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  1. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
    posted a quote
    May 13, 2013 12:20am UTC
    Truth or Lie
    Chapter 40
    “Oh for Fudge sakes shut up!!” Jeremy yells at Zach, Meagan and Laura ten minutes later when their still being idiots.
    “What did I do!!” Zach asks in a really high pitched voice
    “You’ve been arguing with each other for ten minutes” I tell him giving him a took like ‘Duh’
    “It’s been that long?!?” he asks still in a high voice
    “And now your being annoying” Matt tells him in a bored tone.
    So Zach pokes his tongue out at him.
    “Well I want to do something” I tell them stretching
    “SHOPPING!!!” Zach, Laura, Meagan scream jumping up together.
    Jeremy and I just role our eyes at the obvious answer and just so you know Zachs not gay he just loves mucking around at the shops.
    “Shot gun!” Matt screams out before they bolt out of the door.
    “Well looks like it’s been decided” Jeremy says standing up and sliding his leather jacket on.
    “Help me up” I ask putting my hands up for him to grab like a little kid.
    “Sure” he says helping me
    “Oi What about me” Matt says as Jer starts walking off
    “Put your hands on the floor and push yourself up” he says sarcasticly as he grabs the keys and heads outside.
    “Come on” I say grabbing his hands and helping him up.
    When we got out there Laura was in the front seat, Meagan was in the back back seat (Behind the back seat), Zach was on the left side in the back and Jeremy was waiting by the door for Matt and me
    “Omg can we please swap?” I ask Matt as I see Zach and Jer are going to be either side of me which by past experience is not very fun.
    “Sorry babe not today” Matt says running and jumping into shot gun before I could protest smirking at me so in reply I flip him the bird.
    “My lady” Jeremy says slightly bowing, mocking me silently.
    And just for fun just as I’m under his arm I smacked him where the sun don’t shine and quickly slide into the car and buckle up.
    “Aghhhh” he groans as he slides into the car ten minutes later after everyone else had peed their pants laughing and he had rolled around on the ground groaning and swearing at me naughty words I am not going to repeat anytime soon.
    “What was that for?” He asks glaring at me
    “Hello i'm Karma” I say putting out my hand but he just glares at it making us all crack up again.
    “Let me the Fudge sticks out or you’ll both regret you were born!!” I yell at the pair sitting either side of me in the car refusing to let me out for about ten minutes and what you jusrt heard is not all I’ve been screaming at the pair.
    “Matt, tell them to let me the Fudge ooooooout!” I yell at him as he, Matt, Laura and Meagan were rolling around on the ground laughing.
    “Sorry. Laughing. To. Hard” He reply’s in between fits of laughter.
    “Let me out of the Fudging car now!” I yells at them for the hundredth time.
    “Jeez Zoe there could be kids listening to you” Jeremy says smirking at me.
    So I smacked them both in the balls
    “Woops” I say smirking back as they both groaned opening their doors and falling out onto the ground groaning in pain.
    “I had to take drastic measures” I say with wide eyes like i could've died.
    Making Matt have to sit down he was laughing to hard
    I then skipped over to Laura and Meagan, which were weirdly now standing up watching in amusement
    "You guys have a lot of self control today" i say linkeing arms with them
    "We kinda want to go shopping" they reply as we walked, chatting into the shopping centre as Jeremy and Zach still flung any swear word they could think of.
    ~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
    Hey guys sorry for the hold up my internet frustratingly has stopped working!!!
    Anyways hope u like it and if u haven't told me already if you want to be notifyed comment and ask :D

  2. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    May 3, 2013 7:36pm UTC
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    May 3, 2013 2:08am UTC
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  4. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    May 3, 2013 2:05am UTC
    Truth or Lie
    Chapter 37
    “Hey come on in” Laura greeted me soothingly
    Not wanting to say anything I walked in past her and by the time I got the lounge room I was a little confused of the absence of angered/relived voices I really didn’t want to hear.
    “I sent them all home and I made Matt go with them” Laura tells me knowing I was a little confused
    “Come sit I’ll make some tea” she says leading me to the kitchen where she sat me down and started with the tea.
    “Thank you” I said softly knowing she was the one that stopped the boys from coming after me when I ran into the bush.
    “I knew you needed time,” she says with understanding
    “Did, did you um tell them?” I ask slowly
    “No that’s your story to tell,” she says handing me my tea
    “Thank you” I say again
    “I know, come on lets watch Finding Nemo” she says with a small smile
    “Wooh! Finding Nemo” I say with no emotion
    “Come on” she says sympathetically leading me to the lounge room and sitting down with a cup of tea each.
    We watched Finding Nemo which is one of my favorites and always cheers me up when I’m down but this time it different I was broken, shattered I didn’t even smile I just sat there staring at it.
    By the end of the movie I was crying not for the movie but for myself for what I had gone through I had been kidnaped by my own father twice in six months and I had just found out that I was adopted and I had also killed my own ‘father’ and I didn’t even blink.
    “I’m a cold heartless b*tch” I say to myself out loud
    “No you are defiantly not!” Laura says sternly moving some of my hair out of my face so I was looking at her properly.
    “Don’t you dare be like that!” she says appalled
    “You are the most selfless, caring person I know Zoe,” she says pulling me in as I start sobbing.
    “I (hiccup) didn’t (hiccup) even (hiccup) blink (hiccup)” I say hiccupping as I settle down a bit.
    “If he was my father Zoe I would have done the same thing” Laura tells me softly
    “Lets go up to bed it’s been a long day” she says helping me up and leading me up the stairs to my bedroom.
    After we changed into our pajamas we lay down and once we were confortable I started thinking about everything that has happened how I had watched Matt get bashed and had to hold all the emotion in and most of all having the be the one to kill him to watch my own father die at my own hand…
    “Now don’t you feel guilty about this ok” Laura says interrupting my thoughts know exactly what I was thinking but just sighed not really bothering to answer
    “Hey it wasn’t your fault ok” she says
    “Yeah I know it’s just my dad is really gone now” I say sighing again
    “I just always hoped the loving dad I knew as a child might come back one day but now that’s never going to happen” I say softly as it really sinks in
    “I know hun I hoped as well but you know what you’ve got Matt and Zach, Alex, Meagan, Damon and Bryce, Tyler, Lachlan, Jer and Joey, your mum and obviously me, we are your family we’ll always going to be here whether you like it or not, we’ll never leave you or abandon you, we’ll be here forever and ever and ever and ever” she says with a smile
    “Thank you that means a lot and I think I really needed to hear it,” I say giving her a small smile
    “Ah there it is!” she says pointing at my face
    “I haven’t seen that beautiful smile all day” she said like it the most awesome thing ever.
    I just give her another small smile
    “Ok lets get some sleep you’ll need it for tomorrow” she says flicking of the light.
    So I close my eyes and pull the dooner up to mu chin but as time wears on questions are just running through my mind and I can’t stop it and the more I think, the more I freak out.
    It was about three o’clock I finally got to sleep letting the darkness enfold me into a dreamless sleep.
    ~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
    Hey i really hope you guys like it and i'm sooooo sorry it's taking this long to post these chapters!
    The internet is still not working and i'm unable to post when i'm at my mums whuch is like all the time so please forgive me if i can't post these soon :D

  5. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    May 3, 2013 2:02am UTC
    Truth or Lie
    Chapter 36
    Dropping the gun to the ground i truned I sprinted straight out of the room and out of the building as I hear Laura calling my name I ignore her and sprint into the bush not wanting to see or talk to anyone at the moment.
    I just need to run, push everything out of my mind and run, I start running faster knowing none of them could catch up with me.
    I just run, I run and run and run until I’m not thinking about anything at all just running through the bush with no care in the world but by the time I stopped no able to run any farther, I couldn’t feel my feet, i was hot and sweaty and when a cam to a stand still i became all shaky.
    I sat down against a tree and I regret it the second I sit down because by then I’m thinking and i'm thinking way to much for what I like which is not think at all but my mind just starts ask all these questions.
    ‘What did I do’
    ‘Do I disserve this’
    ‘Did they ever care’
    ‘Why didn’t they tell me’
    ‘Did Jake know’
    ‘Does my family want to know me’
    ‘Is my family nice’
    ‘What do they look like’
    ‘Do I have siblings’
    ‘Why’d they give me up’
    ‘What do I do’
    ‘Am I not worth it’
    All these thoughts ran through my mind for the next couple of hours as I just sat there thinking, freaking out, crying, yelling, and finally just sitting there shaking in my spot.
    By the time I had gotten it all out into the open I decided to get up and head back it was already way into the night already.
    “When I got back to the horrible place there was one car left and that was a sleek black sports car.
    “well then….” I trail off unlocking it and hopping into the car.
    “bye Daddy” I said quietly to the loving, caring dad I had before he died
    “I love you” I whisper turning around and driving out of the horrible bush and headed home.
    When I came to the corner near my house I parked the car on the side of the road leaving the keys in the ignition and getting out of the car.
    Closing the door I started my short walk home know when I got there I’d get a good talking to by everyone.
    “Here we go” I said walking up the steps to the from door and knocking silently praying mum wouldn’t be home...
    ~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
    Please comment what you think it would mean so much to me nobody's really telling me anything if they like it or what so please comment what you think!!

  6. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    April 30, 2013 5:18pm UTC
    Truth or Lie
    Chapter 35
    So once again I was standing in front of my dad with him pointing a gun straight at me but you know this time I had a plan and I wasn’t scared of him one bit and he knew it.
    “Matt stand up and come over here,” he ordered and the second Matt reached him he punched him in the gut making him fall to the ground in pain gasping for air but as part of the plan I put on a face like I didn’t give a f*ck
    “Ohhh fancy” I say with no emotion what so ever putting my hand on my hip trying really hard not to look at Matt so I didn’t ruin it.
    And as we expected they started attacking him and hurting him in anyway they could but after a while he got annoyed and started yelling at them
    “How’s that goin for ya?” I interrupted him with no emotion what so ever but that just made him growl in anger
    “He’s your best friend aren’t you supposed to care about him getting him hurt?!” My father asks in frustration
    “Meh. We’re gonna die anyway” shrugging my shoulders calmly giving of the vibe ‘I really don’t give a f*ck’ and that just earns me another growl which takes everything in myself not to flinch from him.
    "Oh and btw he's my boyfriend" i tell him
    and he just growls again
    While he’s not doing anything I flop back down into the lounge that Zach sat in right next to the door leaned over so my mouth was next to his ear.
    “When I give you the signal go lock the door,” I whisper before patting his leg and standing back up.
    “So what now genius” I ask uninterested by far.
    “Why are you so confident when it you against ten of us?” Jason asked ‘The cocky a**hole’ I thought to myself
    “Dunno” I say shrugging my shoulders
    “Feeling Luck I guess” I tell him crossing my arms and letting out a bored sigh.
    “Are you bored?” Jason asks appalled
    “Well there’s not much happening,” I say shrugging again
    “Well lets start this party,” he says nodding at one of his guys next to him.
    “Finally” I say bouncing a little on my feet taking a quick look at Zach to make sure he was watching for the sign. He was and very intently, not even watching the guys around him ‘idiot’ I though just as a fist came flying at my face, ducking quickly I punched him in the stomach nocking the air out of him.
    Then I kicked him where the sun don’t shine as hard as I possibly could and by the time he was on the floor I had five more guys coming at me.
    By then I threw Zach the bird (that’s our very original signal we made up when we first met).
    By the time Zach was sitting back down I had two guys on either side.
    “You might want to prepare yourself” The guy on my left said grinning
    “Bring it on boys” I say waving them forward.
    They started running at me at the same time so with a swift motion I jumped up kicking my legs out and hitting them just where I planed instantly knocking them out and with a loud crack breaking their noses.
    “Well that was fun” I say turning to my father and when I turn I see him dangerously holding the gun up pointing it at my head, I slowly looked behind me to see Matt and Zach a safe distance away behind the lounge but wave my hand a little to tell them to get to hell out and they did as they were told and smartly leaving the door open a little bit.
    “Well the parties over” My dad says turning to Jason
    “And your just an idiot” he said in an flat tone and shot him before he knew what was happening
    “Now where were we.” he asks turning and looking me straight in the eye but not wanting to give anything away I look away and as I look behind him I see Laura’s head pop up to the window but ignoring her so I don’t give it away I look towards the door.
    “Waiting for someone” My dad, asked raising an eyebrow
    “Nah just making sure you don’t have anymore minions” I say looking back to him seeing Laura is now standing near the window so I walk right up to him not to far but not to close that I can’t kick the gun he was holding
    “Are you really going to shoot your own daughter?” I ask sincerely
    “I only had a son darling your adopted” he said, making me freeze, smiling at my reaction he starts to say something else but Laura cocking her gun and places it so it was touching his head announcing her presence grinning at me, by doing this it had made him stop in his tracks, before he could do anything though I quickly kicked the gun out of his hands kicking it in just the right spot for it to come flying at me to catch and point at him as well as Laura.
    “See you in f*cking hell” I say making everyone in the room flinch at the extremely deadly tone of my voice.
    And I pull the trigger and watch in slow motion as his lifeless body falls to the ground...
    ~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
    Tell me what you think!
    or maybe what you think might happen or if you have any idea i'd love to hear them!!

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    April 30, 2013 5:04pm UTC
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    April 29, 2013 1:11am UTC
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    April 29, 2013 1:08am UTC
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    April 29, 2013 12:39am UTC
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  11. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    April 10, 2013 7:16pm UTC
    The Bucket List!!
    1. Watch all four paranormal activity at night with my best friend (leighton)
    2. Kiss in the rain
    3. Have a food fight
    4. Go skinny dipping
    5.Team up with leighton and prank everyone
    6. Feel confortable in my own skin
    7. laugh so hard i cry
    8. have someone love me as much as i love them
    9. tell my crush i like him

  12. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    April 2, 2013 2:03am UTC
    The Bucket List!!
    1. Watch all four paranormal activity at night with my best friend (leighton)
    2. Kiss in the rain
    3. Have a food fight

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    April 2, 2013 1:52am UTC
    I NEED GUY HELP!!!!!
    Ok so i was at school today talking to my friends and before i got onto the bus to go home one of my guy friends asked me if i wanted to watch a movie at his house and well i asked mum and she said "no" and i need your opinion if i should ask him to come over this weekend or WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!

  14. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    April 1, 2013 3:26pm UTC
    The Bucket List!!
    1. Watch all four paranormal activities at night with my bestfriend (leighton)
    2. Kiss in the rain

  15. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    April 1, 2013 5:42am UTC
    The Bucket List!!
    1. Watch all 4 movies of paranormal activity at night with my best friend (leighton)

  16. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    April 1, 2013 5:29am UTC
    MHAH. lol.
    Fudge cakes.
    so now that i've got that out of my system.....
    Well i'm going to make a bucket list starting on the next quote i make, everyday or so from now i will add one thing onto 'the bucket list' and keep going i will also cross them off if i do it and i'd love it if you have any suggestions or ideas of what you might do comment i might just add them..... :D

  17. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    March 31, 2013 11:57pm UTC
    When i grow up,
    i want a son first,
    then a daughter;
    So my son would beat up any boy
    that makes my little girl cry.

  18. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    March 27, 2013 4:10am UTC
    Truth or Lie
    Chapter 30
    “Lets watch ‘P.S. I love you’ I say excited it’s my favorite movie ever!
    “Ok I’m getting the ice cream!” he exclaims jumping up and running out of the room waving his arms around like a mad man.
    When he comes back in we both sit down cuddling as we slowly ate the ice cream together and I obviously crying.
    After the movie finished we decided we were tired and headed up to my bedroom
    “Hey you gonna change?” Matts asks as I flop onto the bed face first into the pillow.
    “Nup” I said with my head face down in the pillow and it came out like ‘nhumfp’
    “Come on lets get you into your pajamas” he says lifting me up so I was standing, he then helped me out of my clothes and into my pants and left my confortable sports bra on but I couldn’t be bother to lift my arms up to put my shirt on
    “Come on Zo put your shirt on,” he says trying again
    “But I’m tirrrrrred” I say yawning, I smile a little hearing him huff at me.
    “I’ll buy you lunch” he says slowly
    “With a cookie?” I ask
    “Sure” he agrees
    “Wha-“ I started to say
    “Don’t push it” he says kissing me on the forehead
    “Do we have a deal?” he asks
    “Ok!” I say grabbing the shirt and putting it on quickly and flopping back down onto the bed and crawling under the covers.
    When I feel him put his arm around my waist and kiss me on the cheek before he snuggled into my neck i smiled as I slowly drifted off to sleep feeling totally and absolutally complete.
    “ZOE WE HAVE FOOD!!” I hear in my ear ‘FOOD’ I think to myself bolting up and sprinting out off the room down the stairs and into the lounge room where I come to find the whole gang sitting all around, on the ground, in chairs, everywhere, even Meagan, WAIT MEAGAN!!
    “MEGGY BABE!!!” I scream as she screams
    “ZOZO BABE!!!!” and we run into each other
    “I MISSED YOU!!” we scream at each other hugging a little harder.
    “It’s only been like four weeks,” Zach says from the floor across the room Meagan and I look at each other then back to Zach.
    “YEAH FOUR WEEKS” Meagan and I scream at him.
    “Dude they haven’t been apart from each other for more than a day since they were born” Matt said walking into the room
    “UH HUH!” Meagan and I say together with our hands on our hips clicking out fingers in a 'Z' formation full of sass, some people actually thought we were twins at some point because we did everything the same and so much together.
    “Sorry!” he says putting his hands up.
    Satisfied I then turn to the kitchen search for the food i was told was here and see there’s no food and turn to Matt
    “Where’s the food?” I ask pouting and just then the front door flew open making us all jump
    “Did ya miss us!!” Jer, lachy yell
    "You don't have to say it We know you did!" Damon yells after them as they walk into the house.
    The second I spot them and figured out who was holding all the food I bolt over to the door and pounce on Damon knocking him down onto the floor with me on top of him and trying to grab the food in his outstretched hand.
    “Damon!” I say in a whiny voice try to reach the bag
    “Nuh uh uh” he says pulling the bag away a little more
    “But I’m hungry!” I whine again but he just chuckles
    “I’ll bite you,” I say glaring at him
    “Oh I believe you,” he says
    “Well give it to me then” I say reaching for it again but he pulled it away.
    “Yours is in the other bag” he says pointing to the bag Jeremy was holding
    “Thanks D” Jer says sarcastically just before I quickly jumped up and jumped onto Jer knocking him down to and ripped the bag out of his hand and began sifting through it.
    “Love you Jer!” I say sweetly sitting on the ground in the lounge room with everyone else shoving a pancake into my mouth.
    “What?” I ask my mouth still full see all of them watching me like I had gone just totally crazy but that must have pushed them over the edge because the second I asked they all started laughing like crazy people.
    “Now who looks crazy,” I say some of my sass comin out but it didn't really work with my mouth still full of food.
    “Sorry what did you say?” Meagan asked sarcastically but i just glared at her but after a minuet of our staring contest we both smiled and she grabbed her food from damon and sat next to me and Matt sat on my other side when i looked over i saw him giving the boys a cheeky grin before i could ask he was kissing me not really caring why that look was anymore i start kissing him back a lot.
    when we pull away and look at Meagan wondering what she'd think
    "FINALLY!" she exclaims throwing her arms into the air making all of us laugh like maniacs, when we finally calm ourselves Meagan turns to Matt and I.
    "So how long have you been hiding this from me?" she asks like i stole did something really bad and didn't tell her
    "It's only been like two days" Matt and I exclaim together.
    "Yeah, yeah" she says with a dismisal wave of her hand but i know this convosation is most definatly not over.
    we then change the subject and Damon starts handing out the food.
    "Sorry there a little bit squished" he says looking at me, i apologetically smile and we all sat around the lounge room chatting and laughing.
    ~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
    Hiiiiii hope u guys like it!!!
    it'll get more exciting next chapter :D

  19. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    March 19, 2013 4:33am UTC
    Truth or Lie
    Chapter 29
    “Yeah, yeah help me up will you” I said reaching up for Tyler’s outstretched hand but instead just before i grabbed his hand he pulled it away
    "Come on" i groan at him and he put his hand back down for me to grab and this time i grab his hand but instead of him just helping me stand up he pulled me with more force so i was basically flying onto his shoulder.
    “Holy cr*p!” I scream in surprise but all i get is laughter from the boys
    "Tyler!" i scream at him
    “Put me down!” I tell Tyler wiggling around onto his shoulder.
    I stop when I fell him moving me off his shoulder and I sigh in relief.
    “Hey don’t be relieved your just getting transferred” Tyler tells me grinning but before I could even try and understand what he was saying I felt myself go onto someone else’s shoulder
    “Oh come on!” I whine punching whoever was holding me
    “Hey!” I here Matt say in mock announce so I stop and wrap my arms around his waist so I don’t fall off and grumble how I have to always be the one being thrown around but smiling anyways.
    I then realize we’re moving away from the boys and figure we’re leaving
    “Byeeeeeeee” I yell at the boys as Matt keeps on walking towards the car and puts me into my seat and even does me seat belt.
    "Aww thanks" i say sitting there with my hads in the air waiting for him to finish plugging it in.
    When Matt gets in and starts the car I turn on the radio and ‘I love it’ by icona pop starts playing
    “I don’t care, I love it!!” I sing along at the top of my lungs making weird faces and Matt was just sittin there laughing at the faces I’m making.
    When we go back home we both grab all the stuff out of the car and head to the front door.
    “cr*p” I say as the keys fall out of my fingers
    “Here put your stuff into my arms and unlock the door,” Matt says so I dump all of my stuff into his arms
    “Matt where are you” I say exclaim laughing lightly
    “I can’t see you anywhere!” I exclaim
    “Just open the door will you and then you’ll see me,” he says trying to poke his head around all the stuff but all I end up seeing is his sexy hair OMG did I just think that?
    “Ok, ok” sticking the key in and opening the door smiling to myself i did just think that.
    “Thank you” Matt breathes as he dumps all the stuff onto the middle of the floor where he was standing.
    “So what should we do now?” I ask as I’m flicking off my thongs and leaning against the kitchen bench
    “I might have an idea,” he whispers brushing his lips lightly across mine.
    “Hhmmm I’m not really sure what you mean?” I say slinging my arms around his neck teasingly.
    “Well I was thinking maybe a little bit of this,” he whispers back giving me a light kiss on the lips
    “Or maybe some of this” he say looking me in the eyes before he leans in giving me a longer more passionate kiss.
    I pull away a little bit just to look into his eyes
    “I like the way your thinking” I whisper kissing him again after a couple of seconds I feel Matts hands come to my hips and lift me up so I’m now sitting on the bench, without breaking the kiss I wrap my legs around his waist and bring my hands up to his hair....
    ~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
    haha hope u like it :D
    hhhmmmm i wonder what'll happen....
    i'm gonna be mean and not tell you :b

  20. ZoeBoe ZoeBoe
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    March 11, 2013 8:16pm UTC
    Dare To Tell
    What type of day are you having?
    Pretty good
    Was there anyone who "made your day"?
    not yet it's still morning
    Are you liking how you look today?
    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! no...
    Do you have anyone crushing on you?
    i don't know.....
    Have you ever eaten a bug?
    not that i can remember
    Are you vegeterian?
    Huh? what? *steak sticking out of mouth* i do not understand your question?
    When was the last time you kissed someone?
    i kissed my dads cheek :D
    Have you ever had something stuck between your teeth, but no one decided to tell you?
    Are you a mother or a father?
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! no...
    When was your last paycheck?
    haven't got a job yet
    How many pets do you have?
    1 dog
    What kind of toothpaste do you use?
    Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
    haha nope :D
    What was the last gift someone gave you?
    iphone 4 :D
    Do you appreciate that person?
    yeah i guess
    Are you on any type of drugs?
    lol no i wouldn't even dream of it!
    Are you in love?
    not dating anyone......
    Have you ever been in love?
    Do you even believe in love?
    Hel yeah! ^-^
    How many things are you really thinking about right now?
    a heap of little thinks
    did you talk to anyone you didn't like today?
    Do you like picnics?
    Have you finished school yet?
    nup i'm in year 9 :D
    What is/was your worst subject?
    What's your father's middle name?
    Robert lol
    Who are you voting for?
    not old enough
    Do you like Obama?
    eh dunno
    Was his name even worth capitalizing?
    whos name?
    What kind of mood are you in?
    i feel like doin somthin crazy!!
    Are you waiting for anything?
    lunch :D
    Are you going to bed after this?
    no!!! it's like not even lunch yet!!!!
    Have you ever watched fahrenheit 9/11?
    Where were you september 11. 2001?
    i have no idea
    What book are you currently reading?
    i'm not reading at the moment
    What song did you last listen to?
    Heart Attack by one direction
    What movie is in your DVD player?
    finding Nemo
    How many windows are open in your computer?
    Are you a very stressed out person?
    How old is your mom?
    44 i think....
    Has your mom ever been on television or in the paper?
    yep! she's an awesome hair dresser! :)
    Are you single?
    yeah :/
    Do you have a beach house?
    hahahaha no...
    Where do you live?
    Earth :D
    Did you honestly miss Melrose place?
    Do you ever watch Bold and the beautiful?
    Do you sometimes watch the news?
    Have you ever seen a UFO?
    don't think so....
    Do you believe in aliens?
    maybe you never know whats out there
    you like Jerry Springer?
    Have you ever been to world trade center?
    What is your favorite magazine?
    How many times have you gone to a foreign country?
    When will you next go on a plane?
    this year some time
    When did you last go on a plane?
    Do you watch football sundays?
    Do you read Perez Hilton?
    What are your thoughts on Disney Channel?
    Disney! Hell Year!!
    Have you taken all the cool quizzes on QuizPox.com ?
    What?? where?
    Do you like Techno?
    Do you like Dr.Phil?
    yeah if i want to fall asleep
    Do you like Oprah?
    Do you ever want to get married?
    What is your favorite country?
    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!!!
    Do you like animals?
    love em!!
    Do you like High school musical?
    their alright..
    Are the Jonas brothers cute?
    not really
    Do you have an ipod?
    i have an iphone :p
    Do you watch TV a lot?
    Are you afraid of the dark?
    not the dark it's self, but whats hidding in it yea...


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