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Brittany NicoleY
I'm 20
I'm a Sophmore at HCC studying criminal justice.
i Will be attending SCSU next fall!
I love to swim and run even though i am no longer
competative in them anymore
Dolphins are my favorite animal
Thank you Fan_Art_Freak38 for the fan art!

  1. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2010 10:22pm UTC
    Part two
    There he was standing there waiting for someone to open the door for him.
    "Hi Hailey, may i come in..?"
    I slammed the door in his face and ran into my room.
    Why on earth is he at my house? ugh i dont want him here we dont need him. My mom and dad havent seen or spoken to each other in over a year. They got divorced when i was in kinder garten my step dad Scott has always been there for me and done everything a dad should.

  2. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    August 20, 2010 10:45pm UTC
    Part one
    "let's go ARAC" "come on girls keep it up" Screamed coach Bob.
    " Swimming with all of my might i was trying to keep my lead, i have two laps to go i kept telling my self. Going into the last flip turn, Nailed it. Swimming in hit the board. YES! did it."i congratulated the other girls and climbed out to talk to my coach.
    "Coach bob how was that"
    "well" he said shaking his head. " you made it to nationals"
    "yes! " i said with a shriek.
    Hi my name is Hailey im a senior in highschool, my highschool season has ended and i have moved on to my recreational team. The meet i was just at was seniors and i made it to nationals in the 500.The 500 is 20 laps of freestyle. Nationals is being held in California which is awesome because I've never been there. Nationals will be held the wee of winter right before christmas "Hailey"
    "yea ", i said turning around to see the only person i didnt want to see.
    "Great swim, i knew you could do it "
    "thanks tim"
    You see tim was also a swimmer on the team we dated the last 2 years but ended it because it was getting a little to much and we were starting to drift apart.
    I continued to pack up my things , and get ready to go home.
    I brought a chair, a duffel bag which had 3 towels, 3 bottles of water that i had finished, some snacks that could be thrown away, two pairs of warms ups a couple caps and a few pairs of goggles. i brought my chair and bag to my mom and took my uggs, and back pack which had my clothes.
    I went into the locker room, found a locker and started to change. I put on my swim tshirt, an Arac sweatshirt, my AE jeans and uggs.
    As i walked out i ran into Kevyn.
    "oh sorry i didnt see you"
    "hey hailey great swim"
    "oh hey kev, thanks. I didnt see you whatd you swim?"
    "i didnt i was here with Jordan and Cassie"
    "oh cool for who?"
    "for you silly"
    " oh, well ill text you i have to get going, big family dinner.
    "kay bye hai"
    Kevyn also swam on the team, we had a bit of a confusing relationship. We had been really good friends until him and cassie broke up. When that happened Jordan and Cassie became a coupld and Kevyn and i were in that akward i like you but dont want to get serious yet stage. Or so i thought.
    i got into the car to go home. I had my own car but my mom and i thought it was silly to both drive if she was coming as well.
    "hey mom did you see my swim?"
    "Yeah, Hay that was a great swim, im so proud of you, were going out to dinner tonight were would you like to go?"
    "umm , i dont know i do know i want to fall asleep"
    As soon as i got home i grabbed my stuff put the wet clothes in the laundry room, my chair stays in the car, threw my bag on the floor and jumped in my bed. I was starting to fall asleep when i got a text from Kevyn saying " hey hailey you did a great job today, i was hoping we could get together later"
    I didnt respond id text him when i got up, i set my alarm and put my head on the pillow then i was out.
    Beep Beep Beep
    I slowly rolled over to see that it was 5:30. I grabbed my phone and had 10 text messages. 2 were from my best friend B her real name is Bianca but I call her B for short.
    "Hailey, where are you? How was the meet"
    I texted B back and told her what happened. I still had 8 messages, I went back to my inbox to see one from Tim.
    "hey Hailey , call me later I want to talk"
    I would text him later on didn’t want to talk.
    The next 3 were from my sister Jamie.
    "hey Hailey mom called and told me the good news Congrats." the second said "Jay says that a girl" Jay was my sisters husband. The last one said "where are you going for dinner?"
    I responded to her saying thanks and i have no idea.
    My inbox beeped again telling me i still had for messages
    Who could they be from? one of the messages was from a number I didn’t have saved in my phone.
    "hey Hailey its Cassie have you heard from Kevyn?"
    I didn’t respond to that text. All I wanted to know was why on earth is she texting me and how did she get my number?
    The last three texts were from Kevyn.
    "hey Hailey Great job today."
    " Call me if you get a chance"
    "never mind I’m coming over be there at 6"
    What at this point the clock read 545. I got up and did my hair because it was a little curly and a little wet. I threw on my Hollister tank, my zip up and Hollister jeans. then my black Uggs. Went downstairs and waited for kev to come. Whys he coming i thought. Then I heard the bell ring. I'll get it. I wasn’t prepared for who was going to be at the door.

  3. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    May 17, 2010 12:12pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  4. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    January 14, 2010 12:56am UTC
    Your an angel now
    Spread your wings and fly
    RIP DADDY I miss you

  5. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    January 3, 2010 12:03am UTC
    B eautiful
    R eally fun
    I ncredible
    T ruly sincere
    T rue friend
    A mazing
    N ice
    Y ou!
    My boyfriend sent me this tonight.. thought it was cute..

  6. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2010 11:44pm UTC
    Your 8 names ;
    Your Real Name:
    Your "Gangsta" Name:
    (first 4 letters of real name plus dizzle)
    Your Detective Name:
    (favorite color & favorite animal)
    Your Soap Opera Name:
    (street you live on & middle name)
    Your Star Wars Name:
    (first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your middle name)
    Your Superhero Name:
    (2nd favorite color & favorite drink)
    GreenVitamin Water
    Your Witness Protection Name:
    (one of your parent's middle name)
    Your Goth Name:
    (black & the name of one of your pets)

  7. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    December 29, 2009 9:51pm UTC
    And sometimes all you need to do is sit and think

  8. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    December 29, 2009 9:45pm UTC
    there are days that i love you, and days that i dont want to.
    days i'd like to be friends. & days that i wont.
    days i'll pickup the phone and give you a call.
    days Im so sad i dont want to talk to you at all .
    days i look back at all the things that we shared.
    days i question myself if you really even care.
    theres so many things i wish i could say, but i'm scared it will all come out in the wrong way.
    no matter how much time goes by, i'll always be by your side, cause i couldnt stop loving you even if i tried.

  9. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    December 29, 2009 6:21pm UTC
    Tears drop down from those pretty little eyes It's kind of hard when you have only told liesShe's breaking down, everyone's fading It's been sooo long and im tired of waiting.
    She takes out the knives the ones she used before to rid the pain from her cavin in world
    She takes out the pills and drugs she knows how she wants to end it and that is what she will do.
    Over a 100 pills she takes to rid herself from the pain you make as the tears drop down from those pretty little eyes It's kind of hard when you have only told lies
    She's breaking down, everyone's fading It's been sooo long and im tired of waiting.
    It is over now no more waiting
    Shes laying on the ground now and shes not breathing it is your fault now so u better be leaving go cave in another persons world because she can finally leave this messed up life u made for her

  10. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2009 1:19pm UTC
    Perfectly Unperfect
    && i like it like that

  11. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    August 25, 2009 9:32pm UTC
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  12. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    August 25, 2009 9:20pm UTC
    Like they say in the bible
    Everything Happens for a reason
    You just gotta have faith

  13. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    August 25, 2009 9:18pm UTC
    Never Break up with the
    one you love for the one
    you like because the one
    you like may break up with
    you for the one they love.

  14. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    August 18, 2009 11:55pm UTC
    Cause when your fifteen and
    somebody tells you they love you
    your gonna believe them
    and when your fifteen feelin
    like theres nothin to figure out
    well count to ten take it in
    this is life before you know
    who your gonna be
    Taylor swift- Fifteen
    love the song.. not jocking any ones idea.. all my own styling..
    credit to any one else who used the song

  15. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    August 18, 2009 11:42pm UTC
    Take me back to the house in the back yard tree
    Said you'd beat me up you were bigger than me
    You never did you never did
    take me back when our world was one block wide
    i dared you to kiss me and ran when you tried
    just two kids you and i
    ohh my my my my
    well i was sixteen when suddenly
    i wasnt that little girl you use to see
    and our daddies use to joke about the two of us
    we never believed we'd really fall in love
    and our mamas smiled rolled their eyes
    and said oh my my my my
    take me back to the creek beds we turned up
    2 am ridin in your truck
    and all i need is you next to me
    take me back to the time we had our very first fight
    slammin of doors instead of kissin goodnight
    you stayed outside till the mornin light
    oh my my my my

  16. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    August 9, 2009 8:26pm UTC
    Always looking mighty fine
    Prettier than you since 89'

  17. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2009 10:12pm UTC
    Dont make someone your PRIORITY
    When all you are to them is an option

  18. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2009 10:08pm UTC
    When life rains on your parade
    Bust out a slip and slide =]
    Credit to everyone

  19. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2009 10:05pm UTC
    && The hardest part of loving
    somebody is knowing when
    to let go and when to say
    Goodbye when you still love
    them as much as you did
    & **credit to other wittiers**

  20. bmiest23 bmiest23
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2009 10:02pm UTC
    And all you need to know is
    youve got me when
    your world is crashing down
    & it seems like youve got no one around
    youve got me


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