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Hey people of Earth!

My name's Bethan. I currently live in Wales which is in Britain. I'm the girl who you'll see with headphones in her ears and a book in her hands. I like to write stories (mainly fanfiction) I'm a fangirl (You've been warned) I'm apart of many, many, many, many, many fandoms. I'm socially awkward. I'm addicted to my phone and the internet. (Who can live without the internet?) I live on youtube, tumblr, facebook, twitter and witty. I want to get my tongue pierced, and I plan on having the Deathly Hallows symbol tattoed on my wrist.

My friends are a huge part of my life. They are always there for me and i wont ever be able to repay them for what they've done for me. They're a crazy bunch and they've caused me mental scarring but i woudnt change them for the world. So i want to thank; Becca(dumb_blonde1998), Arcade1012, Leah, Joe(jcasey2m2n), Sinead (paramoregirl3), Rokky(rokky66), Dan, and Lewis for being the craziest and best friends anyone could ever have. 

Fandoms have destroyed and taken over my life. I usually refer to them in every conversation I have. 
I belong to alot of them, I mean whats life with only one fandom?...or none at all(SCARY THOUGHT!) 
So yeah, some of my fandoms include;
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Divergent, Ender's Game, The Maze Runner, Hetalia, Deathnote, Ouran High School Host Club, Angel Beats, Gone,The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Fault in Our Stars, The Demon Trappers, Sherlock, The Iron Fey.
There are more but y'know I'm too lazy to write them all.

Music=My Life. I listen to; Simple Plan, Sleeping with Sirens(Kellin Quinn!) Panic! At the Disco, Blink182, Fall out Boy, GreenDay, Black Veil Brides, Hollywood Undead, Matchbox Twenty, Demi Lovato, Britt Nicole, Taylor Swift and Blood on the Dance Floor.

I want some Witty friends, so don't be afraid to comment!
I also really want a email penpal(is that a thing?)So please email me(: livinginabook@hotmail.com
Feel free to follow me on twitter @dontkillmyfeels.

I'll follow back. 
  1. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    October 5, 2014 1:01pm UTC
    It's been awhile, hasn't it Witty?

  2. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2014 4:54pm UTC
    Hello Wittians!
    Over the years that I have been part of the Witty community you guys have always been there and you don’t understand how much that means to me :)
    My friend dumb_blonde1998 and I are starting a blog on Blogger where we will be talking about things like books, music and everything in between!
    We were wondering if we could call upon the Witty community to check out our blog and follow our Twitter? @teeninterneters
    It would seriously mean the world to both of us if a couple of you guys could do this for us – we’ll follow you back and will always be there to talk to, and if there are any things that you want us to talk about we can do that too – or at least one of us will.
    Even if you just follow our twitter and don’t do anything else we will be more than grateful.
    Thank you Wittians (:
    P.S - The first post should be up on the 11th of August (thats if everything goes alright) When we start posting we'll post a link.

  3. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    June 27, 2014 11:08am UTC
    Happy Birthday to Me!!

  4. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    June 14, 2014 1:31pm UTC
    A five letter word, not the most hurtful insult by far Except to me it is.You want to get to me, get me to shut up and slowly fall apart infront of your eyes? Call me a Freak. Out of everything that I've been called 'Freak' deffinitely hurts the most. I've always been the Freak who prefers to read, the Freak who can't swim or ride a bike, the Freak who can't talk to her own family without wanting to break down and cry. From Primary School to High School I've been called a Freak. It's what they label me. I can see why of course, and thats what kills me inside.

  5. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    May 25, 2014 1:06pm UTC
    I'd do anything for someone to save me from myself.

  6. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    May 15, 2014 4:25pm UTC
    I hate having to hold in tears when I'm talking to somene.

  7. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    May 15, 2014 3:56pm UTC
    You can't rewrite the past.

  8. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    May 14, 2014 4:39pm UTC
    Are you as aware of me as I am of you?

  9. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2014 3:38pm UTC
    And then I think of yesterday
    And every promise that you made
    I never thought I'd be
    The one that you would break.

  10. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2014 3:33pm UTC
    You got a lot of nerve and
    Looks like the tables turning
    And now you're wishing me well like you miss me
    You got a dirty tongue and
    Looks likes the damage done is forever
    And it's a long time to miss me

  11. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    May 5, 2014 1:02pm UTC
    If I could have anything I wanted right now,
    I'd ask for hug.

  12. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    April 20, 2014 3:56pm UTC
    But everyday she just gets lowered by her self esteem.

  13. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    April 20, 2014 2:53pm UTC
    The monsters in my head are my friends.
    They persuade me to do things that make me happy.
    But, the consquences are bad.
    Like last night,
    I ended up in hospital.

  14. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    April 17, 2014 4:47pm UTC
    I told you that I was fine, that I was just tired.
    I'm sorry, I lied.

  15. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    April 17, 2014 4:41pm UTC
    Help, I've done it again,
    I have been here many times before,
    Hurt myself again today,
    And the worst part is there's no one else to blame.

  16. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    April 15, 2014 2:57pm UTC
    If you like me,
    show it,
    dont say it,
    because actions speak louder than words.

  17. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    April 12, 2014 6:47pm UTC
    I push people away, I tell them that I don't want help, that I don't need help,
    when in reality all I want is someone to grab me by the arm and pull me into a hug,
    and to tell me that they're going to drag me through this, kicking and screaming.

  18. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    April 2, 2014 5:32pm UTC
    &for the first time in ages, I'll be crying myself to sleep.

  19. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    March 22, 2014 5:30pm UTC
    For every reason to stay with you,
    there's three to leave,
    and for some reason,
    I keep looking at the shorter list.

  20. bettyann123 bettyann123
    posted a quote
    March 3, 2014 3:07pm UTC
    But i'll take a chance on us,
    and hope you don't destroy my heart.


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