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all aboubasketball4everr:
nicole. 21. junior in college. jersey girl. italian.
rowan university class of 2018<3

  1. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    June 15, 2015 8:34pm UTC
    my boyfriend is a special kid. he means more to me than i can ever explain. he's unique and different from all the other guys. he's special. he treats me very well. he loves to spoil me when he can. he loves to make me happy. he'd do anything for me to just be happy. he gives me a feeling that noone else could ever give me. everytime i am with him in person, i get butterflies. he's just so perfect. his smile is contagious. i smile immediately after seeing it. his voice is soothing and his laugh is adorable. he's not your typical blonde hair, really built and 6 pack ab sporty kind of guy, and he may be a huge nerd, but honestly, it is adorable. he shows me new things. he opens my eyes to things i would of never once did. and actually some of those things i now like. in just a few weeks, we will have been together for a year. and honestly, it amazes me how fast that year flew by with him. its something i wouldnt trade for anything. i fall asleep cuddling his sweatshirt every night that smells like him. its the closest thing i can do to being with him. being about 100 miles away from eachother is not easy at all. everyday it gets harder and harder. everyday that goes by, is one day more that i havent seen him, but one day closer to the next day i will see him again. this next couple weeks is going to be hard. he's going away, to costa rica. with no communication but maybe a little wifi at his hotel. it's going to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest weeks of my life so far, but i can make it through. i get to see him again in a little over 2 weeks, and it's to celebrate our 1 year. 1 year of happiness. 1 year of joy. 1 year of love. and many more to come. zachary, thanks for making my life complete. all my 18 years without you, i lived trying to find a person like you. someone so perfect and caring and sweet and incredible. someone so handsome and amazing. thanks for being the best you could be and the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. can't wait to see you in about 2 ish weeks. it's going to feel great to be in your arms again and to get to sleep in your arms again. i love you so much booger.

  2. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    June 1, 2015 6:40pm UTC
    "it's easy to be in a relationship when you can see the person whenever you want, but when you put distance between the two people that's when you find out how c o m m i t t e d somebody really is."

  3. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    May 13, 2015 8:00pm UTC
    you need to understand the difference between someone who speaks to you on their free time and someone who frees their time to speak to you.

  4. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 17, 2015 10:53am UTC
    dear babe,
    it's day 8. your final letter. your coming home today!! you're probably packing up to leave soon. i just woke up about a half hour ago. i didn't sleep well. i just had some waffles and i'm going to start getting ready to get my nails done and go get my makeup. i hope you have a good flight. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU TOMORROW! makes me so excited. its so surreal. like damn. the day i have been waiting for allll month is finallly like here. now i just gotta get through tonight. ahah okay well i know you have a busy day, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH . STAY PERFECT BABE i can't wait to be in your arms again. it's been waaaaay to long. i also cant wait to kiss you, these lips be deprived. okay i love you. have a safe flight, i will be thinking about you the whole time, i prob wont be able to eat cuz i will be thinking about you to much. i love you. you mean the world to me. and i hope you are as excited as i am to go back tomorrow. besides the fact that we have to deal with my crap.py roommates. oh well. I LOVEE YOU SO MUCH BABE. im hoping in about 24 hours ill be leaving to head to school. okay stay perfect. I LOVE YOU SOOOO SOOO MUCH. btws, happy 196 days. you're amazing. can't wait to see that smile again babe:*
    love, nicole

  5. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 16, 2015 2:46pm UTC
    dear babe,
    it's day 7. your final day in florida. this time tomorrow you will be at the airport i think. anyways, this morning i got up around 11:30, showered, painted my nails and cleaned my face. i finished my movie that i was watching as i was texting you. i just said i had to do something, and this is what i'm doing. if you didn't see that one coming. i miss you alot. and i can't wait to see your face in a day in a half. this whole writing you letters thing kinda sucks and i would prefer to just tell you face to face how much i love you and miss you. youre different and special babe. and honestly i couldnt be more happy when im with you. im trying my best to do this new thing now that when you are with your family, im trying not to text you cuz i feel bad and you know that. i need to go clean my room and pack a little and stuff. but i love you so much. and it's been the best 195 days of my life. i couldnt imagine spending them with anyone else. i love you so much sugar. okay goodbye. have fun with your last day and last night in florida. youre amazing(:
    love, nicole

  6. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 15, 2015 3:24pm UTC
    dear babe,
    it's day 6. today i woke up and we went to get bagels. me dana and molly. then we went back to her house and watched tv. you stopped answering me so i assume you are either sleeping or busy with the family, which is totally okay. i'm just hanging in my room doing nothing, the usual. after i'm finished with this post, i'm going to go organize some stuff that i'm going to bring back to school. i just watched jenna marbles video for this week. it was funny. the usual. i love her. so much. im listening to a song called when your gone, and im thinking about you and its making me sad. oh well. okay well i get to see you in about 3 days and that makes me super excited. not the fact that i have to deal with my roommates or yours, but just getting to see you. this past month at home has been half eventful and have not. seeing you for about a week made it better, obvi. i need to feed my fish.. poor guy is starving himself. i just dont feel like moving. im kinda comfortable. wah. okay well maybe i should go clean his tank too before we go back to school.. probably a good idea, eh? i cant wait to see your face. heh makes me so excited. i missed you alot. you dont know how happy you make me. its like crazy. youre the best that i could ever ask for. i feel asleep cuddling into your sweatshirt last night and it felt great. i'm so excited to give you some of your gifts too. okay i should go do something useful eh? haha okay goodbye love. youre amazing. keep smiling.
    love, nicole

  7. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 14, 2015 12:57pm UTC
    dear babe,
    it's day 5 and your only about half way through your vacation. i normally write these later in the day but have a busy afternoon. i woke up and skyped you until you ditched me. i made some choco chip waffles and i made this amazing like chocolate milk drink and its like healthy too ahha. for lunch imma have some buttered noodles<33 i miss you already and you left me about a half hour ago.. lol wut. anyways, i cant wait to see you in a couple of days. you're amazing you really are. never doubt yourself and what you can do. your good mornning texts are unbelievably adorable. honestly any girl would be lucky to get texts like that. i always smile for like 10 minutes after. they really make my mornings. your smile is adorable. it's really contagious too. it makes me smile a lot. i know you always say you cant smile on command, but you truly can. its beautiful and idc what anyone else or if they like it or not. its beautiful. i think its adorable how you are so good with kids. the way you hang with tristian is adorable. any girl would be lucky to find a boy who is good with kids. you looked adorable and handsome in your golf shirt today. my babys all dressy heh. i cant wait to see it in person and not just over skype. i miss holding you hand. and watching the feud with you. and going to breakfast, lunch or dinner toggether. or randomly going to profs at 11 cuz im craving fries. or playing pool and ping pong and air hockey. i miss going out with you and just making out in the corner. i miss taking walks with you to nowhere. i miss laying in the grass with you. i miss holding your hand walking everywhere. i miss kissing you. i miss kicking the guys out. i miss going on dinner dates together. i miss walking eachother to and from classes. i miss just being with you. idk if you could tell by that or not. i really have to pee so imma end this soon:P youre adorable and whenever you are not texting me i always hope whenever my phone goes off that its you. in fact, i normally just assume its you, even though most of those times i assume, it isnt:P okay well you are perfect in everyway. only 3 more full days and then i see you on sunday!! it cant come fast enough can it. okay i dont wanna take too much time out of your day. i love you babycakes. stay perfect.
    love, nicole

  8. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 13, 2015 5:12pm UTC
    dear babe,
    it's day four and your still gone. today i woke up to an amazing text from you around 10 something and i didnt get up until like 10:30. molly texted me wanting to go to the mall and so i got up and showered and went to the mall with her and dana. I got myself some victorias secret stuff heeh. after we went to platos. then we went back to danas for a little. i helped my mommy bring my dog to the vet. i just got home and im now waiting for you to get home to skype you and so you can open your gift i sent you. i miss you alot. i truly do. its not easy spending days without getting a kiss from you or just not seeing you. but hey in.. 4 days 6 hours and 51 minutes we will be reunited!!! btw, happy 192 days together. heh youre amazing. and you always make me smile. i cant wait to get to see your face again. it makes me really happy. and hearing your voice. you looked super cute today. those sunglasses, like dayummm must be attracting the ladies down there. hehe i will hurt them, youre mine. i wore your rings today, obvi, as i caught myself thinking about you more. you are amazing, never forget that. you are my favorite you truly are. youre one of a kind. thanks for always making me smile annd accepting me for everything i do. youre amazing, never forget that. (:
    love, nicole

  9. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 12, 2015 5:57pm UTC
    dear babe,
    it's day 3. today i woke up around 12 or actually a little earlier. we texted for a while. i made some coffee and came back upstairs and then i skyped you. i showered and ate some chicken noodle soup, and then we skyped again and you made me skype with your family, which by the way is awesome. your grandma is so chill and so is jerry and tristian and your dad. i love your family they are all so nice and friendly. and so chill. i miss your face. we are currently on skype. i miss your face and want to be reunited with you so much. i hope you like your gift that youre gonna get tomorrow its awesome like you. hey i just wanted to let you know youre amazing. youre smile makes me extremely happy. your so perfect and handsome in every way shape and form. thanks for being so amazing and awesome. your truly the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for. i love you so much.
    love, nicole

  10. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 11, 2015 4:54pm UTC
    dear babe,
    today was day 2 without you. today i woke up at like 10:30 when you texted me, but i didn't get out of bed until like 12. i had some french toast, that was yummy. then i hung in my room for a little, listening to songs that reminded me of you. then i showered and gott ready and went to platos, my favorite place. i bought a few things and now i'm home in my room on witty again. are you shocked? hah it just made me very happy cuz i just remembered a week from now, we will be together(:if that doesnt excite you idk what does. i know it means like forever away, but i, hoping this week will go by quick. i hope you had a good day. youre amazing. always rememeber that. keep smiling cuz your smile is super contagious and i love it. also, youre perfect. you truly are. you are so special it's like cray. i am listening to songs and they are reminding me of driving to connecticut with you and it makes me miss being with you. but im a week closer to seeing you. so that makes me super excited. i cant wait to take on another semester with you. and spring break we are hanging lots. dur. cuz ya know. lol. okay i love you. i think im just rambling now. oh well. zorro misses you a lot. but i miss you more of course. heh. "i dont want nobody nobody nobody but you." im lisstening to that song right now. jamming hardcore. you are texting me asking which account im on, maybbe you will find out in a few. i miss your face, like a lot. ugh. can you come give me a hug? thanks. okay i cant wait to see your face again, you should snap me so i can see it. you are super adorable and i could not be more lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend. you are honestly all i could ever ask for in a boy. youre perfection. i love your brown eyes. and your MESSY hair. and yes im saying messy even though i didnt even see it today, cuz its always like cray. ugh writing this post makes me miss you more. wah. zorro is crying like a baby. he misses you alot. hes crying for you. i hope you know how special and amazing you are. words couldnt describe it. but i try. okay well i dont wanna take anymore time out of your day, i know you have stuff to do and a life, unlike me. so goodbye. i love you i cant wait to be reunited with you. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE INCASE YOU DIDNT KNOW THIS ALREADY. heheheh. okay you are demanding me to be done so you can read this so here you go. p.s i love you. p.s.s your handsome. p.s.s.s you are special. woah i repeat my self a lot. okay love you. bye.
    love, nicole

  11. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 10, 2015 1:20pm UTC
    dear babe,
    today you left. you're also on your plane right now
    to go to florida. this morning i woke up, layed in bed
    for a while, ate my breakfast, cleaned the house with
    my parents and then came to my computer. i got some
    nightcore songs cuz i was thinking about you. now of
    course, i'm watching highschool musical 2, cuz it's my
    obsession. i miss you a ton, but theres 8 days until we
    are reunited. it makes me so happy that i get to see your
    smile again and hear your laugh again. i hope you have
    a great time in florida, you deserve it. you're amazing kiddo,
    you truly are. don't ever forget how important you are to me.
    you mean everything to me. my aunt called this morning and
    she was like did zach make it home okay in the snow and i'm
    like yes he did and she goes he didn't break up with you yet,
    and i'm like no he's a keeper and she goes yeah he was really
    nice, you should keep him around. so look at that. you were
    so nervous for that day and look, they like you. you're awesome.
    it's been 189 days together. and i wouldn't trade those days for
    anything. you're one of a kind. okay well i'm going to get back
    to high school musical 2 and get back to my obsession. so
    have a good time babe. i love you.

  12. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 8, 2015 12:24pm UTC
    my boyfriend: "and btw you look beautiful today."
    me: "but you didn't even see what i look like?"
    my boyfriend: "i don't need to."
    me: "why is that?"
    my boyfriend: "cuz you're always beautiful."

  13. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    January 6, 2015 1:41pm UTC
    words can't describe how amazing the last week of my life was. it seems so unreal the things that occurred.
    last week, new years eve, my boyfriend drove down to see me. he lives in connecticut, about 2 and a half hours from me with no traffic. we went to dinner, the two of us, and then hung out at my house. i showed him around my house a little. then we went over to my friends house and spent the night there. then in the morning we drove back to my house and set up for my family to come over. my aunts and uncles came over to celebrate new years and they met my boyfriend. that night we decided to make a last minute decision. my bf was supposed to drive back to connecticut and he was gonna come back on the 4th. instead, his mom asked if i wanted to stay at his place for the couple of days. suprisingly, my parents agreed and let me go. we drove back new years night and watched a movie. he showed my around his house, and took me places around his town. then we went to sleep. i had a hard time sleeping. i couldnt fall asleep. then at 4 in the morning i had to use the bathroom and stayed up until about 6:30. finally around 8 something my bf came in and woke me up and we cuddled for a little. we went to his mall and we did some shopping. we spent the day together. i met some of his friends and more of his family. he took me to this amazing deli called golds. he took me to this place to get amazing bacon egg and cheese sandwiches. friday we spent the day again just hanging around. saturday we went shopping with his mom. i felt more connected to her, like she liked me more. we hung out a lot and then we drove to his dads house in snow. it was scary but of course i felt safe in his arms. we made it and babysat his half brother, whos 2. we watched tv, we ate food and hung out. we finally put him to bed and then hung out until his parents got home. we drank some mikes and he showed me how to play his favorite card game: magic. we fell asleep, i feel asleeep in his arms. i missed that feeling. we woke up the next morning, had some breaksfast and took off to come home to my house to celebrate my birthday. by the time we got home, i had an hour before everyone was supposed to come over so i showered and got ready. soon all my friends came and we all hung out and ate some food. then 4 of my friends stayed over night and then celebrated my birthday with me the next day. we went to ihop and then went to the mall. then all my friends left. and my bf took me out to my favorite store and we hung out all day. then we got back aroun 5 ish and i got into a fight with my parents and started crying. i wanted to have my bf stay the night again and come to dinner with us. i wanted to take him to my favorite resturant. finally my parents agreed and he came with my family and celebrated my 19th birthday with me and my family and aunt. we went to pf changs. then we came back and we watched tv. i had to go upstairs unforunately. my parents wouldnt let us be together. but i woke him up this morning around 8 ish and we hung out for a little at my house, then ran some errands and then came back. shortly after he took off to go home. i wont be seeing him until the 19th of january. after spending a week together, i believe my life has finally took a right turn. i believe he is the one that i want to be with forever. i know it sounds crazy, i've been dating him for about 6 months, but honestly, i wouldnt trade those 6 months for anything. theres never a day i wish things were different. he means the world to me. and i couldnt thank him enough for the greatest first week of 2015 anyone could ever ask for.

  14. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    December 26, 2014 8:41pm UTC
    i knew how much he meant to me when home became a person and a feeling, rather than a place.

  15. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    July 31, 2014 10:43pm UTC
    never take anyone for granted
    they could be gone in a blink of an eye.

  16. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    November 6, 2012 9:21pm UTC
    99% of people in this world are stupid;
    luckily i'm the other 4%.

  17. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    August 5, 2012 12:08am UTC
    don't text me back?
    i understand.
    don't hang out with me?
    i understand.
    but when i stop caring;
    you better f**king understand.

  18. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    December 13, 2011 9:57pm UTC
    he has no idea how
    just a simple, "hey" from him can make my entire day.

  19. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2011 7:25pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  20. basketball4everr basketball4everr
    posted a quote
    October 19, 2011 4:44pm UTC
    to friends.
    to girlfriend and boyfriend.
    to strangers.


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