ladies. It seems Tony's head is back in Illinois," Vic swooped in and shuffled
    me away from everyone and onto our bus.
    "Tony," Vic said sternly. I glanced at his face, "You're going to see her in less than
    two months. Quit pouting and be happy you just got to see her."
    I closed my eyes and nodded before walking to my bunk and collapsing inside.
    A month and a half.
    I'm back now, I'm so sorry guys!
    Anyways, I'm seeing PTV and everything on April 27th at the Spring Fever tour :3
    I'll update when I can since the only days I get off are Tuesdays and Sundays.
    So yesterday I went to the Spring Fever Tour, right?
    I saw one song by PTV and then I had to leave because of my friend.
    We finally got to the front and I made eye contact with TONY.
    The one band I wanted to see and I didn't get to :)))))))))))))

  4. bre_woof bre_woof
    posted a quote
    April 21, 2013 1:59pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Seventy One♥
    "Go," I ordered Tony the second we walked in my room.
    I was pointing to my bathroom door.
    "Come with me?" he questioned.
    I shook my head and held my nose as I walked over to my closet.
    "Hurry up so we can go for a walk."
    He sighed but finally gave up.
    I didn't hear when he came back into my room and I nearly jumped out of my skin when he hugged
    me from behind.
    "Ohmygoshdon'tdothat!" I yelled.
    He laughed at my reaction and kissed the back of my ear.
    "You're so jumpy lately," he commented.
    I turned my head to look at him and he just smiled.
    "Are you ready?" I asked.
    He nodded and I wiggled out of his grip, grabbing his hand in the process.
    "Welp, let's go."
    "Where exactly are we going?" he asked once we got outside.
    "I dunno, we're just walking."
    He didn't respond so we kept going down a couple blocks until
    his hand tightened around mine and he stopped dead in his tracks.
    "What's wrong?"
    Before he answered, I saw what he was looking at.
    A guy was stumbling towards us, obviously drunk.
    "Let's cross the street," Tony suggested.
    I followed him without hesitation and once we were at a safe distance from the stranger, his grip loosened.
    --Tony's POV--
    "Kota, can we go back now? I'm tired and I have to leave tomorrow," I whined in her ear.
    I heard her sigh but she nodded and we started back towards her house.
    "I love you," I said into her ear.
    She giggled and simply said, "I know."
    "Oh, do you?" I teased.
    I grabbed her by the waist and threw her over my shoulder.
    " TONY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she squealed.
    "Shh, you're gonna wake up the whole neighborhood."
    She wriggled in my arms but I wouldn't put her down.
    She punched my backside and I walked faster down her street, practically jogging to her door.
    I threw the door open and kicked it shut with my foot.
    "Can you put me down now?" she asked impatiently.
    I dashed up the stairs and into her room, setting her down on her bed.
    "Dakota, I'm leaving in the morning."
    "I know.."she said sadly.
    Without another word, I hugged her close and kissed her.
    "Ohhhhhhhhhh, I get it."
    "You're going to," I said.
    I apologize for taking two months to update.
    I've been busy at crew and such and I never get any days off.
    This chapter sucks thanks and goodbye

  5. bre_woof bre_woof
    posted a quote
    January 11, 2013 10:16pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Seventy♥
    "Sound check in 10!" a voice announced over the speakers in the building.
    I glanced up at Tony's face which was hovering mine, and pecked his nose.
    I moved my arm out from under his torso and he adjusted his weight on top of me.
    "You should probably get going so you'll be ready in time," I told him.
    "I think I'll be okay," he assured me.
    I rolled my eyes and slowly rolled from under him so we were facing each other on the
    couch that was placed in the room backstage.
    His fingers tugged at the edge of my v-neck and I swatted them away.
    "But Dee," he whined.
    "But nothing. Go," I ordered, pointing to the door.
    He sighed and quickly gut up. His elbow dug into my hip and I shrieked.
    "I'm sorry!" he shrieked back, obviously not meaning to do it.
    He hugged me and planted a kiss on my forehead.
    "I'll be back after the show okay?" he whispered.
    I nodded and watched as he walked out the door.
    Maybe I'll just close my eyes for a second..
    "She fell asleep, poor thing."
    "Dude, of course she did. She hasn't sleep in 24 hours."
    My eyes fluttered open to see the guys sitting by me talking.
    They were covered in sweat and I scrunched my nose in disgust.
    "You idiots woke her up," Tony barked at them.
    "I was just about to get up anyways," I told him.
    He sighed and plopped down on the floor by my head, leaning his neck against the couch
    so he was looking up at my face.
    "You're stinky," I cried out.
    Mike chuckled and agreed, "We all smell like crap."
    "I'm gonna hit the shower before we get back on the bus," Jaime said.
    Vic claimed the bus shower and Mike and Tony had to wait until Jaime was done.
    "When do you guys have to leave?" I asked when they were all back.
    Tony frowned and sat next to me, his arm snaking around my waist and pulling me closer.
    "We leave tomorrow around 11," he said with a sigh.
    I nodded as I realized I only had the night to hang out with them before they left again.
    "When's your tour over?" I questioned.
    "The end of April."
    "UGH!" I screeched. "Why is it every time things are good someone has to leave again?"
    I felt tears pricking at the corners of my eyes as I tried to hold my composure.
    Jaime came over and plopped his butt in between myself and Tony, forcing him to move over.
    Tony huffed under his breath when Jaime pushed his nose into my collar bone.
    "You're a butt," I told him.
    I ran my fingers through his hair and glanced over at Tony who looked longingly at me.
    I kissed Jaime's forehead and slowly got up, stretching my arms and legs out.
    I cracked my knuckles and held my hand out to Tony.
    He grabbed it and I lightly pulled him up, almost falling myself.
    "Let's go hang out at my house," I suggested to him.
    "That sounds like a plan," Jaime chimed in.
    I looked over at him and shook my head slowly.
    "Just me and Tony," I finished.
    He frowned and hung his head.
    "We'll see you guys in the morning."
    So I've been having trouble with the pending moderation lately.
    Anyways, do you guys know of any good ways to make and edit gifs using a nikon? c':
    So yeah. I hope you all like this story still.
    I don't want it to get boring and drone on and on.
    It's already chapter 70..
    Oh, and I think I'll title my next story "Another Boy Without A Sharper Knife"
    Because PTV lyrics seem to make good titles.
    It won't be a PTV story though.
    This chapter is also really short because it's coming to an end and I went blank.

  6. bre_woof bre_woof
    posted a quote
    January 9, 2013 3:44pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Sixty Nine (LOL)♥
    "It's about time you two showed up," Mike teased.
    I ducked my head into Tony's shoulder and blushed.
    I had taken a shower and changed my clothes.
    I paused, looking around the room for a certain face that I didn't see.
    "His mom called. Apparently he had to go to dinner...?" Mike mentioned.
    I nodded thoughtfully at him and pulled Tony to the couch by the guys.
    I sat sideways on his lap, my back against Jaime's right arm.
    My feet hung over his thight and my toms sat gently on the cushion.
    "What are you guys playing?" I questioned, not remembering having that particular game.
    "Black Ops 2," Vic whispered in concentration.
    I glued my eyes to the screen, watching him and Mike intently.
    "Can I try?" I wondered out loud.
    The game just ended and Mike handed over his controller.
    Vic sighed and gave his up to Jaime and told him he didn't feel like playing anymore.
    I scrunched my nose at him and he smirked.
    I adjusted myself on Tony's lap so I was sitting indian style and he wrapped his arms around my wait, linking his finger together.
    My back was arched forward and I was leaning towards the screen when the game began.
    "Let's do this Jaimebear," I told him.
    "I really freakin' want french toast and coffee," I whined.
    "Kota, it's like 2 in the morning," Jaime said with a sigh.
    We were the only two still awake, the rest of the guys fell asleep about 3 hours ago.
    We stayed up watching Tim Burton movies together.
    "Please," I whispered.
    Jaime looked at me with determintation and stood up, stretching his arms in the air.
    I made a content squeaking noise and wriggled out of Tony's arms.
    I shrugged on one of Tony's many sweaters he lets me wear and slipped out the door with Jaime. The two of us had a race to a 24-hour diner near by.
    He beat me and by the time I sat in a booth, my cheeks were bright red and I was
    struggling to catch my breath.
    Jaime patted my thigh so I woul move over and not lay across the entire booth.
    I groaned in protest but sat up and moved over so he could sit next to me.
    The second the waitress came to take our orders I nearly screamed, "French toast
    and coffee for the both of us!"
    She chuckled and nodded to me, obviously recognizing me.
    When it got to the table, I squeeled in delight and immediately started eating.
    "Damn woman, you really wanted french toast," Jaime said.
    I turned, a french toast stick hanging out of my mouth, and nodded.
    He laughed at me and started eating his food.
    His phone suddenly starting ringing at full volume and I almost choked on my coffee.
    "Scared much?"
    I glared at him and sipped slowly at my drink.
    He answered the phone and his eyes flicked towards me as he handed it over to me.
    "Hello?" I asked.
    "Bring me french toast," Vic whispered through the phone.
    I giggled and asked him why he was whispering.
    "I don't want the guys to overhear me and ask for some too. Just do it," he said.
    "You're bossy," I informed him.
    He scoffed at me and then hung up.
    I tossed Jaime his phone and he looked up at me with a smile.
    "We're going to need three more orders of french toast," I told the waitress.
    "Breakfast is served," I announced.
    It was already 3:17 but Vic had apparently woken up Mike and Tony.
    "I get why Tony's tired but I don't know why you two are," Jaime said to them.
    My mouth hung in an 'o' shape and Mike burst into laughter.
    "Yeah, keep it down next time," Vic said.
    "Well they need to get it up if-"
    "Okay, that's enough," I shrieked, clamping a hand over Jaime's mouth.
    I glanced over at Tony who was looking down at his hands.
    I let out a deep breath and sat next to him, lacing my fingers through his and pecking him
    on the cheek.
    "Get a room."
    Well, uhh.. this is chapter 69 LOOOLLLLL.
    So, yeah.
    Like I mentioned, I reposted the previous chapter because it came up as pending moderation .__.
    So pretty much I got my presale tickets for the Spring Fever Tour but not meet and greet passes.
    Hopefully they'll have a free one like last tour c':
    Um, why do my quotes keep coming up as pending moderation?

  7. bre_woof bre_woof
    posted a quote
    January 8, 2013 4:28pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Sixty Eight♥
    I got zero sleep that night after the show.
    I just sat in the back lounge and waited until we finally entered Illinois at 6am.
    Getting to Chicago also took a bit of time and we found ourselves driving down Dakota's
    street at 8:30.. I mean, we also stopped to get some pancakes.
    "WE'RE HERE!" I screeched to the guys.
    They were all passed out in their bunks and I didn't wait for them to get up before I
    flew out the bus door and nearly kissed the ground.
    I ran up to Dakota's door and banged the crap out of it.
    I heard rustling on the other side along with someone laughing.
    That was followed by what sounded like video game sound effects before the
    door finally creaked open.
    "Dee!" I squeeled, tackling her in the process.
    She landed on the ground underneath me with an 'oomph'.
    "Well hello to you too," she mumbled under my weight.
    I kissed her forehead and got off her, helping her up with me.
    She peered over my shoulder and I turned to see what caught her eye.
    The guys were sauntering up the walk and I rolled my eyes, ushering her inside the house.
    She began to say something but she stopped when I saw what she was most likely
    going to mention.
    "Hey, Mitch," I said slowly.
    He gave a wave and a smile, briefly peeling his eyes away from the screen.
    "What's he doing here?" I whispered in her ear.
    She shrugged and mouthed 'I'll explain later.'
    I nodded and turned as I heard the door click shut.
    --Dakota's POV--
    I hadn't realized the guys would be here so early.
    Jaime tackled me to the ground in a hug along with a few mumbled apologies.
    I wasn't really angry with him anymore.. it was dumb in the first place.
    He had asked why Mitch was here and I told him I'd tell him later.
    That's when I looked behind him and saw Vic moving towards me.
    "Hi munchkin!" he said cheerfully.
    "Hi.. giant?" I said, my voice raising into a question.
    He chuckled and enveloped me in a hug.
    Mike said hello to me next, also giving me a small hug.
    I bit my cheek as Tony approached me.
    "Hi," he whispered, his fingertips brushing against my cheek.
    My eyes flicked up to meet his.
    His eyes looked like melted chocolate, warm and cheery.
    Instead of saying hi back, I laced my fingers through his and began to drag him up the stairs.
    The guys whistled behind us but I kept moving forward.
    We entered my room and I locked the door behind us.
    I turned to face him and he raised his eyebrow curiously at me.
    I took a step toward him and then another one until I closed the gap between us.
    He brought his hands up to my face and pulled me towards him.
    "I love you and I'm sorry," he began.
    "Don't be," I whispered out of breath.
    I could feel his lips turn up into a smile as he spun us around.
    I leaned back and felt the bed behind me with my fingertips.
    I slowly sat and crawled backwards, him following along.
    Our lips stayed locked the whole way until my head crashed back against the pillows.
    My hair was sprawled around me and I ran my fingers through his hair, causing him
    to shiver.
    I smiled this time and we kept at it until we both broke away to look at each other.
    He questioned me with his eyes and I nodded with mine, pulling him close to me again.
    "I love you," I whispered.
    Okay, sorry....
    Oh, and I got my ptv tickets but the meet & greets were sold out so I got my presale tickets.
    And I'm reposting this because it said pending or whatever..

  8. bre_woof bre_woof
    posted a quote
    January 7, 2013 5:01pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Sixty Seven♥
    I knew I shouldn't have been so harsh with Jaime, but I couldn't help but feel it was partly
    his fault as well for not calling earlier or making Tony call.
    Since I was frustrated, I decided to call Mitch and ask him to drive me to the bar that
    was close to his house.
    He agreed, relieved that I finally called him back, and within 20 minutes we were at
    the bar chugging back a few beers.
    "Dakota, you better slow it down," Mitch warned.
    I glared at him and he shook his head, laughing at my expression.
    "Let's go, you're too wasted to even function."
    I didn't resist him leading me towards the door, and I went willingly.
    He buckled me into his car and began driving to his house.
    "What do you call a cow with no legs?" Mitch asked to break the silence.
    "What?" I asked, my head lolling to the side to look at him.
    "Ground beef."
    Even though it was corny, in my drunken state, I couldn't help but laugh.
    And by laugh, I mean screeching and hacking and constantly wiping tears from my eyes.
    "Wow, okay.. Yeah, Dee you're really out of it. Let's just get you to bed," he suggested.
    He let me grab his arm for support as he led me upstairs to his room and I plopped down
    on his bed, patting the space beside me, suggesting him to lay with me.
    He layed down next to me and I moved closer, nuzzling my nose into his shoulder.
    It reminded me of all the times we used to spend nights at each other's houses.
    We layed in comfortable silence and not too much later I fell asleep curled up next to him.
    In all honesty, I would rather it be Tony but it is what it is.
    --Jaime's POV--
    After our show tonight we would be on our way to Chicago to see Dakota the day before
    our other concert there.
    I frowned at the thought, wondering what was going to happen.
    Why did Tony always have to be starting things with her?
    Why couldn't he just ignore all the other girls like he usually does and just be with Dee?
    She really deserves a hell of a lot more.
    I mean, I could be that pe-
    No, that's Tony.
    "Hey Jaime, you okay?" Mike asked.
    I looked up from the floor and over to him sitting next to me in the back lounge with a controller resting in his hands.
    He looked concerned so I threw a smile on my face and said, "Just zoned out."
    He smirked and turned back to his game.
    Just as I relaxed into the couch, Tony walked.
    Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear..
    Well, in this case think of the devil.
    He nodded to me and I just smiled a bit at him as he plopped down next to me.
    "Got my new phone," he mentioned.
    I just nodded and watched Mike kill zombies.
    I propped my feet up on the little table we had by the couch and closed my eyes.
    I hope he doesn't mention-
    "So, have you heard from Dakota?" Mike asked him.
    "Uh, not yet man," he informed us.
    "Well, I'm off to get lunch," Mike announced.
    I put my fist in the air and he bumped it as he passed me.
    I smiled, my eyes still shut firmly, and then got up, popping my eyelids open.
    Tony was staring at me so I patted him on the shoulder and walked to my bunk.
    Let's see what tomorrow had in store.
    I'm contemplating on whether or not to end this soon.
    Like officially and properly end it and perhaps start another story.

  9. bre_woof bre_woof
    posted a quote
    January 6, 2013 3:45pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Sixty Six♥
    I isolated myself the next few days, contemplating what I should do.
    I didn't want to seem desperate still, always depending on the guys and especially on Tony.
    I didn't answer the door when I heard Mitch calling me and ringing the door bell every time he stopped by and I never turned my phone on.
    "DAMN IT WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DIE?" I screamed at my television.
    I was doing what I did best, playing Skyrim for the 18th hour in a row trying to slay
    yet another dragon.
    My controller crashed against the pillows, as I tossed it away, finally giving up.
    I inhaled and nearly gagged, realizing I haven't showered in a few days.
    "Well that's really attractive," I muttered.
    I trudged to my downstairs bathroom and peeled my clothes from my body and stepped into
    the tub. I just stood under the stream of water for atleast an hour and finally got out
    after washing myself and my hair.
    I wrapped a huge towel around myself, and walked up my stairs, feeling the towel drag
    behind me and slap against my legs.
    I kept dropping 'f bombs' over and over for no apparent reason.
    "F*ck, F*ck, F*ck, F*ck.."
    I threw on a tanktop and random pants on along with a pair of slipper boots and decided
    to venture out to restock on my Arizona.
    My outfit was as casual as possible, including my hair.
    Regretting it instantly, I snatched my phone from it's spot on my floor and turned it on.
    I waited about 10 minutes before I dared to look at it and I only had a few missed calls,
    all from Mitch. Most of my texts were from him too.
    Nothing from Tony, which was only expected.
    I did get one reminder from Vic.
    Vic: Hey, see you in a few days!
    I moaned in frustration and quickly went to my car and drove to the nearest Rite Aid to grab
    what I wanted and go back to my isolation chamber.
    When I walked back in my front door, I realized something was different.
    It felt somewhat gloomier since I had left and I didn't like it.
    I sighed and stashed my iced tea in the fridge and answered my phone that was vibrating
    against the table without looking at who it was.
    "Hello?" I mumbled quietly.
    "It's Jaime," he said.
    I quickly pulled my phone away from my ear and looked at the screen, seeing his name
    light it up.
    "What's up Jaime?" I asked casually.
    "I'm sorry, I just really miss you," he whimpered.
    My face softened and I sat on a stool, "I miss you too, poopy."
    He told me how excited he was to see me in two days and I nearly fell off my seat when
    I realized it was March 15th already.
    "Tony says hi by the way," he spoke up.
    "Um.. hi."
    Jaime sighed on the other end before saying, "His phone broke after you guys hung up."
    "Let me guess, the rest of yours broke too, right?" I barked.
    He began to speak again but I didn't give him the chance because I hung up.
    So I went without internet or my phone for 14 hours today.
    I had to go on a religious retreat for my confirmation, although I do not believe in god.
    Don't ask.
    Anyways, shout out to PierceTheJub for all the notifications xx
    And I'm sorry for short chapters.

  10. bre_woof bre_woof
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    January 4, 2013 9:03pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Sixty Five♥
    --Tony's POV--
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Jaime shouted in my ear.
    I swatted in the direction of his voice and nearly fell out of my bunk.
    He chuckled and walked away.
    "It's not my birthday yet, there's still a few days left," I announced.
    My eyes popped open and I searched for my phone in my blankets.
    When I found it, I saw the date: February 25th.
    I groaned and scrolled through my messages from all my friends in bands and everyone else.
    Nothing from Dakota, hmm.
    I glanced at the time and it was 12 which meant it was 2 in Illinois.
    Maybe she was still sleeping.
    --Dakota's POV--
    Mitch agreed and we both decided to walk around Chicago for awhile.
    "I miss hanging out with you," he spoke up after awhile.
    "I do too, honestly," I admitted.
    "Then why didn't you call or text or something?"
    "Why didn't you?" I asked him.
    He didn't answer so I assumed it was the same as mine.
    We thought the other person would talk first.
    We looked at each other at the same time before I realized something.
    "F*ck!" I screeched.
    I stopped dead in my tracks and whipped my phone out.
    My eyes immediately flew to the date: February 25th.
    "What is it Dee?" Mitch questioned.
    I ignored his question and proceeded to call Tony.
    I looked up from the ground to see a bunch of people paused, staring at me.
    I sighed and then smiled when I heard Tony cracking up.
    "It's no big deal, Kota. Really, it isn't. I love you too, okay?"
    I paused as I heard loud screams in the back.
    "Um, where are you?" I asked him.
    "Just on stage in front of a bunch of people. You're on speaker next to a mic."
    I blushed at that even though he couldn't see me.
    "You're blushing, aren't you?" he giggled.
    My heart stopped at the sound of his laughter and a smile lit up my face.
    "Maybe just a tad."
    Shortly after that he told me he had to go and that he promises he'd call me later.
    He didn't.
    Call, that is. Tony never called.
    Mitch dropped me back off at my house and left.
    I layed in my bed until 4am waiting for him to call and he never did.
    I shut my phone off and threw it against the floor and then dragged my Star Wars blanket
    downstairs to the couch and slept curled in a ball.
    For some reason just him not calling made me feel pathetic.
    It made me feel stupid for just waiting. It made me feel really desperate.
    Maybe I need him more than he needs me.
    Maybe he doesn't need me at all.
    He could have any girl he wants, he doesn't need me.
    Sorry these chapters are pretty boring, I'm trying to get into the writing zone again.
    I have written anything in awhile and I'm kind of out of sync with what I've written so..
    If there's anything you guys would specifically like to see, don't be afraid to leave a comment!
    If you have any creative criticism on something I wrote then tell me too!
    I like to get opinions, they're quite helpful actually.
    So don't be afraid to talk to me. If there's something I write that you liked or didn't like particularly, speak up!

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    January 4, 2013 2:31pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  12. bre_woof bre_woof
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    January 3, 2013 5:42pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Sixty Three♥
    I stayed home for a few days before I finally decided to go out and catch a show
    which one of my favorite bands was performing at.
    I checked my appearance in the mirror one last time and began walking to where the show
    would be taking place.
    I got a bunch of compliments on my clothes as I pushed my way to the front.
    I would just smile at everyone who said something and kept moving forward until my body
    was pushed up against the stage.
    "Dakota?" I heard a familiar voice say.
    I looked next to me to see Mitch standing there looking shell-shocked.
    I gasped and hugged him.
    "Where the hell have you been?" I asked him.
    "I should ask you the same," he replied with a smirk.
    We stayed together for the whole show and then we wound up going back to his house.
    "So, how have you been?" I questioned.
    He frowned and shrugged, obviously avoiding having to answer.
    I sighed and he asked me what I was up to.
    I told him about the guys and how I'd been spending most of my time in California.
    "Are you and uh.. Tony still together?" he asked cautiously.
    I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and nodded, resting my chin on my knees.
    He told me how he had dated a girl named Mikayla but they didn't last too long.
    "Don't worry, you'll find someone," I assured him with a pat on the shoulder.
    He just shrugged and we kept talking until my phone rang.
    I looked down at the name and looked back to Mitch.
    "This will just take a minute," I told him as I pressed 'Answer.'
    "Hello?" I answered.
    "Hi baby. I was just wondering what you are going to be doing on the 17th of March?" Tony's voice rang through the speaker.
    "Am I supposed to be doing something that day?" I asked him.
    He chuckled, "I suppose not. It's just we'll be in Chicago for a few days since we're performing
    on March 18th. The guys thought since we'd be on tour for my birthday that maybe when
    we came up there we could all celebrate and everything," he said shyly.
    "Of course!" I chirped.
    He laughed again and we hung up a few minutes later.
    I glanced over at Mitch who looked at me like I had 10 heads.
    "Tony.." I whispered.
    "I know," he said with a nod.
    We looked at each other and then migrated to his kitchen, grabbing waters and sitting at the table. "Wanna play a board game?"
    I smiled and it was just like times before the guys came into my life.
    I never usually have a resolution for the new year, but I have a few this time.
    I want to write more, be more social, learn to play piano, and just be a better person.
    I'm going to do things I wouldn't normally do and I'm going to learn to be less self-concious all the time.
    That also means eating healthier, and hopefully eventually going full vegetarian.
    I want to eat healthier and get my body to a weight I'm comfortable with.
    I hope I can do this.
    On a note of the story, I lost track of what month it is and what not so I'm just making up dates as of now.
    Don't hate me lolllll.

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    January 2, 2013 6:15pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Sixty Two♥
    Tony didn't leave my side the whole day while the nurses ran tests.
    I was finally able to stand on my own and I was thankful for not having to lay down in
    the same position for hours on end.
    "I'm gonna go get some food.. do you want anything, love?" Tony asked.
    I looked up from where I was sitting cross-legged on the hospital bed.
    I shook my head lightly and he nodded, kissing my forehead before leaving the room.
    Just as he walked out, the doctor walked in.
    "It seems you're good to go," he informed me.
    I glanced over at Vic in the chair by the wall and he smiled at me, grabbing the release papers
    Dr. Martin had handed him, signing them quickly as all of the needles and tubes that
    were in my arms were disconnected.
    "I'm gonna run after Tony and let him know we can go. Meet me downstairs, alright?" Vic told me. I nodded at him and he pointed to the chair next to his.
    "Stopped by your house and grabbed you some fresh clothes," he winked and left.
    I smiled gratefully after him and changed in the bathroom within the room.
    I giggled at the fact he had managed to not only some-what match my clothes, but
    he had also grabbed me some makeup.
    I cringed in the mirror, seeing I looked like a train wreck.
    Quickly doing my makeup, I left the bathroom and left the room.
    The nurse at the desk pointed over to where the elevators were and that's where I headed.
    The second I stepped out of the elevator, I quickly shuffled over to Vic and embraced him.
    "Thanks for bringing all my stuff, I really appreciate it," I whispered.
    He chuckled and I felt him nod, "Anything for you, Dee."
    I smirked at him, "Anything?"
    He rolled his eyes and we both laughed.
    As I pulled away from him, I looked up at Tony.
    Without a single thought, I jumped and wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his thighs.
    He laughed and supported my weight by sliding his hands under my backside.
    "Eager?" He said against the top of my head.
    I nodded into his neck and my grip tightened.
    He planted a kiss into my hair and started walking to what I assumed was the parking lot.
    I squeezed my eyes shut and breathed in his scent.
    "You smell so good," I admitted.
    He stopped and pulled away, looking me straight in the eyes.
    "Are you okay?" he asked seriously.
    I giggled, "I'm fine, I just really missed you. Everything about you."
    He smiled at that and we continued to a car.
    --3 Weeks--
    I groaned as I stretched my worn out muscles and plucked my phone from my dresser.
    I immediately called Tony and he answered after the first ring.
    "Hey, are you okay?" he questioned.
    "I can't call my boyfriend without being in trouble?" I questioned.
    I heard laughter in the background and we talked for a little bit.
    Him and Vic had gone back to California to get ready for tour two days after I was released
    from the hospital and they were having their first show of the tour tonight.
    I wished him good luck and made myself comfy on my couch downstairs after making
    a few trips to the kitchen and back.
    I set up a whole buffet and settled in for a few hours of movie marathons.
    I decided to surprise you all and post a chapter.
    I know I said I was done but you know.
    I'm just a confused and confusing person.

  14. bre_woof bre_woof
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    January 1, 2013 11:49am UTC
    hey you
    I know how you feel
    I know what it's like to stay up late crying in bed
    To go through everyday wishing someone would notice
    I know how it feels to hate your body
    And what it feels like to want to end everything
    You get to that point where you just can't do it
    Believe me, life is worth it.
    You are worth it.
    I'm living proof that it gets better
    I promise you that it does
    It may take awhile but it's worth the wait
    If you need help, i'm here for you
    They are too
    800-273-TALK (800-273-8255)
    Please don't give up
    Not just for me, but for your family, your friends
    &most importantly; YOU

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    December 14, 2012 3:58pm UTC
    Dr. Thurman: Do you feel alone right now?
    Donnie: Oh, I don't know. I mean, I'd like to believe I'm not, but I just... I've just never seen any proof so I.. I just don't debate it anymore, you know? It's like I could spend my whole life debating it over and over again, weighing the pros and cons. And in the end, I still wouldn't have any proof. So I just.. I just don't debate it anymore. It's absurd.
    Dr. Thurman: The search for God is absurd?
    Donnie: It is if everyone dies alone.
    Dr. Thurman: Does that scare you?
    I don't want to be alone.♥

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    December 5, 2012 4:52pm UTC
    she could make hell feel
    Just like home.

  17. bre_woof bre_woof
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    November 26, 2012 10:17pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Sixty One♥
    --Dakota's POV--
    After what seemed like a lifetime, I slowly felt the darkness becoming lighter.
    I felt so alone, trapped within my own mind.
    It was if I forgot how to open my eyes and how to talk and move.
    To my surprise, I felt a light pressure on my left hand.
    I could somewhat hear faint sounds every once in awhile as if someone were trying
    to talk to me too.
    It bothered me that I couldn't respond.
    I mustered up all my strength and focused on sending it to my hand where I had
    felt something before.
    With everything I had, I tried to squeeze back.
    I tried for what felt like hours until I finally did it.
    Little by little I focused on things I needed to work on.
    And little by little I resurfaced from my dark abyss.
    As if an anchor was lifted from me, I felt my eyelids slowly flutter open.
    The first thing I was greeted by was the loud beeping noises from what I assumed to be
    none other than hospital machines echoing throughout my skull.
    I let out a low half-moan and I brought my hand up to my head.
    "HOLY SH*T DAKOTA!?" I heard someone scream.
    I groaned again from the loud noise and tilted my head a bit to see who was speaking.
    When I saw Vic in my face, I was shocked.
    "Am I in California still?" I asked confused.
    He chuckled and shook his head, wrapping me in a light hug.
    He pulled away and said, "Nah, your little turtle and I flew up as soon as we heard you were in here. We've been so worried."
    I looked behind him to where Tony was asleep on one of the chairs.
    He saw me looking and stepped aside, walking over to where he was passed out.
    "Tony, wake up," he said. He shook him a little bit until he finally opened his eyes.
    "Hmmm?" he mumbled sleepily.
    He pointed over to where I was and Tony's eyes followed.
    They nearly bulged out of his head and he jumped up and hugged me in an instant.
    "I'VE BEEN SO WORRIED, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" he screeched.
    I smiled into his hair and waited for him to calm down.
    Before I could say anything, he planted a kiss on my lips and I couldn't help but let
    out a short laugh at his eagerness.
    "Oh, I missed your laugh," he admitted.
    I rolled my eyes and settled back into a comfortable position.
    "I'll go get the doctor," Vic chided.
    I sighed and Tony scooted the chair closed to my bedside.
    He snatched up my hand and traced his thumb over mine.
    I shivered a bit and he chuckled, shaking his head.
    "Same old Dakota."
    I didn't respond to him since the doctor walked in.
    "Why hello, Ms. Dakota. I see you're up and running!" he said cheerfully.
    I nodded and he introduced himself as Dr. Martin.
    He explained everything that went on and I hesitantly looked over to Tony.
    "Who are you again?" I teased.
    He held his breath for a minute and looked at me with his eyes wide.
    "I'm kidding," I breathed out.
    He let out his breath and nodded, a smile reappearing on his face.
    "We're just going to run a few more tests and keep you over night before you go on your way," the doctor finished.
    I nodded and thanked him as he smiled and left the room.
    "Well, that was interesting," I sighed.
    You'll have to forgive me for not posting, I've been so caught up in Euan lately.
    He's just ugh.
    He makes me feel really great.
    Because of the time difference between here and Scotland, there are only certain times
    of the day I can talk to him and videochat and what not.
    And I'm actually happy yet sad at the same time he went to bed tonight.
    He usually stays up til about 4 or 5 am over there and I feel horrid.
    So yeah, okay that's all.

  18. bre_woof bre_woof
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    November 24, 2012 6:48pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Sixty♥
    We spent the whole night in the hospital.
    Vic left to get the two of us McDonald's since Kimi wasn't hungry.
    I refused to release Dakota's hand and Kimi and I made small talk about what's been
    going on the past couple of weeks.
    "So you guys are back together?" she asked curiously.
    I chuckled and nodded.
    "Is it that obvious?"
    She smiled warmly and we both jumped when Vic entered the room.
    He tossed a bag of food at me and sat down and opened his.
    "I would've been back sooner but Mike called," he spoke up.
    I nodded and took a sip of my soda he had gotten me.
    We all turned around then when the nurse walked in.
    "I- uh.. I have the results from your friend's MRI," she told us.
    I immediately put down my soda and she walked to the foot of Dee's bed and sat down.
    "The good news is there is no brain damage."
    I let out a deep breath in relief.
    "The bad news is she's still in a coma and we're never sure exactly when the patient will wake up. Only time will tell," she finished.
    I nodded, already expecting that to be said.
    In the meantime you can try and talk to her and just go on as normally as possible.
    We all nodded and the nurse left.
    My gaze turned back to Dakota and I sighed, my shoulders slumping forward.
    Kimi reached across the bed and laid her hand on the hand that was holding Dee's.
    "She's a trooper, she'll be okay," she assured me with a smile.
    I tried to smile back the best I could.
    I leaned forward and kissed her cheek, "I love you Kota."
    For the first time the whole night, I laid her hand down and ate my food.
    My eyes didn't leave her face once.
    "Tony! Tony, wake up!" someone shouted.
    My eyes popped open and I jumped up from my chair.
    "What?!" I cried out.
    I looked over to see Vic staring at me smiling.
    "Dakota moved," he told me.
    My breath caught in my throat and I looked over to where she was.
    Her nose twitched a little bit and then her fingers moved.
    I picked up her hand and sat at the edge of her bed.
    "Kota?" I whispered.
    I squeezed her hand a bit but nothing happened.
    I sighed and just as I got up, I felt her squeeze back.
    It was subtle, but I knew it happened.
    "Vic?" I asked.
    "Yeah, are you okay?"
    "She squeezed my hand," I told him.
    I turned around with a huge grin on my face.
    That moment gave me a little bit of hope.
    A week went by with no other signs of Dakota waking up.
    I spent every waking minute at the hospital.
    Kimi was released and I told her she could go back home and get some rest.
    She finally agreed and Vic drove her.
    I leaned back in my chair in frustration, deciding I could close my
    eyes for just a few minutes.
    I heard some rustling in the room so I opened my eyes back up and groaned.
    I saw Dakota's eyelids flutter and her hand clench into a fist.
    So I really hate when I talk to someone and then all these people jump in
    and my friend and I are being rude to each other as a joke and I'm made out
    to be the bad guy here
    Lol, I'm so done.

  19. bre_woof bre_woof
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    November 24, 2012 1:46pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Fifty Nine♥
    Vic drove to the airport since when I tried to put the key in ignition, my hand was shaking so much that I couldn't get it right.
    "She's gonna be alright," he assured me as we pulled into the parking are of the airport.
    "Why does she always get hurt when I'm not around?" I whispered.
    "Maybe it's a sign you're supposed to be together..?" Vic told me, trying to ease the tension. "Well it's a pretty f*cked up way of saying so." I wiped my face with my hands.
    Vic and I grabbed our bags from the back seat, each of us only with a suitcase, and we ran in to the airport as fast as we could.
    We got through security and on the plane with record time.
    I kept shifting in my seat, anxious to just be there already.
    Vic placed his hand on my left shoulder and I turned to look at him.
    "It's going to be okay."
    For the rest of the flight I stayed silent, preparing myself for what I'd see.
    The second the plane touched the ground and the seatbelt sign turned off, I jumped
    out of my seat and got my bags.
    I grabbed Vic and we both ran to the exit.
    "Excuse me, but we need to allow other passengers to get off board," one of the flights
    attendants scolded us.
    I looked her straight in the eyes with a pleading look and whispered, "My girlfriend's in the hospital and I need to be there right now."
    Her face warmed and she nodded.
    She ushered Vic and I off of the plane and told us, "Good luck and I'm sorry."
    I exchanged a look with Vic and then we sprinted down the terminal and out of the airport, stopping a taxi.
    We told him to take us to the hospital and that's what he did.
    "What time is it?" Vic asked me.
    I looked down at my phone as we stood outside the glass doors.
    "A little after 1," I replied.
    He nodded and then we both entered the building.
    The woman at the desk pointed us towards the ICU and that's the direction we went in.
    I opened the doors and heard a woman call, "Dr. Martin!"
    I looked to the man that walked over to the nurse that had called him and when he
    was done having a conversation with her, I went up to him.
    "Dr. Martin?" I asked.
    He turned around in surprise.
    "I'm sorry, who are you?" he asked me.
    I told him my name and that I was here to see Dakota.
    He stopped and looked at me.
    "She's over here."
    Vic came over to my side and we both followed him to a room.
    "Good luck," he said.
    I braced myself for the worst as I opened the door and walked inside.
    The first thing I saw was Kimi sitting down in a chair.
    She looked up when she heard us walk in and ran over to hug me.
    "Tony! I'm so sorry!" she screeched, beginning to cry.
    I rubbed her back soothingly and then she released me.
    She sat me in the chair she was in and then I saw Dakota.
    Her whole body was bruised, her right side more so.
    I winced and then grabbed the hand that was hanging over the edge of the bed.
    I scooted the chair closer and kissed her fingertips tenderly.
    "Oh Dee," I mumbled.
    Vic pulled a chair up next to me and just kept a hand on my shoulder.
    "Tell me everything," I said to Kimi.
    We made eye contact and then she sat on the other side of Dakota.
    "Okay, so here's what happened."
    Sigh, sorry it's so boring.

  20. bre_woof bre_woof
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    November 23, 2012 11:23pm UTC
    I Want You In The Most Unromantic Ways
    (Alternate Sequel to Thanks For Nothing)
    Chapter Fifty Eight♥
    When Ardon didn't answer his phone, I knew who I could count on next.
    "Kimi?" I asked when she picked up the phone.
    "Holy sh*t Dakota! Where have you been?!" she screamed.
    I told her I'd tell her everything later and she agreed, letting me know she was picking me up in an hour to go to a club.
    I smiled since it would be like the good old times.
    When I hung up with her, I went upstairs and changed my clothes and then strategically put on makeup. For once I used foundation and I felt like a different person.
    I waited 15 minutes before I went outside when Kimi beeped the horn.
    A smile lit up her face and she quickly embraced me when I got in the car.
    "I missed you, b*tch," she said to me.
    I rolled my eyes and turned the radio up.
    "Are you seriously listening to Justin Bieber?" I asked, obviously disgusted.
    She shrugged and I popped in a Nirvana CD.
    We sang as she drove and when the songs were over I popped in a La Dispute CD.
    I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.
    "You kissed your fear instead of me," I sang along.
    And then it hit me. Literally.
    I felt like a weight was being crushed down on my chest.
    I remember the sudden impact, and the lights shining behind my eyelids.
    I heard someone screaming but I couldn't open my eyes.
    It sounded like a woman.
    She screamed, "Is she alive?"
    Of course I'm alive.
    I'm alive! I am!
    No words came out of my mouth though.
    I layed there in utter darkness, drifting farther and farther away.
    --Tony's POV--
    "Hold on man, Dee's calling," I told Vic.
    He waved me off. He was still upset that Kendall left just an hour ago.
    "Hello?" I answered with a smile.
    What a doofus I was, smiling even though she couldn't see me.
    "Is this Tony?" a male voice asked.
    "Uhh.. yeah? Can I ask who's speaking?" I growled.
    "This is Dr. Martin. We have Dakota here in intensive care along with her friend. We found her ID and her phone and saw that you were the last person she received a text from so we thought we'd call you."
    I stopped breathing and dropped to my knees.
    "Is she alright? What happened?" I whispered.
    "A truck lost control and rammed straight into the passenger's side door. The young girl by the name of Kimi is frazzled but she's awake. Dakota, well she's in a coma as of right now. We're going to take her for an MRI soon. Is there any way you could get down to the hospital here in Chicago?" the doctor asked.
    "I-I," was all I could manage to say.
    "Where are you now, son?"
    "I'm currently in California. I can get on the next plane," I told him.
    He confirmed it with me and before I knew it I was in Vic's room crying.
    "What if she doesn't wake up?" I screamed.
    "She will, I promise Tony. I'll come to Chicago with you okay?" he said soothingly.
    I nodded and ran off to pack my things.
    I needed to be there.
    Anyways, Jaxin Hall liked my photo on Instagram.
    Aka Tony's best friend Jaxin Hall
    Who also co-runs a clothing line with Tony


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