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welcome to my witty! i write stories if you couldn't tell(; if you
don't like them.... BUH-BYE!(: anyway, so far i have written

Untitled - about a girl (Jenna) who's little brother (Alex) was diagnosed with cancer and the guy she loves (Ryan) who helps her get through it. (finished) it's not very good - my first story! :P but I think it was a really good idea for a story. 
Unexpected - about a girl (Taylor) who finds out that her boyfriend (Corey) is cheating on her... with her best friend (Shay)!! O.o then she ends up falling for her best-guy-friend (Tyler). (finished) a little better than the first... I kinda messed the story up at the end. :P oh well.
Story Of My Life - about a girl (Sarah) who ends up in the hospital because of an abusive stepdad. Turns out while she's in the hospital for a few weeks, a LOT is going on behind her back at school... (unfinished - maybe finish later?) just got bored with it. but I improved as a writer! i think? haha(;
The Reason Why - about a girl (Cara) who's parents are killed in a car accident.. and she's sent to live with a relative she never knew she had! Everything seems to be going wrong, but then she meets a guy (Dominick). (; (active) my best story yet? I hope(:
 so check em outtt(: and if you like, fave please so i know who's reading(: comments are GREAT, and... yeah! followers are nice too(:

  1. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    September 10, 2011 12:14am UTC
    check out my new stories account, nmstories
    sorry 'bout the break. alkadjfalskdga;sldgas;idgaslkdfjasl;fd. :P starting fresh.

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    July 22, 2011 10:58pm UTC
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    July 21, 2011 11:24pm UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter sixteen//
    "Stephanie!!" I screeched, knocking the beer out of her hand, but I was too late. She had drank the whole damn thing.
    Stephanie made a face as if she'd just eaten super sour candy from the foul taste.
    "Are you kidding me? BEER? Stephanie, you're going to get drunk!" I screamed at her.
    "Shut up! God, you're so annoying. You just had to barge into my life, steal my boyfriend, live in my house...!" Her sentence trailed off as tears started to cascade down her cheeks. She bolted up the stairs before I had a chance to stop her.
    I stood there in defeat. My stomach knotted up. Great, Stephanie really hated me.
    The worst part was that she was right. There was an undeniable connection between me and Dominick from day one. Plus the fact I lived with her.
    "Hey Cara, hows it goin?" Someone yelled in my ear. I turned around, and sure enough, Dominick.
    "Oh, uh, hi!" I stuttered, fixing my hair. "Okay, I guess. It's going okay."
    He gave me a confused look and I pulled him to a quieter part of the house; the dining room.
    "Why'd you break up with Stephanie? She's really upset." I said, crossing my arms.
    "Because. There's someone else," he said with a smirk on his face. His gorgeous green eyes sparkled as they stared at me. Butterflies slowly undid the knot in my stomach.
    "And who would that be?" I asked flirtatiously with a smile.
    He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, tracing his finger down my jawline. He lifted my chin and leaned in. I smiled and was about to pucker up when I thought of Stephanie.
    I snapped my head away.
    "I'm real sorry, Dom, but I can't," I whispered, tears pricking my eyes. "You just broke up with Steph."
    He sighed. "It's aiight."
    I smiled. "Thanks."
    I figured I should go comfort Steph, so I flashed Dom a sweet goodbye smile and headed up the stairs. When I entered her room, I gasped. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

  4. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    July 21, 2011 11:29am UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter fifteen//
    Not long after I had put down my phone, Stephanie burst through the front door, shopping bags weighing down her arms, friends at her side.
    "Are you gonna help, or what?" She snapped at my laziness.
    "Oh, uh, yeah," I said, sitting up straight. "But what exactly are we doing?"
    Stephanie rolled her eyes at my lack of experience. "You just set out the food on the kitchen counter. I'll handle the rest," she insisted. "Randy, bags please!" She ordered to a man in a suit, snapping her fingers. We have a butler? 'Randy' set down what looked like way too many grocery bags in front of me.
    My eyebrows shot up and I gave Stephanie the is-this-much-food-really-necessary look.
    "Didn't I tell you that everyone is coming?" She laughed, turned, and led her friends upstairs. That meant Dominick. I did my best to control the butterflies in my stomach.
    "Well, might as well get started," I muttered to myself, putting out multiple bowls full of chips, liters of pop, etc. I was just happy not to see beer.
    It was only 9:00 and people started to arrive. They enthusiastically hollered "get this party started!" and, "PARTY OF THE YEAR, HELL YEAH!" They danced to songs booming so loud I could feel the vibrations rocking my body. Covering my ears, I ran upstairs for an escape from the music.
    "HERE!" Stephanie shouted over the music and shoved a pair of small, clear earplugs in my hand. I gratefully put them in, and it was much more comfortable.
    At 11:00, the party really started. I wormed my way through a sea of people, my eyes searching for you-know-who. Dom. I passed way too many PDA-ing couples, grinders, all of that. I found Dom and Stephanie in the back of the kitchen.
    "Baby, why?" Stephanie whined.
    "I'm sorry, I really am. It's just not working out." Dom said. I gasped. Did that really just happen?! I hurried out of the way so Stephanie could storm past me. I followed her upstairs to her room.
    "Steph, I'm sorry." I told her, an arm around her shoulder.
    "It's fine. He's not ruining my party," she promised, and stomped back down the stairs.
    "Someone toss me a drink!" She cried to a guy who had brought a cooler. Soda, I assumed.
    But no. He tossed her a beer, and Stephanie downed half of it.
    Crap. This was about to get bad.

  5. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    July 20, 2011 3:52pm UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter fourteen//
    Finally. The weekend.
    It was late Saturday afternoon, and I had just woken up. I used to always get up early, but now, after the accident with my parents, I've had an awfully hard time getting to sleep. I just cry and think about how I missed when my mom would come in and say goodnight, kissing me on the cheek. Back then I would've pushed her away, but now I'd stay up all night, sobs racking my body, just wanting that one more time.
    "Hello?" I called as I entered the kitchen, starving. My voice echoed in the gigantic house. I shivered in my sweatpants and camp t-shirt. I looked down. These were the same clothes I was wearing when I woke up that one Sunday morning, months ago, and heard the doorbell ring. And when that police officer told me about Mom and Dad.
    I allowed a single salty tear fall down my cheek at the traumatizing memory, but once again, like I always did, held in the breakdown I could feel coming.
    My eyes searched the kitchen, trying to distract myself from the thoughts. I saw a bag with bagels from Brueger's Bakery, but I'd already lost my appetite for food.
    There was a pink sticky note on the stainless steel fridge, though.
    Stephanie and Cara, I read. I apologize for not notifying you earlier, but I've been called out for a business trip to meet with a client in Los Angeles. I won't be home for a few days. There's $300 on the counter in an envelope, use it wisely. Lots of love, Gloria.
    Great. I was officially alone. Where was Stephanie, anyway?
    I got my cell phone from my room and texted Stephanie: where are you?
    At the mall with Julia Lexi & Kristy. She replied.
    Did you see Gloria's note?
    Yeah! This weekend is going to ROCK! Party tonight at our place. Everyone is coming. I'll be home soon to set up.
    I put down my phone in disbelief. I'd never been to a real party before. Well, at least the not the type of party I was assuming this would be.
    Hey there guys! Keep reading - it's about to get real exciting(; In the meantime, feel free to take 2 seconds to click the heart, or a generous 15 seconds to comment(: <3

  6. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    July 18, 2011 4:16pm UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter thirteen//
    "Okay, it's alright with my parents!" Gabby announced while we were talking on the phone after school. We had been trying to arrange a time to work on our English project. "Is it alright with yours?" She asked.
    I fell silent. For a really, really long time.
    "Cara? Caaaraaaa?" I heard Gabby's voice wander from the speakers.
    "My aunt Gloria said yes," I told her, my voice quivering. I didn't want to tell her.
    "O-okay... but what about your parents?" She asked again, with a hint of a laugh to lighten the mood.
    "Look, I don't want to talk about that right now." I said, my voice cracking. If I said one more word, I knew I would cry. "I live with my aunt Gloria. And her daughter, my cousin, Stephanie Holt. From school," I confessed in tears.
    "Stephanie Holt is your cousin?" Gabby asked, shocked.
    "Yep. Come over at 5:30, 'kay?"
    "Okay but what about--"
    "Gotta go! Bye!" I hung up, cutting her off.
    I tossed my phone on my bed, sighing. I wiped away dried tears from my cheeks, and I could feel a breakdown coming. I forced myself not to fall to the floor and sob and clicked on the TV, watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians until the doorbell rang and I heard a familiar voice ring through the speakers.
    "Uh, hello? Is this working right? Uh, it's Gabby," the voice said. I shut off my TV and ran to get the door.
    "Hey," I smiled, greeting her. "Come in," I offered.
    The house left Gabby speechless, which made me laugh. I led her up to my room and she snapped out of it.
    "You live here?" She asked, astonished.
    "Oh my God!" She exclaimed.
    "I know right," I fake smiled. "We better get started."
    That evening we had a lot of laughs, smiles, jokes, and talking, but the whole time I couldn't get my mind off Dominick.

  7. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2011 8:53pm UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter twelve//
    "Uhm.. Cara?" I heard a soft, low voice say from behind me. I turned my head away from my untouched cafeteria pizza and carrots.
    "Ye--" I cut myself off when I saw who it was. "Oh, hi Dom." I managed, startled.
    "I just wanted to say I'm really sorry about this morning, I still feel really bad." He apologized.
    "It's all good." I reassured him, being partly honest. Now if only I could reassure myself.
    "Okay. I'll see you later then," he smiled and turned to go back to his table with his friends.
    Gabby raised her eyebrows at me.
    "What was that all about?" She asked. Gabby was a girl I met in English class second period. We started talking when we were paired up together to perform a reenactment of a Shakespeare scene. Luckily she'd offered to let me sit at her lunch table with her friends Hannah, Isabelle, Victoria, Jade, Carrie and Leah.
    "Oh... nothing." I gulped, not wanting to talk about it. "So when should we practice our skit?" I asked her anxiously, trying to change the subject.
    "Could you come over tomorrow night? I've can't tonight - I have basketball practice." Gabby offered.
    "Yeah, I could see if I could make that work." I said, giving a smile.
    "Alright, just text me." She recited her phone number as I wrote it down on a napkin. Did I mention that I always carry a pen with me?
    My first day could've gone better, but at least I met Dominick and Gabby.
    you likeee? (: sorry it took me a few days to post this chapter. I actually wrote a whole chapter out, but my computer failed when I tried to post it sooo I lost it and I was too lazy to rewrite it. /:
    I know it's not as exciting as the last chapter, sorry. :P
    anyway, fave & comment! :D <3

  8. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    July 8, 2011 11:04am UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter eleven//
    There was an awkward moment of silence after Stephanie left.
    "Hi, I'm, uh, Cara. Cara Evans. Really Caroline Evans, but I hate that name, so its... Cara." I rambled, trying to break the ice between us.
    "Dominick. Dom for short," he said with a smile.
    Which made me smile.
    It was then that I realized, I hadn't really smiled a real smile in... hell, a really long time!
    Dom chuckled. "I hate when Steph calls me Dommie," he remarked. I laughed.
    "Yeaah, I wasn't so sure about that," I agreed, still grinning. "So, uh... you and Steph are, like, dating?" I asked uneasily, gulping. I could feel my smile fade and a Texas-sized pit grow in my stomach.
    "Yupp." He clarified with a sigh, but smiled again. "Five months."
    "Wow, nice." I managed to reply.
    "Look, I've been trying to find a way to say this... but I'm really sorry... about, well you know... your parents..." Dom said, shifting his feet nervously. His green eyes watched me, waiting for my reaction.
    It felt as if a forty pound weight had been dropped on my stomach. Stephanie told?
    Well, I guess she had to. How else was she supposed to explain why her cousin had suddenly come to live with her? A cousin she never knew?
    I opened my mouth to speak, but words refused to come out. Suddenly mute, I jabbed my thumb in the direction of my locker.
    "G-Got-Gotta go," I literally forced the words out, then quickly shut up to avoid bawling. My legs felt like they were on auto-pilot as I speed-walked to my locker.
    "Cara, come on, I'm sorry," Dom said trying to follow me.
    "It's okay," I swallowed hard. "Not your fault."
    He stopped and sighed, turning as I fumbled with my lock. Opening it after several attempts, I heard the shrill bell ring as first period started. But I didn't care. I stuck my head in my locker and tried to calm myself down. Everything had been going great, until he brought up Mom and Dad. Students hurriedly got to class, leaving me standing there, alone at my locker.
    poor Cara... :P
    Fave&Comment! <3

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    July 7, 2011 6:10pm UTC
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    July 5, 2011 7:46pm UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter nine//
    My foot tapped the floor of Gloria's silver Porsche anxiously as we pulled into the parking lot of Washington High. I glanced to my left, and sighed. Stephanie was texting and filing her perfectly manicured fingernails, seeming to not have a care in the world. I looked down at myself - I was wearing medium wash Miss Me jeans with fat white stitching, my light pink Juicy Couture hoodie, and chestnut UGG boots.
    "Kay, we're here." Gloria announced, while she was staring at her cell phone seeming absorbed in an email. "Have a nice first day of school," she muttered, eyes not leaving the screen.
    I opened the car door and stepped outside into the chilly air. My jaw nearly hit the floor as I gazed at the overwhelmingly large brick school.
    "Woah." I murmured.
    "Yeah, yeah, c'mon." Stephanie said, yanking me by the arm in the direction of the front doors. Heads turned towards Stephanie - mostly guys. She acted as if it were no big deal.
    I looked around at the guys who were staring at her.
    That's when I saw him.

  11. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    July 5, 2011 7:19pm UTC
    Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been writing lately. SOOO BUSY! & I sorta just needed a break.. but new chapter/s up soon!
    XOXO, Unwritten_14

  12. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    June 24, 2011 11:53am UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter eight//
    "What about this one?" Stephanie yelled over the noise of the packed shopping mall, readjusting her Coach purse and showing me a hot pink Juicy Couture jacket with "So Juicy " printed in cursive gold letters on the back with a bedazzled cupcake. I turned up my nose.
    "No, I don't think so..." I said, shaking my head apologetically. Stephanie rolled her eyes, sighed and snapped her gum. I know that anyone else would be insulted by her guestures, but to me, it was just Stephanie being Stephanie.
    "C'mon, Kristy." She muttered to her gorgeous blonde friend and they strutted down the isle to admire a matching turquoise Juicy Couture jacket and sweatpants.
    "Yes, it's pretty and all, Kristy, but I already have it! We can nawt have the same thing." I overheard Stephanie insist. And of course, Kristy nodded like and obediant puppy. I sighed and checked out a moss green Juicy jacket, but decided it was too.. green! I found a dull bluish gray one, though, and showed it to Steph.
    "Hey, Stephanie! Will this one work?" I ask-shouted.
    "Yes! But you'll just have to get the matching sweatpants!!" She cried.
    I nodded. "Okay!"
    Gloria had given me a shopping spree - without a limit! So I was pretty much free to buy whatever I wanted. Any other time, I would've died from happiness. But now, three weeks after my parents' funeral, I would rather be in my bed. I'd only come because Stephanie forced me - I figured she didn't want to be seen in school with some kid dressed like a loser.
    "Cara! Let's get to checkout," Stephanie called.
    "Kay!" I said, and shuffled through the mob of teenage girls with my bluish gray outfit and another pink jacket I'd grabbed off the rack. We purchased our items - the total adding up to $698, and made our way out of the store.
    After a round to Miss Me, UGG Austrailia, Victoria's Secret (Stephanie made me get thongs and push-up bras!), Coach, and a few other designer places I'd never even heard of and already forgotten the names of, we left the mall having spent $10,521. It was crazy out of control. But I guess that was just my lifestyle now.
    liiiiikeee ittttt? :D then fave. >:D hehe(:

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    June 21, 2011 4:46pm UTC
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  14. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    June 20, 2011 8:21pm UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter six//
    Aimie was just as surprised when she saw the house as I had been. We sat down in the kitchen and had a snack. I hadn't eaten in a while, but I still didn't have an appetite, so I just nibbled.
    "Hey, Cara," Stephanie started. "You wanna go pick a room? I mean, a bedroom. We've got six spares."
    "Uh, yeah. Sounds good. C'mon, Aimie," I said. We wandered up the grand staircase and walked up and down a few seemingly endless halls until we passed a room that looked like it was in use.
    "This must be Stephanie's," I said. Aimie nodded. Down the hall I saw a bathroom. I decided to take the room that was across from it, next to Stephanie's. It was incredibly spacious, and already had a nice queen sized bed, seating area (completed with a loveseat couch and two chairs), and a nice sized TV. Aimie, Stephanie and Gloria helped me bring all of my boxes up and we unpacked. I put my blue and lime green bedding on the bed, my fuzzy green rug in the seating area, and packed my clothes into the walk in closet - but the closet was so huge my clothes only took up about one fourth of the space!
    "Uhm, yeah, we're going shopping tomorrow," Stephanie laughed when she saw it. I managed to smile.
    "Sure... if I'm feeling alright." Stephanie's excited expression immediately softened and she looked away, nodding. Emotions overwhelmed my mind and heart. Denial and reality were fighting a gruesome battle in my head, giving me a headache.
    "Can I, uh, be alone?" I asked, voice cracking.
    "Right, right," Stephanie and Gloria said, backing out of my room. Aimie looked at me, as if to ask, 'me too?' I nodded and she trudged out, shutting the door behind her. As soon as I was sure they were all downstairs, I collapsed onto my bed and sobbed. I sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed. My heart felt like it was being wrung out like a sponge. Why had this happened to me? What had God planned here, doing this to me? My parents dying in a drunken accident? Dropping me in this house, with these dirty rich strangers? Anyone else would probably be grateful for all of the sudden wealth, but me? No. I desperately wanted things to go back to normal. Being rich didn't heal the hurt. It left me wondering, what was the reason why?
    sorry for being MIA a few days! D: been busy. i hope you're all liking the story! you'll soon find out why she's going through this hell.. *wink wink* stay tuned! fave&comment<33333

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    June 15, 2011 5:46pm UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter five//
    Aimie's face was already streaked with tears, and she was shaking. "I can't believe it," she breathed after I had told her the entire story.
    "I know," I whispered, looking down. I couldn't believe it either.
    "So, are we, you know, still going to see each other?" Aimie asked.
    I nodded. Aimie was my only friend. I knew she would be there for me. "Absolutely. I'll make sure of it." I promised. Aimie held out her pinky. "Pinky promise?" She offered a smile. "Of course," I grinned and we shook pinkies.
    "Cara, let's get going," Gloria yelled from downstairs. I glanced at Aimie.
    "I'm scared," I whispered, fear and pain in my eyes. "I don't even know these people!" I tried to keep my voice down, and tears trickled down my cheeks.
    "I'll come with you," Aimie suggested. I could see the pain, fear, and sympathy in her expression.
    "Can Aimie come?" I called back to Gloria, my voice cracking.
    There was a pause. "Sure," Gloria shouted hesitantly. I turned and grinned at Aimie.
    "Yes!" We giggled, and each grabbed a box or two of my stuff. We awkwardly shuffled down the stairs and down the driveway and plopped the boxes in the back of Gloria's car.
    "All set?" Gloria asked.
    "Yup." I sighed. I texted Aimie secretly to avoid Gloria and Stephanie hearing what I had to say.
    Just wait until you see this house! I texted her. Her phone buzzed in her pocket and she read the text, giving me a confused look.
    What about it?
    Trust me, you'll see.
    short, boring chapter, I know /: sorry. it gets better(: soo keep reading, faving, and commenting! love ya'll(:

  16. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    June 14, 2011 12:05am UTC
    The Reason Why
    //chapter four//
    The door to the room I was in slowly creaked open. Stephanie walked in, her head down.
    "Hey," she said slowly.
    "Look, I'm really sorry.. I didn't know..." She tried.
    "It's okay..." I managed to say, though we both knew it wasn't.
    "So... Let's start fresh?" Stephanie extended her hand. I smiled and nodded, wiping a tear from my eye. I took her hand and we shook.
    Later that afternoon we drove back to my place to move my stuff. When we walked in, I broke down. Just about everything. My parents. I never thought I'd be moving out of my house and into.. practically a stranger's house. Gloria and Stephanie gave me a moment, until I pulled myself back together. We headed upstairs and started putting my clothes into boxes. As I pulled my high school sweatshirt off a hanger, I realized something.
    "Uhm, Stephanie?" My voice quivered. "What.. Am I... What am I gonna do about school?"
    "I don't know. Maybe switch to mine? Washington High?" She suggested. That's when I remembered.
    "Aimie!" I cried, snatching my phone from where it had been left sitting on my bedside table. 45 missed calls. 8 new text messages. I sniffed and laughed. Aimie was my close friend. My only friend, really. She lived down the street from me and around the corner. I dialed her number and held the phone to my ear. She answered on the first ring.
    "OhmyGodCarawhathappenedIsawthecopcarsandthemtakingyouawayandohmyGodwhat'swrong?!" She asked all in one breath. Any other day, any other situation, I would've laughed. But now, I cried.
    "Aimie, they're dead. My parents. They're dead." I bawled.
    "Oh my God! No! Cara!" I could hear Aimie tearing up on the other end of the conversation.
    "It's true." I whispered. "And it's a long story. Want to come over?"
    "YES! Oh my God. Oh my God. I'll be right there! Like in 10 seconds! Literally!" She cried and hung up. I sighed and put down my phone. Sure enough, the door burst open about 30 seconds later, but I wasn't in the mood to joke about her being 20 seconds late.
    She seemed to sober up when she saw me. Slowly, she approached me and wrapped me in a hug. Finally, I felt loved.
    like the title? i'm still thinking about it. it might be changed.. hmm..

  17. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    June 11, 2011 11:55pm UTC
    //chapter three//
    When we pulled up to Gloria's house, I thought we were at the wrong place.
    "You live here?!" I exclaimed as I stared at the colossal red brick house with large huge white pillars at the doorway.
    "Uh huh. Come on, I want you to meet someone." Gloria said. I nodded. Crap. What now? I stepped out of the car and followed Gloria up the stone walkway leading to the door. Breathtaking landscape surrounded me; mini waterfalls leading into creeks that had tiny bridges over them. Damn, these people were rich! When we finally reached the door, Gloria pressed a red button on a black box that looked like a speaker.
    "Stephanie, we have a guest," she said into it. There was a pause, then some static, then a reply.
    "'Kay." It sounded like 'Stephanie' was snapping gum or something. It was a bit annoying. With that, Gloria opened the gigantic front door and we entered. When I saw the interior, I thought I might pass out. Gloria's high heels clicked on the marble floor towards a kitchen decked out with stainless steel, dark granite and bright cabinets. There was a very expensive looking rug in what appeared to be the living room and sleek couch with a modern glass coffee table. Next to that was a shiny black piano and a massive flat-screen TV. Behind the family room there was a sliding glass door. I saw a spectacular yard and swimming pool. By the edge of the pool on a lawn chair, a thin blonde with giant sunglasses was relaxing in a skimpy bikini. A stereo beside her was blasting music so loud I could practically feel vibrations in the house.
    "Caroline, would you like something to eat?" Gloria offered.
    "No, thank you." I responded. I had a sick feeling in my stomach from all the recent drama. I mean, for heaven's sake, I found out my parents died just this morning! With that thought, I struggled to fight tears. "A-and it's C-Cara."
    Gloria nodded. Then she left the kitchen and pounded on the sliding glass door. "STEPHANIE, GET IN HERE!" The blonde teen rolled her eyes and turned off the stereo (relieving my eardrums), threw on a cover-up dress, and strutted inside.
    "What?" She snapped. Then she saw me. "Who're you?"
    I glanced at Gloria, then said, "I'm Cara. Cara Evans. And I guess your Stephanie?" She nodded. "Well I'm assuming you're my cousin. And my... I'm... I'm living here now? With you?" I squeaked. Stephanie was intimidating. Her jaw dropped.
    "WHAT?!" She screeched at Gloria.
    "Stop it, Stephanie Rae!" Gloria hissed back.
    "Oh, so I'm just supposed to be okay with this?!" Stephanie argued. I silently slipped up the grand staircase and found my way to an empty room where I laid on the bed. I could hear Stephanie and Gloria fighting. I started to cry. Great to know I was unwanted.
    long chapter, huh? (; so uh... I still need a title /: if anyone could help, that would be great! FAVE(: it was kinda funny... i got 12 faves on the first chapter, then 4 or 5 on the second? /: ya'll still reading? heh(:

  18. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
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    June 11, 2011 1:57pm UTC
    //chapter two//
    Officer Simmson opened the door for me and I climbed into the police car, shaking. This couldn't be happening. Not right now. I wasn't ready for it... Then again, when would I ever be? Luckily, officer Simmson didn't turn on the sirens. I didn't need anyone thinking I was a criminal.
    When we reached the police station, a woman with glasses and graying short dark brown hair approached me. She looked like she was in her mid-forties. She crossed her arms over her chest. "So, you're Caroline?" She asked me.
    "W-who's she?" I asked the officer.
    "Didn't I already tell you? This is your aunt Gloria. Your parents arranged for her to take you into her custody, should something happen to the both of them."
    My jaw dropped and tears spilled from my eyes. "But I don't even know her!" My voice cracked. The officer's eyebrows crinkled in confusion.
    "I am sorry that your parents never allowed you to meet her for some reason, but it's the only person they arranged for." He shrugged. I burst into tears and covered my eyes with my hands, collapsing into a chair. Everything was too overwhelming. I was mad. How could my parents send me off to some unknown relative if they died? Then, of course, I was heartbroken. I wanted my parents back. But at the moment, there was obviously nothing I could do.
    I sniffed and looked up at Gloria. She was leaned over a desk and was signing papers. I could just barely overhear the words 'therapy' and 'counseling' in her conversation with the officer at the front desk.
    "Alright, Caroline. Let's go," Gloria said to me. I nodded and stood, not bothering to correct her. Wiping tears from my cheeks, I sighed. I wanted to ask the officers if they were absolutely sure I couldn't live with anyone else, but I didn't want to sound needy or stupid.
    So instead, I follow 'aunt' Gloria to her car and reluctantly drove off to my new life.
    heeeeyy guyyys :D How do you like it? TITLE SUGGESTIONS NEEDED... fave/comment/follow<3 also, keep in mind that none of this has ever happened to me... so if any info or feelings about the whole process Cara is going through are wrong.. sorry /:

  19. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
    posted a quote
    June 10, 2011 10:31pm UTC
    //chapter one//
    It was a normal Sunday morning. I was laying half awake in my bed, my cool comforter tucked around me. The red numbers on my digital clock read 7:26 - I have a habit of getting up earlier than most teens my age. Yeah, I'm just weird like that.
    Out of nowhere, the doorbell rang. I groaned and rolled out of bed in my camp t-shirt and sweats. Who the heck was coming to my house at 7:30 in the morning? As I walked down the hall, I noticed that my parents hadn't ever came home from the party with my uncle last night. I cocked my head. They'd promised that they'd be home when I woke up. Yet, their bed was empty.
    When I reached the door, a man in a police uniform greeted me.
    "Are you Miss Caroline Evans?" He asked.
    "Yeah, call me Cara," I said, offering him my hand. He gripped it and shook it firmly.
    "I'm officer Simmson. I'm afraid I have some grim news." His expression was pained, his eyes full of sorrow. My stomach flipped. I was home alone, and a police officer was at my door with 'bad news.' Oh boy.
    "May I come in?" He asked.
    "Uhm, yeah, sure," I said. I felt uncomfortable letting him into my house, but what was I supposed to do? Say no?
    "Miss Evans," he started.
    "Call me Cara." I interrupted.
    "Okay, Miss Cara. Your parents left the house at 10:30 last night to attend a party? Correct?"
    "Yes, sir. With my uncle." I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I was wishing he was just get to the point. The officer sighed.
    "This is never easy to say, Miss Cara. But your parents... Your parents were killed in a car accident at approximately 2:45 this morning. They left the party drunk..." That was the last thing I heard. Everything went fuzzy as he continued to explain, although it seemed as if I didn't hear. He was lying. He must be. There was no way this happened. No way at all. A million thoughts swirled in my head, too quickly for me to process any of them.
    "N-no," I stuttered, cutting him off from whatever he had been saying. "There's... there's been a mistake. Y-you-you've got t-the wrong p-p-person." I stood up and gripped his wrist, attempting to get him out of my house. At the moment, I didn't really give a damn whether he was a police officer or not. I shoved him towards the door.
    "Caroline Evans, I am sorry, but I am telling the 100 percent truth. Now, I'd like you to come to the station with me to plan custody arrangements with your aunt Gloria." He huffed. Tears welled in my eyes and my knees wobbled; I was feeling dizzy. The last thing I remember is kneeling to the ground and throwing up on the entryway floor.
    What do you think? I know it's super depressing now, but.. you know. :P It'll get better. Fave&Comment <3 P.S. - title suggestions?

  20. Unwritten_14 Unwritten_14
    posted a quote
    June 5, 2011 6:17pm UTC
    To my
    Story Of My Life
    readers - I don't really like the story that much anymore, plus I have a really good idea for a new onee(: so I might just finish this story later.. if I want to. Haha(: But for now check out my new story?
    THANK YOU<3 (:


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