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  1. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    February 5, 2013 9:11pm UTC
    Even though we
    never said it to each other,
    I think we both knew.

  2. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    February 5, 2013 6:50pm UTC
    R I G H T N O W ?
    R I G H T N O W I W A N T
    S O M E O N E TO K I S S M Y
    F O R E H E A D A N D T E L L M E
    T H E Y A R E L U C K Y T O H A V E M E

  3. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 29, 2012 12:37pm UTC
    Live While We're Young
    f i v e
    Liam's POV:
    I instantly flew back into my bunk, acting like i didn't just see anything.
    Zayn and.. And Kelsy?
    I felt a bit of jealousy bubble up inside of my chest.
    I should be happy for Zayn, right?
    But she's.. She's perfect.
    God, i shouldn't be thinking about this right now.
    Zayn's POV:
    I let a small smirk play on my lips as Liam ran back into the bunk.
    The best part about what happened a few seconds ago though, is that i felt fireworks.
    Fucking_ bombs.
    "Did you feel that?" Kelsy whispered, snuggling into my chest.
    "Feel what?" I asked, even though i'm almost positive i know what she was talking about.
    "fireworks." She said, tickling my chest which muffled the sound of her voice.
    "Babe, i felt bombs." I replied, making her blush.
    Kelsy's POV.
    Zayn just kissed me.
    It was amazing..
    See what i did there?

  4. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 26, 2012 10:02pm UTC
    Live While We're Young
    f o u r
    Kelsy's POV:
    In the next few days, the guys had a couple of concerts, and signings.
    Normal stuff for popstars, yeah?
    It was actually fun to hear the boys sing from back stage.
    I know Lizzie, Brooke, Julia, and Rachel enjoyed themselves.
    they obviously like pop music and boybands a whole lot more than i do.
    Niall, Zayn and I were laying on the couch, watching some random show that i've never heard of while everyone else was fast asleep.
    I was in the middle of the two adorable guys, cuddled up against Zayn without noticing, and his arm draped around my shoulders.
    "You guys are getting awfully close there.." Niall giggled quietly, making Zayn smirk.
    "Shutup." Zayn continued smirking.
    "It's true!" Niall retorted, making me laugh.
    It stayed silent for a moment.
    "Well, i'm going to bed." Niall sighed, making me snuggle closer to Zayn as Niall shut the door leading to the bunks.
    I shivvered, as i was only in a tank top and shorts durring the middle of winter.
    "Are you cold, love?" Zayn asked, his voice muffled by my hair.
    I nodded, and he took his sweatshirt off, slipping it onto me.
    It covered my shorts, so it actually made me look like a slllut..
    "Zayn, you didn't have to."
    "I wanted to." He kissed my head, making me smile.
    Zayn's fingertips surprised me by turning my head toward his, and resting his forehead on mine.
    "If i kissed you right now, what would you do?" Zayn asked, his breath going over my lips.
    "Zayn, i-" his lips crashed onto mine.
    Our lips fit together perfectly, like they were meant to be together.
    They moved in sync, until we heard a voice come from behind us.
    "Guys, it's getting late, you should go to - What the helll?"

  5. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 24, 2012 6:12pm UTC
    Live While We're Young
    t h r e e
    Kelsy's POV:
    Within the next hour or so, we managed to pick up up Lizzie, Julia, Brooke, and Rachel.
    I guess there wasa few bunks, all in which the boys and us girls would share.
    The boys, and all of the girls except for Lizzie and I were in the room separated from the rest of the bus, with the bunks, listening to music.
    "So Kelsy, got your eye on any of them?" Lizzie asked, making me giggle quietly, and blush slightly as my head bobbed up and down.
    "Who?!" She laughed, and layed back on the pillows.
    "You promise not to tell?"
    "Of course not, i never do, do i?!"
    "It's Zayn." I giggle, and her mouth curves into a smile.
    "What're You smiling about Liz?" I asked, confused.
    "You two would make a cute couple, that's all." She insisted.
    All of a sudden, the song boyfriend boyfriend by justin bieber came on.
    I'll admit, i'm a belieber, even thought i don't like most pop stars.
    "HEY GIRL, LET ME TALK TO YOU." Lizzie yelled back, and we both started singing the main chorus obnoxiously loud.
    All of a sudden, i felt someone spin me around, and he started to sing with me.
    The one with blond hair, oh, Niall!
    I giggled, as he started to dance with me.
    "WE GOTTA BELIEBER UP IN HEAAA!" I yelled, making Lizzie giggle as the song ended, and Weightless by All Time Low came on.
    Zayn's POV:
    I stood there, watching Niall dance with Kelsy.
    I couldn't help but let jealousy bubble up inside of me.
    God, why can't that be me?

  6. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 24, 2012 8:51am UTC
    Have a good day, gorgeous.♥

  7. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2012 7:38pm UTC
    Live While We're Young
    t w o
    It turns out, the tour bus was already sititng in my driveway.
    I guess he just expected me to agree straight away.
    The huge door for the bus opened, revealing a much bigger living space than i expected, and five surprisingly gorgeous boys.
    "Boys, this is my daughter, Kelsy." Paul said, making them all turn around to face us.
    They're all pretty cute, but the one with black hair, he caught my attention.
    Oh god, he's perfect, like an.. An angel.
    Kelsy, no! What are you thinking, you don't know this kid.
    "Kelsy?" My dad asked me, making me come back to earth.
    "S-sorry." I sorta whispered.
    "This is Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam," He paused, finally pointing to the last one with jet black hair slicked back into a quiff.
    "And Zayn." So his name is Zayn, huh?
    "Helloooo!" All of them chorused.
    Zayn's POV:
    Paul entered the bus again, but this time with a girl by his side.
    Oh god, she's perfect.
    She has long, wavy blond hair, and gorgeous blue eyes.
    Shut up Zayn! You only know one thing about this girl, that she's you're manager's daughter.
    "Boys, this is my daughter, Kelsy." Paul stated.
    We all introduced ourselves, then chorused a hello, but i honestly couldn't keep my eyes off of her.

  8. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2012 6:01pm UTC
    Live While We're Young
    o n e
    WARNING: this won't make sense if you didn't read the prolouge
    "Kelsy, time to go!" My mum yelled from downstairs, making a sigh escape my lips. My feet tumbled down the stairs along with my huge neon pink suit case following behind me. My dad was standing at the door, waiting for me. "Kelsy!" He said, with excitement. "I'm surprised you still remember my name.." I mumbled, as his arms wrapped me in a hug. "And Kelsy, there's something your father forgot to tell you on the phone last week." My mum's voice startled me. "And what is that?" I asked, slightly curious. "You're not just going to live with him for the summer.. You're going on tour with One Direction." Oh god, no. No no no no no. Pop bands like that are disgusting, i like all time low, and mayday parade. "No!" I accidentally screamed. "Kelsy, it'll be fine. This will be good for you." My mum calmed me down. "Whatever.. But can i at least bring the girls?" I asked, with pleading eyes. My long lost father looked at me and plastered a smile on his face, just for me. "Sure baby." He agreed. Okay, maybe this won't be that bad with my girls.

  9. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2012 5:40pm UTC
    Those times when
    You really want someone to talk to.

  10. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 22, 2012 11:21pm UTC
    Live While We're Young
    - p r o l o u g e -
    Being the daughter of Pauly Higgins, you expect to be known by the whole fandom of One Direction, right? Wrong. Not a single directioner knows that he has a daughter, because he left me when i was just a baby. That's right, he left me. But i guess he wants me back, because he expects me to live with him over the summer. He can't just expect me to drop everything for him. My friends, and family. He lives in London for God's sake, that's hours away. I'd die without my best friends (Siarra, Lizzie, Brooke, and Rachel). But the worst part? I'm actually considering it.

  11. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 22, 2012 11:10pm UTC
    Live While We're Young
    I've chosen ! ;)
    Liam's Girlfriend: fernandisha23 (Siarra)
    Harry's girlfrind: Lizzie_143 (Lizzie)
    Niall's girlfriend: niallsexyhoran (Brooke)
    Niall's bestfriened: trustmeee (julia)
    Louis' girlfriend: lolz62 (Rachel)
    Zayn's girlfriend: Me. Sorry guys! (Kelsy)
    Sorry if you didn't get a part, but there's always a next time! If i spelled any of your names wrong, tell me. I plan on writing the prolouge tonight sometime. :)

  12. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 22, 2012 10:22pm UTC
    Ed Sheeran:
    Ginger God.

  13. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 22, 2012 10:20pm UTC
    Starting a new 1D fanfic, and i need parts! (Live While We're Young)
    Comment below the one you want, you might just get chosen!
    Liam's Girlfriend:
    Harry's girlfrind:
    Niall's girlfriend:
    Niall's bestfriened:
    Louis' girlfriend:
    Zayn's girlfriend: Me. Sorry guys!
    If you want a part, I NEEEEDDD to know some things about you. so along with the part you want, comment some random facts and your first name only. If you wonder why i only have a part for Niall's bestfriend and not the others, you'll figure out sooner or later.

  14. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    September 4, 2012 8:24am UTC
    Because i love your everything.
    a one direction fanfic♥
    Guys, good news.
    I'm either going to continue this fanfic or start a new one!^.^
    I'll probably wind up continuing this one,
    because so many people are enjoying it, and i like to make people happy. :)
    But i want your opinion, comment what you want me to do,
    a new fanfic or continue this one.
    stay gorgeous ^.^

  15. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    August 26, 2012 12:13pm UTC
    School tomorrow..
    A n y o n e e l s e ? -_-

  16. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    August 24, 2012 2:46pm UTC
    i wanna feel weightless;
    A N D T H A T S H O U L D B E E N O U G H

  17. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2012 11:39pm UTC
    Because i love your everything.
    a one direction fanfic♥
    I'm so so so so so sorry i haven't been updating guys.
    I've been going through a rough patch in my life, and i don't really want to talk about it, but i guess i'll just cut straight to the chase.
    The past few weeks, have been pretty much the worst weeks of my life.
    I've been cutting more than usual, and i've started to starve myself..
    And i just haven't been myself lately.
    I know this isn't right, and i'm trying to stop before school starts on Monday.
    But i have some bad news..
    This fanfic is over, like, for good.
    I'm not really sure about a sequal yet, because i'm afraid no one will read it.
    That's pretty much it.
    See you soon, flawless.
    (I'm not asking for sympathy, honestly. I don't give a crap if anyone cares or not. So yeah, go away if you're just going to hate.)

  18. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    August 5, 2012 9:27pm UTC
    It's always darkest
    Before the dawn.

  19. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2012 5:34pm UTC
    Because i love your everything.
    a one direction fanfic♥
    f o r t y p a r t t w o ;
    "Really?! I'm so happy for you baby!" He said, smiling at me.
    "Aw, Thanks." I said, wrapping my arms around him for a hug.
    He was obviously happy because he'll get to see me half naked more often.. But i didn't even care about that, to be honest.
    I smiled. looking into his gorgeous green orbs, tracing my finger down his chest.
    He hugged me closer to him, slowly bringing his lips closer, and closer to mine.
    Finally, they met mine.
    Harry kissed my lips, and i could feel hunger behind them.
    I kissed him back gently, wrapping my arms around his neck.
    I' can honestly say that i've missed his kisses.
    We stood there, klssing for a long while before he wrapped his arms around my lower waist, and picked me up.
    I wrapped my legs around his waist, letting him carry me to the bed in the middle of the hotel room.
    He layed me down gently, getting on top of me afterward.
    My fingers traced the outlining of the bottom of his shirt, as they slowly took the material off of him.
    Soon enough, our clothes were just in piles on the floor.
    I put my hands on both sides of his waist, pulling his body closer to mine.
    His lips trailed down to my collar bone, as he whispered something that sounded like "I love you."
    "I love you too Harry." I whispered, smiling against our lips.
    sxrdcfvgbhnhjgfcgv; SEXUALLLL! o;

  20. ZebraaxLovee ZebraaxLovee
    posted a quote
    August 2, 2012 9:31pm UTC
    Because i love your everything.
    a one direction fanfic♥
    f o r t y ;
    Later, Harry and I left to have some time by ourselfves.
    I had a hotel room at Hilton inn, so i wouldn't have to stay at El or Danielle's house.
    Harry was coming with me, since we haven't seen eachother lately.
    Aimee and Pircila were actually really nice, i just am not in the mood to be with anyone except for Harry.
    "So, what shall we do?" Harry asked, plopping down on the bed in the middle of the room.
    The suite was pretty nice, acutally.
    "Hm, i don't know.." I sighed, taking out my phone which was now vibrating.
    "Hold that thought babe." I whispered, putting the phone to my ear.
    "Hi! Is this Kelsy ALexander?"
    "That's me, yes."
    "Thank God Clarissa gave me the right number, she always gives me the wrong one."
    "Who is this?"
    "This is the manager from Victoria's Secret. We want you to be a Victoria's Secret angel. "
    I wanted to jump up and down, and scream right then and there.
    That's what i've wanted to do for my whole life.
    "Of course!" I say, excitedly, as i jump up and down.
    No screaming yet, because i'm still on the phone.
    "Great, can you come to the Victoria's Secret location in London tomorrow?"
    How'd they know where i am? Probably Clarissa.
    "Yeah, i can! What time?"
    "Whenever, i'll be there all day."
    With that, we hung up.
    I started screaming my lungs out, jumping around the room.
    I forgot about Harry, who started to do the happy dance with me.
    "Why are we jumping?" Harry asked, making me giggle.
    "You're looking at the newest Victoria's Secret Angel." I said, and he smiled even bigger.
    I'm so happy to see that i still have readers, thanks alot guys :)


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