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  1. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    December 27, 2011 5:55pm UTC
    For the people you love :D<3

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    December 27, 2011 2:30am UTC
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    December 25, 2011 12:25am UTC
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  4. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    December 22, 2011 2:27am UTC
    Did Anyone Else Hear About...
    Lady GaGa's Twitter account geting hacked ?
    & She has over 17 Million followers ..

  5. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    December 20, 2011 4:35pm UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 10
    Elaay's POV [it's gonna be like this the rest of the story]
    It was Reggie. Reggie was Elaay's old boyfriend. He had cheated on her with Marlena. But Elaay just always put it aside. Reggie was there with Marlena. Reggie and Marlena broke up when Elaay found out that he was cheating on her. He broke up with Marlena. But I guess there going back out now.
    "Reggie lets go by Elaay and her friends." I heard Marlena squeal.
    They began approaching us as I was trying to keep my distance and eye contact away from Reggie.
    "Hey Reggie. How you been, bro? I haven't seen you in a while."
    "I've been good. What up Alex?" Reggie said, fist pounding them.
    "Not much, just missin' the old days."
    They continued talking with each other. Leslie pulled me aside.
    "Hey is that Reggie the one that cheated on you?"
    "Yah, I don't get why they came here."
    Marlena was approaching us and we changed topic.
    "That was so funny!" Leslie said, while laughing.
    "What?" Marlena asked.
    "A show we we're watching last night." I said, panicking. Leslie gave me that 'smooth' look.
    "We we're just about to go watch a movie, wanna come with us?" Marlena asked..
    "We were about to go watch one too, but were not sure which one, so I'm not sure." I said.
    "Oh, okay then!"
    We went back by the guys as I could see Reggie staring at me.
    "Ready?" Shawn asked.
    "Yah." I said, as I was reaching for his hand.
    We inlocked fingers as I saw Reggie staring at us the whole time.
    We decided to watch Fast Five. Shawn and I were approaching our seats as Leslie & Alex followed behind. Shawn gave me a peck on the cheek as I could see Reggie looking at us with envy.
    "Hey imma go to the restroom, kay?" I told Shawn.
    "Kay. Hurry before the movie starts!"
    "I will!" I yelled halfway down the aisle.
    I stepped out of the bathroom and saw Reggie there. It looked like he was waiting for me.
    "Hey, Elaay can we talk?" Reggie said, staring at me with his hazel eyes.
    "There's nothing to talk about." I angrily said.
    "Yes there is. I wanna tell you how I feel about you."
    I had a puzzled look on my face.
    "Don'e ask questions yest, just listen." He said.
    "I still like you and have feelings for you. I never meant to hurt you in anyway. I'm very sorry. Can we out the past aside and start all over again? Please?" Reggie was pleading.
    "Ok, first of all your with Marlena & I'm with Shawn, as you can tell! I would never & I repeat NEVER want to go back out with you again. You hurt me the first time & I'm not falling for your little games again. I'm done with you. Why can't you realize that?" I was very furious with him for even asking me this.
    "But, Elaay I've changed."
    "Yah, sure." I chuckled.
    Reggie stared at me so angrily.
    "If I can't ask you to be mine, I'm going to make you be mine."
    But before I could finish, Reggie started grabbing me by the hands and was approaching me to try and kiss me.
    "SHAWN! LESLIE! ALEX! Someone help me!" I was trying to get away from Reggie but he was holding my hands so tightly.
    "Did you just here that?" Leslie told Shawn.
    "Hear what?"
    Shawn could finally hear me screaming.
    "Alex let's go!" Shawn yelled to Alex, as he was already getting up.
    "Let go of me! I'm gonna call the cops!" I yelled trying to get away as he trying to kiss me.
    Shawn and Alex came.
    "Shawn! Alex!"
    "Let go of her!" Shawn yelled, running towards us. Alex reached me before him & attempted to punch Reggie, without hurting me.
    They got Reggie off of me as I stepped 10 feet away from him by Leslie.
    "Why did you do that?!" Shawn yelled.
    "She's supposed to be mine!" Reggie yelled.
    "What?" Shawn hadn't known that ma & Reggie dated.
    "I dated him a couple of months ago & he cheated on me!" I yelled.
    Reggie got off the floor. Alex and Leslie we're by me the whole time. Security finally came up hearing me scream what had happened.
    OMG :D JK This is one the most interesting chapters throughout the whole story, don't worry there's way moree! Feedback/follow/fave :D<3

  6. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    December 20, 2011 2:18am UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 9
    "Hey, Elaay, remember a couple of days ago when I was going to ask you something, in homeroom?" Shawn asked Elaay.
    "Uhh.. Oh yah. What were you gonna ask me?" Elaay questioned.
    "Well, I uhh.. wanted to know if you would, uhh.. wanna go to Winter Formal with me?" Shawn asked, nervously.
    "Are you serious? Of course I'll go with you!" Elaay was very excited, she's been waiting for him to ask her.
    "Great! I can't wait to go with you!" Shawn said.
    "I was wanting to ask you but I thought it was gonna be awkward since we've been friends for a very long time." Elaay said.
    They stared at each other for a while 'till Shawn broke the silence.
    "Do you wanna let Alex & Leslie in now?" They both chuckled.
    "Hey, you guys come back in now." Elaay told them.
    They were both approaching the door as Elaay pulled Leslie back.
    "You wanna know what Shawn just asked me?" Elaay asked Leslie.
    "What?" Leslie said excitingly.
    "He asked me to Winter Formal!" Elaay said excitingly.
    "For real?!" Leslie said.
    "Yah!" Elaay squealed.
    "I guess we'll go on a double date then to Winter Formal?"
    "I guess we will!"
    Elaay & Leslie went inside as Alex & Shawn we're watching sports.
    "Hey what do you guys wanna go do? I'm hella bored." Alex said
    "We can go watch a movie?" Leslie suggested.
    "Yah, we'll double date." Shawn said.
    "What?" Alex questioned them.
    "Me & Shawn are dating now." Elaay told Alex, wrapping her arms around Shawn.
    "Congrats, bro." Alex said, pounding Shawn's fist.
    "What movie do you guys wanna watch?" Leslie asked.
    "Uhh, I don't lets get there & see what movies are still out." Elaay said.
    They headed out to the movies. They were walking down to the Theater after a guy yelled out Elaay's name. It was...
    So excited I'm writing again. I stopped for a while because I felt I needed to really write out what was going to happen :D All new things are coming up in this story & a VERY shocking ending :D We'll bye readers; thanks for reading :D
    Feedback/follow/fave ? Thanks :D<3

  7. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
    posted a quote
    December 17, 2011 7:57pm UTC
    Hey dad! I got a 98 on my AP Bio test!
    Yay! I'm so proud of you, hunny!
    LOL happ
    Why the awkward face?
    What are you talking about, that's an Asian smiley face 'cause your so smart!
    SMH ...

  8. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    December 6, 2011 10:18pm UTC
    Life isn't about
    finding yourself
    It's about
    creating yourself

  9. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
    posted a quote
    December 4, 2011 11:03pm UTC
    Cracking your knuckles does not actually hurt your bones or cause arthritis. The sound you hear is just gas bubbles bursting. MIND= BLOWN

  10. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
    posted a quote
    November 27, 2011 11:17pm UTC
    Someone Follows You
    On Twitter
    Someone Follows You In
    Real Life

  11. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    November 27, 2011 1:19am UTC
    Lifes A Beach
    & I'm Playing In The Sand.
    - Lil Wayne

  12. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    November 26, 2011 5:26pm UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 8
    Her mom came running out of his room.
    "Elaay! Come!"
    Her friends waited outside she went in the room with her mom.
    She started at her father.
    "If you want to hug him, o-or even give him a kiss, you can."
    Her mom told her.
    She did both. She hugged him for a really long time. She wanted to know the feeling of hugging her dad, since he never hugged her.
    "I'm very sorry Ma'am." The doctor said.
    "But you have to go now."
    Her mom left & so did Elaay & her friends. They went home. They were all sad. Her mom called her husbands family & told them what had happened. Elaay's mom wanted them to fly out to California, where Elaay & her mom lived but, they said they wanted his funeral in New Jersey, where they lived & where Elaay's dad was from. Her mom bought the airplanes tickets. She was gonna buy one for Elaay too, but Elaay rufused to go. She knew that her dad's side hated her & would've blamed everything on her. Her mom let her stay home. She also wanted her to continue school.
    It was the next day.
    "Well, Elaay, I'm leaving. I'll miss. & Remember I have to stay for at least 2 months. You know how his side of the family is." Elaay's mom said.
    "Haha, yah. Well bye, I'll miss you."
    She & her mom hugged eachother. Her mom kissed her on her head. It was time for her to go.
    "Bye Elaay. Remember to stay out of trouble." Her mom winked.
    "Bye. I love you."
    "I love you too sweety."
    Her mom left. She got back home & Elaay was already there.
    "Hey. Did your mom leave?" Leslie asked.
    "Yah." Elaay sighed.
    "Lets go inside." Leslie said.
    They went inside & Alex & Shawn were already inside.
    "Hey guys." Elaay said.
    "Hey." They replied.
    "Are you ok?" Shawn asked.
    "Yah. I'm fine." Elaay said.
    "Hey, me & Alex are gonna go." Leslie winked.

  13. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
    posted a quote
    November 25, 2011 2:14pm UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 7
    Amanda & Shawn went outside.
    "So, uhh, Shawn I told you to come out here because I wanted to ask you something." Amanda said nervously.
    "Uhh, what is it?" Shawn asked.
    "I wanted to know if you wanted to go to Winter Formal with me?" Amanda asked.
    "Why aren't you going with your quarterback boyfriend?" Shawn asked, annoyed.
    "B-Because, h-he broke up with me & asked out Jenna." Amanda said.
    "Oh so you think I'm just dieing to get back together with you?" Shawn said.
    "Well, yah. I-I mean I hoped..?" Amanda said.
    "Well the answer is NO. Your obviously using me & don't like me, at all." Shawn said.
    He went back inside & Amanda just stood there looking at him.
    She went back by the jocks because it was all a prank. The jocks thought he would say yes, no matter what. But, they thought wrong.
    "So did he yes?!" A jock said.
    "Did you make him feel happy then said again?!"
    "What was his face expresstion?!"
    "He said no!" Amanda yelled.
    They all stood there looked at her for like 5 seconds then started bursting out with laughter.
    "Shut up! Or you wont have a date for Winter Formal!" Amanda demanded.
    "Sorry, babe." Her boyfriend said.
    "It's ok lets go now!" Amanda yelled.
    Some of the jocks were still laughing.
    "What did she want?" Elaay asked Shawn.
    "She wanted to go to Winter Formal with me but I said no."
    "Isn't she dating the QB?" Alex asked.
    "Yah. But supposedly 'he broke up with her for Jenna'." Shawn said, mocking Amanda.
    "Wow, she wanted to use you bro." Alex said.
    "Yah, but she didn't get lucky."
    They all laughed. They went home & Elaay told them to come over. They all went to her house. They watched a movie.
    "That was a good movie." Leslie said.
    "Yah." Alex agreed.
    The phone rang. It was her mom.
    "Hey mom. How's dad? Is he ok?" Elaay asked.
    All her friends shut up & watched her when she was speaking with her mom. She put the phone on speaker.
    "Y-Your fathers... DEAD! HE'S DEAD!!" Her mom yelled crying.
    Elaay dropped the phone & just stared at it.
    "Hurry come so you can see him before he goes!" Her mom closed the phone.
    Shawn, Alex, Elaay, & Leslie all went to the hospital.
    They reached there & rushed up to his room.
    "WHERE IS HE?!" Elaay demanded.

  14. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    November 24, 2011 10:01pm UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 6
    Elaay was home the next day. Her mom told her to go home since she had school the next day & they only allowed 1 person to stay overnight. She was getting ready for school when she called Shawn & asked if he could come pick her up so they can walk togther. He said of course & came to pick her up.
    The door bell rang.
    "Hey Elaay. Why is it so quite? Everyone asleep?" Shawn asked.
    "No, uhh.. my dad's in the hospital & my mom's staying by him."
    "Oh. Sorry to hear that.." Shawn said, regreting what he asked before.
    "Ready to go?" Shawn asked.
    "Yah. Let's go."
    Elaay & Shawn were walking when they saw Alex & Leslie.
    "Hi Leslie. Hi Alex." Elaay said.
    "Hey Elaay, we were just coming to pick you up." Leslie said.
    "Oh, thanks. I asked Shawn to come pick me up."
    "Oh cool."
    They all went & when they reached school they still had an hour left before the bell rang.
    "There's Marlena." Elaay said.
    Marlena came up to them with Damion.
    "Hi Shawn! Hey Elaay & Alex." Marlena yelled. She just glared at Leslie.
    "Well hi to you to Marlena.." Leslie said., despising her.
    Marlena didn't reply.
    "Hi Damion. Hi Marlena." Elaay said.
    "Hey Alex lets go." Leslie said.
    "Wait imma come to!" Elaay yelled.
    Elaay, Leslie, & Alex left. Marlena just stayed with Damion & Shawn.
    "Shawn did you see that basketball game last night?" Damion asked.
    "Yah man that was dope! Did you see how Kobe straight up dunked on Lebron?!"
    "Yah bro, that was legit."
    Marlena stood there being bored by there basketball talk.
    One of Damion's friends came & he left with him.
    "So Shawn, what's new?" Marlena asked.
    "Uhh.. nothing much. You?" Shawn said.
    "Well there's this guy I like. I'm not sure if he likes me back. How do you think I should tell the guy?" Marlena asked.
    "Well if a girl was tryna tell me they like them, I would suggest they ask to chill & then tell them it was a date." Shawn said.
    "Oh, I think I'll try it." Marlena said biting her lip.
    Elaay overheard them talking & she decided to use his advice. But, not now she thought it would've been obvious that she 'overheard'. After school Elaay, Leslie, Alex, & Shawn went to go get ice cream.
    They were eating ice cream when all of a sudden Shawn's ex girlfriend came in. Her name was Amanda. She went to our school. She broke up with Shawn for the quarterback of the football team. She came up to us. She said hi to Shawn but he just ignored her. He didn't like her anymore, of course. She asked him to go outside real quick because she wanted to talk with him.

  15. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    November 24, 2011 12:08pm UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 5
    Her dad, lying on the floor, he was dead. Elaay ran to the living room & went by her mother who crying & screaming & yelling,
    "WHHYY?! WHY HIM?!"
    "Elaay! Your home! Go call the hopital!" her mom yelled.
    Elaay couldn't believe anything that was happening at that very moment. She couldn't believe she was actually calling the hospital, her father was dead.
    The ambulance came rushing through the streets. They barged in & put him on a gernie. They checked his pulse, he was still lightly breathing.
    "Ma'am do you know what happened to him?" A docter asked.
    "Well, it's a long story I'll tell you on the way there." Her mom said.
    "Ok. Quickly get in." He told Elaay & her mom.
    "Last night he went to a bar & he gambled alot of money. He lost a bet & he didn't pay the man. The man got so furious at him he didn't know what to do so..." tears came from her & Elaay's eyes. Elaay knew what she was about to say.
    "He shot him! Right in the head!" Her mom said.
    "Do you know who that man is?" The doctor asked.
    "N-No, I'm not so sure." Her mom said.
    They reached the hospital. Her dad was raced into a room being cared for by several doctors.
    "Ma'am please wait out here. Well come give you a report in a little while." The doctor said.
    "Ok.." Her mom said.
    She stared at Elaay. She did something she never ever thought her mother would do to her. She hugged her.
    Elaay stood there, she hugged back.
    "Elaay, I'm very sorry for the past years that we've abused you. If your father dies, I'll only have you & I don't want you to be scared of me anymore."
    Elaay couldn't believe the words out of her mothers mouth. She stood their, speechless.

  16. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    November 23, 2011 3:21pm UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 4
    It was lunch time at school. Leslie & Alex went by Elaay & Shawn.
    "Hey Elaay!" Leslie yelled.
    "Hey Leslie."
    Shawn & Alex went to go buy theirselves & Leslie & Elaay snacks. They never ate lunch.
    "Thanks." Leslie & Elaay told Alex & Shawn.
    "No problem." They both said.
    They saw Marlena approaching. The whole time she was just starring at Shawn. Shawn thought she was creepy.
    "Hi Shawn!" Marlena yelled.
    Shawn didnt reply. Alex & him left. Leslie just stood their looking at her.
    "Hey Marlena." Elaay said.
    "Hi Elaay." Marlena said looking at their lunch.
    "You guys wanna go bye lunch?" Marlena asked.
    "Nah, Shawn & Alex already bought us some." Leslie & Elaay said. Marlena just looked at Leslie in a way, saying she asked Elaay the question not her.
    Leslie & Elaay walked home together.
    "Wanna come over?" Elaay asked.
    "I'm sorry but Alex's parents asked me to dinner at 5 o'clock. I have to get ready. Sorry, tomorrow?" Leslie said.
    "Oh that's fine go & nah, it's ok." Elaay replied.
    "Well bye!"
    "Bye have fun at your dinner!"
    Elaay was scared to go home. She knew her parents were gonna beat her for no absolute reason. When ever her friends came over, her parents were really nice.
    Elaay was approaching her door when she heard screaming. She was very scared but when she opened the door, she saw...

  17. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    November 23, 2011 12:42pm UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 3
    "She's with Alex." Elaay told Marlena.
    "Aha, of course."
    "Well, umm, Elaay, I'm gonna go with my friends. See you in homeroom?" Shawn said, being annoyed by Marlena.
    "Yah, sure, go ahead." Elaay said.
    Shawn hugged Elaay then left. He got off Elaay looking like he was about to hug Marlena. Another one of Elaay's friends, Damion, who also had a crush on Marlena, came.
    "Hey Elaay, hi Marlena." Damion told them.
    Shawn was watching Elaay & Damion talk. He felt jealousy & he wanted to go there but he realized Marlena hadn't left yet.
    "So Marlena, how are you?" Damion asked.
    "I'm good.." Marlena said. She never really like Damion.
    The bell rang.
    "Well, bye guys." Damion left.
    "Hey, Imma walk you to class." Marlena told Elaay she really just wanted to go see Shawn.
    "Okay." Elaay told her.
    "So do you think Shawn likes me? Like does he ever talk about me?" Marlena asked.
    "Umm.. No not really.." Elaay told her.
    "Oh, well I hope he does. He's really cute & I have a huge crush on him!" Marlena said excitingly.
    "Well here's my class bye!" Elaay said.
    "Bye." Marlena said, looking for Shawn.
    "Hey Elaay."
    "Hey Shawn."
    "Umm.. hey can I ask you something?"
    "I wanted to know if you wo-"
    The bell rang. The teacher informed everyone to stop talking. He was gonna ask her to the Winter Formal.

  18. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    November 22, 2011 4:53pm UTC
    Never Loved
    These are the characters
    It's all the same girl but go to the third one.^^
    You have to use internet explorer^^
    You have to use internet explorer^^

  19. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    November 22, 2011 4:15pm UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 2
    "Well...umm.. nevermind.." Leslie said, hesitating.
    "A-Are you sure?" Elaay asked wondering what she would've said.
    "Yah, im fine. Lets go pick up Alex." Leslie said.
    Leslie wanted to ask if she was being abused or not by her parents but she thought it would mess up their friendship because she thought of her parents in a bad way. They finally reached Alex's house.
    "Hey baby!" Leslie said while giving Alex a peck on the cheek.
    "Hey boo." Alex said while hugging Leslie.
    "Are you ready to go?" Elaay asked Alex.
    "Yah, I just gotta grab my backpack."
    Alex grabbed is backpack & said,
    "Lets bounce." being happy to go to school.
    "Okay!" Leslie said excitingly.
    As they were walking they saw Shawn, Alex's best friend & Elaay's crush & best guy friend,
    "Hey Shawn." Elaay said, happy to see him.
    "Hey Elaay. You look pretty today." Shawn said while hugging her.
    "Thanks! So do you."
    "Aha, your welcome & thanks."
    "Hey bro." Alex said while he was approaching to give him their handshake.
    They were halfway to the school entrance door while they saw Marlena.
    Marlena was Elaay's other 'best friend'. But she's only freinds with her because, like Elaay, she has a huge crush on Shawn too. She was always trying to get Elaay & Shawn to stop liking each other because she knew that Shawn liked her, alot. Shawn didn't like Marlena, not as a friend either. He always thought she was annoying & she alway was stalking him.
    "Hey Marlena!" Elaay said as they were approaching her.
    "Hey Elaay! Hi Shawn." She said smiling at Shawn the whole time.
    "Hi." Shawn said, not happy to see her.
    Alex & Leslie left. They went behind the school theater, where no teachers were & started to make out.
    "So, where's Leslie?" Marlena asked, as if she cared.
    She hated Leslie even more than she hated Elaay because she had feeling Leslie knew the Marlena was only trying to make Shawn & Elaay stop like each other.

  20. TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan
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    November 22, 2011 1:04pm UTC
    Never Loved
    Chapter 1
    "C'mon Leslie!" Elaay yelled, eager to leave her house.
    "Okay! Why are you always so eager to leave your house for school every morning?" Leslie asked.
    "Well... I-I just dont wanna be late!"
    "Late?" Leslie said, questionably.
    "It's 45 minutes before the bell rings!"
    "Well, dont we have to pick up Alex anyway?" Elaay said hurryingly.
    "He's never ready this early!" Leslie yelled.
    "Oh, quit making up escuses! Lets go!" Elaay hollered
    "Ughh... Fine!" Leslie said angrily.
    Elaay & Leslie left & went to go pick up Ales, Leslies boyfriend. They were a few feet away from their home when Leslie realizes a blue bruise across Elaay's cheek. "What's on your cheek? It's blue." Leslie asked worrying.
    "Oh it's, umm, just make-up! I put some on this morning & forgot to take it off. Be right back!" Elaay said hurrying. Leslie just stood there wondering if it was a bruise or not.
    Elaay quickly ran & put on her concealer.
    It was a bruise from last night when her parents came home drunk & beat her up. They would beat her so hard till they saw blood & bruises all over her body. Her parents never liked her. They always took her as a 'mistake'. Her parents were to drunk to realize she had school the next day. They only beat her over the weekends or on holiday breaks. She quickly put on her concealer & ran back to Leslie.
    "Ready to go?" Elaay asked.
    "Umm.. Sure.." Leslie said.
    "What's wrong?" Elaay asked.
    "Well... "
    Hope you guys liked it :D My first chapter/stoyr on Witty :D
    © Format & fade by TureenPiromari_NumbaOneLakersFan [ me ] (:


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