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  1. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    August 1, 2011 12:48am UTC
    Chapter 6
    “I’m home!” A male voice screams. I’m going to guess it’s Eric. The man walks into the living room where Emma and I were sitting. Yes, it is Eric. “Hey babe,” He says to Emma and kisses her on her forehead.
    “Hi,” Emma coolly says crossing her arms. She gives him a dirty look.
    “What did I do this time?” He says going into the kitchen and then coming out with a sandwich. He doesn’t seem to care much.
    “Where were you?” She says standing up walking to him.
    “Work, I told you I would be there before I left,” He replies a little angry.
    “You were gone for 12 hours! I called your boss and he said you weren’t there,” She says. Her face shows she thinks she won the argument until Eric said, “I went out for a couple of drinks with the guys,” He gave her the same face she gave him.
    “You’re wasting our money when you do that!” She puts her hands up over her head.
    “Our money?” Eric snorts, “I don’t see you with a job, so it is my money,” I still haven’t said anything. Emma was about to objected. But she shut her mouth and decided not to. “Yeah, I thought so,” Eric says and goes back into the kitchen and gets a beer. Instead of coming back to the living room, he went to his (and Emma’s) bedroom.
    Emma and I start to talk about my relationships. I try and keep up with what she is saying, but it is really hard. Apparently I had a boyfriend last week, but he dumped me. He cheated on me and he dumped me, but I don’t really care because I didn’t really know him.
    We talk some more, have a cup of tea and then I leave her home. I debate on whether or not I should go home or walk to Henry’s house. I decide to go back home because I’m mentally tired after trying to talk with Emma. She has really become a jerk since her teenage years, I wonder what happened.
    I also am curious as to why Eric is her fourth husband and wasn’t her first, but I decide to put those thoughts to the side because my head hurts.
    As I push my finger against the cold elevator door button, Alex shows up behind me. “Hey,” He says with a smile.
    I bit my lip, “Hi Alex,” I feel like a teenager talking to a boy I like. Well, technically I am a teenager, but that’s not the point.
    “So about that date,” He starts to say. Oh, my God, we are going to go on a date, “I was thinking we could go to the bar and get something to drink,” He says.
    “I’m not allowed to drink,” I say. He gives me a confused look and I think about what I said for a second, “Oh, I’m sorry, yes I am allowed to drink, I just-” He interrupts me.
    “You don’t have to explain, meet me at Angelz at eight o' clock, okay?” He asks.
    “Okay,” I say with my best smile.

  2. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 31, 2011 8:27pm UTC
    Chapter 5
    “Wow, fun,” I say under my breath. I walk up and look out my window. I see a house across the street, which I’m going to assume it’s Emma and Eric’s house. Did they get married?
    I walk around a little to find the front door. I open it and walk out. I run up and down the hallways to try and find a way to get out.
    “Looking for something?” A deep voice asks. He’s looks a little older, maybe 30 years old.
    “Do you know a way out of here?” I ask him not really looking at him. I just keep turning my head like an idiot.
    “Follow me,” He says and leads me down the hall and at an elevator. “Which way?” He asks, but instead of answering, I just press the down button. “Okay, I guess we are going down.” He says. I smile at him and he gives me a smile that shows me his white, straight, teeth.
    We enter the elevator and he lets me go first. “Ladies first,” he says. The elevator had cheap music. Two other people came onto the elevator and came off on the first floor like me and the guy I just met.
    He walks me out to the front of the apartment building. “Thank you,” I say and he replies with the usual, “You’re welcome.”
    “What’s your name?” I ask him.
    “Alex, what about you?”
    “Clare,” I reply plainly.
    “Do you want to hang out sometime?” He asks.
    “Yeah, where do you live?” He tells me his apartment room and then walks away.
    I stand there thinking about what happened. I walk across the street, looking both ways. This street is quiet so not many cars have passed by. I take a deep breath and knocked on the door. It felt like forever before she opened the door and when she finally did, she said to me, “I thought you were coming over tomorrow, what are you doing here?”
    “I just, uh, was lonely,” I said. I was pretty proud of my answer.
    “Alright, well, come in I guess,” She said unenthusiastically. Way to be a best friend.
    Emma looks different. She dyed her hair black and gained a little wait. I was going to say something and then I remembered, I’ve seen her before like this, well, my 33 year old self did. “Where’s Eric?”
    “Probably cheating on me,” She says like she doesn’t even care. “I shouldn’t have left my third husband for me,” I look at her with wide eyes. “What?” She asks nonchalantly.
    "He's your fourth husband?!" I say with a surprised look on my face.
    "Yeah, you were my maid of honor for all the weddings. How did you forget? Have you been drinking again?" She asks.
    "No, I just forgot," I said. What happened to my best friend. She looks like crap and she has had four husbands. Well, I haven't even had one. Guess four is better than zero.

  3. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 31, 2011 6:49pm UTC
    Chapter 4
    “Where are we going?” I ask her, “And before you answer that, what is your name?” She pulls my arm into a bathroom stalls in back. It’s the handicapped one.
    “My name is Belinda and we are going to the future,” She says with a calm expression on her face. I’m a little nervous because I don’t know this woman, but she doesn’t seem like a “bad guy” to me.
    We walk into the bathroom stall and she picks up a stick with a small ball at the end of it. I give her a confused look and she gives me a big grin, “Goodbye,” She says and points the wand at me.
    “Wha- What are you doing?” I say, but before I finish, I feel like I’m in a new world. I feel like my head is spinning and I’m just floating. I remain still. After 5 seconds of being in a magical world, I wake up in a twin bed in a tiny apartment.
    I lay down to collect my thought for a minute. I slowly get up off of the bed and go into the bathroom. I look the same. Brown, curly hair and light brown eyes. “Hi!” I hear a voice scream out of the kitchen.
    I walk into the kitchen with a bottle of shampoo, just in case. I scream when I see the woman from the bathroom. I gasp, “You again!”
    “Yes, it is me,” She says, but I don’t listen.
    “Where am I?” I say holding up my bottle up above my head.
    “In your apartment,” She says and I reply with, “I don’t live here.”
    “You didn’t live here when you were a teenager, now you are a 33-year old adult,” She says and I give her a puzzled look.
    “What are you talking about? I just looked in the mirror, I still look the same,” I smirk at her.
    “People see you as an adult. I sent you into the future,” She is still calm.
    “Why?” I drop the bottle.
    “Because I want to you teach you a lesson,” She says and I reply with, “And what is that?”
    “You will have to learn yourself,” She says and her body fades away and she is gone. I go back to my bed and sit down. I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I lay down and feel a piece of paper at my head.
    The paper read: You work at Greg’s which is a grocery store. You are a cashier. You don’t have a husband or children. Emma and Eric live across the street. Henry, the boy you rejected, lives 10 minutes away at 66 Olivia Rd. ~Belinda
    The paper also contains my work schedule.

  4. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2011 9:47pm UTC
    Chapter 3
    "I was wondering if you wanted to, uh, hang out sometime," He says. His voice was shaking and so was he.
    "Are you okay?" I ask. I am worried something is wrong with him.
    "Yeah, just, uh, nervous," He says quietly.
    "Um, I'm busy," I say, trying to reject him in the nicest way.
    "I didn't even say a day," He said looking down.
    "Oh, well this week is filled up," I say so he stops asking questions.
    "What about next week?" He gives it one last attempt.
    "I'm busy?" I said that as a question.
    "You know what, I'm just going to stop embarrassing myself. I get it, you don't want to go out with me," He says sadly. He turns around and walks away. I feel so bad, but what am I supposed to do? Lead him on? That's just mean.
    The bell rang signaling lunch was over and Emma came running out to me. "What happened? I saw you talking with nerd-boy?
    "He's not a nerd. I was just asking him about the Math homework," I lie.
    "Whatever, you so have a crush on him!" Emma says giggling.
    "Ha ha ha," I said that expressionless.
    "I was just kidding, goodness," Emma says defensively.
    "Where's Eric?" I say trying to change the subject.
    "I told him to go to class without me," She says shrugging.
    "Okay, well let's go," I say connecting my arm to her's and we start walking down the hallway.
    After school, I meet up with Emma in front of the school. We walk to her car and drive off to the mall about 20 minutes away. There aren't a lot of people here because school just let out, but 40 minutes later, the mall is filled with teenagers.
    Emma and I walk in and out of stores usually ending up with 2 bags of clothes from each store, but Emma is the one who brought everything. She even brought me a couple of outfits. "Thanks for the outfits," I tell Emma. "No problem," She responds.
    After going to three more stores, I have to go to the bathroom, "I'm going to go to the little girls room," I tell Emma. She just continues to look into the stores windows.
    I walk into the bathroom to see a strange woman looking at me. "What?" I ask.
    "I'm here to show you where you've done wrong and you've done right?" Is she kidding? Is this some kind of dream?
    "You're kidding me, right?" I doubt she is legit.
    "No, I'm not. Come with me," She says.

  5. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 27, 2011 9:45pm UTC
    Chapter 2
    "My parents are..." Emma starts loud and then quietly says, "are getting a divorce," Emma's parents are more "lovey dovey" to each other than mine, how are they getting a divorce?
    "What? No! I can't believe it," I tell her. Eric doesn't even look up.
    "What's the big deal? They are getting a divorce, is your mom or dad actually leaving you?" Eric says like it's not a bad thing.
    She looks at him in disbelief. I would too if my boyfriend asked if my parents getting a divorce is a big deal. "Eric! I can't believe you just said that! And, no, my dad is getting a house in the next town over and my mom is keeping the house we have now," Emma says.
    "I'm just saying, my dad left me when my mom when she told him she was pregnant, so if your parents are just getting a divorce and being really cool about it, it's not a big deal," Eric says eating a sandwich that looks like he made it.
    Emma looks at him in disgust and gets up in anger. I tell Eric, "That wasn't cool," and then follow Emma into the girls bathroom, I guess he isn't as perfect as I thought he was.
    "Are you okay?" I ask Emma.
    "No!" She snapped at me, "My boyfriend is being a jerk and my parents are getting a divorce! Do you think I would be okay?"
    "You know, I'm just trying to help. you don't need to get mad at me! I don't have to help you," I was about to leave when she says, "Wait." I stop and turn around.
    "My dad cheated on my mom with a stripper... more than once," Emma says quietly. I see sadness in her eyes.
    "I'm sorry, I didn't know," I say. I awkwardly put my hand around her to comfort her.
    "It's okay, you know what, we should hang out later so I can get my mind off of it," Emma suggests. When she says hang out, she really means let's go to the mall. I never say no, but I never buy anything.
    "Okay," I say with a big smile on my face, "wait, what about Eric?"
    "I'm just going to say I have a lot of homework," She says with a sly smile.
    We both laugh and then exit the bathroom when this not-so-cute boy asks if I could talk with him for a minute.
    "Okay, what," I said that nicely. He gets bullied a lot and gets called a nerd, so I try and make him feel like he has a friend.
    "I wanna ask you something," He says nervously.

  6. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 25, 2011 1:08pm UTC
    Chapter 1
    "I'm going to grow old and lonely with a million cats!" I say to Emma, my best friend. I close my locker after getting my Math binder.
    "Come on! There is somebody out there for you," She says. She is always super supportive.
    We walk past some kids running and others walking. We also walk past couples holding hands and smiling at each other. I wish I had a guy that I could do that with, "Easy for you to say, you have a boyfriend!" His name is Eric. He has brown helmet hair and some muscle. He is also very tall, "Not to mention he is so perfect."
    "Don't be getting any ideas," We both laugh, "But seriously, sooner or later, there will be a guy who will ask you out, and I bet he'll be as perfect as Eric," Emma says. She soon gets distracted when she sees Eric in the hallway.
    Eric comes walking up to us, "Hey Emma... and Clare," I give him a small smile while Emma gives him a hug. Way to make me feel like a third wheel.
    Eric puts his arm around Emma and we start walking down the hall. They are giggling and speaking quietly to each other. It got annoying and I felt left out so I just said, "Emma," But in order to get her attention, I had to say it louder, "Emma!"
    "Huh? What?" She refrains herself from Eric.
    "Um," I have to think of an excuse, "I forgot my folder from my locker, I'll catch up with you later," I give her a small pat on the shoulder and quickly make my way down the hallway to my locker. I open it and pretend I'm going through my papers just so I don't seem like a loser just standing here at her open locker.
    Finally, the bell rings and I hurry to Math class.
    Math was boring and uneventful. The only thing that was interesting was when Robbie got caught texting and when the teacher told him to put his phone away, he talked back to her and was sent to the office. Other than that, it was a waste of 42 minutes.
    I meet up with Emma. "Where's Eric?" I ask even though I could care less.
    "He's getting the lunch he packed. Um, is it okay if he sits with us today?" Emma says nervously.
    I don't know why she asks, I always say yes even though I want to say no, "If it was a yes yesterday, it's a yes today," She gives me a big smile, jumped up and down a little, and took my hand and pulled me into the lunchroom.
    Noise surrounded Emma and me as we entered and it felt like a maze just to get through. "Oh, I see Eric!" Emma says and runs to him, pulling me. I thought he was getting his lunch? How did he get here so quickly?
    Emma sits next to him and I sit across from both of them. They, again, left me out of their conversation, so I just get up and get into the line to receive my lunch. There is pizza today, but their pizza sucks. I decide to get a PB&J sandwich and I bring my tray of food back to the table.
    "Listen, Clare..." Emma starts, "I have to tell you something."

  7. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2011 8:55pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 19
    The next day, we walk to school hand in hand. Some people stared and some people gave us confused looks, but I didn't care. All I care about is Ethan and I are a couple... I think.
    "Are we, like, together?" I ask Ethan. He looked at me and smiled, "I'm going to take that as a yes," And he nodded.
    We enter the high school and go our separate ways. I go to my locker to get all the stuff I need. Binder, check, notebook, check, pencil, check. Okay I am prepared for Science class.
    I close my locker and as I tun to walk to class, Alyssa comes up to me. "What?" I say sounding annoyed.
    "You weren't kidding. I saw you and Ethan together," She says sound really surprised.
    "And you weren't lying. Ethan told me everything," I say.
    "Alright," She says and then walks off. That's never happened before. Alyssa usually has something mean to say before leaving me. Whatever, I'm not going to look into it too much, it probably means nothing.
    I enter class a second before Ethan. "Hey gorgeous," He says behind me.
    I turn around and hear someone say, "Move!" We move and then head to our seats.
    I take a deep breath, "Hi," I smiled.
    "I love that smile," He says. How sweet!
    "You know, just because we are a couple doesn't mean you always have to give me compliments, I have some flaws," I love what he says about me, but I don't want him to feel obligated to saying awesome stuff about me.
    "I know," Aww, how sweet-er!
    The rest of Science class was boring, but Ethan was there so I didn't care.
    Math was next and Sam is in Math class with me.
    When I see Sam, I just walk on by, but she stops me, "Jennie!" She shouts so I'll hear.
    "What?" I gave her the same "what" I gave Alyssa.
    "I'm-" She sighs deeply, "Alyssa isn't my friend anymore," Her hands are shaking, "And, um, Jason broke up with me."
    I kind of expected this, but I feel absolutely no sympathy. "Why are you telling me this?" Why is she? We aren't friends.
    "I was, um, wondering if, um, you wanted to be best friends again," Is she kidding me? No way! After she has put me through, it's now an even bigger no.
    "Ha!" I laugh in her face. Okay, that was kind of rude, but I continue, "No way! You turned your back on me and became friends with Alyssa even though you knew she is a jerk to me! No, never again," I turn away before I could see her reaction.
    I sit there and think about today. Alyssa wasn't her usual self to me, Ethan is an amazing boyfriend, and Sam and I are officially done.
    I'm not going to say my life is perfect, but it has taken a turn for the better.
    Forever I will remember this quote from English class, "Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience." By Victoria Holt. I will live by this quote, it'll keep me going through all the bad and good and everything happens for a reason.
    ~THE END

  8. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 17, 2011 11:12pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 18
    The walk to my house felt like it took forever. We didn't speak at all, but I guess we are saving that for inside. What if there is a lot of yelling? I don't like people yelling at me because I usually get really sad when someone I care about raises their voice at me.
    We enter my house and the first thing I say is, "Do you want something to drink?" Smooth, Jennie. Smooth.
    "Oh, no, thank you," Ethan says politely and sits down on the couch.
    I let out a big sigh and then quickly say, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have believed Alyssa! I don't know what I was thinking, I don't even think I was. I wish I-"
    "She wasn't lying," I let out a gasp the second he finished and he looked down. He ran his finger through his hair and then looked back up at me.
    "I'm sorry, but the idea," I try and choose my words carefully, "the idea is just kind of hard to grasp."
    "I did it to Alyssa, Olivia, and tons of other girls, but I do regret it," He looks like he really means it, "but I stopped after I met Lisa."
    "Did you try and do it to Lisa?" I was just curious.
    "I did, but I couldn't go through with it, I actually liked her," That sounds like it's from a movie. It's actually kind of sweet.
    Was he trying to do it to me? No matter how much I think he would probably deny it, I ask, "And what about me? When we kissed, was that supposed to turn into something more?"
    "Do you want the truth?"
    "Yes," I put my hand on my hip.
    "When I first asked to tutor you, I was just looking for you to be a rebound, so yes, I was going to do it to you, but then, after we hung out, I really started to like you," I don't know if I should believe him. Isn't it, like, a guy's specialty to lie? Well, I don't really know, but that's what Sam told me once.
    "Okay," I sit next to him on the couch, "Well, why did you get mad at me when I asked you?"
    "I don't like that people were still talking about it and I didn't want you to think I was going to do it to you," He breathes through his nose and out through his mouth, "Well, I was, and then-"
    "Yeah, I got it," I give him a fake smile.
    "Listen, I'm sorry," He says. I look in his eyes and I could see he means it.
    "I," I breath deeply, "I forgive you."
    "Thank you," He breaths a sigh of relief.
    He leans in closer to me and I get closer to him. Our lips are almost touching. This time I give him a real smile and then he lightly touches his lips against mine. I could feel him smiling and I could help but smile.
    I wish this moment could last forever.

  9. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2011 11:41pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 17
    Finally, lunch.
    I sit at my usual table, well, my new usual table with a cheeseburger and apple juice in front of me. I hate school food, but I have to eat something, and anyway, there is no boy I have to worry about seeing my disgusting style of eating. Ethan is sitting at a table with a bunch of guys, but he isn't sitting next to any of them. Ethan must not have many friends, but I'm surprised because he is very friendly.
    Alyssa approaches my table. Before she reaches me, she looks at everyone else sitting at my table and looks like she is completely disgusted. "So, give me the details!" She says that to me like she is my friend.
    "Why would I tell you?" Why would I tell her? She's not my friend, or even an acquaintance.
    "Because I told you what would happen, so I deserve to know," Is that really a reason?
    I decide to lie, "He didn't try anything on me, in fact, we had such a great time studying, we decided to do it tomorrow too," Ha, I probably made her feel like an idiot.
    "Then why isn't he sitting with you like he was yesterday?" That was unexpected. I didn't know what to say, I just looked at her. "I warned you," and she smirked at me and then got up and went to her table.
    One week. One week I haven't talked to Ethan, Sam or really anyone. That week was very boring and uneventful. That was one week of my life I will never get back, but this week, I am determined to make it better. The first thing I want to do is make things better with Ethan. I missed him like crazy and I could not stop thinking about him.
    Today I'm going to ask him to come over to my house and we could talk and I hope he will accept the offer.
    The school day went by slowly and I think it was because I am so nervous about asking him to come over, but finally that time arrived.
    He was walking out of the school and I was walking quickly behind him trying to catch up, "Ethan!" I screamed so he would hear. He stopped, hesitated, and then turned around.
    Okay, just ask Jennie, the worst thing he could say is no, "Can you please come over to my house so we could talk?"
    He looked at me for a long time and then finally said, "Why? We aren't friends," I guess that's worst then no. It sounded like he wasn't intentionally trying to hurt me, but he did.
    Before I said anything, I gasped and then managed to say, "Please," I was about to cry.
    He took one good look at me and said, "Okay."

  10. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2011 9:51pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 16
    I go to work, which I thought would make me forget about what happened not to long ago, but it didn't help at all. In fact, work was so bad, I just sat down and cried when I came home. I cried over the mixture of Ethan and work. There was this one baby that wouldn't shut up. Cry, cry, cry was all the baby would do, and the family who owned the baby was at the restaurant stayed for two hours. They had a big family, the kids were loud and rude and the parents didn't do anything about it.
    I sit on the ground and then look up to see Ethan's textbook on the table. I let out a big sigh, wipe my tears, and get up to finish the homework I wasn't able to do earlier today.
    I have Science, Math, Spanish, name a subject and I have homework in it. I spend three hours doing homework and I finally get to bed at midnight.
    I wake up to the sun hitting my face through the window. It's warm, the sun, but outside is very cold. I didn't go outside, but on an everyday basis, it is usually cold outside in the morning.
    I do my usual routine to get ready for school and put Ethan's textbook in my backpack so that I'm able to give it to him today.
    After walking past the usual houses and trees, I walk into Franklin High School and make my way past about 50 kids in the hallway to finally get to my locker and obtain everything I need.
    The bell rings for Period 1 and I go to my Science class which is on the other side of school, which I hate. I wish all my classes were on the same side and closer to each other, but whatever.
    I was in and I see Ethan. I get kind of excited and kind of sad, because I want to see him, but I'm kind of scared to.
    I sit down in my seat and tapped his shoulder. He doesn't turn around. I swallow and then try again. I can't believe this, he can't even turn around for me. I try once more and he says, "What?" But he didn't say it nicely.
    "Here," I say trying not to cry. I hand him his textbook and he takes is.
    Before he turned around, he looked into my eyes. "Don't cry," he said and then he looked like he wanted to say something else, but instead he turned around.
    "Ethan," I barely whispered it and I guess he didn't hear it.
    Science went by slowly, but it finally finished and now it's time for Math. I spent so much time focusing on Ethan, I almost forget both Sam and Jason are in my class.
    I haven't talked to Sam directly in a while mostly becuase she is usually with Alyssa or Jason.
    I didn't bother to pay attention to either of them, and I am so proud of myself. You know what, I think I'm finally over Jason. Every since Ethan came into my life, Jason has just been another boy. Now that I'm done with Jason, I've actually seen how mean he could be. That saying "love blinds you" really related to my crush on Jason. When I liked him, he was the most perfect guy ever and now he is just a jerk. I see him flirting with girls right in front of Sam and he treats her with such disrespect, but Sam totally deserves it.

  11. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2011 11:50pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 15
    After-school, Ethan asks if we could go to the park before studying. He asks me to sit on the bench while he goes into the woods. This park looks familiar... oh! This is the park I saw Jenny come out of those woods. I wonder why Ethan is going in there and then it hits me. Ethan and Jenny must be siblings and it's me Ethan is talking about because my name rhythms with Penny, right?
    Ethan exits the woods and says, "Let's go," with a big smile on his face. He puts his arm around me and we walk to my house.
    For 15 minutes his arm was wrapped around me and I can't tell you how many butterflies were flying around in my stomach. My smile went from one ear to the other the whole time.
    We enter my house and his smile turned into a frown, but he quickly recovered. I guess he must have a better house.
    We plop our books down onto the kitchen table and sit down across from each other. Before we start studying I asked him, "Do you have any sisters?" because I really want to know about the whole "Penny" thing.
    "Uh, yeah, I have two sisters, Amy, who is 21, and Jenny, who is 17," He says. I smile super big. "What?" He asks with a little laughter in his voice.
    "Nothing," I say putting my hand to my mouth hiding my smile.
    He leans close to me and our lips are almost touching. We move closer and closer until our lips finally meet and then it hit me. Alyssa's words reply in my head, "Well, let's just say this, he isn't exactly a virgin and once he's done with you, he never speaks to you again."
    he isn' he I quickly pull away, "What?" He asks. When I look into his eyes, he looks worried.
    "How many girls have you been with?"
    "Like girlfriends or y'know?"
    "The second one," I think I knew what he meant by "y'know."
    "Only Lisa, why?"
    I ignored his question and asked, "Are you sure?"
    "Yeah, why do you keep asking me this?" He stands up and looks annoyed.
    I decide to come out and tell him the truth, "Well, Alyssa told me-"
    He inturrupted me, "Alyssa? Why would you listen to her? And when did you guys start talking?"
    "She told me that all you do when you meet a girl is ask them to hang out and then you do more things then hang out and then completely ignore them," Honesty is the best policy, right?
    "I can't believe you would actually believe her! And anyway, did you ever see me with Lisa?" I guess not.
    "I didn't really notice you," He looks like he is about to cry.
    "You know what, I'm just going to go," I try and convice him not to, but he just walks out the door without looking back. He even forgot to take his Science textbook. I guess I have to give it back to him tomorrow.
    Why did I believe Alyssa?

  12. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
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    July 11, 2011 9:07pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 14
    Alyssa, Sam, and 4 other girls approach me. Do they have nothing else to do other than annoy me? Plus, they always seem to find me, do they follow me? What if they stalked me, then I could call the police on them. That would be awesome, but I know they probably don't stalk me so I shouldn't call the police.
    "So, I heard you and Ethan are supposed to hang out today," Sam says.
    How do they know that? "How in the world would you know that?"
    "People talk," Alyssa says pursing her lips and putting her hands on her hips.
    "Why do you care?" Why do they care about what is going on in my life? I'm so sick of them! They do anything they can to get me angry or sad and they are always in my business.
    "I just wanted to warn you that Ethan isn't as good of a guy as you think," Alyssa comes closer and whispers, "Once he gets you to hang out," She makes air quotes when she says hangs out, "with him..." Alyssa looks around and finally says, "Well, let's just say this, he isn't exactly a virgin and once he is done with you, he never speaks with you again."
    I look at her in disbelief. Is the Ethan she is talking about the Ethan I talk to? No, it can't be, Ethan isn't like that. I roll my eyes at her and say, "Whatever."
    "I'm not kidding! He did it to me," Alyssa says and three other girls say he did it to them to.
    "Ethan told me that he had a girlfriend before, though. He even said they had a long relationship," I said. I put my chest forward, I held my head up high, and put my hands on my hips. I felt proud of myself because I just proved her wrong.
    "He says that to all the girls," She rolls her eyes like it was supposed to be obvious. No, not Ethan. I feel like I'm about to cry because there is a chance Alyssa isn't lying. I hope to God that she is lying.
    At lunch, my thoughts about what Alyssa told me today were interrupted by Ethan sitting down next to me. "Are you sure you want to sit next to me? There are better people to sit with," Which is true, I'm not that special.
    "Yeah, I'm sure," He drags his french fry in a blob of ketchup on his tray.
    "So, um, what was your ex-girlfriends name?" I ask because I just want to see if he actually was telling me the truth about her. I totally think he is, though... I think.
    He stopped the next french fry he was putting through the ketchup and answered, "Lisa."
    "How long were you guys together?"
    "About 2 years," He gets serious, "Look, can we please not talk about this?"
    "Okay," I say a little disappointed.
    "I'm sorry, but I really don't want to remember the memories," he says. He takes my hand. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, he is holding my hand.
    I just kept looking at our hands and then he pulls away and says, "Sorry," He looks saddened.
    "No, it's fine. It is perfectly fine," I smile and he takes my hand again.
    I look over at Alyssa who mouths watch out to me.

  13. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
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    July 11, 2011 7:10pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 13
    I walk out of the classroom and Ethan follows me. "I can't wait till we study, you really have to learn this stuff," Ethan says, but I know he's joking.
    "Ha, ha, ha," I didn't laugh, I only spoke the words so he knows that I don't really approve of his comment.
    "Just kidding," he says putting his hands in the air.
    "No, no. It's fine," I smile at him and he gives me a big, genuine smile. He has really straight teeth, and they are really white, too. I wish I had them. My teeth could be both whiter and straighter.
    He walks away to his next class and I turn the other way to see the girl with the round face. I wish I knew her name, I don't really like calling her "the girl with the round face" because it sounds like I don't even care enough to call her by her name. Then again, I don't know her name. Not the point,
    Anyway, I approach her and the first thing I say is, "You never told me your name," and she looked surprised.
    "Jenny," she says quietly.
    "Really? No way! My name is Jennie, too. How do you spell it?" Wow, I would've never guessed.
    "J-E-N-N-Y," she shifts her books from her left hand to her right hand.
    "Oh, I have an I-E at the end of my name."
    "Cool," she says plainly.
    "Why won't you tell me about last Saturday?" I whine. I really want to know.
    She sighs, "Fine I'll tell you and then I don't really want to talk to you again," Wow, way to hurt a girls feelings, "I go into the woods and follow a path to a cemetery. My mom and dad are buried there. I go there everyday after school to talk to them and tell them about my day. My brother does too, well, he only talks to my mom, we don't have the same father. He always talks about this girl he met recently, and I think her name is Penny, but I'm not sure," she isn't even looking at me anymore. She is looking down as if she wasn't even talking to me and acts like she is talking to one of them. She is explaining everything, but she's not telling it to me directly.
    "Why didn't you want to tell me? I find that kind of sweet. Especially your brother, he seems like he really likes this "Penny" girl," I wish it was Ethan saying that stuff about me, but I don't wish his mom or dad dead or anything. Maybe he could by a diary, no, he's a guy. Maybe a journal, but I doubt it.
    I tried keeping a diary once. I really just wasted $10 because I never even used it. "He does, his eyes and the way he says it makes it really obvious," she says.
    "I think you are avoiding my question," she looks at me confused, "Why didn't you want to tell me?" I repeat.
    "I didn't want you to think I was weird... or my brother."
    "I don't think it is weird and anyway, I just told you that I thought it was sweet," I say about to cry. I feel so bad for her. I can tell she really loves her parents. I know if my mom died, I wouldn't do that, and I don't know where my dad even lives so I wouldn't know where he was buried. He might even want to be cremated. I don't know.
    "Well, don't tell anyone and like I said before, I don't want to talk to you again," She pushes past me and and doesn't look back.

  14. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
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    June 30, 2011 12:26am UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 12
    "What?" I asked all of them.
    "So, what, are you, like, going out with Ethan or something? I thought you liked Jason," Alyssa asked.
    "Why is it any of your business?" Why is it, though? We aren't friends, in fact, we are far from it.
    "Because it is!" Sam said stomping her feet on the ground. That was a lame reason, but I really don't care.
    "Fine, no I am not going out with Ethan and no I don't like Jason," I don't know if I'm lying. Do I not like Jason anymore? I want to, but something is telling me that I don't.
    "Liar," Alyssa said putting her hands on her hips on top of her short jean shorts.
    "I don't really need to take this crap from you guys, excuse me," I say trying to get by them.
    They wouldn't let me go so I turned around and took the long way. I pass by people self conscious that people are starring at me, but I try to ignore it. I saw a couple talking to each other by the lockers. I wish that was Ethan and me. Ugh! I have to stop. If I like Ethan, it will completely change our friendship and I really wouldn't change it for anything in the world. Anyway, Ethan probably only sees me as his friend and nothing more that than so can't really do anything about it if there isn't a mutual connection.
    I see Sam and Jason walking down the hallway. When did she meet up with him? It was only like 20 seconds ago I saw her with Alyssa and her friends. When I see them together, I get a little jealous, but not a much as I did before.
    I walk into Science class and see Ethan. I smile. I sit behind him and he turns around. "Long time no see, huh?" He was being sarcastic.
    "Yeah, totally," I tried, but I didn't do to good at it. He laughs a little bit.
    "Okay class, let's start-" The teacher starts the class, but I didn't bother to listen. I kept thinking about Jason and Ethan.
    I want Ethan so bad, but I can't stop liking Jason, or at least I don't want to. What's wrong with me? I mean, people out in the world are at war and starving and I'm worried about liking two guys, poor me. I could be in a country without all the freedom or I could be drinking dirty water. Liking two guys isn't that big of a deal, there are worse things people are going through.
    "Jennie?" Why does the teacher always call on me. She probably knows I wasn't listening.
    Ethan whispers the answer to me, "Nitrogen," I say to the teacher repeating his answer.
    "Good job!" She said pleastantly surprised. Score for me! Ethan did tell me the answer though so I should erase that, shouldn't I?
    I tap on Ethan's shoulder and he turns around. I mouth thank you to him. He smiles and then turns back around.

  15. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
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    June 30, 2011 12:00am UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 11
    As I wake up, I stretch out my arms, yawn, rub my eyes, and smack my alarm clock so it'll be quiet. I do my usual routine after I get up out of my bed and walk to school. It is kind of chilly, but my jacket keeps my a little warm. I pass Sam's house and I heard yelling as she opened the door to walk out of her large house.
    "I don't care Mom! I can do whatever I want, I'm 16!" Sam's screams over her shoulder as she walks forward down her driveway. Her driveway is pretty long, so they must be yelling pretty loud if I could hear it.
    "I'm your mother and I tell you what to do!" She says slamming one of her two doors in front of her house.
    Sam sees me at the end of her driveway and stops. She looks at me, breaths through her nose, and walks quickly in front of me. Okay, ignore me and all we've been through. I mean, Sam and I have had fights, but we usually make up after about 5 minutes.
    I continue to walk until I reach the stairs in front of the school. Ethan is waiting on the fifth step.
    "Hey," Ethan said getting up.
    "Did you wait for me?" I ask. If he did that would be so sweet. No one has ever done that for me before, not even Sam.
    "Who else?" He said. I gave him a big smile and we walked into the school together. I couldn't stop smiling. I'm so glad Ethan and I are friends and I hate to say it, but I'm starting to develop some feelings for him. Does that mean I can't like Jason, though?
    "Did you remember?"
    "Remember what?" I asked putting my backpack in my locker. I take out my Science folder and binder and close my locker to face him.
    "I'm coming over to help with Science," My stomach started to do cartwheels. I was so nervous, but I can't wait. I'm so happy he is coming to my house.
    "Of course I remembered," I lied and he could tell.
    "It's okay and anyway I don't need you to go through any trouble just because I'm coming over," Well, I cleaned the house yesterday so too late. I laughed at myself quietly.
    "What?" He said that so softly and innocently, it was so adorable.
    "I cleaned the house yesterday," I rolled my eyes.
    "Oh, well, don't go through any more trouble. You don't need too," He was leaning up against the locker that is next to mine.
    "Do you have to go to your locker and get everything you need?" I asked. I got so nervous around him that I didn't know what else to say.
    "Trying to get rid of me," He gives a half of a smile and I shake my head representing that I mean "no." "Well, okay, I'm going," He said turing around.
    "See you in Science," He waved. His was facing away from me.
    "Yep, see you in Science," I say and then see Sam and Alyssa and some other girls walk up and give me dirty looks.

  16. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
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    June 28, 2011 4:56pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 10
    "You look like you needed a friend," He said eating his pizza. I pushed my pizza aside. I look really disgusting when I eat, it is really embarassing. I hated sitting across from Jason and eating, but I bet he didn't even notice.
    "Well, thank you, but I'm fine," I said hoping he would believe me.
    "Really, because just last week I saw you sitting with Samantha and Jason and today I see you are sitting...alone," He said not sure if I was sitting with the "nerds" or not.
    "Fights suck," I say sipping on my milk.
    "Yeah, they do. Do you want to talk about it?" I do want to, but I didn't want to tell him about my crush on Jason.
    "Well, my friend is mad at me because I didn't want to talk about Jason saying I love you to her," I shortened it up and I left out why I didn't want to talk about it.
    "Why didn't you want to talk about?" Really? He just had to ask that question, didn't he?
    I lie, "I'm just jealous because I never had a boyfriend," Well that is sort of the truth, but falling for Jason did not help the whole situation.
    "I understand," he said putting down his pizza.
    "So, you've never had a girlfriend," I say really hoping he says he never did.
    "No, I have had a girlfriend. We had a long relationship and we exchanged the I love you's, but she cheated on me with more than one guy," He said almost about to cry.
    "I'm sorry, but I'm always here to listen if you want to talk," I say patting him on the back.
    "Thanks," he says.
    "You're welcome," I said with a small smile.
    After school, I rushed home to clean the house. It was a mess and Mom never did anything to clean the house because she is usually out of the house doing something.
    I clean the living room for about an hour, the kitchen takes about two, the bathroom was only ten minutes and every other room I just closed the door because I'm to tired to do the rest of the house. Since the doors are closed, I hope he gets that he shouldn't go in there.
    The phone rings and it's Sam's mom.
    "Hello?" I ask. Why would she be calling?
    "Hi," she says.
    I couldn't think of anyhting else to say other than, "Why are you calling?"
    She says, "You haven't been over in a couple of days and I was just wondering ifevery thing was alright between you and Sam. Sammy isn't telling me anything," Sam's mom is the only one that calls her Sammy, she has been calling her since Sam was a baby.
    "Yeah, it's just Yolanda's has been busy lately and I haven't had the time," Lie, lie, lie.
    "Oh, well come over whenever you want, okay?"
    "Sure," I said and then hung up. Yeah, I'm not coming over any time soon that's for sure.

  17. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
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    June 28, 2011 4:24pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 9
    History was next and it was most uneventful. Spanish came after that and Alyssa and some of her friends came up to me. "Yes?" I asked. I don't really need to talk to her or anyone right now.
    She doesn't say anything to me, but instead grabs my binder and throws it on the floor. I try and pick it up, but she stomps on my hand. "Ow! What's wrong with you? Why did you do that?"
    "Because you like my best friend's boyfriend," Oh my God. I can't believe she just said that, I mean best friend? What the heck?
    "Best friend? More like temporary friend, you just want her until you find someone better and more popular," Which is probably true, she did that to me.
    We were the best of friends in 5th grade. This was before Sam and me were as close as we are now...no, before, not anymore. We did everything together, sat next to each other all the time. The teacher always had us sit separately because we talked so much. One day, a new girl came in and said how her family's rich and she know celebrities and Alyssa just ditched me. She is going to do the same thing to Sam, I just know it.
    Before Alyssa could answer, the teacher came in, had us all sit down, and be quiet. Alyssa rolled her eyes before heading to her seat.
    "Okay, we are going to start off with..." The teacher continued, but I didn't bother to listen. I just sat quietly crying in my cold, hard seat.
    Lunch arrived, finally and I got my pizza. It's really disgusting, but I learn to live with it. My mom asked the school to make my lunch free. The school makes you pay full price if you can, a reduced price for some, and lunch is free if you really need it to be.
    I sat at the lunch table with the "nerds." I don't think people should label them like that and anyway, they are very nice kids.
    I watch Sam, Jason, Alyssa, Alyssa's friend's, and Alyssa's third boyfriend of the week sit at the table that used to be just Sam, Jason, and I. Oh, that was such torture sitting with Jason and not reaching across the table and just start kissing him. The tempations were there, but I just couldn't do that.
    Sam and Alyssa turn around and put an L on their forehead. What a lame way of calling me a loser, I mean, are we in 7th grade or something?
    Ethan plops his tray next to mine and to my surprise, sits next to me. I have to admit, Ethan is good-looking. He is build strong,hes' tall, he has light brown hair which is cut kind of short, and beautiful gray eyes. He also plays soccer, is super smart, and is really sweet, bonus!
    Sam and Alyssa's jaw's drop to the ground. I noticed and moved a little closer to Ethan just to get that mad.
    "Hi," He said with a big smile on his face.
    "Alright, I'm really glad you're sitting here, but why?"

  18. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
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    June 28, 2011 3:45pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 8
    "What is the answer to number 2 on your homework?" My Science teacher asks me putting her hand on my desk. She knew I wasn't paying attention.
    "Uh, oxygen?" I asked. I really wasn't sure. Science is not my best subject.
    "No!" She said with such anger. My goodness, I got a question wrong, that's it, she doesn't need to be so mad at me.
    "Ethan?" She asked Ethan because she knows he knows the answer, he's the smartest kid in the class.
    "Molecules," he said with a confident expression on his face.
    "That's correct!" She claps her hands twice and asked Susie the next answer.
    "How did you not know it was molecules?" Ethan asked me. He sits right in front of me, so all he did was turn around.
    "I guessed," I said not pleased with his question.
    "Do you want me to help you?" Ethan asked.
    "Uh, I don't know...."
    "Come on, only once or twice a week, maybe and don't you need the help, you have been getting a lot of answers wrong lately."
    "Very persuasive. I'll think about it," I said knowing I was going to say yes later, I just don't want to seem desperate.
    "So when should I come over?" He already knew I wanted his help.
    I give him a small smile, "After school, tomorrow," I got to clean the house.
    "Okay," he smiles and then turns back around.
    "No talking!" The Science teacher yelled at me. Oh my God, she really hates me.
    The bell rings after the long and boring period of Science.
    I go to my locker to get my Math notebook and head into the class 2 minutes before the bell rang. Sam was already in class, what luck.
    "I know," Sam said pursing her lips.
    "Know what?" I said in a snotty voice, on purpose.
    "That you like Jason," How would she know? I've never told anyone.
    "Uh, no," I say unconvincingly.
    "Uh, yeah, that's why you didn't want to talk about him loving," Thank you Sam for throwing that word in there and emphasizing it, "me and I see the way you look at him. I know these things. Oh yeah, and Alyssa," Alyssa is a really popular, braty, spoiled kind of girl, "showed me this," She holds up a drawing I drew of Jason and me holding hands. I was pretty proud of that drawing, until now.
    I drew it during Spanish class, which Alyssa is also in, and it must've fallen out.
    I reach to grab the paper from Sam's hands, but she pulls it away.
    "What does this prove Sam? That you're better than me, you're prettier than me? I already know and it doesn't help that my crush of 3 years is going out with my best friend, but I always...tried to be supportive of you! And since when have you started to hang out with Alyssa? She's a bâ—‹tch and you've said that before too! I have always been a better friend to you than she will ever be, but we are done! Have fun getting preguant with your boyfriend," I yelled at her and I am so proud I did too. She deserved it and she didn't speak a word to me that whole class.

  19. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
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    June 25, 2011 11:59pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 7
    I try and forget about what just happened. I continue to walk on until I find a bench. I sit down, I feel the cold bench hit up against my jeans. I sigh a long, deep sigh. I'm just not happy. I'm not happy with myself or with my life. I feel like I'm wasting this life and someone else who actually deserves it should have it, not me. I'm doing nothing with it, I'm not making a change to the world, I'm not helping with the enviroment. I put a water bottle in the trash when the recycle bin was right next to it.
    I'm worthless. I don't matter.
    My thoughts were interrupted by a car going by. I watch the car drive. The driver is a boy, probably 20 years old. He looked pretty young.
    I get up and walk back home, there was really nothing else to do and anyway I have to go to Yolanda's in 2 hours.
    I wake up in my warm, comfortable bed on Monday morning. I rub my eyes and get some of the crust off of them. I yawned, got up, and looked in the mirror. I'm disappointed in what I see. Oh well, I get dressed, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and I'm out the door. I walk by Sam's house and she doesn't come out like she usually does. I just keep walking until I make it to school.
    I see the girl I saw at the park.
    "Hi," I said as I walk towards her. I gave her a small wave.
    "Hi," she says waving goodbye to the girl she was talking to, to talk to me.
    "What's up?" I ask nonchalantly.
    "Uh, class should start in about 5 mintues," she says pointing to the class she is supposed to go to.
    "Oh, yeah, I guess. Anyway, what was that all about on Saturday?" I ask sounded as calm as I could.
    "Oh, I just like walking and I usually go to the park."
    "Okay," I say holding on to the "y" a little more than I should've, "but you came out of the woods and there isn't a path in there," I think I'm doing a pretty good job trying to figure out why she was there and acting so weird.
    I see Sam walk by. She looks at me and then looks down. She is approached by Jason and he asks, "What's wrong?" He is so sweet. "Nothing," she replies and they walk to her locker.
    "I like the woods," she says. Wow, good excuse.
    "Whatever you say," I say giving her half a smile and then walking away. As I walk I just start to wonder why this is so important to me. It's probably important just because I have nothing else to focus on.

  20. _YouAreTheOne_ _YouAreTheOne_
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    June 24, 2011 9:43pm UTC
    I Was Wrong
    c h a p t e r 6
    Well that sucks. I slowly put down the spoon and it makes a ding against the bowl. I got all ready for nothing. I just decide to go to the park. "I'm going to the park," I say heading to the door. I turn around for an answer. She just nods. She could have just said yes.
    I open the door and feel the cold, foggy air hit my skin. I go back inside for a heavier coat and make my way to the park. I walked there and it only took about 15 minutes. Walking gives me time to think, alone. I don't like a lot of people around anyway.
    I start to think about yesterday, which was Friday, I didn't realize that. That's not the point, anyway, what I said to Sam, I felt bad, but I didn't regret it. I probably only feel bad because she was hurt by my harsh words. Maybe she will finally get it, though. Just cause she got a boyfriend doesn't mean we always have to talk about it. I don't like talking about it mostly because I like Jason, but even if I didn't, it just gets so annoying how she always says "Jason did this for me" or "Jason did that for me." Just shut up! I get it, Jason and you are the perfect couple, don't rub it in my face.
    I finally make it to the park. It's vacant and the grass is wet which is making my only pair of sneakers soggy.
    I see a shape moving. I try and look beyond the fog. It is a girl with a round face and curly brown hair. I walk closer and closer. I don't think she realizes that I'm here. After walking really fast and breaking a couple of branches and crunching some leaves, I make it to her.
    She looks surprised. Her eyes widen, "Hello?" she says skeptically.
    "Hi," I say expressionless.
    "Um, what are you doing here? It's 6:00 on a Saturday," she asks.
    "I could ask you the same question," I say picking one eyebrow up.
    She's quiet for a second realizing I'm right, "I asked first," I could tell she couldn't think of anything else to say.
    "I thought it was a weekday, so I got ready for school, later learning it's Saturday, so I just decided to come here just cause," I shrugged, "Your turn," I said kind of singing it.
    "Uh, my, uh, dog ran away and I thought maybe he came here," she said quickly. Her face looks embarrassed.
    "Hmmmm," I said not convinced.
    "Yeah, so I'm just going to go home now," she said kind of smiling. I think she wants to get away from me.
    Before she walks away I asked, "Haven't I seen you around?"
    "I go to Franklin High School," she's shaking a litte. She really wants to get away from me.
    "Me too," I said continuing with the conversation.
    "Okay, well, I'm going to go, bye," she rushed off before I could say anything else.
    What's going on with this girl?


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