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Hey Guys,

So the names Crystal, I love pitbulls, hate police, and I couldn't live with out my besties.

I'm single, not willing to marry, and kind of an awkward person.

I am willing to make new friends, even though I'm kinda crazy.

I'm kinda of for say a naturaly mean person.


  1. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    January 28, 2014 3:33pm UTC
    I have a question
    So I'm dying my hair
    And i need a color to choose from (this would help if you answer and your emo( jst cuz u have experience)
    I'm using Amplified® hair dye.
    heres the site im using:
    Also my hair is brownish-redish-goldish so it kinda needs to match that.
    And im not bleaching my hair jst using it alot....
    thanks 😄

  2. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    January 17, 2014 8:37pm UTC
    I need help asap on how to cover scars and fresh cuts for volleyball?!?
    Heres what i can't use:
    ANY TYPE of braclets
    long sleeves

  3. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    December 11, 2013 4:06pm UTC
    Today i was being dumb and I was looking at this vietem picture and i was like:
    Is the Vietem War over yet?
    It was soo embarrasing..

  4. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2013 10:21pm UTC
    Suicide or run away?
    I am constantly:
    I am:
    a waste of space
    no one really likes me
    no one will ever get me
    Unless someone actually looks into my eyes and says 'are you alright?' They know me.
    Because people that don't know me, don't ask because they think they know im fine.
    The people that ask me then walk away don't care if i die.
    So techinally noone cares.
    I am breaking down too fast.

  5. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2013 4:06pm UTC
    Me: * reads quote * Huh? *goes to comments* uh huh... ohhh. *looks at it again* ohhhh its supposed to be funny... *laughs*

  6. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2013 3:59pm UTC
    5 things i love in life:
    PetsmiFddle \

  7. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2013 3:36pm UTC
    Me: I only listen to inspirational music!
    Mom: Oh really? *looks thro my music playlist* who's this? Akon? Ludicris? 2 Chainz? Snoop Dogg? I thought u said inspirational music? And you think
    people like Ice Cube and 50 cent are inspiring?!?
    Me: I never said Good Inspiration did I?
    Mom: *walks out of the room* ...

  8. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2013 6:20pm UTC
    So the other day my friend and i were at the park, which is across
    from my school.
    And we were looking for someone in the window and kept looking in the window.
    Then a guy i know walked in the school... He is a cop.
    He was picking his daughter up from Extended Day.
    And then one of the teachers comes up to the window and threatens the cops on us.
    So we run.
    And we come back and shes gone. And the cop guy walked out and told us to go inside to talk to them.
    We talked to them and then my friend and i were talking while we walked out of the school and she said my face literally went from:
    :) to O_O
    when he asked us to talk to him.
    It was so funny. Yet scary. Lol.

  9. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2013 6:06pm UTC
    Too many people should be arrested for trafficking my heart.

  10. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 5, 2013 5:46pm UTC
    Days of endless struggle
    More hopeful pills today
    Trying to appear ‘normal’
    In some sort of way.
    It seems that the struggle
    Is always here with me
    And I wouldn’t be here now
    If guilt would leave me be
    I know there’s been many
    Who’ve had it worse than I
    But that doesn’t always mean
    That I wouldn’t say good-bye
    People say I have a lot going for me
    I’m sorry, but I just can’t see
    I can’t see because my worst enemy
    Is not my life, but inside of me.
    Always on a roller coaster,
    Not much consistency
    I’m nothing if I’m not up or down
    I’m nothing if just ‘me.’
    Very little energy
    Wanting to stay in bed
    Wishing to be enthusiastic
    Instead of feeling like I’m made of lead.
    Wanting to be excited
    Wanting to care for more
    But when nothing makes sense
    It’s hard to focus on the poor.
    Cluttered mind, cluttered thinking
    It’s hard to keep in touch
    With what is happening around me
    And not to worry too much.
    I feel that everybody is better than me
    And that I can’t do anything right.
    This is how I’ve felt my whole dang life
    It didn’t just start last night.
    No confidence, no self-esteem
    Everybody else is right
    To speak my mind is to be a fool
    So I just try to ‘sit tight.’
    Any one of these problems
    Would be a heavy vice
    But when you have them ALL
    Living seems like a roll of the dice.

  11. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 5, 2013 5:36pm UTC
    Someone just told me they have had a vision of me every night.
    Getting arrested.
    On New Years Eve.
    At midnight.

  12. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 3, 2013 3:22pm UTC
    I just sit on minecraft killing myself.
    So i don't need to do it in real life.

  13. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 3, 2013 2:29pm UTC
    As the blade runs down my arm,
    I feel I can't take this anymore,
    Blood is like an alarm,
    You want more of.
    It takes away the sadness,
    Gives you a bit of gladness,
    As you wonder if you're dying yet,
    To see the life you never met.

  14. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    November 3, 2013 2:26pm UTC
    I started cutting again.
    I started wearing loads of eye makeup to hide my eyes.
    I cut my bangs so they cover my face so people can't see me silently crying.
    I cry everyday.
    I have suicidal thoughts.
    I want to get out of my life.
    I sometimes wish i was never born.
    Im aneroxic.
    Im judged by people who don't know me.
    Im lost.
    Im cornered.
    I have friends that act like they know me when they will call me fat to my face and say they know it doesn't hurt me when it does.
    I have depression.
    And no body seems to care.

  15. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    October 27, 2013 8:33pm UTC
    My Parent's Think It's Normal to fight,
    Two times everyday :(

  16. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    October 27, 2013 4:39pm UTC
    I watched a Horror movie last night.
    And Going to the Basement of the Dead Tomorrow :D
    Im gonna die on halloween XD

  17. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    October 24, 2013 10:17pm UTC
    People tell me everyday,
    my opinion matters.
    The other day i was talking to someone and i said, I hate cops and they said,shut up ur opinion doesnt matter, everyone but u likes things u dont like. We dont accept different opinions.
    Then i woke up from life.

  18. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2013 4:00pm UTC
    Do you guys think I am a rac/st to say things like this?:
    Yeah I heard about her, wasn't she like tall, brown hair, and black?
    Yeah but i only have one black friend.
    All my friends say im a rac/st for saying those things while i am only trying to describe them as what they are not offensivly.

  19. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    October 20, 2013 4:25pm UTC
    Me: *hits friend* yellow car!
    Friend: dang u got me!
    Best friend:
    Me: *hits friend* Yellow car!
    Best Friend: *Starts a fight* D/MN IT!

  20. booda456 booda456
    posted a quote
    October 20, 2013 4:19pm UTC
    Ok So i know A LOT LIKE THE WHOLE WORLD Hates gangs,
    i don't,
    but i have reasons,
    You can disagree if u want,
    but this is my opinion,
    Give me a random neighborhood where its nice?
    Here: A nice neighbor hood with a crime rate of 0.1% and there kids running in the street playing all sorts of games, but there is those other kids who are sitting inside needing help, They get none cuz they keep inside themselves. They grow up thinking no one is there to help so they fail school and learn everything badly. They All meet each other and make a "group". Since they were never taught about drugs they start doing them. The group turns into a gang selling drugs and k/ll.ng people.
    Now this is a good example because its awful but then again you can understand it.
    The kids weren't given a choice. At All. I know i know they could have reached out, but they didn't know how. they never ever learned and then everything reflected on that.
    Another example:
    A terrible neighbor hood with dogs running around, crime rate of 28%. Kids staying inside so they don't get hurt. Only moms looking for love and Dads out looking to shoot at rivals.
    So far your thinking this sucks. keep reading
    The kids are watching their parents they watch their parent's shoot and make love, THEY LEARN. The kids come together and discuss their opinions. It's made into a gang after the parents give them guns for self defense. They use it the wrong way and end up killing each other.
    In this story the kids grew up always thinking about death or gangs. Sad. They had no choice but to join the gang or die. Mostly gangs are for protection from dying.
    I think they do it for help, protection, or money to support their family. Please stop hating on them.
    Discuss if u want. But thats just my opinion.


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