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Hey y'all. My name is Samantha<3 I am thirteen years young, and blow out the candles on July third. I am a Christian, and rely on God & prayer. I do some cheerleading & softball. As you probably can tell, I love to write. I've always had a passion for reading and writing. I love: anything chocolate, the color pink, Oreos, my family, friends, iPod, etc. Follow me please :3
  1. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    November 26, 2012 9:20pm UTC
    (off the show 2 Broke Girls)
    Max: I guess I am your BFF... Broke Friend Forever

  2. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    November 21, 2012 10:53pm UTC
    We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls, gets broken.
    ~Taylor Swift <3

  3. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    November 21, 2012 3:28pm UTC
    *Holding my iPad and look at the back of it, while Mom is on her MacBook*
    Me: Hey Mama?
    Mama: Yeah...
    Me: I just now noticed that the apple on the back of Apple products is bit out of
    Mama: Oh wow, you just now noticed that?
    Me:Well yeah...
    Haha I'm slow

  4. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    November 21, 2012 11:32am UTC
    Just A Sport
    Chapter 1
    "Hey Nikki?" Asked my best friend, Sophie.
    "Yeah" I looked up from my desk, we were doing a worksheet on slopes in math class.
    "Do you think Coach Fine will get mad if I skip cheer practice today?"
    "Well duh, why?"
    "My throat hurts, and I have a major headache."
    "Oh, I'm sorrr. Just go home, your mom will explain to Coach Fine"
    The 'end of the day' bell rang, and I rushed to get to my locker down the hall.
    I grabbed my bookbag, and hurriedly walked to the locker room to change.
    "Hi Nikki" A girl named Jenny spoke to me.
    I changed inot my usual practice attire- shorty shorts, and tee-shirt with my Nikes.
    I threw my wavy brown hair into a ponytail.
    I walked out of the locker room, I had to talk to Coach Fine.
    She was in the spare room, washing our uniforms for the game tomorrow.
    "Hey Coach"
    She turned around, "Hi Nikki"
    "I was thinking about trying out for Extreme Cheer" I blurted out.
    "I think I have what it takes"
    "THat's all?"
    "um, yeah"
    "Then I dont think you should try out"
    "Excuse me?"
    "You heard what I said" Then she walked out, and called practice time.

  5. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    November 20, 2012 10:20pm UTC
    It's not even Thanksgiving yet, and I just put up my mini Christmas tree in my room! :P I'm cray-cray

  6. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    November 15, 2012 9:50pm UTC
    I believe that if you can believe in something great,then you can achieve something great.
    -Katy Perry

  7. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    November 14, 2012 9:27pm UTC
    Just A Sport
    My name is Nikki Jenette Moose. I am a thirteen year old cheerleader.
    That's not usually how a person would describe themselves right? With a sport profession listed?
    I am like really obsessed with cheerleading, I don't care what other people say/think.
    A little background now: I have been cheerleading since I was 4. I was in Pre-K, and my mom signed me up for the school's basketball cheerleading team.
    Then, I was an "official" Fighting Fish cheerleader. Of course back then, I only knew how to scream some cheers, and be a flyer.
    Since then, I have been a cheerleader, except in third grade when I broke my ankle.
    Pretty soon, I am planning on trying out for the Cheer Extreme team nearby. The catch? It cost more than $200 a year.
    Author's note: Sorry the prologue is pretty short. Let me know what y'all think. :D Chapter 1 up soon! Thanks~ Samantha<3

  8. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    October 19, 2012 5:46pm UTC
    Chapter 1 Section 2
    The school day went by pretty fast. Notes in math class. Water lab in science class. Yucky lasanga for lunch. Poster making in history class. Pop quiz in english. Volleyball in P.E class.
    Finally it was time for chorus class. A.K.A my favorite class of the day.
    Ms.Blue is our chorus teacher. She is pretty young, probably in her twenties.
    She always wears really cute and colorful outfits, and can pull them off.
    Today her outfit consisted of; navy blue sparkly tank, white (with ruffles) sweater, white pencil skirt, navy blue wedge sandals, and huge white hoop earrings.
    We did our warm-ups, and then started learning some new breathing exercises.Then Ms.Blue made us practice my least favorite song.
    Finally it was time for Ms.Blue to take us to the auditorium for the assembly.
    I sat down between these two girls; Summer and Hayley.
    Summer is my singing buddy, we usually like to group together in chorus.
    I used to be friends with Hayley in sixth grade. She got mad at me when I didn't wear a dress with her on picture day because I simply forgot. After that incident, we sort of just drifted apart.
    A few minutes passed, and finally the principal, Mr.Trate and the assitant principal, Mr.Graham stood up on the stage.
    Mr.Trate started off by addressing the usual dress code problems. Then congratulated the juinor football team (7th & 8th graders) on their win last night.
    "Now I'm going to hand the mike over to Mr.Graham for a big announcement." Mr.Trate said.
    "Hi guys" He waved at the student body.
    "Hi" A chorus of that went around.
    "Raise your hand if you have any hobbie that you are really serious about"
    My hand and a million others went up.
    "Good, well we are going to start some after-school clubs twice a week"
    Everyone started talking and buzzing with excitement.
    "Of course, not everyone in the school can be in one club." He paused. "So we are going to pass out a paper for you to fill out. It has questions on why you want to be in that club."
    "There are fifteen clubs and 30 members to each club." He stated.
    Someone in the ninth grade section raised their hand.
    "What are the names of the fifteen clubs?"
    "Cooking, Sewing, Beauty, Earth, Gardening, Art, Dancing, Singing, Technology, Book, Music, School Pride, Writing, Animal, and Health"
    The singing one sounded like a great one for me to try.

  9. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    October 12, 2012 10:36am UTC
    Chapter 1 Section 1
    "Hey Mel" Skylar greeted me in homeroom.
    "Hi Sky" I put my books down on my desk.
    Skylar Graham is my ultimate best friend. She lives two houses down the street from me.
    I remember the summer that the Graham's moved here. It was the summer before fifth grade.
    The house they moved into had been for sale for almost two years. It was just a small, brown house with a basement.But the previous owner, an old grouchy cat-lady was asking way too much for it.
    When they bought the house, immeaditly they started remodeling by building an in-ground pool like ours. That summer was really hot, so my mom invited them over for a cookout/pool party.
    They came over and I met Skylar for the first time. Like her mother, Skylar had dark brown hair but she had pink tips.
    We didn't like each other at first. She thought I was preppy, and I thought she was emo. Then we got to know each other.
    Her dad got a job with the private school system near our homes. Now he is the assitant principal at the intermediate school, which is seventh through twelveth grade.That's also the school me and Skylar attend now.
    "So how come you never texted me back last night?" Skylar asked me.
    "My mom took it away"
    "I got a B on my science test"
    "That sucks"
    "Mhmm" I finished re-organizing my binder.
    "So my dad told me we're getting something new for school"
    "What is it then?" I pestered her.
    She shrugged. "He wouldn't tell me"
    "Are they going to tell us?"
    "Yeah we're going to have an assembly at the end of the day"
    Just then, our homeroom teacher and math teacher, Mrs.Attoni started calling roll.
    Melanie's outfit:http://www.polyvore.com/melanies_school_style/set?id=60708738
    Author's note: Thanks for reading. Hope you like the first part of Harmony! Second part of Chapter 1 will be up soon! ~TheWriter101

  10. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    October 7, 2012 6:52pm UTC
    I am writing a new story! It will be called Harmony. The main character is Melanie Cameron Calbolt, a thirteen year old who loves to sing! For more information, read the story. The first chapter should be up either tonight or tomorrow. :D

  11. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    October 4, 2012 9:30pm UTC
    Welp, I'm stopping Change Happens. I don't have any more motivation/ideas for it. Sorry :( But I'm trying to think (in the process of right now) of a new story! So be sure to look for it later!

  12. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    September 9, 2012 4:22pm UTC
    Anybody who reads my story; Change Happens, I promise I will follow you and read your story. I have been working really hard on my story, and I would really like for more people to at least read a few chapters. PLEASE!!! I promise if I don't keep my promise, you may stop reading my story and just forget the whole thing. Thank you! ~TheWriter101

  13. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    September 2, 2012 8:22pm UTC
    Change Happens Chapter 20 Part 1 "Danielle"
    Brrrinnnggg. My alarm clock woke me up at 7:00 a.m. Way to early to be awake.
    But the plane leaves at 9:30 a.m., so I have to get up early and get ready.I finished packing last night, but mom is probably going to double-check this morning.
    Speaking of packing, Mama bought me a new pink suitcase because she felt guilty for making me stay with Dad and Anna.
    I heard Mom across the hall, getting ready in her room.
    I put my clothes on, and brushed my hair.
    Knock. Knock. "Trista?"
    "Are you ready?"
    "May I come in?"
    She stepped inside my room, wearing a really cute outfit.
    "Love your outfit!"
    "Thank you"
    "Your welcome, why are you dressed up?"
    "I'm going shopping with Ivy"
    "Ivy Lineby?"
    "Of course"
    Ivy Lineby owned a furniture store off Main Street near Simply Sweets. She looked prettty good to be almost 40. All though, I have a pretty sure guess that her blond hair isn't natural due to a stray gray hair I saw on her shirt once.
    Almost @ airport gonna miss you <33 I texted Brianne and sat my phone on my lap.
    "Here you go" Mom handed me my biscuit and orange juice, as we drove away.
    "Hurry and eat, we'll be at airport in 20 minutes"
    I scarfed down my plain biscuit. Then took a big gulp of orange juice.
    "Do you have enough battery on your phone?"
    "I think so"
    "Just in case, turn it off and put it in your backpack.
    "Okay" I stuffed my iPhone in the front pocked of my bag. The airplane ride was only going to last a hour and a half but I still wanted my bag.
    DANIELLE'S OUTFIT:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=57972475
    Author's note: Sorry it's kind of short, but I got an idea and just started writing then stopped. Hope you like it anyways!

  14. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    September 1, 2012 11:52am UTC
    Change Happens Chapter 19 Part 2 "Trista"
    "Thanks for giving me a ride home Mrs.Wise"
    "Anytime sweetie, and call me Katherine"
    "Okay bye Karli!"
    I got out of the car, and walked up our stepping stones to the front porch. I opened the big wooden door and walked in.
    "Trista? Is that you?"
    "Yeah it's me"
    "How did you get home from the pool?"
    "Karli's mom drove me, since no one would pick up the phone here"
    "I'm sorry Trista, I just got finsihed mowing the yard" He explained.
    "Oh okay. Where's mom and Mia?"
    "Mama is taking Mia to the dentist, she complanied for an hour with a toothache"
    "By the way, Mom planned a family meeting at 6, so don't make any plans with Ava"
    "Okay" I went in my room and flipped on the TV.
    Family meetings at our house weren't exactly special. Mama and Daddy liked to have one once a week.
    Sometimes we just planned what we were going to do that week. Or other times, Mom made us tell what things we accomplished. Other meetings we just talked to each other.
    At 5:55, Mama knocked on my door softly.
    "are you coming?"
    I went into the living room, and sat down beside Mia.
    Dad turned off the news, and started the meeting by telling us about his raise.
    "That's very good honey" Mom said.
    "Do you girls have anything to say?" Dad asked.
    "No" I said. Mia shook her head drowisly, the dentist gave her medicine that made her pretty sleepy.
    "Okay, then..." He glanced at Mom.
    "Do you want to tell them Ronnie?"
    I think you should"
    "Really?" She bit her lower lip.
    "Just tell us!" I said.
    "Mom is pregnant"
    I felt my mouth drop, and heard Mia gasp.
    "Really?" I finally managed to say.
    "Yes, are y'all excited?" Mama asked.
    "Yeah" I smiled.
    "Definetly" Mia chirped in.
    "Hey mom, we don't have a fourth bedroom" I realized.
    "We know that, pretty soon we're changing the playroom into the baby's room"
    "What about the toys?"Mia asked.
    "We'll move them into the basement, it has a soft carpet"
    Wow, I thought to myself, taking it all in. Another brother or sister......
    Author's note: Hope y'all are liking Change Happens. Thanks again to foreverlove18 for being such a great friend and dedicated reader!<3

  15. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    August 25, 2012 10:28am UTC
    I'm thinking of writing a new story in September. Comment ideas! Fave if you would actually read the first few chapters thanks, TheWriter101 (:

  16. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    August 23, 2012 7:13pm UTC
    Change Happens
    Chapter 19 Part 1 "Trista"
    "Please don't be mad at me T!" Ava pleaded.
    "Why not? You were hanging out with another friend when it was our time!"
    "I'm sorry Trista. We just happened to be at the diner at the same time"
    "Okay I believe you"
    "Good, I just want to be friends with both you and Danielle"
    "Okay, just as long as you give both of us equal quality time"
    "I will!"
    "Love you like a sister Ava-cakes" I said using Ava's nickname.
    "Love you too Trista-Boo"
    "We have such chessey nicknames"
    "I know"
    R u almost here?? I texted Karli.
    Me and the rest of the girls who play the flute were going swimming today. There were about 5 other girls besides me and Karli.
    Yea, r u already there?
    Yes, so is Alicia and Lily
    Ok my mom is driving me & McKenzie
    Ok Claire isn't coming, she just texted me
    Y not?
    Her aunt is in the hospital, so she's visting her
    G2G change bye
    Bye be there in 10
    "Are you coming Trista?" Alicia called from the stalls.
    I went in one of the stalls and changed quickly.
    When I came out, Alicia and Lily were waiting for me in the pool.
    Alicia was really nice. She sat next to me in class last year.
    She had a mass of reddish-brownish curls that hung down right below her ears. She was also very short and a little chubby. But she was one of the best flute players I know.
    Lily was very quiet, and usually hung out with Claire. So I wondered what shwe would do without her tonight.
    Lily was tall and had bond-almost white hair that usually hung high in a ponytail.
    "Lily, you want to swim together?"
    "Sure" She smiled.
    TRISTA'S OUTFIT:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=57111578

  17. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2012 4:11pm UTC
    Change Happens Chapter 18 Part 2 "Danielle"
    "I'll miss you!"
    "I"ll miss you too Bri"
    Brianne was in my room helping me pack for my "trip".
    "So have you met Anna before?"
    "Yeah, at family court"
    "To decide which parent got custody of me and Katie"
    "Ah okay, but why was Anna there?"
    "In the back, quote unquote supporting dad"
    "Well, at least you'll get to see Katie"
    "Good point"
    "Promise to text me"
    "Promise Brianne"
    Brianne opened my dresser drawer near the top.
    "Uh, Brianne you probably-"
    "Will you need this Dani?" She held up a lacy blue bra.
    "That's my 'wishing bra' from Katie" I blushed.
    A grin erupted on Brianne's face.
    "You're really enjoying this aren't you?"
    She fell on my bed, and started laughing.
    "Was that a snort?" I started laughing.
    "So you like to bake?" I asked, glancing at my copy of the girl's resume.
    One of Mama's assistant bakers quit, so we had to do interviews last-minute today. Mom likes my opinion, and tomorrow I was leaving so we had to do the interviews today.
    "Of course" She smiled.
    "Can you ice anything?'
    "Not really, but I did take a baking course at the community college."
    "Cool" I commented.
    "Well, Alice, may I ask you a few baking questions now?" Mom spoke up.
    "Go ahead"
    "What is the approiate tempature for baking a dozen cupcakes?"
    She widened her eyes, then said "Um, 550?"
    Wrong. She was going to have some burnt cupcakes.
    "Is there a difference between 'a dozen' and 'a baker's dozen'?"
    "Yes, a baker's dozen is 13"
    "Good job"
    Alice smiled and picked up her purse.
    "That's all, you may go, I'll call you soon"
    "Bye, thanks"
    With that, she took out her phone and speed-texted as she walked out.
    I looked over at Mom.
    "Well, I can go ahead and put that N-O in my files"
    I laughed "Did you see those gigantic hoop earrings?"
    "Yes, they didn't really go with her tee-shirt and booty shorts"
    DANIELLE'S OUTFIT: htttp://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56923382

  18. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    August 18, 2012 4:29pm UTC
    Change Happens Chapter 18 Part 1 "Danielle"
    "Love you too Daddy" I said over the phone.
    "Can I speak to your mama please?"
    I went in the kitchen, and handed Mama the phone.
    "Who is it?' She asked.
    I took a can of Pepsi out of the fridge, and went back to the living room.
    I flipped on the TV, and found a new sitcom on ABCFamily.
    "Meow" My cat, Woody, juumped in my lap.
    We adopted Woody last week at the animal shelter.
    Woody is brown splattered with white patches of fur. He is a little cat, but has a bushy tail that likes to hit me all the time.
    "Hey Woody" I petted him on top of his head, that's his favorite spot. He purred, as I kept petting him.
    it was fun hanging out today :) I texted Ava.
    did Trista ever come after I left?
    So what did you do??
    went home 2 finsih unpacking
    g2g bye
    I put my iPhone on the coffee table, and curled up on the couch.
    Mama came in the room, and put the phone back on the base.
    "Hi honey"
    "Hi...." Something's up, I could tell.
    "Dad and I decided that you do need to go visit him"
    "Okay maybe later"
    "Actually he bought you an airplane ticket for Tuesday morning"
    "You'll stay with them for about 5 days"
    "Mom, but-"
    "No butts"
    "Anna doesn't even like me"
    "That's silly, you're her new step-daughter"
    DANIELLE'S OUTFIT: www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56652258

  19. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    August 12, 2012 2:51pm UTC
    Change Happens Chapter 17 Part 2 "Danielle"
    Hey Ava! Text me back plz I texted Ava and sat on the couch waiting for her reply.
    Hey gurl what's up?
    I'm bored out of my mind
    sorry :/
    Tell me you're almost home
    about 45 minutes away
    Wanna meet 4 a milkshake @ usual?
    Is 2:30 okay?
    Sounds fine
    See u then
    I put my blackberry in my room and charged it. I couldn't wait to see Ava in person. It's been a week since I saw her!
    I finally changed out of my pajamas and threw on some clothes and little touch of make-up.
    I checked my phone: 1:20 p.m.
    "Trista!" I heard mom call.
    I went in the living room. "What?"
    "I just got a bunch of stock, will you help me set it out? I'll get someone else to put the rest in the stock room"
    "Sure, but are you sure your feeling up to it?"
    "Yeah I just think the pizza last night tore my stomach up"
    "Okay if you're sure then"
    "Let's go"
    "Phew, I don't think any house in Cannon is gonna be without a candle with all these candles I just put up"
    "Again, thank you honey"
    "Your welcome"
    "Now before you go, will you just put up 5 candles on top as display?"
    "Sure" I said.
    I stacked up the 5 candles, and lit an extra 'baked cookies' candle to make the shop smell good.
    I walked down the street to the diner.
    Immediatly my eyes darted to the end of the counter where we usually sit.
    Ava was there, sitting and laughing with Danielle.
    TRISTA'S OUTFIT: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56065699

  20. TheWriter101 TheWriter101
    posted a quote
    August 9, 2012 8:16pm UTC
    I'm new at my school. The girls in my homeroom were really nice and hang out with me. The catch is they're uber popular and my other friend from VBS told me to stay away from them during the summer. Any ideas on what I should I do? I mean the girls are really nice and inviting with and around me. My mom says everyone should have their own opinion on everyone of their friends :)


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