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beyourself03 · 1 decade ago
Hello lovely follower! Sorry for the spam but could you please check out my story account: beyourself03_stories? it would mean the absolute world to me! :)

reader_at_heart · 1 decade ago
hey so I'm going through my followers just to let you guys know that I'm back and kind of explain myself. well, you see, it was summer. and i got frustrated with the story because i wrote a chapter three different times but it was still never posted. so i kind of gave up. i was annoyed because all the boring parts were taking sooo long. but now i've pretty much skipped over the part that i kept dragging out and now we have some action. i've posted two chapters and I'm working on more.. i understand if you don't want to read anymore but i just want to let everyone know I'm sorry for disappearing off witty for a while. and i love you even if you've only read one chapter lol and I'm also sorry if this makes no sense at all but its not my fault because its two in the morning so ya

Lezly · 1 decade ago
Hello There c:
This Is Likethatsme4sure And I Will Be Using This Account Instead. I Am Following All Of My Followers From My Other Account On Here c:
Thank You Gorgeous~

everyb0dyt4lks · 1 decade ago
Hello. It's lovewritingx. I made a new profile to put my stories on. I actually emailed Steve about what happened and he told me that the situation seems settled and that I could make a new account... so... here I am. I'm hoping to be able to start over new. I don't want to talk about what happened anymore because, as far as I can see it, it's over. Soo, I'm going through the followers list for lovewritingx and notifying all the followers that this is my new account. Feel free to follow if you'd like, but you don't need to. "My Mistake" will be posted soon after I notify alll the followers which may take a while so you'll need to be patient if you're looking forward to that. Alright, thanks for your time. ~elizabeth

Hopelesscrusher · 1 decade ago
Hey! I don't know if you remember me but I commented on your profile awhile ago... and i was just checkin up on ya! Remember, If you ever need to talk I'm here. XOXO

Pesadilla · 1 decade ago
Hi there,
You were a follower on my old account (Imperfectedmuffin). I've moved here, I just thought I'd let you know.c:
Thanks for your time.

BunniNinja · 1 decade ago
Hey thanks for following me i just made a twitter please follow me i follow back im BunniNinja

foreverlove18 · 1 decade ago
Sorry for the spam!
I'm writing a new story called The Loved And The Fallen. I was wondering if you could read this small summary.
Heres the link!

Snowflakes113 · 1 decade ago
Hi, I'm Sydni and I'm a writer. I was wondering if you would check out my new story Finding My Way? I just posted today and am trying to get more readers to see if I should continue. Sorry for spamming. Thanks (:

barneythebigpurpledino · 1 decade ago
You're pretty (:

lovewritingx · 1 decade ago
Hello lovely follower. Umm. Here's a quote that you should probably see if you read "Twisted" or any of the other stories I posted. Unless you've already seen the quote. :P http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/6012798

Skrillex_is_my_husband · 1 decade ago
Where did you get the layout?

MissOlivia · 1 decade ago
Heyy gorgeous!!!♥
Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I made a new account
and I will be using that account ONLY. So if you'd go follow it, that would be amazing! I will be using that account ONLY! Love ya!
xoxo Olivia

sparkle123 · 1 decade ago
Hey! I recently just posted a prologue of a new story I wrote and its called "Not your ordinary summer." Can you read it and tell me if you want to be notified?:)

HidingInMySmile · 1 decade ago
Hey I hate spams but will u plz read my prologue to "The Lonely Penny" it will be really good... Plz comment and tell me what u think thx!

hha_ilyxx5 · 1 decade ago
LOL. it's true! like I have nothing against it whatsoever. and I'm not gonna put someone down for it, but it was Adam and eve in the beginning not adam and jake or eve and Janet(x but again, of they're happy let it be hahaa:p

harrypotterlover42 · 1 decade ago
AHH! I saw that you like lecrae! I LOVE him! :) me and my brother blast in our car and when people give us dirty looks I'm like THIS ISN'T BAD CURSING RAP, OKAY!

Karin* · 1 decade ago
Good :)

Karin* · 1 decade ago
Why would someone ever say that?! Don't listen to them. It's your life to control, not theirs.

Th3Br0k3nBl0nde · 1 decade ago
In sorry that happened to ur friend.


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