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Business Solutions*

Status: BS&S is a very fine commercial lending firm that offers extremely competitive alternative small business financing.

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Location: Henderson, NV 89052

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  1. Business Solutions* Business Solutions*
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2017 5:17pm UTC
    Financial infatuation begins when an investor or private lender receives a finely tuned funding request for business, commercial equipment or investment real estate for small business financing. Business Solutions & Services, LLC. (BS&S), provides this easy access to working capital and many other valuable services to small to mid-sized companies, which are just one of the many reasons why the BS&S Team are regarded as one of Las Vegas' premiere small business experts, consulting firms and private lenders serving clients locally and internationally. By assisting entrepreneurs and business owners in maintaining their market share and growing their business revenues primarily by easing access to working capital via non-traditional bank alternatives and developing and executing sound business strategies. Ultimately, resulting in these motivated capital resources considering all credit levels of business or personal credit and accepting alternatives to fico scores which boil down to more reasons to provide local businesses with working capital and funding approvals.


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