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ello. my name is becca. i'm 17 and i'm from the state with the worst reputation.
i love freckles, gingers, beaches, coffee, gatorade, peaches, strawberries,
laughing, boat shoes, converse, denim, leather, boots,flowers, bows, vans, and the color pink.
my music; 1d, demi lovato, arctic monkeys, the 1975
 my loves; louie bear, nialler, twerkin styles, lee-pee, zannyboo,
princess diana, demi lovats,  ginger sheeran,
peter pan, tinkerbell, all disney princesses(except ariel..hate her), alex gaskarth,
flynn rider, munro chambers, ailsinn paul,  ian somerhalder, nina dobrev, cory monteith, lea michele,
audrey hepburn, and last but not least barbra striestand. <3
my biggest goal is to find a way to live
in new york city. barbra striestand, lea michele, and audrey hepburn are my inspirations.(mostly because
we all have massive noses and we're too big of stars loljk) i will never grow up. my life revolves around disney
and princesses. 

"there's no love in your volience." 


  1. becca_oxovo becca_oxovo
    posted a quote
    August 2, 2013 11:40pm UTC
    When all
    is said and done
    ►more is always said than done►


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