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hey yall.. the qwotes i add are mine. n if ya wanna use em.. then IM me n tell me. I get a lot of my qwotes frm here and others profiles. N if i havent talked ta any of u bout' them.. im really srry!
  1. VoxSweetiexoS VoxSweetiexoS
    posted a quote
    October 24, 2004 8:22am UTC
    .. a friEnd will tEll you that you havE a hugE monstrous ||z.i.t|| in thE middlE of your forEhEad .. but a truE rEal friEnd will walk up to you and pop it w.out tEllin you that it's thErE ..
    2 mauh tru girls!!
    ((i made this qwote.. so IM me on mauh AIM name and tell me ur usin it.. i wanna see how many ppl use this!!! LuvinU6908
    .. pAiGe ..


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