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  1. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    May 31, 2013 4:36pm UTC
    Format chickittylover
    Drop everything
    now, meet me in the

  2. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    December 20, 2012 9:51pm UTC
    You wear your best apologies,
    but I was there to watch you

  3. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    December 20, 2012 9:19pm UTC

  4. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    November 21, 2012 5:11pm UTC
    &in bright letters it read five thirty.
    If she wanted to be pretty, she had to get up early.
    She pulled on her tightest jeans, a brand new low cut shirt,
    &a gorgeous, shiny necklace, that cost her everything she'd earned.
    She turned her straightener to high, burning each strand into place.
    Then she pushed back her headband, made of satin, strung with lace.
    She then caked on her makeup, until she didn't recognize the mirror.
    Hiding every flaw she had, all the imperfections, all the tears.
    &She walked into school that morning, filling the halls with a scent of roses.
    Thinking 'all of this, for the boy,
    who will probably never notice.
    my quote/nmf.

  5. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    October 28, 2012 2:42pm UTC
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  6. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    October 20, 2012 12:42pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    It's been a while since you've seen this, right?
    I owe you all such a huge apology. I haven't been on witty in what seems like forever. I kept telling myself i'd get around to logging on, replying to comments, and starting a new story, but I never did. I have just been so busy with everything lately, and i've been going through so much. I know that sounds more like an excuse than it does a reason, but I just want you all to know how sorry I am. The last time I talked to a lot of you, I told you I would be starting a new story soon. Needless to say that never happened, because it's been 3 months since I last logged on. However, I do have intentions of starting a new story. That is of course if any of you are still interesting in reading? If you are, it would mean a lot to me of you favorited/ commented on this quote or on my profile. I've missed you all so much.♥
    xoxo - TheMascaraSeries ♥

  7. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    August 11, 2012 4:17pm UTC
    She's sitting in her room,
    and in her bed she lies.
    With the music turned up loud,
    to drown out all her cries.
    She keeps reading through the texts,
    that she knows 'sorry' just won't fix.
    And she's dreaming of a place,
    where happy endings still exsist.
    She keeps going through the photo's,
    and all of the memories fade to black.
    And the thought keeps running through her mind,
    "He'll never take me back."
    He's sitting in his bedroom,
    lying on his bed.
    Reading through the messages,
    regretting everything he said.
    The x-box is on the floor,
    along with every game.
    And he used to play with her,
    but now it's not the same.
    His music's turned up loud,
    to drown out all his cries.
    And he knows it will never be enough,
    to just apologize.
    While he starts to think about it more,
    he knows he lost his own bestfriend.
    And that's when he whispers through his tears,
    "She'll never love me again."

  8. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    August 11, 2012 3:26pm UTC
    You think you're losing hope,
    but in reality? You're just losing yourself.
    Format Credit: TheMascaraSeries / MyQuote.

  9. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    July 31, 2012 7:16pm UTC
    Scared to move forward,
    afraid to look back.
    Stuck between wanting the future,
    and missing the past.
    Format Credit: TheMascaraSeries.

  10. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    July 15, 2012 3:29pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    *1 year later*
    You know, you never actually see who a person is until they still love you after you’ve done the unforgivable.
    Even though you’ve done everything unimaginable, they still put up with you, because that’s how much you mean to them.
    Not only that, but you have to be able to forgive yourself, and even after you’ve managed to do that, you still can never truly forget about what you’ve done.
    I’m still trying to forgive myself for what I did to Jake that day on the beach.
    At first, I felt so powerful, like I did what was right, and that Jake got what he deserved. But after I thought about it, I don’t know why I did it.
    If it hurt me so much, than why would I want to make anyone else feel that?
    Revenge, I guess, but no one deserves to feel that hurt, that unwanted.
    Sometimes I try to convince myself that what I did was right, that how I humiliated him was just making up for how he humiliated me.
    But then I go back to all of those happy times, the times that meant everything to me. The times that I would hate to lose over my pride.
    That night, Jake and I sat in my room and talked for hours.
    I don’t even think I could tell you what we talked about, I was just so glad to be with him.
    I don’t know why it took me so long to realize I still love Jake. I guess it was maybe because I tried so hard to convince myself that I didn’t. And after you lie so many times, you begin to forget the truth.
    You begin to lose yourself in the person you’re trying to become, and that’s what I did when I moved to Maine with my dad for two years. I lost myself. And even now, after being back home for so long, there are still parts of me that are missing. Parts of me I know I won’t be able to find back.
    When I left for Maine, I promised myself I’d come back a new person. But now that I’m looking back at it, I’m not sure I’m proud of the person I’ve become.
    Jake has forgiven me for everything I’ve done, and it’s obvious that he’s a different person that he used to be. I just wish I would have realized it earlier, before I screwed everything up.
    Jake and I have been dating for a year now, and even though he says he loves me, the look in his eyes is always different than when he used to say it. It’s like he has this wall up, a wall keeping him from falling to hard.
    I blame myself for that. For messing with his emotions, and his trust.
    I know now that everyone makes mistakes, and even though I sometimes hate to admit it, everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what they’ve done.
    Even Zoe, even Jake,
    And maybe, just maybe,
    even girls like me.
    Kind of a weird ending/epilogue? I don't know, just throught i'd write it in a different perspective.♥Wow, where do I even start..I love you all♥ Seriously, I couldn't ask for better readers than all of you. This story has really taught me a lot, and I have grown close to so many of you.♥I hope I get the chance to know more of you in my future stories♥ The prologue for my next story will probably be up next week sometime..I'd just like to take a little break (: I love you all < 3
    xoxo Stay Beautiful♥

  11. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2012 9:00pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    ♥ .Chapter 20.♥
    “Do you have everything?!” I yelled into the phone at Jaycie, waiting for Jake to show up at the beach.
    “Yeah, I’ve got everything, and all the girls are where they need to be!” She said happily.
    “Alright, thanks Jaycie.” I said relieved. “Here comes Jake, got to go, bye!”
    I smiled at Jake, who was completely oblivious to the situation he was about to be in.
    “Ready?” I said calmly, grabbing his hand.
    “I’m not sure what for, but I guess.” He laughed, following behind me.
    I drug him over to a table for two placed in a vacant area on the beach. I motioned him to sit down, and he just kind of gave me a weird look.
    “Oh just do it.” I giggled, slowly inching the ropes out from behind my back. “Now, close your eyes.”
    “Okay.” He said unsurely, closing his eyes.
    “No peeking, it’s a surprise.” I said sternly, wrapping ropes around him in various directions.
    “Now you can open.” I said in a b//tchy tone, while folding my arms.
    “What are yo-“
    “Girls!” I shouted, cutting Jake off.
    One after one, all of Jake’s ex-girlfriend’s began standing next to me. All of the girls that Jake had screwed over in previous relationships, ready to seek revenge.
    “Remember her Jake?” I said, pointing to one of the girls. “This is Caitlyn. In the 5thgrade, you asked her out and then dumped her over text message.”
    Jake wriggled his arms, trying to break free, but Jaycie and Zoe only pulled the ropes tighter.
    “And remember her Jakey?” I said, pointing to Taylor. “You told her you loved her, and then you broke up with her in front of the entire 6thgrade class.”
    Jake avoided eye contact, while guilt filled in his eyes. I didn’t feel bad though, he put all of us through hell, and now, it was his turn.
    I continued running through the girl’s names, explaining to Jake how he had screwed them over.
    After I had finished, I got close to Jake, staring him right in the eyes.
    “Remember me, Jake?” I whispered, my minty breath pushing against his lips. “When I was 13, you asked me out. You were the only guy I had ever liked, and then 5 months later, you broke up with me, like it was nothing.”
    The regret in his eyes was impossible to not see.
    “You and your friends, you humiliated me.” I said softly, staring him down. “And now, it’s your turn. Your turn to suffer, your turn to feel rejected, and worthless. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”
    I began walking away, knowing that Jake had gotten what he deserved.
    “This is why you don’t mess with girls like her.” I said to Jake, turning around one last time. “This is why you don’t mess with girls like her, or girls like us, and this is especially why you don’t mess with
    Girls Like Me."
    The End♥ I can't believe this is the end :( You guys have been so supportive, and amazing, and I really can't thank any of you enough♥ You guys are the reason i'm still here, and I could not possibly ask for better readers.♥I know this isn't the way a lot of you wanted it to end, but I think you'll be suprised by the epilogue (: I know this IThe epilogue will be up tomorrow, hopefully. I love you all♥
    xoxo Stay Beautiful♥

  12. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2012 8:18pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    Chapter 19.
    “He was just a friend, Jake.” I whispered, pulling my lips away from his.
    He had a weird look in his eyes, like he didn’t know what had just happened. Honestly, I didn’t really know what I had just done either.
    But I knew one thing for sure, that kiss meant nothing to me, and everything to him.
    And it wouldn’t be long until he figured out how much it didn’t mean to me.
    “But you hugged him, and-“
    “There’s nothing wrong with hugging a friend, Jake.” I stated, feeling his breath push against my cheek.
    “You’re right Bree.” He admitted, dragging his fingers through his hair. “I was stupid to get mad, and I’m sorry.”
    “It’s alright.” I said quietly, giving him a slight smile. “So, are you down to hang out tomorrow?”
    A wide smile appeared on his face, revealing his impossibly white teeth.
    “I’d love to.” He said, pecking my forehead. “Are there going to be any unexpected ex-boyfriend’s I need to be prepared for?”
    “No.” I giggled, rolling my eyes and stepping out of the car. “So, meet me tomorrow at the beach around one, alright?”
    “Alright.” He smiled, starting the car and slowly backing out of the driveway.
    I waved, watching him drive away. Then, I quickly ran inside, unable to wipe the devious smile away from my face. I pulled my phone out from my jean shorts, creating a group message.
    I skimmed through my contact list, adding number after number, making sure I didn’t leave any of his previous victims out.
    It took a lot of work, and persuasion, but I finally got everyone I needed to agree to come.
    I then texted Jaycie and Zoe, telling them to meet me at the beach around 12:30. I made sure that they were going to bring the needed supplies, too.
    It was 10:30pm by the time I had finished making arrangements for tomorrow.
    Most girls looking to seek revenge on their ex-boyfriend would just simply reject him when he admits to wanting her back. But no, not me. This had to be worth it, and original.
    This had to be revenge that was truly unforgettable.
    Sure, I promised that I wouldn’t surprise him with any unplanned visits from my ex-boyfriends.
    I never said anything about his ex-girlfriends.
    Next chapter's the end guys♥ I know a lot of you want a sequel, but I really just don't feel like continuing this story.. There will be an epilouge though..♥ I love you all xoxo Still unsure of if there will be a next story. I'm just getting tired of being told that i'm ugly, stupid, not talented, and oh here's a new one, that I should die of cancer.

  13. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 4:38pm UTC
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  14. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    July 7, 2012 5:48pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    Chapter 17.
    “Yeah, we’ll take a large popcorn and 2 small cokes.” Jake ordered for us.
    “Diet.” I whispered.
    “Make one of those diet.” Jake smiled at the clerk, playfully rolling his eyes at me.
    “What?!” I giggled. “Diet tastes better anyways.”
    “Since when? You always used to hate diet?” Jake asked curiously.
    “Since it doesn’t matter.” I stuck my tongue out at him, blowing him off by walking over to the condiment station to add butter to our popcorn.
    I watched the greasy butter pour onto our bucket of popcorn. Part of me wanted to just let Jake eat the popcorn, I mean, it was so unhealthy. However, I let it slip just this once, because I hadn’t had movie theater popcorn in forever.
    “Got enough butter?” A voice laughed from behind me.
    “What?” I said, snapping back into reality. “Oh sh//t!”
    Our tub of popcorn was nearly drowning in butter. I pulled my hand of off the machine button, taking a few napkins from the dispenser, trying to scoop the excess butter out.
    “You can never have too much butter.” I laughed uneasily, clearly embarrassed.
    I then turned around, seeing my ex-boyfriend. The one before Jake.
    “Just on time.” I smiled, checking the time on my phone.
    “Bree? Who’s this?” Jake questioned, carrying our drinks over.
    “Oh, this Chaz.” I smiled up at him, then looking back towards Jake. “Chaz needed something to do today, so I invited him too.”
    “Oh, okay.” Jake gave an uncomfortable smile, nodding his head. “So, how do you two know each other?”
    “I’m her ex-boyfriend.” Chaz spoke up before I could.
    I had a feeling this was about to get awkward.
    “Oh, me too.” Jake responded, avoiding eye contact.
    A long silence was taken.
    “Okaaay, movie time!” I smiled sweetly, leading them both to the theater.
    We scanned all of the isle’s, choosing the very top row of theater seats.
    “You can sit in the middle.” Jake said, making sure he didn’t end up not sitting by me at all.
    “Okay?” I said, acting like I was totally oblivious to his reasoning.
    I took a seat in between the two, silencing my cell phone.
    We watched the previews, and the whole theater was silent. I don’t mean just Jake and Chaz, I mean everyone in the theater, which only added to the awkwardness. Normally, I hated when people were loud while doing anything in the theater. But honestly? I would have been fine if a herd of elephants came stomping through right about now.
    Both guys sat next to me, and now, it was only matter of time before someone made the first move.
    This was no longer a game,
    it was a competition.
    Yeah,,I was craving popcorn when I wrote this..anyone wanna go to a movie with me?♥ Hope you all had a great 4th of July.(: Sorry this took so long, just been having a busy week, my cousins from Colorado are back ♥ Thanks for being patient, everyone (: Hope you all liked it (:

  15. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    July 3, 2012 2:15pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    Chapter 16.
    I woke up the next morning in the same clothes I had been in last night. It seemed too late to shower when I had gotten home.
    I slowly got out of bed, testing how it felt to put weight on my foot. Today was supposed to be the day I got rid of my crutches. My mom had already helped me take the stitches out a few days ago.
    I let out a sigh of relief, feeling only a little pain when I stepped out of bed. I then threw my crutches to the ground, heading over to my bathroom to take a shower.
    I let the refreshing warm water rinse through my somewhat greasy hair, from not being washed in a day. It felt good to be clean again. I put on a pair of denim shorts and a loose pink halter top.
    I hadn’t really made any plans yet, but I’m sure I could think of something that would totally screw with Jake’s emotions. After getting dressed, I ran the blow dryer through my hair, letting it keep it’s natural wave, instead of straightening it.
    “Bree! You have a visitor!” My mom shouted up the steps.
    “Uh, okay! Send them up!” I said confused, wondering who would come here without giving me any heads up.
    I finished up my makeup, waiting for the anonymous visitor to make it up to my room.
    “Hey Bree.” Jake smiled, opening up the door to my bedroom.
    “Uh, hi Jake.” I smiled, shocked at the fact that he would just show up. “W-what are you doing here?”
    “Well, I just thought that I’d see if you wanted to do something today? You know because of that kiss, and all..”
    “Oh, yeah yeah, right.” I said, jogging my memory. Clearly I hadn’t forgotten about it, but I knew that it hurt Jake to know that I hadn’t been thinking about it like he had been.
    “We don’t have to if you don’t want to, I just thou-“
    “No, of course I want to.” I smiled sweetly, grabbing my satchel. “So, where are we going?”
    “Well, I was thinking the movies?” Jake asked, showing me 2 movie tickets, as we headed out to his car.
    “Sure.” I said calmly, sliding open my phone, preparing to send a message.
    “Who could you possibly be texting?” Jake laughed, opening my car door for me.
    “Oh, you know, just Jaycie and Zoe.” I lied, scrolling through my contact list.
    “You’re still talking to Zoe after last night?” Jake gave me a questioning look.
    I nodded, too involved in the message I was sending to form words.
    “Hey! I’m back in town.(: Movie in 20 minutes?” I typed, then clicked the send button on my phone.
    I smiled deviously to myself, crossing my arms.
    Little did Jake know,
    this would be more than a movie for two.
    boring chapter..sorrry. Next one will be better (: Fireworks tonight, so excited♥ Happy 3rd of July everyone ( : haha. Character link is up on my profile, for those of you who were wondering. I love you all, thanks for reading. ♥

  16. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    July 1, 2012 8:44pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    Chapter 15.
    “It’s getting kind of late.” I bit my lip, glancing at my phone screen.
    “Oh, yeah.” He laughed, not completely knowing what was going on.
    I couldn’t really blame him, I was a little taken back by the kiss too.
    “Do you want me to walk you home?” Jake asked shyly.
    “I’d love that.” I smiled, staring into his piercing eyes.
    We walked back towards the pizza parlor to break the news to Zoe and Colin that we would be going home now.
    “Hey guys, it’s getting kind of late. Jake and are just—“ I stopped, seeing that Collin and Zoe were in the middle of making out on the park bench. “Well, this is awkward.”
    “Oh my gosh.” Zoe pulled away. “Bree, I’m so sorry. I just-“
    “It’s fine Zoe, really.” I smiled, remembering Jake and I’s kiss. “Jake’s going to walk me home, you two have fun.”
    She smiled, continuing their make out. I rolled my eyes, returning back to where I had left Jake.
    “Okay.” I said sweetly. “Ready.”
    We began walking home, making small talk. Although, I couldn’t lie, it did get boring after a while.
    “You know.” I began, fiddling with my fingers. “Zoe wasn’t the only reason I was mad.”
    He stopped walking, causing me to also.
    “What do you mean?” he asked, giving me direct eye contact.
    “That kiss?” I said surprised. “You know, the one a few days ago? Didn’t that mean anything to you?”
    “And it should have at least meant enough to you not to go out with my best friend. Or you at least could have told me it meant nothing, so I wasn’t caught up, constantly thinking about it, wondering if-“
    He then kissed me, stopping me from rambling on.
    “It did mean something to me Bree.” He whispered, his lips hovering inches away from mine. “A-nd, and..I think I’m falling in love with you again.”
    I smiled, kissing him softly.
    “Does that mean you maybe love me too?” he asked, walking me to the step of my front door.
    “Maybe.” I whispered, kissing him on the cheek, opening up the front door.
    “Goodnight Breanne.” I watched Jake’s lips whisper into the bitter darkness of the night, while I closed the door.
    Those lying, cheating, deceiving lips. I couldn’t believe it took me this long to realize that this was playing out just like it did two years ago. He wasn’t any different. He would realize he didn’t actually love me in a couple months, and everything would go back to the way it always was.
    I smiled to myself, locking the front door, laughing at his amateur moves.
    Oh Jake, I thought. Don’t play the game with someone who can
    play it better.
    So sorry it took long everyone♥ Such a long, amazing weekend (: But chapter 15 is finally heree♥ Oh, and i'd like to give a shout out to thewittygirl, who has stole nearly all of my ideas and used them in her 'own' stories. Lolol. Pathetic. You can either think of your own ideas or gtfo. I work extremely hard on these stories.

  17. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    June 28, 2012 5:35pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    Chapter 14.
    “Hey guys!” I smiled, embracing the fact that Collin’s arm was around me.
    “Uhm, hi.” Zoe said, still in shock.
    I watched Jake, as he stood uncomfortably with his hands in his pockets. I didn’t feel sorry, though. He should’ve just told Zoe that he didn’t want to go out.
    “So, what are we going to do?” Collin asked, pulling me closer to him.
    “Well, I was thinking mini golf.” Zoe smiled at Collin, clearly jealous of the fact I was with him.
    “Sounds fun.” I beamed up at Collin, and then at Zoe, giving her somewhat of a dirty look.
    We walked over to the mini golf stand, letting the guys pay for the clubs and the balls. Then, we began the course.
    “How do you work this thing?” I giggled, holding the club upside down.
    I felt like such an idiot acting like an air head. Clearly I knew how to work a golf club, but I needed an excuse for Collin to get close to me.
    “Let me help you.” Collin winked, making sure Jake was watching.
    He then wrapped his arms around me, showing me how to swing the club. I giggled, letting him kiss me on the cheek.
    “Hey Jake, how do you do this?” Zoe asked Jake, trying to compete with Collin and I.
    “It’s just a golf club, you swing it and aim for the ball.” Jake said annoyed.
    I did my best to hold back laughing. She was pathetic, Jake didn’t even like her. I suddenly felt a strange stirring in the pit of my stomach. What were we turning into? Zoe and I had best friends since forever, was I really going to risk ruining it on this?
    We continued golfing, and I continued to flirt with Collin. I had only meant to make Jake jealous, but it was making Zoe mad too, which was all the better.
    “Let’s go babe.” Collin called from up ahead, walking towards the pizza parlor with Zoe.
    “What’s this all about?” Jake grabbed my arm, pulling me back towards him.
    “What are you talking about?” I asked sarcastically.
    “Why are you out with Colin?” He questioned in a more serious tone.
    “Why are you out with Zoe?!” I spat.
    He buried his face into his hands, shaking his head.
    “Is that what this is all about?”
    “Uhm, yeah. It is.” I said snottily.
    “So you’re jealous, I see.” Jake winked at me.
    “What?! A-am not!” I lied.
    “Oh, so you wouldn’t be jealous if I did this to Zoe?” Jake asked, wrapping his hands around my waist, pulling me close.
    “No.” I muttered, feeling his warm breath brushing against my cheek.
    “What about this?” Jake asked, kissing me on the cheek.
    “N-no.” I stuttered, staring at him.
    “Well, what about this Jake asked?” Softly kissing my lips, and pulling away.
    “Okay.” I admitted, touching my lips.
    "Maybe a little."
    Yay, two chapters♥ Okay, so, this weekend, i have to go to my brother's baseball tournament in DesMoines. (Anyone live close to there?(: ) So, i'm unsure of how many chapters will be up this weekend, which is why I put 2 up today (: . I'm hoping to put one up tommorrow morning before I leave, but no promises. I love you all, thank you for the great support♥

  18. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    June 28, 2012 3:25pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    Chapter 13.
    ““You like nice sweetie.” My mom complimented my strapless black dress.
    “Thanks.” I said, adjusting my crutches. “I have a date tonight.”
    “Excuse me, I thought we agreed on dinner tonight?” My mom crossed her arms, waiting for an explanation.
    “Sh//t.” I mumbled under my breath. “Mom, I’m sorry, I totally forgot. But this is really important. Like, you have no idea.”
    “Something is always more important than your family, isn’t it?” She asked, tears brewing in her eyes.
    “Mom, come on. It’s just one night, don’t get all emotional.” I rolled my eyes.
    “Fine, have a nice time with your friends.” She answered sternly, proceeding to her bedroom.
    “Whatever.” I scoffed, limping out to the driveway where Collin was waiting for me in his mustang. I couldn’t wait until I was 16, and could drive wherever I wanted.
    “You look nice.” He smiled as I made myself comfortable in the front seat.
    “Yeah.” I laughed sarcastically. “The crutches really complete the outfit right?”
    Collin laughed. “So, who are we double dating with?”
    “Well, uhm.” I laughed unsurely. “Zoe and-“
    “Zoe?!” He shot me an almost angry expression.
    I gave him an innocent smile, hoping he wouldn’t be mad. After all, Zoe is his ex-girlfriend.
    “Oh come on.” I lightly punched his shoulder. “It won’t be that bad.”
    “I guess you’re right.” He shrugged his shoulders.
    “Oh yeah, one more thing.” I said hesitantly, knowing that the whole Zoe thing was already a lot to take in.
    “What?” He asked nervously.
    “You have to make my ex-boyfriend jealous.” I said slowly, trying not to make eye contact. “That’s who Zoe’s date is.”
    “Really?” he asked surprised. “Okay.”
    “Seriously? You spaz over a double date with Zoe, but you’re okay with me just telling you that you have to act like my boyfriend?”
    “Yeah.” He winked at me.
    I smiled, rolling my eyes at his immaturity.
    “So, do I have to like, kiss you and stuff?” He asked hopefully.
    “If you’re okay with that.” I giggled.
    “I think I’ll manage.” He said happily, as we pulled up to the beach.
    “Okay.” I sighed. “You ready?”
    He nodded, helping me out of the car. Collin slipped his arm around me as we walked towards Zoe and Jake, who were standing next to a game on the pier. I had to admit, the look on Zoe’s face was priceless when she saw me with Collin.
    That’s right sweetheart, I thought to myself.
    Paybacks's a b//tch.
    For all of you who left comments in the last chapter, thank you ♥ You are all amazing, and really made me feel better. You guys are right, I shouldn't let that kind of stuff get to me. &for those of you who were wondering, I wasn't considering the hate as people who pointed out my mistakes. Some girl wrote me this big long paragraph on how my story sucked and that I was stupid. I'm working on chapter 14 right now, should be up soon ♥

  19. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
    posted a quote
    June 27, 2012 3:26pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    Chapter 12.
    “So, what were you going to tell me?” Zoe said happily.
    “Oh.” I said, remembering Jake and I’s kiss. “It was nothing, really.”
    “Are you sure?” Zoe asked suspiciously, raising one eyebrow. “You seemed pretty excited before.”
    “Yeah, but it was no big deal, I promise.” I lied right through my teeth, giving her an award winning fake smile.
    “But I really should be getting back home now, my mom said dinner would be ready soon.”
    “Already? But you just got here?” Zoe whined.
    “Sorry.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Mother’s orders.”
    “Okay, whatever.” She brushed it off. “I have to call Jake anyways, you know, to see if he wants to go out sometime or something.”
    “Have fun.” I gave a sarcastic smile, rushing back down the steps to leave.
    P!ssed off didn’t even begin to describe my emotions towards Zoe right now. Jake was mine. I mean, not like ‘we’re dating’ mine, but I had dibs! Zoe dating him was completely against the girl code.
    I stormed through the front door of the house, making my ways up stairs.
    “Back so soon?” My mother asked, holding a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
    “Mhm.” I sneered, slamming the door to my room.
    I knew that it was wrong to take it out on people who had nothing to do with it, but I couldn’t help it. I had to let my anger out somehow. I threw my phone against the wall, hoping that maybe it’d break, and I’d have an excuse to never text Zoe again. Suddenly, my phone began to vibrate.
    “Speak of the devil.” I scoffed, seeing one new text message from Zoe appear on my screen.
    “We’re going out tomorrow night!(: “ The text read.
    I rolled my eyes, why would Jake go out with Zoe? Did that kiss mean nothing to him?
    “Oh hey, what a coincidence!” I sent back. “An old guy friend and I are going out tomorrow night too.(: Double date?”
    “Of course!” Zoe replied. “I’ll text you the detes later.(:”
    I gave a devious smile, looking up a number in my phone.
    “Hey Collin!” I said sweetly into the phone. “I haven’t talked to you in forever!”
    We began making small talk about Maine, and how I was back for good now.
    “Yeah, we should totally go out sometime!” I exclaimed. “How about tomorrow? Two of my friends are going out too, so it’ll be a double date.”
    “Sounds great.” He laughed.
    “Perfect.” I said, examining my freshly done nails. “See you tomorrow.”
    I then hung up, leaving a guilty smile on my face.
    Going out to eat with my ex-boyfriend?
    Two can play that game
    Okay, so I made a few mistakes last chapter. Josh was supposed to say Jake, (I used to write a story with a Josh in it ) &Dad, was supposed to say step dad. I was really tired when I wrote that..I'm so sorry. I've been getting a lot of hate lately, and I realize my stories arn't that great. I don't need to be reminded. When I'm finished with this story, i'm probably just going to stop writing. Okay, that's all..
    “So, do I have to like, kiss you and stuff?” He asked hopefully.
    “If you’re okay with that.” I giggled.
    -Bree's POV-

  20. TheMascaraSeries TheMascaraSeries
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    June 25, 2012 6:12pm UTC
    Girls Like me .
    Chapter 11.
    “No Zoe, it’s really important!” I squealed on the phone with her, after my date with Josh.
    “Well I have to tell you something too!” She said excitedly. “But I have to kind of, ask you about it first?”
    “Okay?” I laughed, slightly confused.
    “Just meet me over here in 10, okay?”
    “Sounds good!” I exclaimed. “Should we invite Jaycie?”
    “Nah, she’s got some grad party to go to or something.” Zoe shrugged it off.
    “Okay, see you soon Zo.” I said contently. “Bye.”
    I hung up, smiling like an idiot from Jake and I’s kiss. I couldn’t wait to tell Zoe. Bree, it was just a kiss, settle down, I scolded myself. I quickly grabbed my phone off my night stand and rushed back down stairs to begin walking towards Zoe’s.
    “Mom, I’m going over to Zoe’s. be back..whenever.” I told her, slipping on my flip flops.
    “Hey, you stop right there young lady.” My dad said sternly.
    “What’d I do?” I asked innocently, hoping they hadn’t heard anything about us going in that abandoned house.
    “You’ve almost been here for a week, and we’ve barely talked to you at all.” My mother explained.
    “Well, I’ve just been busy with my friends, that’s all.” I folded my arms, annoyed. “And I have to go, we’ll talk later!”
    “Okay sweetie, but we’re going out to dinner as a family tomorrow night!”
    “Okay!” I ignored her. I couldn’t wait to tell Zoe the news.
    “Zoe, I’m here!” I shouted up her steps.
    “Finally!” She exclaimed, pulling me up the stairs.
    “Settle down girl.” I laughed, wondering why she was so excited.
    “Okay, you go first.” Zoe beamed happily.
    “No no no, you go first.” I smiled, trying to be considerate, even though I really wanted to tell her.
    “Okay, fine.” She laughed. “So, I kind of sort of, ish, maybe..”
    “Just tell me already!” I said anxiously, shaking her hands.
    “Have a thing for Jake.” She smiled slightly.
    “Oh.” I dropped her hands, along with my facial expression.
    “You’re mad aren’t you!” Zoe said worriedly. “Bree, I can find someone else, really-“
    “No!” I said quickly. “Zoe, it’s fine, really, I don’t even like him anymore.”
    “Are you sure?” She asked nervously.
    “Positive.” I smiled weakly.
    "You two will make a great couple."
    lol b/tch slap. REVENGE.♥ I have dance in about an hour, so i apologize if some of you don't/didn't get your notifications on time ( : lol, this was supposed to be up earlier, but I slept until 1:30..so yeah. Love you all, feedback please ? (:
    The number to reach for a hint next chapter is 555 [:
    I gave a devious smile, looking up a number in my phone.
    “Hey Colin!” I said sweetly into the phone. “I haven’t talked to you in forever!”
    -Bree's POV-


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