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Hi!My name is Olivia.
Follow my quote account, itsthetruth(:
I've decided I want my friends to see my story, I'm really proud of them <3
I'm a sexy unicorn, I'm a writer here on witty, and I just adore my readers (:
My sucessful  stories on here are,
Rivalry Begins Now and Fireworks! Haha I'm a farely new writer here,
my stories before Fireworks are
just clips of books that I started that I give you permission if you ask, 
to finish that story!
I am currently writing a story named Painful Goodbyes.
Now to me :3
I'm a living unicorn that loves to poop rainbows!
13, loving live <3
My friend showed me this lovely website!
My favorite movie is Finding Nemo :3
I want to be a model.
In awkward conversations I land shark :3
I love Jenna Marbles.
I'm just a regular old magical unicorn going to hogwarts! :3
I love you!
Enjoy my stories! 
Comment on my profile if your a reader!
Comment on my profile if you also want to be a character!
Also if you want comment for a shout out!
I will be glad to <3 
Byeeee! (:
  1. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    October 4, 2012 9:29pm UTC
    Go read my new story on Wattpad!
    My username is itsthetruth, here is the link!

  2. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    September 25, 2012 6:34pm UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter Eleven
    Gregg's P.O.V.
    Franny got into the front seat and looked at me biting her lip.
    "What do you want?" I hissed rolling my eyes at her.
    "For you to drive me to the orphanage" Franny said her voice getting
    lighter when she said the word 'orphanage' it hurt me the way she said it so
    calmly. Like nothing was going on between us.
    "Sure" I muttered turning on my engin and backing out of Tyler's
    We rode in the car in silence.
    "You know Gregg, it wasn't my fault that you kissed her infront of me."
    Franny asked, her voice like a knife peircing the silence.
    "I don't know" I muttered, my throat dry.
    "Well then why are you mad!" Franny said flailing her arms in the air.
    "I'm not mad... I'm disapointed in myself." I said softly.
    "Why?" Franny said as I stopped at the stop sign before the orphanage.
    "That I hurt you by doing that"
    I said as I drove down the dirt path.
    "Oh..." Franny whispered, stopping my car I looked at her.
    "I'm sorry Franny." I muttered looking into her eyes, she bit her lip.
    "Me too" Franny said.
    "You know what, how about I pick you up tomorrow at 12 okay?
    Bring a bathing suit and wear some boots."
    I said smiling.
    "Sure, but why the boots and a bathing suit?"
    Franny said questioningly, her eyebrow perched high on her face,
    tilted in confusion.
    "We're going on a date"
    Hello! Sorry for the delay! I might not be posting a lot anymore! I
    about gave up the story but I can't let you all down!

  3. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2012 7:36am UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Readers, I am sorry to inform you that I am
    not writing any further...if anyone wants
    to finish writing this comment below. I love to write but school is my number one priority.
    I am SO sorry to let all you guys down.
    Much love,

  4. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    September 12, 2012 7:01pm UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter Ten
    Gregg's P.O.V.
    Franny kissed my lips simply, nothing that could beat the
    kiss Chad just gave her. Sighing I spun the bottle, around and around it spun
    getting slower every rotation until it stopped, looking up
    I saw it was Chelsi. Chelsi had a devious look in her eye as she winked at me,
    nearing me she licked her lips. I chuckled, I kissed her for about
    thirty seconds and it wasn't anything special.
    After a few rounds of the boring and old game we all tried to
    decide what game to play. "How about seven minutes of heaven?"
    Chelsi said beaming, I rolled my eyes,
    what a sl/t. All the guys except for me and Tyler all agreed to play it,
    and of course Chelsi and her posse wanted to play too but,
    Franny and her friends didn't.
    The people who didn't want to play, we're out numbered.
    "Okay! Who wants to go first!" Tina said her voice sounded like nails on a
    chalk board peircing your ears.
    Chelsi raised her hand smiling as she spun the bottle,
    with no suprise it landed on. Me.
    "Ooooh! Lucky Gregg!"
    a few guys said, some others yelled
    "Hop on that Gregg!"
    I groaned as I got up and walked with her to the closet, she shut the door and
    began to unbutton her tight fitting top. "No no!" I whispered putting my
    hand on the next button she was about to undo.
    "What!" Chelsi said whining twirling her fake blonde hair around the tip
    of her finger. "I don't want to!" I yelled opening the closet door and walking out
    of it. A few of the guys looked at me like I was crazy.
    "Why not babe!" Chelsi said walking after
    me her top still half way unbuttoned, her sexy lacey cheetah bra showing.
    "You wouldn't understand! You've never felt the feeling!"
    I said as she tried to wrap her arms around me and trying to kiss me,
    I moved my head and pushed away her hands.
    "What is it?" Chelsi said in a whiney high pitched voice as bad as Tina's
    regular voice. "It's love you sl/t! You f*ck ever guy in the school
    and she you still haven't had the feeling! Everybody just uses you because
    your so easy!" I said my words making her stop instantly.
    "That may be true but that's because, that guy might be the one I love.
    I do love someone but he thinks I'm a sl/t! I mean, I am but that's
    because I'm trying to find another person."
    Chelsi said tears falling down her cheaks.
    Looking at everyone in a circle I realized all their eyes where glued
    onto me and Chelsi, turning back I hugged her.
    "Love comes naturally, don't turn someone away, go up to people
    and talk to them. You don't need to have people in
    your pants to love someone" I said as I pulled away, she nodded turning
    to the circle.
    Chelsi quickly looked around the circle and locked eyes with
    Bo Wilson, smiling she ran to him sitting in his lap. Hugging him, he smiled
    and kissed her cheak. I sighed walking to the stairs and running up
    them. Quietly I walked to my car and sat in the drivers seat
    my head on the steering wheel. I heard a knock on the passenger window, lifting
    my head up to see who it was I saw.
    Hello! Last chapter I only got 10 faves. I have 30 on my
    notify list and I've deleted 10 off. PLEASE fave if your reading!
    Thanks and have a wonderful day, loves.(:

  5. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    September 10, 2012 5:25pm UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter Nine
    Franny's P.O.V.
    Sitting in my room I kept on replaying the moment in my head
    the way he dismissed it without regret. He really didn't care about me.
    After I said 'You sucked faces with her right infront of me' he
    ignored it and kept on talking. To him I was just another thing that he could blow off, not anymore. I realized I had crumbled up the paper in my hand
    and released it, letting it fall to the ground. Gritting my teeth I picked it up
    and threw it away. "You still hung up about that whole
    Chelsi fight with Gregg?" Opal said sitting beside me on my bed. "Pretty much"
    I said as I slouched down wrapping my arms around my pillow.
    "Don't be! He realized he was wrong and he is too stupid to say he did"
    Opal said coaxing me, well it wasn't going to work until he said sorry.
    "I know that, but all I want is for him to say that he's sorry!"
    I said sighing, "Well, lets hope he says that!"
    Avalon said cheerfully as she walked in. "Why?" I said raising
    my eyebrow at her then looking at Opal which shrugged.
    "Cause, guess who is dating Tyler!" Avalon said cheerfully as she sat down in
    a bing bag chair. "Avalon! Your dating Tyler?!" I said
    looking at Opal and we both gasped dramatically.
    "Holy sh*t! We sound like Rose and Nissy!" Opal said as we all bursted
    out in laughter, almost making me fall off the bed.
    "I thought this day would never come!" Avalon said laughing,
    tears coming out of her eyes from all the laughing. "So how'd he ask you?"
    Opal said, wanting to know every single detail.
    "Well, it was when he was driving us home and y'all ran in before me!
    He stopped me and asked then. It wasn't very dramatic! He was shy and scared I would say no." Avalon said giggling, I was about to barf at how
    much girlyness was in the air. "Moving out of girly land of
    gum drops and lolipops please!" I said smiling as they both rolled my eyes
    and laughed at my remark of girl land.
    "Fine! So will y'all go with me to hang out with him and some of
    his friends at his house? Cameron is coming too." Avalon said twirling
    a peice of her long brown hair around her finger.
    Me and Opal both looked at eachother and shrugged, "Sure" Opal said.
    "Good! We're going in an hour!" Avalon said cheerfully.
    Please Gregg, don't be there!
    Walking down the stairs with Avalon, Opal, and Cameron I
    sighed moving my auburn hair out of my eyes. "Well look whos here!"
    a guy name Chad said to Tyler, he swung around to see us
    and hugged Avalon, kissing her on the cheak.
    "Wanna play spin the bottle?" Chad said holding up and empty beer bottle.
    "Sure!" Avalon said dragging us to the circle as we all sat down.
    I looked around to see all the people that where playing, and the only person
    that mattered to me that was playing was, Gregg.
    He was looking at the ground messing with a coin on the ground.
    "Tyler goes first" Chad said handing Tyler the bottle,
    placing the bottle on the ground and spinning it. Luckily it
    landed on Avalon, which they simply kissed. Smiling Avalon handed it to
    Cameron which was right beside her.
    Cameron spun the bottle and it landed on Chad,
    "D*mn! I wish I was you Chad!" a guy named Shane said, he had dark brown hair and brown eyes. Cameron rolled her eyes shooting Shane a look
    then quietly made out with Chad. Chad took the bottle and spun in,
    around and around it spun, getting slower each rotation
    it landed on. Me. Sighing I neared him, he smiled winking at me,
    rolling my eyes I made out with him. Our lips morphing together. If Gregg weren't here I wouldn't have made out with Chad, but Gregg was here.
    With one last kiss I backed away from Chad who was smiling,
    I licked my lips and spun the bottle.
    Around and around the bottle spun until it landed on the
    last person I would want to talk to, Gregg.
    "Ooooh" everyone said staring at Gregg, I neared him and kissed him
    simply rolling my eyes. "No big deal" I said as I looked into my eyes,
    his green eyes glittered with hope until he heard my words.
    His eyes lost their glitter, that kiss obviously meant everything to him. But, I tried to play it off like it was nothing. And it was killing me inside,
    that kiss meant everything to me too.
    Sorry for the delay! Computer problems and school!
    I will be posting fewer chapters, sorry!
    Wellll, thanks for reading! This was a long chapter
    to make up for the delay! Love youuu!

  6. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    September 5, 2012 5:01pm UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter Eight
    Franny's P.O.V.
    Walking out of the theatre after watching The Possesion I still was shaky.
    "Little Miss. Tough Girl is scared I see?" Gregg said laughing,
    as all the rest of the group that went to see The Possesion along
    with me started laughing too.
    "Whatever, I'm not the only one that was scared. I'm pretty sure
    I saw him almost pee himself!" I said about one of Gregg's friend named Tyler,
    he had blonde spiked hair and brown eyes. "Mhmm sure!" Tyler
    said looking around frantically, we all laughed as he bit his lip in
    embarressment. "He's not the only one!" Sawyer said laughing, putting his hand in the air. We all entered
    an ice cream parlour and stood in line to order. "I think we all where
    like that, we are just to scared to admit it" Opal said
    challenging every single one of us, sliding
    her jet black hair out of her eyes. "Very true!" a girl named Tina said
    in her high pitched voice that made me want to hurl.
    Tina had long brown hair and green eyes that made all the guys drool.
    "One small birthday cake ice cream with gummy bears!" I said
    to the waitress at the ice cream bar, she quickly whipped up my
    delicious ice cream and handed to me over the counterm trading her for a five
    dollar bill. Sitting down in a high stool table I shoved
    a spoonful of the ice cream down my throat. "What did you get?" Gregg said
    taking a spoonful of my ice cream and putting it in his mouth before
    I could protest. "Oooh yummy!" Gregg said plopping down in the
    chair infront of me, I snatched his away from him and put a spoonful in my mouth,
    it was mint chocolate chip. "Eww!" I said washing it down with my
    ice cream. "Oooh! Mint chocolate chip, don't mind if I do!" Opal said taking
    a spoonful out of his ice cream cup and eating it, she sat down in the
    chair beside me and smiled. "Where is Sawyer?" I said looking around to see
    him talking to Chelsi and Tina. "He's just talking to Chelsi" Gregg said
    rolling his eyes as he ate his ice cream. "I thought you where
    with Chelsi" I said in confusion as took a spoonful of my ice cream and ate it.
    "Why do you think that?!" Gregg said his voice full of
    anger and annoyance,
    "Cause, you sucked faces with her right infront of me"
    Not the best chapter ever but it will do!
    I know it's short but I have alot of homework to do! I haven't
    posted chapters in a while because I haven't had
    alot of computer acess!

  7. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    September 3, 2012 1:45pm UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter Seven
    Franny's P.O.V.
    Walking through the halls side by side with Sawyer and Opal I smiled
    at a joke Sawyer said. "Hey stranger! Why you walking right past me?"
    Gregg said from behind me, I swung around to see him smirking, he looked at
    Sawyer questioningly. "Who is this?" Gregg said looking at Sawyer with
    a threatening tone in his usually calm voice. "I'm Sawyer, nice to meet you. I'm
    Franny's friend" Sawyer said laughing at Gregg and
    wrapping his arms around me making Gregg grit his teeth, noticing Gregg's
    uncomfort he put his arms back by his side, "Dude, I'm joking!"
    Sawyer said laughing as Gregg looked at him rolling his eyes.
    "Well Franny you want to catch a movie with me and some friends? You can invite some people too." Gregg said smiling weakly,
    I shrugged "Why not?" I said as the bell rang. Hugging Gregg and Opal I walked
    to class with Sawyer, "He likes you, alot" Sawyer said sitting at the desk
    next to mine. "Uh h*ll no he doesn't! He's together with Chelsi, they
    suck faces day and night!" I said as he snickered, "I saw the way he looked at you,
    he wants you!" Sawyer said eye brow dancing, I laughed until
    tears where flowing down my face in amusement. "Not likely, he's together with
    Chelsi! He doesn't like me, it's not likely at all! He goes for the
    sl*tty wh*res that other guys drool over, like Chelsi! Not ugly people like me!"
    I muttered as Mr. White walked in and began to write on the board.
    Sawyer shook his head, "Your not ugly! Go ahead and think I'm wrong, but
    he likes you" Sawyer said witha grin on his face.
    Gregg can't like me.
    ***MUST READ!!***
    My computer broke!!!! A few days ago, I need
    ALL readers to comment! My notify list got deleted and I haven't been able to post a few chapters, I'm so sorry! Just, please
    comment to be notified if you are a reader!

  8. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2012 5:55pm UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter Six
    Franny's P.O.V.
    As I sat there in Gregg's car awkwardly glancing at Opal from time to
    time when I was tired of studying the scars in my beaten up converse.
    "We're here" Gregg muttered as he unlocked the car and we unbuckled our seat belts and got out of the car.I shut the
    angrily as it closed with a loud thud. Opal ran ahead of me to the barn as I walked
    slowly to the barn, I felt a hand grab my wrist, I turned sharply to see
    Gregg. "Get off of me" I said glaring at him, squirming to get free of his grasp.
    "No, I want to know why your mad at me!" Gregg said impatiently
    as I tore my hand away from him as he sighed. "I don't want to be
    somewhere I'm not welcome, I could've done something else
    tonight but you had to ruin it." I said my vioce thick with
    annoyance, as he looked at me
    in confusion.
    "You didn't fit in there, how!? I brought you there because I thought we where friends!
    But you obviously don't think that!" Gregg said flailing his arms in the air,
    I looked at him coldly and ran to the barn. I could hear
    the thud of his feet chasing after me, I turned sharp into a barn full of horse stalls,
    I stopped at Aurora's stall, unlocked it and locked it back, quickly.
    I looked at the my black and white Apaloosa horse. I stroked her neck as I
    tried hard to not cry, "Why are you running away from everything Franny!?!"
    Gregg said as he studied me, as I stroked Aurora's neck.
    "You don't understand!" I cried as I looked at him harshly, "Why don't
    you just tell me! I won't tell you that I understand what your
    going through if I clearly don't! Why don't you get out of that stall and talk to me?"
    Gregg said putting his hand out for me.
    I patted Aurora's side and unlocked the stall door from the other side,
    stepped out and locked it back, I grabbed his out stretched hand and we walked out
    of the barn and into the horse grazing land. "Will you tell me now?" Gregg
    said nudging me softly. "Fine... well, I kinda run away from things
    because my past." I said trying to hold back my tears, I looked at Gregg and he
    nodded. "You see, my mom and dad died. My dad died overseas
    protecting our country. And my mom died from cancer. My first best friend
    died from protecting a pregnant woman and her infant. My life has always
    been full of painful goodbyes, and I run away when I know
    it will be just another painful goodbye added to my long list, and I don't want
    you to be on it." I said tears streaming down my face as I sat down
    on a hill as he sat down beside me taking me in his
    arms. "It'll be okay. Don't grieve them, they are your gaurdian angels.
    And how could you think I'd ever leave you? I wanted to meet you
    just to say good job on beating up my friends, but I realized how
    amazing you are and that I would regret not becoming your friend"
    Gregg said as he whiped a tear from my face,
    I smiled. "Well what can I say! I'm such a good friend!" I said laughing as he
    chuckled smiling. "You know I think you where meant to
    come into my life" I said as I looked at him in the eyes,
    "Why?" Gregg said his green eyes full of light and hope. "Because! This
    is the first time in months I've smiled and actually meant it,
    and been happy." I said as I bit my lip, he looked at me and smiled,
    "I'm glad"
    You know that feeling you get when you see someone and you
    know that their your love? When I saw Gregg I thought that. I know he would
    never like me or anything, and it sickened me that he never would.
    Gregg's P.O.V.
    Why was she so amazing!?! Franny just makes me want to smile
    and be happy. The first time I ever thought of having a future with a girl.
    It sickens me that she saw me making out with Chelsi, but I didn't have a choice
    she was forcing me to make out with her. The worst part is that,
    I will never have a future with Franny, because she doesn't love me, think of me,
    dream about me, the way I do about her. I know it's only been 2 days
    but man, she could make guys fall in love with her quick, in the length
    of time you drop a penny.
    I have a few shout outs that I would love
    for you to read and take in consideration to check their stories out:
    iluhyoux, amylou, xlivelaughl0vex, and living_my_life_young_and_in_love. Also I have
    an important announcement! It takes me 1hr & 30min.
    to write and notify all my readers. I might be posting a
    chapter every other day and two chapters on the week ends.
    Thanks for reading this chapter y'all mean SO much to me.

  9. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    August 28, 2012 7:21pm UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter Five
    Franny's P.O.V.
    As I lay sprawled out on my new top bunk, of the bunk bed
    that I had traded Rosey for. Her to share a bunk with Nissy and me to share
    with Opal. Nissy completely stopped talking to me ever since she saw me
    when I was at the coffee shop with Gregg. Maybe it was
    jealousy or maybe it was that she just didn't like me anymore,
    I didn't care much because I knew I would never consider her as a best friend.
    And she made her problems sound like 9/11 all over again, when really
    her problems weren't as bad as what people had to deal with all over the world.
    As I walked down the hall to my locker I looked around before I
    unlocked my simple dull blue locker. I stuffed my bookbag in and pulled on
    my chemistry binder trying angrilu to get it out, finally it let it go
    sending me stumbling back a few steps.
    "Whoa Franny! Someone has anger problems!" Gregg said as he leaned on
    the locker beside mine, I rolled my eyes slamming my locker shut
    in frustration, he jumped a bit frightened at the noise.
    "You need to stop doing that!" Gregg said laughing, "Anyways you
    want to come to a party tomorrow, it's Friday and I don't suspect your doing
    anything" Gregg said with a smirk on his face.
    "What do you mean by ' I don't suspect your doing anything' on Friday!
    I have plans" I said gritting my teeth in frustration, I didn't but I was sure
    going to make some, maybe to go riding. "I just meant girl like you, well all like independent
    and stuff probably wouldn't be out." Gregg said simply as he
    noticed my annoyance. "Well I have plans" I said gritting my teeth, my fists
    clinched with my nails digging into my flesh. "Like what?" Gregg
    said smirking challenging my answer,
    "I'm working at the barn" I said coldly. "Hmmm, come on! Please come with me,
    I want to see the looks on their faces once I show them you!" Gregg
    said in a whiney voice and puppy dog eyes, I bit my lip.
    "Under one condition, I get to invite 1 friends." I said smirking,
    he looked at me defeated.
    "Fine whatever" Gregg said throwing his head back giving up,
    I snickered smiling. "Oh and here Franny" Gregg said smiling as he handed
    me a slip of paper with his number on it.
    He leaned over and kissed me on the cheak, I felt my cheaks
    turn hot, he walked away like it was no big deal.
    And I tried to play it off like it was no big deal,
    but inside I was screaming with excitement.
    Opal walked outside with me,
    I saw Gregg in a black BMW sports car, I looked at it in disgust but shrugged
    at her. We both sat in the back seat,
    "Gregg meet Opal, Opal meet Gregg."" I said as I buckled my
    seat belt, we all started laughing. "Hi" Gregg said cheerfully as he drove us
    to the party. Stepping out of the car I saw all the jocks on a grassy hill
    all scattered around a bonfire. I looked at them as they shrugged as we followed
    Gregg. A few people greeted him with hollers and hoots
    except for a blonde girl, she came up to him and made out with him, and
    he didn't do anything to stop her.
    I rolled my eyes as I saw a few jocks staring, whispering, and pointing
    at me and Opal. I looked at them with a glare that made them quiet.
    "I thought he liked you!" Opal said whispering into my ear quietly,
    I shrugged as she sighed. Gregg walked up to us after sucking faces with
    the bimbo, hand in hand with her. "Hey Franny, Opal! This is Chelsi."
    Gregg said as she nestled her head on his shoulder cooly,
    we both nodded as they started sucking faces again.
    I got up, nudged Opal and walked away from the bonfire with her following me.
    I heard feet running after me as I kept on walking, "Why are you
    leaving Franny!?" Gregg said grabbing onto my wrist, I snatched it away from him.
    "This wasn't worth a second of my time, escpecially when I can be
    somewhere else" I said gritting my teeth as I kept on walking.
    "You've barely been there for 10 minutes! Anyways how are you getting home?"
    Gregg said out of breath and panting trying his best
    to keep up with me and Opal.
    "We're walking home! And those are 10 minutes I regret wasting." I said
    as I angrily turned on him with my fists clinched.
    "I'll just drive you home, it's getting dark" Gregg mumbled as he unlocked his car.
    "No! I'm not riding with an idiot like you!"
    Your not an idiot, I'm the idiot. For even thinking I had a chance with
    a guy like you. I've only known you for 2 days but man,
    it's just another painful goodbye when you start to like that person.
    It doesn't matter the time you start to love them.
    Wooo! Chapter five! I have only 19 faves on my recent chapters and about 30 on the notification list comment if you
    aren't being notified! Thankyou(: Thanks for reading, your what keeps me going. Stay amazing loves!

  10. XxFindingNem0xX XxFindingNem0xX
    posted a quote
    August 27, 2012 5:08pm UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter Four
    Franny's P.O.V.
    "Oh hot d*mn look at this ones a*s!" a jock said that had
    sandy blonde hair, touching Cameron's a*s, "F*ck off" Sawyer said as I clinched my fist. "D*mn bro what you gonna do, make me?" a jock said that
    was inching up on Avalon raking her body. Before I knew it Swayer punched
    the jock that was on Avalon and knocked him to the ground,
    swung around and punched the jock that was on Cameron.
    Both of them almost to tears on the ground holding their jaws.
    "D*mn bro, your gonna pay!" a jock said, running towards me and picking me
    up and running with me over his shoulder, I began to pull his hair
    and punch his back, I looked up to see if anyone was
    chasing me, but all I saw was all the jocks on top of Sawyer except for one,
    he tried to pull them off of him.
    "D*mn girl your light!" the jock said out of sprinting,
    "Hah no, why don't you put me down, Sawyer is already down." I said
    annoyed, I had a plan.
    "True" he said putting me down, I kicked him in the balls,
    and when he buckled over I kneed him in the face and pushed him
    over running back to Sawyer.
    When I made it I kicked a guy in the back of the knee, he buckled over
    and I pushed him to the ground and I barely saw Sawyer, he was bruised
    and beaten.
    "Back off! He's not moving!" I said screeching, they all backed off in alarm
    as I saw Sawyer limp with bruises all over him, I checked his heart beat,
    it was still there but he was weak.
    "If you can hear me squeaze my hand" I said holding his hand, he
    squeazed my hand. I spun around with clinched fists.
    "You have 1 minute to run" I said as they all looked at me and ran away.
    "Go cry to your mommies you b*stards!" I screamed after them,
    as I turned around everyone was at his side.
    I walked into the school wary of anyone's movement after yesterday, when
    people noticed me they began to clap. I stood there in confusion,
    a couple of people came up to me and hugged me
    and smiled. I didn't understand why my actions by beating a few people
    up got rewarded. As I opened my locker I shoved my
    textbooks in taking out my plain geometry notebook. "Hey good
    lookin'" I heard a voice beside me say, I turned my head fast to see a jock,
    with blonde hair and green eyes. I didn't remember seeing
    him yesterday, I bit my lip giving him a glare.
    "What do you want?" I said slamming my locker shut, startling him.
    "D*mn I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to
    get coffee?" he said stepping back.
    "Do I even know you?" I said laughing at how scared he looked,
    "I'm Gregg, and your Franny right?" Gregg said noticing me laughing
    as he stood up straight, trying to look tougher.
    "Yeah but I still don't know why your asking me this, you sound stupid
    you know?" I said leaning back on my locker as he bit his
    lip in frustration. "How about you meet me at the coffee shop at
    7 O'clock and we talk about it? Alright" Gregg said impatiently,
    "Don't count on me being there, but I will try. Oh and your paying."
    I said putting a fake cheerful smile on my face as he snickered,
    I let my smile down and rolled my eyes.
    "Cya round" Gregg said as I walked away, "Don't be so sure about
    that" I said rolling my eyes as I felt his
    eyes burning holes in me as he watched me walk away.
    As I walked in the coffee shop 10 minutes late I saw Gregg
    sitting at a booth messing with a napkin,
    I sat down infront of him as a smile swept over his face.
    "Hey Franny." Gregg said rather too cheerfully.
    "What can I get for you two!?" a familiar voice said, I looked up to
    see Nissy, "Hey Nissy" I said quietly as I saw
    her look at me in disbelief, I rolled my eyes.
    "One soy latte please." Gregg said as he looked at me weirdly,
    "One Caramel frappe please" I said quietly, she jotted
    our orders on the little note pad and walked away.
    "How do you know her? She's kinda cute, why haven't I ever noticed her!"
    Gregg said joking around. "She lives where I do. And wow
    Gregg! You probably haven't noticed her cause she annoyed you."
    I said laughing for the first time in a week that
    really had meaning to it. "Oh wow Franny! Someone is jealous! Oh and
    where do you live?" Gregg said as she put our drinks
    infront of us, I snatched my frappe up and took a big sip.
    "Well if you must know, I live at Green Wood Orphanage." I said,
    a few years ago I would've been to scared to share that
    with someone but now I didn't care what people thought of me.
    "Oh wow. I'm sorry" Gregg said as he studied me closer as he took a
    sip of his steaming latte. "Don't be sorry, I don't like pity."
    I said giving him a weak smile as he grinned,
    "Well, anyway why did you ask me to come here, and tell the truth"
    I said laying back in my chair as I sipped my frappe.
    "Well, I hear about how you and how you stood up for yourself infront
    of James and I was suprised, and well I just had to meet you"
    Gregg said grinning, something about him made me want
    to sit on the edge of my seat, but I acted like I didn't care.
    Like what I have been doing for my whole life.
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    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter Three
    Franny's P.O.V.
    My first best friend, I met him the day I came to the orphanage, he was a year older
    than me and his name was Josh Walker and he helped me get through
    all my pain and helped me try to understand the whole situation I was in,
    he probably would've ended up being very successful but someone got
    in the way of that.
    It was November 9th 2010 and he was on the way back to the orphanage
    after going and getting a few groceries and he saw a man
    holding a gun up to a women that was pregnant and a toddler at her side,
    he dropped the groceries and ran to the women and her child.
    "If you want to kill them kill me instead." the women told the police
    that he had said that. And the man did, the man took Josh's life.
    I guess Josh died with honor and being a hero but, he left me
    when I needed him most. The women sobbed when she talked to me,
    I knew she felt guilty for him being killed but I guess
    it wasn't her fault. People say the good die young?
    And Josh did that, he died with honor and a big heart.
    I guess the good do die young.
    I walked down the death trap of a school. I saw people look at me
    in disgust, I rolled my eyes.
    "Gingers don't have souls!" I heard someone holler, I clinched my fist,
    "Who the h*ll said that!?!?" I said my temper out of control.
    Someone pushed a brown haired jock that obviously said it.
    "What are you going to do?" he said laughing at me,
    I kicked him in the balls, as the went to bend down in pain I kneed him in the stomache.
    I quietly walked away from the crowd that started laughing and hollering,
    "Chance just got beat up by a girl!!!" it was probably not
    the first time he had gotten beat up by a girl.
    His eyes had a little bit of fear hinted in his green eyes.
    I sighed as I walked out of the school doors as I saw Opal, Avalon, and Cameron ran
    to me. "What was that Frannny!?!" Opal said her blue eyes
    cloudy with tears, I knew I was going to get in trouble but it wasn't
    going to be the first time.
    "Eh. He deserved it. I did that so people wouldn't mess with me.
    Anyways, where is Nissy and Rosey?" I said biting my lip as they hugged me.
    "You know where! Flirting with the guys." Avalon said rolling
    her eyes as Cameron played around with her brown haired braid.
    "Eh, what has gotten into Nissy?" Cameron said taking out her old flip phone.
    "Rosey got to her" I said rolling my eyes as I kicked a rock across
    the street with my beaten up converse.
    "So, Opal, Avalon you going to work today?" Cameron said her voice cheerful
    as always.
    "Yeah" Avalon said rolling her eyes with a sigh, we all hated working
    at the coffee shop, but they pay us good.
    "Oh look here comes Nissy and Rosey!" Opal said rolling her eyes
    playfully, I turned around to see Sawyer, Nissy, and Rosey running
    towards us, Sawyer stood beside me. I looked at Nissy and she gave me an
    ugly look, looking me up and down then flipping her hair.
    I laughed with amusement as she let out an bimbo squeal of annoyance,
    I elbowed Opal in the ribs gently, she looked at me and nodded.
    "Why don't you just stop Bernise! It's getting old." Sawyer said calling her
    out infront of all of us, I tried not to laugh but a chuckle slipped out.
    "What did I do?!" Nissy said acting like she hadn't done a thing,
    "Really Bernise?" Sawyer said, his voice full of annoyance,
    "Bernise...if your going to lie and be mad at me because your too clingy
    and boy crazy then don't talk to me. It gets annoying!"
    I said my temper flaring like a wild fire.
    She let out squeal and turned around grabbing Rosey's wrist dragging
    her with her. "D*mn you told her off!" Avalon said laughing,
    "I think she needed that, I don't think I was the only one thinking that."
    I said with a fake smile plastered on my pale freckled face.
    "Amen!" Cameron said as we stood at the bus stop, waiting for the bus.
    I looked to left where I saw a big huddle of guys walking towards us
    with fire in their eyes ready to start a fight,
    I saw one I remembered one of them was the guy I had
    just beat up infront of almost all of the school population,
    and me? I was about to die.
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    August 23, 2012 5:10pm UTC
    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter One
    Franny's P.O.V.
    It was almost three years ago when all my life was taken away from me,
    the only happiness I had in life, the only person who
    would give up their own lifes to save me, my mom.
    Living with a single parent/widow was hard, but it was even harder when my mom came back from the doctors office and had the worst news
    any child would want to hear, and would die if they heard this news,
    my mom had a serious case of Lukemia, she went through
    chemo, but nothing helped, I had to sit there and watch her die,
    to watch her beautiful brown hair fall off in her now thimble wrinkled hands.
    The beautiful tan on her muscular body, being sucked off her body,
    her face that was once a wrinkleless face, was now lifeless and
    Her eyes once where bright like candles, know they where droopy
    and cold. It was March 17th 2009,
    I went to see her at the local hospital to check up on her,
    aboout 2 hours after school. I walked into her room to see her with
    a weak smile when she saw me, I sat by her in her cold hospital bed
    watching Oprah.
    "Come lay beside me?" my mom said, her voice weak an tired,
    I nodded not questioning her.
    I gently and carefully layed beside her on her hospital bed, as she stroked my red hair. "Francis?" my mom said quietly, her voice raspy and hoarse.
    "You know that I love you, no matter what. Right"
    my mom said pausing every few words to catch her breath.
    "Yes mom. I love you too!" I said worry stricken over me, she clasped her
    hand on mine. "Even when I'm not here I will be watching over you,
    don't fret when I die." she said rasping to catch her breath,
    "I will be in heaven, away from all this pain. Don't shed one tear
    for me" she said whiping a tear from my face.
    "I love you mommy!" I said snuggling close to her,
    "I love you too. Never forget that" she said her voice getting
    quieter, we both closed both our eyes and a few minutes later
    I heard the moniter beep
    uncontrollably, my mom just died holding me in her arms.
    As I slid on my skinny jeans and converses on I swung my bookbag over my shoulder,
    and walked down to the first floor, I saw Sawyer, he waved at me.
    I kept walking and walked out the door silently,
    I ran down the steps and began to walk to the bus stop,
    I heard footsteps running after me on the gravel, I spun around to
    see Sawyer.
    "What do you want?!" I said irritated, spinning back around
    to walk to the bus stop.
    "What? I just wanted to walk with you! I didn't want Bernise to
    attack me like she did yesterday!" Sawyer said, I snickered.
    "Not funny Francis" Sawyer said in a whiney girl voice, I stopped in my tracks.
    "Don't call me that.... call me Franny" I said, he quickly nodded
    seeing that I was uncomfortable with him saying that.
    "Sorry..." Sawyer said quietly, I started walking again, I nodded.
    "Well what happened with Bernise anyway?" Sawyer said as he leaned against
    the bus stop sign.
    "Well, her parents abandonned her..." I said quietly, I looked at Sawyer,
    he had a painful look on his tan freckled face.
    "Oh, whats your story then?" Sawyer said rather boldly, I gave
    him a look that warned him to back off, he quickly did,
    it was like he was scared of me or something.
    "Well, I came here because, my house caught on fire.
    My mom and dad died saving me and my little sister Mary Jane,
    she died though.... too much smoke in her lungs." Sawyer said,
    sadness stricken over his face,
    and a tear faintly rolling down his cheak.
    "I'm sorry for your loss..." I said quietly, his story saddened my heart
    even more than it already was, like a dead rose.
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    Painful Goodbyes
    Chapter One
    Franny's P.O.V.
    My life hasn't been a sweet slice of apple pie,
    my life has been a sour rotten apple.
    My first painful goodbye was the worst, it was the first time
    I had that feeling of, sadness. And it sure as h*ll wouldn't
    be the last. I was seven at the time, all cheerful
    and pain free, but then January 24th 2003 came.
    Me and mom lived in a suburb in Oregon, my dad was
    overseas in the marines.
    It was that knock on the door no one wanted to get when you
    have a loved one over seas in the army.
    Someone knocked on the door and mom opened it,
    I remember hiding behind her leg to only see, a man in a
    stiff black uniform, with a sorrowful look on his
    wrinkled face, the man said something
    no child with a parent overseas in the army wanted to hear.
    "I'm sorry Mrs. Baker to inform you,
    that your husband Colonel Bakers has died in action
    defending our freedom, may is soul rest in peace."
    I sighed as I sat down at one of the 20 dinner tables.
    "Hey sweet cheaks!" my aunt said sitting beside me.
    My aunt owned the orphanage so she
    kindly took me in when I had no one.
    "Hey Aunt Ruth!" I said hugging her, she smelled like
    vanilla and spice.
    "Well how is the dinner?" Aunt Ruth said as I pushed my peas
    around my plastic plate.
    "It's alright" I said lying, I hated when we had peas for dinner.
    "How is that old barn of mine holding together?" she said
    chuckling, her and my Uncle Brian own both the orphanage
    and the barn, the barn is for money when they
    teach lessons, she also uses it to keep the childrens' minds
    off their past, or family.
    "It's doing just fine, me and Nissy are helping there
    everyday after school!" I said cheerfully, I loved horses.
    They where the only beings that could make me smile,
    except for my friends, what little I had.
    "That's good baby cakes! I better go help a new child
    get settled in!"
    she said kissing my cheak.
    I whiped my cheak, turning to see Nissy flirting with the new
    guy aunt Ruth was telling me about,
    he was hot, too hot to be in a orphanage.
    I saw him and Nissy walk over here and I spun my head back
    to my plate.
    "Hey Franny! This is Sawyer!" Nissy said sitting infront of me,
    she had a smitten look on her face, I chuckled eating my
    "Hi Franny, I'm Sawyer." Sawyer said holding his hand out,
    I shook his hand and he sat on the other side of me.
    I looked at Nissy, her cheaks where beat red.
    I mouthed 'sorry' and she shook her head desperately.
    "Well Sawyer! How old are you?" I said trying to change the subject
    between me and Nissy. "I'm 15" Sawyer said, his rather deep voice startled me.
    I nodded as Nissy struck for a flirt sesh,
    "Me too! So where are you from?" Nissy said twirling her
    hair around her finger. "I'm from Longview."
    Sawyer stated, this was the only orphanage in all of Oregon.
    "Wow! That's so far away from here!" Nissy said smiling at him flirtaciously,
    Sawyer rolled his eyes.
    As we said goodbye to Sawyer we headed up to our room,
    "He kinda dissed you Nissy!" Cameron said boldly, maybe a little too
    boldly. "I know... ugh!" Nissy said biting her lip,
    she was mad that once in her life she got rejected.
    That must feel awesome,
    since I get rejected every day of my life...
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    Rivalry Begins Now
    Chapter #22
    sequal to Fireworks
    Bree's P.O.V
    2 years later.
    Two years have passed by from the day Sienna had her baby.
    Little Noell is now 2. We just graduated, and now were
    off to college. Sienna is still going to school, her dad still hasn't said
    he's fine with her having a baby,
    although she made all A's in highschool when she had little Noell.
    And I, I have been the same me from 10th grade.
    Cooper and I still are together and he still looks at me with those big green eyes
    like the day he first met me.
    Every kiss is such a sweet bliss.
    I have stopped being anorexic,
    I got a full time ride to The University Of Clemson,
    and I have most importantly,
    lived every day of my life like it was my last.
    As I ran out the front door in a peach flowered shirt
    and white shorts and my peach gladiators I saw Cooper in his car waiting outside.
    I opened the door and sat in the passenger seat, he kissed my cheak.
    "Babe I have a suprise!" Cooper said his voice calm and smooth,
    he put a bandana around my eyes, I felt the car start going.
    We where in the car for about 1 hour. He stopped, got out and came
    back in a few minutes, opening my door, he clasped
    his hand onto mine and helped me out of his car.
    He walked me about 10 feet and stopped,
    he untied the bandana, I opened my eyes and I saw nothing but mountains,
    beautiful mountains, and blanket on the clovery grass,
    with a picnic basket.
    "Oh my god Cooper! This is so amazing!" I said as I ran into his arms and
    kissed his soft warm cheak.
    "Not amazing as you" Cooper whispered in my ear, tickling it with
    his hot minty breath.
    We both sat on the blanket and he looked at me,
    "What?" I said checking my hair.
    "Nothing I just can't get over the fact that your mine, and you always will be."
    Cooper said with a smile that melts your hear like butter.
    Your mine and always will be?
    "What?" I said as he got on one knee, and took out a beautiful ring.
    "Briell Andersons,
    you are the best thing that has ever happened to me,
    when I'm in my darkness you come and light up my world,
    you've stayed faithful through our ups and downs.
    Your more amazing than anything in the world.
    You are my one and only love,
    and I don't think I could live without you.
    It sickens me to think if,
    what if I didn't have you.
    I would simply be drowned in a life of nothing,
    before my life was nothing,
    and now your my something, your my only thing that makes ME something,
    you are my life.
    My love for you is so deep,
    so will you
    Briell Anderson
    marry me?" Cooper said, I cried with tears of happiness and jumped into his arms.
    "Yes, a million times yes!"
    I sobbed kissing him passionately,
    we are eachothers world.
    He slid the ring on my finger and we smiled like a million stars in the sky.
    The classical tune played as I walked down the isle in a simple white
    strapless gown, my dad's arm
    and mine locked together.
    He let go of my hand and walked to the side,
    I walked infront of Cooper.
    The preist said the promises,
    "Do you Cooper Hayes take this women, Briell Jameson as your lovely
    bewedded wife?" the priest asked,
    "I do" Cooper said smiling from ear to ear.
    "And do you Briell Jameson take this man, Cooper Hayes as your
    lovely bewedded husband?"
    the priest asked me,
    "I do" I said tears of joy streaming down my face.
    "You may kiss the bride." the preist said,
    we kissed a simple yet passionate kiss, better than any kiss before.
    I had dreamed I was married to Cooper,
    and now I finally am,
    I love Cooper, forever and always
    Last chapter for Rivalry Begins now :O
    Proglue of Painful Goodbyes is up tomorrow! Around 4-7 P.M

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    Rivalry Begins Now
    Chapter #21
    sequal to Fireworks
    Bree's P.O.V.
    As me and Cooper walked along the beach hand in hand
    while the sun was setting
    he looked at me and smiled like
    a fool, I giggled and nudged him in the ribs with my elbow.
    "Why don't we eat here?" Cooper said, I nodded and he reached into the picnic
    basket and got out a blanket and layed it on the
    soft silky sand.
    I sat down and he unpacked 2 sandwhiches 2 teas, and 2 slices of chocolate cake.
    He tossed me a chicken salad sandwhich in a bag,
    I catched it.
    "You know babe, I love you alot?" Cooper said before taking a bite out of his
    sandwhich, I giggled.
    "I know you do babe! And the best thing is,
    I love you too"
    I smiled as he put his sandwhich down
    and brushed my hair out of my face, he rubbed his soft
    thumb on my cheak, he moved his lips onto mine,
    and he gave me a simple, yet passionate kiss.
    He moved away and picked up his sandwhich.
    "You know babe, everytime I kiss you.
    I fall even harder in love with you?" I said taking a bit out of my sandwhich.
    "And I thought it was only me" Cooper snickered looking into my eyes softly,
    we ate our dinner and each got a slice of cake.
    Putting the paper plates aside we looked at the beautiful
    pink and orange sunset.
    "This is so pretty!" I said mesmerized by the beauty of nature,
    "I would say that too, but I can't, cause your the prettiest thing ever in the whole world
    when you smile I feel like the world is glowing.
    I love you with a passion.
    I love you with all my heard Bree."
    Next chapter is the last of Rivalry Begins Now! Ta ta for now readers!

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    Rivalry Begins Now
    Chapter #20
    sequal to Fireworks
    Bree's P.O.V,
    3 hours later
    As we sat outside in the waiting area I looked at Cooper with
    a smile on my face.
    "What?" he asked nudging me in the ribs, I giggled
    play-punching his shoulder.
    "I haven't really talked to you in a while..." he said with
    his sad puppy dog eyes that just make you want to cry, he was right
    we haven't hung out for a week.
    "Sorry you know I was helping Sienna unpack! And you where too,
    so basically we hung out...with out calling it hanging out?"
    I sighed, I hugged him and kissed his cheak.
    "Well true, but I want us to on a date... a real date!" Cooper said chuckling
    at my confusing answer.
    "How about Christmas Eve?" I said smiling like an
    uncontrollable dork.
    "Sure thing babe!" Copoer said kissing me on my lips,
    I blushed a bright pink,
    I heard loud footsteps run towards us.
    "She had her baby! She named it Noell Ann Carter Jameson"
    I turned to see Mrs. Amy, I looked over at Brandy and Anna,
    we all grinned from ear to ear.
    She had just named her after us, each of our middle names.
    Noell Ann Carter Jameson
    welcome to the world.
    Your mom is just a teenager, ready to leave
    her party days for you,
    ready to start to be responsible for you,
    give everything up for you.
    Her little bundle of joy,
    a smile on her face,
    all because of this new born baby,
    Noell Ann Carter.
    Next 2 chapters will be the last chapters! I already know what
    I will be writing about!
    It's going to be called:
    Only Painful Goodbyes.

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    August 20, 2012 7:04pm UTC
    Rivalry Begins Now
    Chapter #19
    sequal to Fireworks
    Bree's P.O.V,
    3 Months later
    As was eating dinner with Cooper,Ana, and Brandy I heard my phone ring,
    I snatched up my phone to see the caller I.D ,
    it was Sienna, she was suppost to have her baby soon,
    I clicked the answer button.
    "Bree! Get Ana and Brandy down to the hospital! Sienna's having her baby!
    Right now! Come as quick as you can!" Mrs. Amy said
    frantically, then hanging up.
    "Sienna. Baby. Hospital. Now!" I said as Cooper slid a 20 on the table and we ran out the door.
    As we all slid into my car I started the engine and sped off to the local
    hospital which was 3 hours away from where we where
    . Stopping in the only spot available, about 50 ft. away from the entrance
    I parked my car, we all flooded out of the car and ran to the entrance.
    Opening the door we all gushed into the hospital.
    "We are here for Sienna Jameson, she's having her baby!"
    Ana said urgently,
    "Room 409, floor 4" the receptionist told us,
    we all ran into an open elevator and Brandy pressed the button 4.
    We waited as the elevator doors opened, we all gushed out and ran/walked to
    room 409, turning sharply I saw a shut door and Sienna getting
    shots in her back, I cringed,
    when the nurse was done with the shots we knocked.
    Mrs. Amy opened the door letting us in,
    "Sienna are you okay?" we all said in chorus.
    Sienna smiled weakly, I saw pain was strucken over her,
    it wasn't going to be easy for her to have this baby,
    and we had to be here to support her.
    Last chapter, for today! I posted 16-19 today!

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    August 20, 2012 6:51pm UTC
    Rivalry Begins Now
    Chapter #18
    sequal to Fireworks
    Sienna's P.OV.
    One week later
    As I hugged my mom I cried,
    "Am I doing the right thing keeping the baby?" I said as I looked around
    my parent's guest house across the street.
    "Yes baby! It will be hard though! And your going to have
    to get a job!" she said hugging me,
    I nodded.
    "Mom I will need help!" I said my eyes watering,
    "I can't help you alot doll! Get your friends to help babysit when your
    at work. That will probably be the only
    time you can get them to help you,
    then your probably going to have to get a babysitter for when your at school!"
    she said,
    I felt like my head was about to explode.
    "Okay thanks mom, for helping me unpack!" I hugged her,
    she kissed me on the cheak and walked out the front door.
    Walking to the room that would be my babies nursery I looked at
    the fresh pink paint with teddy bear wall paper on the rim
    to the ceiling, from the wall that bordered the small yet spacious room.
    I smiled,
    I am going to have a baby.
    Aghhh! Sienna is ready to be a momma! 1 more chapter for today!

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    August 20, 2012 6:42pm UTC
    Rivalry Begins Now
    Chapter #17
    sequal to Fireworks
    Sienna's P.OV
    5 months later.
    As I quietly stirred my eggs around Mrs. Andersons
    festive Christmas plate, I took a bite of
    the soft creamy eggs.
    "Thanks Mrs. Anderson" I managed to squeak out,
    she smiled and nodded at me as she looked back at her plate
    and began to eat her eggs and pancakes.
    I ate the last bite and I picked the plate up,
    walking over to the sink I quietly.
    I quietly shuffled up the stairs, sitting on the couch I turned on
    the Tv, seeing Laguna Beach on Mtv.
    Leaning back I put a blanket over me.
    I had managed to not to have a full conversation with Bree for five months.
    I was staying at her house, she knew I had
    nowhere else to go, still she let me stay, I knew she was a
    true friend and all, but I still can't believe she did that to me.
    "Sienna?" Bree said from the staircase, I shook out of my deep thoughts and
    looked at her, sitting straight up.
    "What?" I said as I threw the blanket off of me and put the
    remote on the coffee table standing up.
    "I was talking to my parents, and they said I needed to tell you
    that you need to pay rent, or move out."
    Bree said with hurt in her eyes, she knew I didn't have a job
    and that my mom was barely sneaking me 500 dollars a week.
    "How much? And when?"
    I said biting my lip.
    "$100 every month." Bree said taking my spot on the couch,
    "Okay I can do that" I said nodding and walking to my room,
    I stopped midway to my room and spun around to look at Bree.
    "Bree I'm sorry. I understand why you did that.
    We are fighting and you're still letting me stay here! I can't thank you so much.
    I will try to talk to my dad tomorrow but I don't know
    if he will even look at me." I said as Bree ran over to me and took me into
    a big hug.
    "I forgive you! And I'm so sorry I EVER did that!" Bree cried, her tears
    dampening my Cooper River Bridge Run tee.
    "It's okay! Do you want to go baby clothes shopping?
    I saved up after the past few weeks! When I give your mom $100 I will have $900!"
    I said as she backed away from me.
    "What? Is something wrong!?!" I said looking around,
    I heard her barely croak out:
    "your keeping the baby?"
    Agh they are forgiving eachother.
    But will Bree's parents let Sienna stay, with a new born baby
    in THEIR house?


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