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Hey guys, I'm trying out a story.
Let me know what your honest opinions and thoughts are,
and if you have any suggestions let me know and I'll give you a shout out
 in the next part I post :)
  1. WhenLoveTakesOver WhenLoveTakesOver
    posted a quote
    April 28, 2011 4:48pm UTC
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  2. WhenLoveTakesOver WhenLoveTakesOver
    posted a quote
    April 26, 2011 3:58pm UTC
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  3. WhenLoveTakesOver WhenLoveTakesOver
    posted a quote
    April 25, 2011 4:31pm UTC
    ((*No title yet*))
    Chapter Two
    I finally came to my senses, panicking and looking all around I realized I was in the middle of the road. Looking around I saw police officers everywhere, people had come out of there houses but they were blocked off behind a long strip of tape that said “Police line do not cross”. I started to get worried, I had no clue where I was. I looked to the right of me and saw my mother talking to a police officer, he was taking notes down. I started to call out for her, but she couldn’t hear me. As loud as I could I screamed “Mommy”! She, and neighbors all around noticed me. As well as a paramedic with long black hair that had been tied up in a hair tie. She ran over to me and looked me in the eyes telling me it was going to be okay. My mother ran to me as well, she gripped me in her arms so tight. I smelt her warm vanilla scent on her clothes, looking worried she asked me if I was okay. I started to feel dizzy again, next thing I know I was in the hospital with dozens of doctors rushing around me frantically.
    *Comment and tell me how you guys feel about it!
    Should I keep going, or no?
    The chapters will get longer as the story goes on.
    Still need ideas for a title by the way!!

  4. WhenLoveTakesOver WhenLoveTakesOver
    posted a quote
    April 25, 2011 12:52pm UTC
    ((*No title yet*))
    Chapter One
    I woke up on a cold hard floor, my head was killing me and my heart was pounding. I was in a basement, I could tell because looking around there was no windows and only a gray concrete wall around me. I tried getting up but being as dizzy as I was, I fell to the floor. I crawled on my hands and knees and finally reached the wall, sitting up I lifted up my shirt because of the pain I was feeling; I had bruises covering my stomach, looking down I noticed they were on my legs as well, I was covered with blood. I got back down on my hands and knees and crawled to what looked like a door. I opened it with only a crack to peek out, I couldn’t see anyone in sight. I tried getting up again but the pain hurt too much, I fell back down. I crawled out of the room and reached the stairs, realizing on the second step that I wouldn’t be able to make it up I decided to look for a back door, after 10 minutes I spotted one in the back of what looked like a laundry room. I finally made it to the door and forced myself up only a few steps. I was finally outside and on grass, looking up the sun was shining so brightly in my eyes; opening the gate I made my way to the curb, that’s when I heard someone screaming for me.
    *comment and tell me what you think please?
    should I keep writing, or is it dumb?
    any suggestions on what should happen?!
    oh, and I need a title!!!


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