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  1. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    April 5, 2012 6:55pm UTC
    I love how
    My mom says I can bring my laptop
    on our trip
    to my grandpa`s
    then I ask for the wireless connection password
    "We don`t have wireless connection"
    Me: -_-

  2. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    March 17, 2012 8:35pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 56
    (Brandon's P.O.V)
    Why did Kelsey stick up for me? I can handle my self.
    I don't need her help, picking my lunchbox out of my locker I headed to cafateria, I grabbed it just as the side of my stomach started to hurt.
    Trying to take out my lunch it felt to the floor, but somebody's hand caught it before it made contact.
    Kelsey: need some help? I barely heard her, I spun around to see her holding it.
    Looking away I closed my locker and snatched it from her.
    Brandon: no, I can take care of my self just fine.
    Walking away I really thought she would leave me alone.
    But she was right behind me, Brandon: ugh, Kels, I love it that you want to help me but I can take care of my self!
    She stopped walking, I looked into her eyes tears started pouring out.
    Brandon: Kels, I'm so sorry, don't cry but she ran down the hall away from.
    What did I do....

  3. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    March 17, 2012 8:27pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 55
    (Kelsey's P.O.V)
    The next day at school I saw people surrounding Brandon obviously asking about his bruises.
    He wasn't that good at lying, I ran over pushing people out of the way.
    Kelsey: leave him alone, what happen is none of your business.
    I looked around glaring at everyone in the circle, Kelsey: do you all live to know what happens in others lives?
    Nobody spoke, I smiled maybe i was getting them to realize it.
    I opened my mouth to speak, but I saw Tai walk by seeing him and having this happen made something inside me click.
    I glared ay him then looked at the circle of people around me, I pulled them in, whispering quietly.
    Kelsey: if you all must know, I'll tell you who did it at lunch, just leave him alone.
    Everybody immediatly backed away and went to class.
    Kelsey: Brandon you ok? But all I saw was Tai standing behind me.
    He shook his head, Tai: what did you tell them? He gritted his teeth each time he spoke.
    Kelsey: nothing you need to know, I just needed them to leave Brandon alone.
    Tai pushed up against me, Tai: you promised......Kelsey you promised!
    Kelsey: I didn't promise anything, I just said I wouldn't tell, but I didn't promise.
    I pushed him away from me walking away grinning quietly.

  4. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    March 17, 2012 8:10pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 54
    (Tai's P.O.V)
    Walking down Kelsey's driveway my mom and I were argueing over the phone.
    She didn't like the fact that I just ran over to Kelsey's house, she needed me.
    I had to make sure that she didn't tell.....
    What if I got suspended? That wouldn't be good, the guys need me for football this year.
    I need to make sure that neither her or Brandon tell anybody.
    I had to walk home quickly before mom kills me.
    Kissing Kelsey reminded me of old times, I heard a car horn and the image in my head vanished.
    I mouthed sorry to a car in front of me, quickly crossing the street.
    The vision of me holding her, Kels soft lips against mine just almost made me want to go back.
    I love Kelsey, but football means everything to me.

  5. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    March 6, 2012 11:33pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 53
    (Kelsey's P.O.V)
    When I got home, I was sprawled out on my bed my homework everywhere and my stereo playing loud.
    I couldn't push the thought of Tai beating Brandon to a pulp..just wouldn't leave.
    I was regretting texting Tai telling him how I felt about it....
    Focus Kelsey focus, forget what happened at school and just do your homework, forget it even happened.
    I wish it was just that easy, I closed my book rolling over getting off of my bed.
    I walked to my stereo pressing pause, thats when I clearly heard the doorbell ring.
    Rushing downstairs I opened the door not prepared fo-
    I was cut off from my thoughts as Tai came in and pushed me back against the door.
    Tai: did he tell you? What? He barges into my house asking me this?
    Kelsey: did who tell me what? He rolled his eyes, Tai: Kels don't play dumb...Brandon told you didn't he?
    Should I really give Brandon away? Kelsey: he didn't tell me, the bruises were bad enough for me to know.
    I pushed him off me heading to the kitchen for a drink, he followed me.
    Tai: but you won't tell right? He stared at me, I closed the fridge staring at his worried face.
    Kelsey: I should...but first I want to know why you did it in the first place.
    I crossed my arms leaning against the counter, he rubbed the back of his neck.
    (Tai's P.O.V)
    I can't tell her why I did it...she'll think i'm selfish for it, but I did do it for her.
    Just then my phone rang, thank god... my mom was calling me.
    I love my mom sometimes, Tai: I have to go Kels just please don't tell...
    Oh and I love you, I quickly wrapped my arm around her and gave her a quick passionate kiss.
    Please Don't Tell....

  6. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    March 4, 2012 9:32am UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 52
    (Brandon's P.O.V)
    Going home tonight looking like this, well lets just say my parents will have questions for me.
    I was never the type to get bullied, but I'm not just gonna rat out Tai like that.
    Even if he did do this to me, I was in the bathroom at school I haven't left yet.
    Looking up at my reflection in the mirror, I looked so bad, but I still won't do it.
    I turned to Kels, she had a worried look on her face, Kelsey: we have to tell or get Tai back at least.
    Brandon: no, I'd just be the better person and not make things as worse as they already are.
    Kelsey: but Brandon, it wasn't right for him to do this he just can-
    I cut her off with a kiss, my hand gently on her face, I pulled back with my head on hers.
    Brandon: just forget about it ok? I'll just say I tripped and hit my head.
    Kelsey: but what about your black eye? The bruises on your chin, you can't make up excuses for those.
    Brandon: I can ok? Just don't worry, I took her hand leading her out of the school.
    We both got in my car, I was just praying that she wouldn't tell anybody...

  7. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    March 1, 2012 9:16pm UTC
    When your laughing with your best friend and all you can say is me and this girl are crazy♥

  8. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    February 26, 2012 11:38am UTC
    Please can ya'll go to my website and do the survey on there... on the first page and on the second
    It's for a science fair project... thanks if you clicked on it!!

  9. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    February 23, 2012 8:05pm UTC
    When I get done with a shower its like, Come in my room, lock my door (so nobody peaks in), and sit at my laptop wet in my towel. When I can be dry with my clothes on sitting at my laptop....
    Come to think of it....I'm still in my towel now..

  10. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    February 22, 2012 10:30pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 51
    (Tai's P.O.V)
    I want to make him pay for that! He kissed Kels and had the nerve to laugh at me.
    The halls started clearing as the last bell of the day rang, I found Brandon about to leave with his group.
    I pulled him aside as soon as the halls were empty, Tai: do you think your funny?
    Brandon: no, but we eat food not wear it, he laughed at his little joke.
    Tai: you should really leave Kelsey alone, she's mine and you should have been with Monica the whole time.
    I deserve to have Kelsey, Brandon: well I'll work my magic and see if I can do better.
    Plus Kelsey likes me still and just might give me a chance, with you I don't know.
    He grinned mocking me, I pushed him up against the lockers, Tai: don't play with me kid.
    (Kelsey's P.O.V.)
    I was leaving the library I stayed after to help Miss Baxter.
    Walking out I saw Brandon against a locker on the floor, I ran to him he looked up at me I saw bruises on his face.
    Gently touching his face I lifted his chin up, Kelsey: who did this to you?
    He shook his head, he has to tell me, he couldn't have done this him self and the damages look bad.
    I tried to think of who would, and only one name came to mind.

  11. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    February 17, 2012 11:21pm UTC
    I just lost my best friend....I never thought that I would ever know how that felt. It was all my fault and I don't want to loose her....It was wrong and I didn't know it until to late.....I feel like ima cry what should i do? :(

  12. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    February 13, 2012 8:42pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 50
    (Brandon's P.O.V)
    I pulled Kelsey to me, she rolled her eyes walking back to Tai.
    I grabbed her arm, she looked up at me, Kelsey: what? Where's Monica at, I thought she would be with you.
    She looked down, Brandon: no, I don't even like Monica she's fake.
    I like real girls, who are sweet, caring, amazingly cute, smart and funny.
    Mostly girls like you Kels, she looked up at me and started to turn red.
    Just then I realized how close we were I was an inch away from her, I stepped up closing the space between us.
    I layed my hand on her cheek and leaned in close enough the I could feel her breath on my face.
    Then I kissed her, I heard a thumping sound I started to pull away.
    When I did I saw Tai running at me, I moved out of the way and he ran into a girl who was throwing her tray away.
    The chocolate milk was spilt on his shirt and the pizza was on his face.
    Knowing that he just made a complete fool out of himself I laughed, and everybody in the lunchroom laughed all but Kelsey..
    I stopped laughing and went to see if he was alright, Brandon: listen I'm sorry....I know you like Kelsey to but can't we atleast come to a conclusion with this?
    He wiped the pizza off his face and brushed past me, that is obviously a no.
    Winning her heart will be harder than I though..

  13. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    February 3, 2012 9:20pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 49
    (Tai's P.O.V)
    With Brandon acting like this, Kelsey will come back to me.
    He's gonna leave her alone and she'll be mine, when we broke up I wanted to get back together so bad.
    I really love her, I would hate if he took her back, I am gonna make sure she sits with me at lunch.
    I'll have the guys make room for her, I'd do anything for her.
    Anything, I ran to the lunchroom making sure I got there first so I could greet Kelsey when she came in.
    Like I said I will make sure she sits next to me, everybody started coming in.
    I couldn't wait to see her, getting my lunch out all the guys started to come over.
    I only hung out with the football team, and since I was courter back they knew not to mess with me.
    We started messing around and all the guys quickly looked to stare at Monica as she walked in.
    I wasn't looking for her though, the guys always stopped and stared at her.
    It was an everyday thing, I stopped after Kelsey and I hooked up.
    I couldn't look at any other girl the same way after her, an seeing all the girls that want me in this school.
    Others to its hard to say your self for just one girl, but I'll wait if I have too.
    My thoughts got interupted as Kelsey and Jamie walked in, getting in line to get their lunch.
    She looked so cute as always, I waved at her and she gave me a small smile.
    Her smile was cute, her and Jamie were just about to walk over, when Brandon pulled her over to him.
    Big mistake....

  14. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    February 2, 2012 5:32pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 48
    (Kelsey's P.O.V)
    Going to school the next day, all eyes were on me.
    Was the breakup of Brandon and I so important to everyone?
    Continueing to walk down the hall, I tried to get past all the creepy staring eyes.
    I bumped into the one person I thought I'd never have to worry about bumping into.
    I ran into Brandon, I stared up at him he was about to say something when I sped past him.
    But he caught up to me and grabbed my wrist, I pulled away practically running down the hall.
    Why did my class have to be upstairs? I bumped into Tai, and Brandon skidded to a stop.
    Tai held me close, grinning he kissed me infront of Brandon and everyone in the hall.
    But he meant to this time, my cheeks turned bright pink.
    I gave Tai a quick peck on the cheek and hurried up the stairs behind him.
    I didn't look back I just ran to class and kept running until a teacher told me to walk.
    I got into class and tried to focus just on it, not on Tai or Brandon.
    I sat next to Jamie, not being late, I ignored the staring eyes hoping to get through the rest of the day.

  15. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    January 30, 2012 7:29pm UTC
    ♥It took me like a few minutes to find a format for this and I forgot what I wanted to write
    Format by mizzShiv

  16. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    January 30, 2012 5:07pm UTC
    That heart stopping momment justwhen your teacher calls on you
    when you weren't paying attention.
    Format by Ohhotdayum

  17. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    January 22, 2012 9:53pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 47
    (Brandon's P.O.V)
    I wasn't really gonna break up with Kelsey, it's just I can't believe it.
    That I saw her and Tai kissing, she probably hates me right now.
    I bet now she will end up running back to Tai, I-I can't believe what I told everyone though.
    I've already been with Monica, she's a self centered, attention plastic barbie.
    Just then I received my 11th text from Monica, asking if we are really gonna be together again.
    I sighed, walking over to my labtop I got on Facebook,
    Brandon Stylez
    I'm not really going to date Monica, I was being unfair to Kelsey, Kels if you see this I miss you.
    I plopped down on my bed, feeling a little better, but I hope Kelsey will forgive me.
    Monica's texts never ended, people commented on my status, mostly Monica seemed upset.
    I don't care, as long as I get Kelsey back, I'll be fine

  18. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    January 22, 2012 5:45pm UTC
    Have you ever had a feeling that when you never actually care about school anymore? Like you just don't see how it matters, like you don't care about learning because you think it won't help? Thats how I feel being in private school isn't making my life easier and if its preparing me for college and its this hard then maybe I don't want to go. My parents keep saying that they'll keep me in this school because if I go to the other schools here that i'll get bored because I already know this stuff. Im crying getting frustrated and getting stressed out, I've cried alot ever since we moved here, I WISH THEY'D GET THE IDEA BY NOW!\
    Please don't judge me, I'm very upset right now :(

  19. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    January 21, 2012 2:59pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 46
    (Kelsey's P.O.V)
    I looked at him, Tai: hide me, it could be the police.
    Kelsey: Tai your not hiding in my house, he quickly kissed me.
    Tai: can I now? I nodded, he walked to the spare bedroom and locked the door.
    I went to the front door and opened it, it was just Jamie.
    I sighed in relief, Jamie: hey girl, did you hear about the rumor thats going around.
    Kelsey: what rumor? Jamie: so I'm guessing you haven't hear, well Brandon might break up with you.
    He might go out with Monica, I stared at her not believing what I was hearing.
    Kelsey: why, is it because of the kiss? It was one kiss he should get over it.
    He hates me for sure now,I walked to the couch and Tai came out of the spare bedroom.
    Jamie sat down on the couch, Tai came over to me picking me up an laying me on him.
    Jamie: uhm, she took my hand and we ran upstairs.
    Kelsey: what? Jamie: what's Tai doing? Why is he suddenly all over you, and whats going on?!
    Kelsey: calm down, he came over himself, he was saying sorry and needed to hide from the cops.
    Jamie: so nothing else happened? Kelsey: well, I wouldn't say that, he was about to.....
    Jamie: oh wow, you guys didn't do it did you?
    Kelsey: no, and I'm happy because, I still love Brandon too.....
    Teddy: Kelsey, why is Tai here?
    I've been caught!

  20. Torray Torray
    posted a quote
    January 19, 2012 10:09pm UTC
    Format by fadesandformats:)
    Making Mistakes; Learning from Them
    Sequel to The Day we Met <3
    Chapter 45
    (Kelsey's P.O.V)
    The next morning I got a text from Tai,
    Tai: Kels, look out your window.
    I got up rubbing my eyes, I pulled back my curtain and looked down, I saw Tai sitting on his car in my driveway.
    My parents weren't home so I'm guessing they went out, I quickly ran downstairs and opened the door.
    Kelsey: Tai, what are you doing here? He walked up to the door and looked down at what I was wearing.
    Tai: didn't you wear that yesterday? Kelsey: I didn't change out of my clothes yesterday, I slept in them, I was to busy crying to do it.
    Tai: look, I'm sorry about yesterday, I didn't mean to kiss you, Kelsey: It's fine, I kinda wanted you to.
    Tai: wait you did? I nodded, he got close to me, Tai: well would you mind if I did it again.
    His nose touched mine as he said it, not breathing, I nodded and our lips touched.
    He pulled away, and he stared at my blushing face, Tai: uh, hey are your parents home?
    I shook my head, Tai: mind if I come in, Kelsey: Tai, you can't what if my parents come back.
    Tai: they could be gone for a while, plus I won't stay for that long, he leaned in the doorway towering over me.
    I shook my head and tried closing the door, Tai's foot stopped it.
    Kelsey: Tai, I can't-, Tai: shh, let me in, he pushed through the door and closed it behind us.
    Kelsey: Tai, whats going on? Tai: I've beening followed by the police, they wanna catch me because I vandalized a building.
    Kelsey: so your gonna hide in my house?! He pulled me to him and kissed me, his arm wrapped around me.
    He picked me up an set me down on the couch, getting on top of me he kissed me again.
    He reached for my shirt, when the doorbell rang, I told him we were gonna get caught!


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